20 best hotels in Cyprus for families with children

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Cyprus has become a very popular destination for families with young children. A few hours of flight – and you find yourself on a beautiful island with clean beaches marked with Blue flags, warm sea water, a mild climate that is easily tolerated by kids and even babies. Service in hotels is of a high European level. The swimming season is open all year round. All conditions are created here for a fun, relaxing, unforgettable vacation.

Despite the fact that the area of ​​the island is rather small, there are many natural and architectural sights included in the UNESCO list of world cultural values. With a correctly drawn up route, you can see the most significant of them in one trip.

Before purchasing a voucher, all parents are very careful in choosing holiday complexes with accommodation that best meets the needs of their little guests. Our experts, based on feedback from tourists, have compiled a rating of 20 hotels in Cyprus, which are best for families with children. The selection also took into account the opinions of travel agents.

Rating of the best hotels in Cyprus for families with children

Nomination a place hotel name price per day
Top 5 hotels in Cyprus for families with children 1 Adams Beach 5 RUB 46,267
2 Elysium 5 RUB 23,413
3 St Raphael 5 RUB 31,931
4 Four Seasons Limassol Cyprus 5 RUB 27,514
5 Golden Tulip Bay Beach 5 RUB 14 434
6 Almyra 5 RUB 12,468
7 GrandResort Limassol-Cyprus 5 RUB 15,205
4 best hotels in Cyprus for families with children 1 Nissi Beach 4 RUB 15 100
2 Crystal Springs Beach Hotel 4 12 220 rub.
3 Palm Beach 4 RUB 11,961
4 The Golden Coast Beach Hotel 4 RUB 13,722
5 Melissi 4 RUB 15 747
6 Louis Phaethon Beach 4 16 161 RUB
7 Sunrise Beach Hotel 4 17 582 rub.
Best hotels in Cyprus for families with children 3 1 Michael`s Beach 3
2 Makronissos Village Club 3 RUB 8,590
3 Silver Sands Beach Hotel 3 RUB 11,781
4 Pernera Beach 3 1 7739 rub.
5 Anesis 3 RUB 11,657
6 Park Beach 3 RUB 9 894

Top 5 hotels in Cyprus for families with children

Adams Beach 5

Hotel rating (Cyprus): 4.9


The gold medalist of the rating is a complex in Ayia Napa, in which each guest receives the highest level of service and, regardless of age, is satisfied with the time spent here. The hotel is one of the few in Cyprus with a well-equipped and safe water park. It includes a lazy river flowing throughout the area, water rides and slides. The beach is private. Sea without waves, strong wind is not felt. A green garden grows on the territory, creating many shady cozy places.

Children participate in entertainment programs organized by professional animators. The club is attended by children from 4 to 12 years old. Babies remain under the supervision of a nanny. The playground includes many interesting attractions. The rooms have cots and comfortable furniture, all food outlets have chairs. Restaurants, cafes and taverns offer dishes from different cuisines of the world. Children's menu is present in all. Baby food for babies is prepared on request.

In the evenings, musical and theatrical performances are held, cheerful discos are arranged for young tourists. Many respondents noted rooms with luxurious interiors and maximum amenities created in them for families with children.

Elysium 5

Hotel rating (Cyprus): 4.8


The hotel, built in a picturesque park area, is in second place in our rating. The entire territory is surrounded by exotic greenery. Around there are flowerbeds with fragrant flowers, fountains. It is convenient to walk along the paths with strollers. Children will find secluded spots to play hide and seek. There is a club for them, where all events are held by a group of cheerful animators. For infants, a nursery with specially trained personnel is provided.

Rooms are of superior comfort. Guests can stay in villas. The shallow pool is equipped with slides. Among the lawns there is an area with swings, sandpit, sports equipment. Meals are served in 5 restaurants. Early breakfast and dinner are available for the little ones. The menu is varied. If desired, a separate table for babies can be ordered. The in-house dietitian and chef develops a personalized, innovative health program for adult guests.

The beach is within walking distance. A tavern is open all day where you can quench your hunger and thirst. Infrastructure includes shops, laundry, car rental. The Greek amphitheater organizes theme parties, performances, concerts. Wedding ceremonies are held in the chapel.

St Raphael 5

Hotel rating (Cyprus): 4.8


Further, the rating includes a complex built on the coast with the longest beach in Limassol with a Blue Flag mark, which is good for both adult guests and very young children. It also has its own yacht club, and not far from the largest water park with many exciting water attractions. The rooms are comfortable and safe to accommodate little fidgets.

The hotel is positioned as a place for family vacations, therefore children's leisure is organized at the highest level. The shallow pool is equipped with slides. There are many swings, carousels, sandboxes on the site. Strollers are provided free of charge. Babies can be kept under the supervision of specially trained staff (babysitting services are paid).

Chefs prepare dishes of national cuisines of the world. Children are provided with a separate menu, among which there are many dishes of European cuisine, familiar to domestic tourists. Restaurants, bars and taverns are open all day, serving soups, snacks, fast food, pizza, dairy products, fruits, cocktails. The beachfront establishment offers a wide variety of grilled dishes. Tourists who come here for the first time very often become regular guests of the hotel.

Four Seasons Limassol Cyprus 5

Hotel rating (Cyprus): 4.8


The fourth place among the best five-star hotels in our rating is taken by the resort complex with its own beach, awarded the Blue Flag award. Guests can rest comfortably on the clean, fine sand. It is safe for kids to play in shallow water as the descent is very smooth with a flat bottom. All beach equipment is provided free of charge. All rooms have very comfortable furniture, there are cots, bathrobes and slippers.

Families with babies are provided with amenities throughout the complex. Young guests frolic in the pool with slides, ride on swings and merry-go-rounds, play on the covered soft playground, and work out with cheerful animators. Entertainment activities are held for different age categories. Professional nanny service looks after babies and toddlers up to 3 years old.

Mediterranean and Chinese restaurants delight guests with delicious delights. An expanded children's menu is presented in all establishments. Little tourists will love to enjoy ice cream, croissants, pastries, desserts, fruits. Russian tourists recommend this hotel to compatriots, where everything is thought out for a safe and fun pastime for children of all ages.

Golden Tulip Bay Beach 5

Hotel rating Cyprus: 4.7


The fifth place in our rating is occupied by the popular complex of Cyprus, which welcomes guests with children, starting from the first months of life. All conditions have been created here for spending a vacation with both babies and teenagers. The beach with clean fine sand allows you to relax on the sun loungers and play volleyball or football. The entrance to the water is smooth, the bottom is even. Toddlers can splash in one of the two shallow pools, swing on swings and water slides. Animators organize outdoor activities for children on the beach or in the mini club.

Larnaca Water Park is a short drive away. There is a shuttle bus stop and a taxi rank nearby. The rooms are comfortable. Each room has a balcony, veranda or terrace. The hotel has 4 restaurants. The chefs surprise with international and Greek cuisine. Children are provided with a separate menu with different options for cereals, first and second courses, pastries, sausages, fruit salads.

According to reviews, the hotel meets the declared category. Guests are served at the highest level. Children and parents can choose from a variety of leisure activities presented here. Nearby are the largest shopping center, food market, pharmacies.

Almyra 5

Hotel rating Cyprus: 4.6


The sixth line of the rating is occupied by the complex, which in 2013 became a laureate of the 'TOP 100 Hotels' award. It is located on the coast amidst a sprawling green garden with exotic fragrant plants. The room fund is represented by 10 categories of accommodation. All interiors are designed in Mediterranean style. Cleaning takes place twice a day. The infrastructure is specially designed for the recreation of tourists with children. Shallow pools are protected from the sun by canopies. In the cold season, the water is heated in them.

The clubs are divided by age and interest. Exciting events are organized for kids 4 years old, and for children 10 years old, and for 16 year olds. The staff consists of professional nannies, experienced educators and instructors. Before check-in, you can pre-order children's accessories: sterilizers, strollers, baths, pots, heaters and much more.

All establishments provide a special children's menu. Restaurants specialize in Mediterranean, Italian, European cuisines. The beachfront bar offers snacks, desserts, fruits and drinks. The hotel offers car rental, brand clothing boutiques, gift shops.

GrandResort Limassol-Cyprus 5

Hotel rating Cyprus: 4.6


Another complex with high-quality five-star service was included in our rating. This is an elegant hotel located on the first line. Due to the architectural form of the building, all rooms have a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea. The beach has ideal conditions for relaxation. The entry into the sea is gradual; in shallow water, children can safely splash and build figures from the sand. Nearby there is a lawn of trees providing shade and protection from the sun's rays.

The area of ​​the hotel is 20 hectares. The territory is planted with palm trees, eucalyptus trees, pines, exotic flowers. Rooms from 28 to 95 sq. m. They can accommodate parents with one baby or large families. Each has bathrobes for large and small guests, cosmetic products, a cot. Sterilizers, baths, pots, highchairs, warmers, bassinets and strollers are available on request.

Entertainment is organized all day long. Children of different ages are engaged in the clubs. The hotel has an indoor playground, as well as a separate area with attractions and sports equipment. Baby food is available in all restaurants and cafes. The menu is varied, you can feed even the most capricious baby in food.

4 best hotels in Cyprus for families with children

Nissi Beach 4

Hotel rating (Cyprus): 4.9


The superiority of our rating belongs to the hotel complex, which is very popular among tourists from various countries of the world. They are attracted by the favorable location and first-class service, as well as the opportunity to spend a quality and full-fledged vacation with young children. A large area is buried in the greenery of huge palm trees and exotic vegetation. It is good to walk along the alleys with strollers here. You can always find a secluded place for your child to sleep in the open air in silence.

The beach is a few minutes away. The road goes through the garden, so even in the midday heat you can hide from the heat. Its own coastline stretches for half a kilometer. The entrance to the sea is smooth, the sand is compacted, clean. It's safe for kids to splash around and build castles by the water. The hotel organizes the leisure of children as much as possible. There is a playground with attractions, a shallow pool. In the club, animators offer interesting activities for all ages.

The complex has restaurants, taverns. Five tents operate on the beach, where guests can enjoy light meals and quench their thirst with delicious drinks. Parents will also be satisfied with the services offered here.

Crystal Springs Beach Hotel 4

Hotel rating (Cyprus): 4.8


The next place in the ranking goes to the complex, where you can have a great rest with both very young children and teenagers. Crystal Springs Beach Hotel is second on the list. It is located in a picturesque secluded area. Here, nothing will prevent you from calmly relaxing and resting. The beach line is located in the bay, so neither wind nor strong waves appear. Toddlers can splash in the water, and parents do not worry about their safety, because the sea is shallow and the bottom is flat.

The hotel positions itself as a family hotel and adheres to these principles in everything. There is a swing and a pool with slides for children. There is a mini-disco club where the animation team cheers and entertains children. Nutrition takes place according to different systems. But whatever is included in the voucher, the restaurant will always offer cereals, soups, fruits, yoghurts. Chairs are available in all establishments of the complex.

Adult guests noted that they have prepared entertainment for every taste. There is a diving center on site where you can learn to dive. Reviews confirm that the complex is rightfully a laureate of the 'TOP 100 Hotels of 2018' award. Everything, from the accommodation to the polite Russian-speaking staff, deserves the highest marks from tourists.

Palm Beach 4

Hotel rating Cyprus: 4.7


The bronze medalist of the rating is a family complex that has all the amenities for a comfortable stay for both parents and children. Beach strip with soft compacted sand. She is protected from the wind. There are no strong waves. Sheds protect from the sun. The hotel is set among tall palms and exotic gardens. The rooms are very comfortable. Noise isolation is increased, so a calm day and night sleep is ensured for the child.

The outdoor pool is huge, about half the size of an Olympic one. It has many shallow fenced areas for toddlers. On the territory there are terraces with sun loungers and parasols. There is a club for children where you can draw, play with peers, and have fun under the guidance of cheerful animators. A playground with a swimming pool and water slides has been built on the beach.

The hotel has two restaurants. One of them is in an open area with beautiful waterfalls. In all bars and eateries you can find dishes suitable for baby food. At the request of the chefs, they will prepare the food most familiar to the child. According to reviews, the guests liked the fairly high level of service. The diet always contains meat, fish, several types of cereals, sausages, pastries, fruits.

The Golden Coast Beach Hotel 4

Hotel rating Cyprus: 4.7


Located on the fourth line of the rating, the hotel complex has a good layout both inside the hotel and throughout the territory. The beach with fine, clean sand is a two minute walk away. It is ideal for families with little ones, as the entrance to the sea is very smooth and safe. The hotel has a separate children's pool with slides, and there is also a shallow water area for adults. Kids under the supervision of their parents can watch colorful fish in the pond, sit on a bench by the fountain, ride the rides, dance in the disco club.

Joint entertainment events are held both in the afternoon and in the evening. Many employees speak or at least understand Russian, so any issues are quickly resolved. Renovated rooms with colorful decoration. Spacious balconies overlook the palm garden or the seaside. The hotel serves tourists on an all-inclusive basis. The menu always contains cereals, dairy products, sausages, pancakes, cereals, yoghurts.

Adult guests are given the opportunity to take Greek lessons and learn local dances, take part in master classes on cooking national dishes. In the immediate vicinity there are shopping and entertainment centers, cafes.

Melissi 4

Hotel rating Cyprus: 4.6


Those who have once visited Melissi very often come back here again. The hotel complex, which took fifth place in our rating, was built on the first coastline. The beach is municipal, but very comfortable. All conditions for rest are created for small children. The territory itself is not very large, compact, but all infrastructure buildings are well located there. The number of rooms is very diverse. You can accommodate two adults and a child, or a family with several children.

Little tourists have fun under the guidance of a cheerful animation team. In the club they play, draw, make crafts, prepare surprises for dads and moms, in the pool they splash and sunbathe. The restaurant serves a table that includes children's and dietetic meals. The menu includes cereals, cereals, sausages, buns, yoghurts, cheese, fruits, various soups and main courses. If necessary, the selected products will be mashed in the kitchen. There is another restaurant and bar on the beach.

The hotel has an indoor pool and floodlit tennis court. In the evenings, folklore and theatrical performances are held. All the tourists interviewed noted that the hotel can qualify for a higher category. Its service is comparable to that of a five-star hotel.

Louis Phaethon Beach 4

Hotel rating (Cyprus): 4.5


The sixth place in the rating is occupied by a hotel designed for families with children. It was completely renovated in 2015 and is equipped with new furniture, modern appliances and equipment. The complex is built on the shores of the Mediterranean. The private beach is wide, the descent into the water is convenient for kids. In the rooms there are refrigerators, LCD TVs, channels with cartoons in Russian, tea accessories, a coffee machine.

There are a lot of children's entertainment. There are three shallow pools, a water park and attractions on the territory. In the 'Family World' center, you can get sterilizers, blenders, strollers and other necessary accessories for free. In addition to a club for older children, there is a nursery for babies, where they are looked after by a professional nanny.

It will not be difficult to feed even very whimsical children in food. The menu includes a wide assortment of dishes familiar to little guests. All day you can have a snack with fruits, pastries, light snacks. At the hotel you can buy souvenirs, jewelry, rent a car, use the laundry service, call a doctor, and exchange currency. Parents won't get bored. There are many sports and entertainment programs developed here, there is a nightclub and a disco.

Sunrise Beach Hotel 4

Hotel rating (Cyprus): 4.4


Families with babies of different ages chose the hotel, which our experts placed on the seventh line of the rating. It is located on the coast, close to the entire city infrastructure with shopping centers, food markets, entertainment complexes. Guests with babies, older children and teenagers are comfortably accommodated in one of the 235 rooms, and every child will find something to do. For younger guests, there is a shallow pool, an area with attractions and a sandpit, and a closed room.

Animators do not let you get bored with exciting contests and competitions. The restaurant serves local and European cuisine. Among the assortment presented, you can choose the most familiar food for a child. At the request of the parents, the chefs will create a separate menu. You can quench your hunger and thirst during the day in a tavern or bar.

While the little ones are in the care of a nanny, dad and mom can play basketball, tennis, water polo, relax in the Turkish bath, sauna, listen to live music and take part in themed parties. On various sites, tourists leave good reviews about this hotel. There are no serious complaints. Guests are advised to choose this complex if the family has children of different ages.

Best hotels in Cyprus for families with children 3

Michael`s Beach 3

Hotel rating Cyprus: 4.7

Michael`s Beach

The leader of the rating among the three-star hotels in Cyprus is the complex, which is located on the very coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and the center of Larnaca is only 10 minutes by bus or taxi. There is the largest water park on the island and many other entertainment centers. It is chosen by tourists for families with children of any age. Here, even with babies, you can spend your vacation comfortably and calmly.

Rooms: either studios or apartments. They perfectly accommodate families with several children. The rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, air conditioning, satellite TV with Russian-speaking channels, a coffee machine and a kettle. Built-in kitchens make it possible to prepare meals for babies on their own. On the spacious balconies and terraces, you can relax while enjoying the picturesque views of the surroundings.

Younger guests can splash in one of the two children's pools. In the club, they draw, play board and computer games. Professional animators organize sports events on the beach, in which all family members are happy to take part. Vacationers especially highlighted the varied food, a good comfortable beach, Russian-speaking staff.

Makronissos Village Club 3

Hotel rating Cyprus: 4.6


The silver rating is taken by the hotel, which is distinguished by a well-groomed area with palm trees and fragrant flowers, comfortable accommodation, and many leisure programs for children and parents. On the territory there is an open play area with attractions and a club in which toddlers and teenagers play separately. Mini discos are held in the evenings. The restaurants serve early breakfasts from the children's menu. All establishments have chairs.

The staff give tennis and water basketball lessons. Animators organize sports and intellectual competitions. Large pool with jacuzzi with a dedicated shallow area. Apartments and studios are located in the building. Bungalows with kitchen, guest area have an additional upper sun terrace. The hotel has a restaurant and two bars. Chefs prepare dishes of Greek, Italian, Asian cuisine. There are always cereals, pastries, dairy products, fruits.

In the immediate vicinity there is an amusement park and a dinosaur park. Adults have a wide range of leisure and sports activities. It hosts cocktail parties and billiards competitions. You can use the fat burning program and do water aerobics.

Silver Sands Beach Hotel 3

Hotel rating Cyprus: 4.6


The third place in our rating was awarded to the complex, which has an excellent location, thanks to which it has become very popular among tourists. It is located on the first line in a picturesque bay. The beach is ideal for small children: there is no strong wind, as well as waves, the entrance is very smooth, the bottom is smooth, smooth. Sea water is always clear, and it is very interesting for young vacationers to observe bright fish and other inhabitants of the Mediterranean.

Near the hotel there is the promenade and the city center. Protaras is famous for its restaurants, clubs, shopping centers. Meals are all inclusive or half board. There are a lot of suitable dishes for a children's meal. The choice is wide enough: yoghurts, cereals, cereals, soups, sausages, fruits, chocolate paste.

All rooms offer views of the sea and city attractions. There is a separate children's pool on site. Parents and kids can participate in joint entertainment programs. The outdoor play area is equipped with fun rides. According to reviews, service, cleanliness and location may qualify for a higher category. The service fully meets the needs of children of any age.

Pernera Beach 3

Hotel rating Cyprus: 4.6


The fourth nominee of the rating is a three-star hotel suitable for families with babies and teenagers. It is located very close to the sea. If desired, the most famous public beaches can be reached in twenty minutes. The infrastructure allows you to have fun and interesting time without leaving the territory of the complex. It has swimming pools for adults and children, an outdoor play area.

The hotel has two leisure centers: 'Zebra' and 'Pirates'. Russian-speaking animators are engaged with children all day, and in the evening they arrange incendiary disco parties. The rooms are large and well soundproofed. Adult guests choose the activities they want: either sports or entertainment.

The food will satisfy all guests. In addition to the traditional menu, a dietary one is also prepared. During the day, there is always something to satisfy your hunger or just eat. Everyone will like the food, even very capricious children. The assortment includes several types of cereals, soups, dairy products, fruit salads, cereals. In addition to the main restaurant, there are two bars and a cafe. Tourists are extremely positive about the complex. For little money, you can spend an unforgettable vacation here with the whole family.

Anesis 3

Hotel rating (Cyprus): 4.5


The fifth place in the rating is given to the hotel complex, where tourists with children from many countries of the world come every year. It is located near the center of Ayia Napa. Near all the famous beaches of the resort, a picturesque bay with fishing boats, many restaurants, shops, entertainment centers. Rooms of various categories. You can stay in a standard, suite or family. All of them are equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV and radio, refrigerator, tea and coffee making facilities. Superior rooms have a private terrace with sun loungers and parasols.

Guests will be delighted with the newly built large pool with cascades and jacuzzi. Around it grows a garden where you can hide from the midday heat. Guests eat at the restaurant, bar, cafe and buffet. There is an expanded children's menu with dishes familiar to kids. Every day you can take part in culinary competitions and learn about the peculiarities of the national cuisine. The hotel is equipped with billiards and fitness rooms.

The children's shallow pool is located separately from the adult. The play area is represented by swings, slides, sandpits, sports equipment. The hotel has a laundry, dry cleaning, next to it – a pharmacy and currency exchange.

Park Beach 3

Hotel rating (Cyprus): 4.5


Our rating is completed by a hotel located in a forested area among perennial pines and eucalyptus trees, a few kilometers from entertainment centers. It is suitable for a relaxing holiday with children on its own territory. If you want to see the city sights, then the complex has a bus stop and a taxi rank. The rooms are quite comfortable and correspond to the declared category. They have TV, air conditioning, terrace or balcony.

Children's entertainment is enough so that the kids do not get bored in between swimming and sunbathing. During the day, they communicate, play, a nanny can look after the babies. The main meals take place in two restaurants, snacks and drinks are offered in two bars. Live music sounds in the evenings and themed programs are organized.

The beach is not private, but municipal, but it is always clean, launching into the water is safe and convenient for children. According to reviews, tourists advise this hotel to those who want a good and budget vacation. There are no rich animation programs, but there is an opportunity to spend time with the kids, who will enjoy splashing around in the children's pool, running around the territory, playing with their peers.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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