18 best restaurants in Sochi

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The resort towns are rich in restaurants and cafes for every taste and budget. Sochi is no exception. After the Olympics, when the region received large investments from the state budget, the city became even more beautiful than before. New establishments have opened, old ones have been transformed.

It is difficult to single out a few of the best, but our editors tried to objectively assess the places of catering. Experts have selected 18 of the best restaurants in Sochi, which are able to surprise visitors with delicious cuisine and original furnishings.

Rating of the best restaurants in Sochi

Nomination a place a restaurant rating
Rating of the best restaurants in Sochi 1 Grill'Age 5.0
2 D.O.M. 4.9
3 'Syndicate' 4.8
4 'Imperial' 4.7
5 La Terrazza Marina 4.7
6 Cenador 4.7
7 'Weeping willow' 4.6
8 Sanremo 4.5
9 CORKS 4.5
10 'Babylon' 4.4
11 'Sheep-Rapan' 4.3
12 'Khmeli & Suneli' 4.2
13 'Hamshensky Dvor' 4.2
14 Del Mar 4.1
15 RED FOX 4.1
16 'Dvin Castle' 4.0
17 'Balcony' 4.0
18 'SQUASH' 3.9


Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 5.0


The well-known establishment with the most positive reviews attracts a huge number of people. The highlight of this place is the josper wood-burning stove, from which especially aromatic and flavorful dishes come out. The restaurant is very spacious and can accommodate many visitors. On the second floor there is live music and karaoke. Modern musical equipment has been installed, celebrities often come, stars perform, including DJs. True, you can sit down at a table only after paying a deposit in the amount of 3000 rubles. Families with children often come across in the main hall: the kids are entertained by an animator or they spend time in a special playroom.

The institution offers a wide range of dishes of European, Russian and Japanese cuisine. Pasta, steaks, khachapuri and sushi are excellently prepared here. Salads, soups, pizza and desserts are no less tasty. It is worth noting that properly selected spices give originality to the dishes: basil, cilantro, garlic, pepper and others. The bar list is replete with French and Italian wines, as well as single malt whiskeys. For children, there is a menu with Azbuka soup, Constructor pizza and sweets.

The prices are affordable. The average check ranges from 700 to 1500 rubles. Bank cards are accepted for payment.

Navaginskaya, 3/4 A, microdistrict Central. Opening hours: daily, from 11:00 to 4:00. Contact phone: +7 (988) 235-77-65. Detailed information on the official website: grillage-sochi.ru.


Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 4.9


Residents of Sochi highlight the restaurant complex, which includes a cafe, a two-level restaurant, karaoke and a summer roof terrace. The convenient location on the first line near the seaport offers visitors a beautiful natural view. The interior immerses from the very entrance it immerses: on the ground floor, a bright, spacious space; the location of the two-story restaurant is distinguished by high ceilings and luxurious furnishings; an ultra-modern karaoke bar delights guests with a cheerful atmosphere; concerts, performances of foreign and Russian stars, eminent DJs are held on the site.

The menu offers steaks, seafood, all kinds of salads and snacks, pizza, fresh homemade cakes, aromatic coffee, tea and a large selection of desserts. It merged recipes from Pan-Asian, Caucasian and European cuisines, as well as dishes from the regions of Italy and the Mediterranean coast rethought in a local way. The bar list includes wines of different price categories, cocktails and other popular drinks.

Ample parking and a family park where you can walk and relax make the pastime in the institution more comfortable. It is better to think about reserving tables on the terrace in advance, as the seats there are usually occupied due to the magnificent view of the seascape.

The prices are high. Average check – 3000-5000 rub.

Navaginskaya, 1 A, Central microdistrict. Opening hours: daily, from 10:00 to 6:00. Contact phone: +7 (862) 220-01-11, +7 (938) 444-02-02. Detailed information on the official website: dom-restaurant.ru.


Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 4.8


The steakhouse is unique in its own way and is the face of urban restaurant culture. Fascinating wine tours with sommeliers are held here, people come to business meetings, dates, and friendly gatherings. Not only excellent food, but also an unforgettable atmosphere leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

The interior of the institution is made in the American style of the thirties. It is worth noting that there is pathos, but in moderation: the poetics of Prohibition, comfortable leather sofas, semi-darkness – all this sets you up for relaxation. During the warmer months, there is a veranda where you can enjoy meals in the fresh air.

The menu is presented by Russian, American, European and Italian cuisine. Девиз стейк-хауса – Food&Wine. Excellent Syndicate meat with a glass of Chianti, as well as burgers of the same name with two cutlets – a classic that guests love so much. The restaurant specializes in meat: excellent New Zealand lamb, Japanese Kobe, Canadian veal, American Black Angus. Author's dishes from the chef Dmitry Gradovich amaze even gourmets with their sophistication. The bar list includes strong alcoholic drinks, a variety of wines, cocktails.

The prices are high. The average check is from 3000 to 5000 rubles.

Ordzhonikidze, 6, Central microdistrict. Working hours: Mon-Thu, from 10:00 to 1:00; Fri and Sat, 10:00 am to 3:00 am; Sun, from 10:00 to 1:00. Contact phone: +7 (862) 555-11-01, +7 (988) 237-00-10. Detailed information on the official website: syndicate.lrgsochi.ru.


Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 4.7


The restaurant is able to satisfy even the most demanding food, ambiance and service requirements. It doesn't matter if you come for dinner, have a romantic evening or a business meeting – the institution will be an excellent choice, since here you can not only eat deliciously, but also enjoy the elegance of the interior and magnificent views of the mountains.

The institution organizes special events, for example, corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, parties. The banquet hall is designed for eighty seats. Talented chefs, as artists, create culinary masterpieces according to exclusive recipes. The menu includes hot and cold appetizers, a variety of salads, main courses of meat, fish, seafood, and desserts. There are special meals for children, which is why families often come to the restaurant.

“Imperial” is located in the closed area of ​​the four-star hotel of the same name, in the center of the famous ski resort Krasnaya Polyana. Please be aware that secure parking and free Wi-Fi are available exclusively to check-in guests.

The prices are affordable. Average check – 1500-2500 rubles.

Lunny lane, 6, the village of Estosadok. Opening hours: daily, from 7:30 to 22:00. Contact phone: 8 (800) 551-63-50, +7 (938) 440-88-87. Detailed information on the official website: rest-imperial.com.

La Terrazza Marina

Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 4.7

La Terrazza Marina.jpg

The institution is considered the best among the Italian restaurants in the city of Sochi. It belongs to the category of informal family ones, therefore it is designed for spending time with relatives and friends. Here you can perfectly relax after a hard day at work, relax on weekends or just drop in for a snack at any time.

People who have been here say with confidence that they will definitely come again. The establishment is an amazing corner in which the clock slows down, allowing you to distance yourself from the noise of the city, especially during the tourist season. The space is divided into two rooms, there is also a children's and a VIP-zone in order to retire, hiding from the eyes of other visitors. The spacious terrace offers a magnificent view of the sea. The interior is designed in classic style. The decor uses pastel colors to create a warm and welcoming environment. Panoramic windows allow you to enjoy the view of the surrounding nature.

Italian cuisine is widely represented on the menu. Signature dishes from the chef will delight connoisseurs of Italian gastronomy. There are over a dozen options for appetizers, a large selection of pasta prepared according to special recipes, as well as delicious salads, pizza with all kinds of fillings and desserts. The bar list includes a collection of long-term wines from different regions (Tuscany, Umbria, Sicily, Piedmont and Veneto); there are several types of wines from France, Chile and Spain. The local wine bar is a real find for connoisseurs of quality drinks.

The prices are high. The average check is from 3000 rubles.

st. Voikova, 1/1, microdistrict Central. Opening hours: daily, from 12:00 to 0:00. Contact phone: +7 (862) 296-54-94. Detailed information on the official website: la-terrazza.ru/la-terrazza-marina.


Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 4.7


The modern restaurant of European cuisine has an unusual interior design. Here the coldness of glass walls, which add space and airiness to the room, harmoniously combines with the warmth of cozy upholstered furniture and delicate shades of decoration. It is pleasant to sit on the summer veranda in good weather both in the company and alone, sipping a glass of your favorite drink.

The menu is very varied. If you come to the restaurant for the first time, then you should order a signature salad of meat, arugula, mushrooms and tomatoes. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of tasting the tee-bone and ribeye, flounder steak, josper rapans or salmon sauté with vegetables. For lovers of expensive and exotic, the restaurant offers langoustine with avocado sauce and crayfish meat, Saint-Jacques scallops, Black Sea shark steak, veal or tuna tartare. For breakfast, you can take rice porridge with pear, cottage cheese with dried fruits or pancakes with red caviar. For dinner, be sure to order juicy and soft kebabs. The bar card offers good-quality whiskey, inexpensive Kuban wines, as well as exquisite Bordeaux. A pleasant bonus for late visitors will be the round-the-clock work of the kitchen.

The prices are high. The average check is from 2500 rubles.

Morskoy lane, 2, Central microdistrict. Working hours: daily, around the clock. Contact phone: +7 (988) 233-20-55. Detailed information on the official website: cenador.ru.

'Weeping willow'

Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 4.6

Weeping Willow1.jpg

The establishment was opened by the same restaurateur as the Moscow White Rabbit. They are related by a stunning view of the city from the terrace, as well as an unusual serving of even familiar local dishes such as okroshka on yogurt or ajapsandali.

The chef's team is headed by Vladimir Mukhin. The developed menu is truly exclusive: Black Sea anchovies with tomato bread, chicken liver with fried oyster mushrooms, raspberries and baby spinach, as well as watermelon with goat cheese and chorizo. Unusual combinations give rise to new taste sensations, which, judging by the reviews, leave no one indifferent. On the robata multilevel grill, thanks to the individual baking mode, they cook both kalkan steaks and country-style drums with potatoes. The bar card offers twenty years old bolgheri, brut blanc de blanc, Crimean pinot noir and many other drinks.

The prices are high. The average check is 3500-5000 rubles.

Voikova, 3, microdistrict Central. Opening hours: daily, from 12:00 to 0:00. Contact phone: +7 (968) 300-55-99. Detailed information on the official website: plakuchaya.ru.


Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 4.5


The institution is a place with a pleasant atmosphere, which is conducive to relaxation in a company, a romantic dinner or a business lunch in the company of partners and colleagues. The space inside is finished with natural stone, quartz sand and wood. The main hall overlooks the sea through panoramic windows. Fans of outdoor dining will love the cozy outdoor terrace, from which, by the way, you can watch an amazingly beautiful sunset. Within walking distance from the restaurant there is a yacht pier, beach and pool. Bonuses include live music performances that create a cheerful mood.

The menu features Italian, Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine. Abundance of seafood: fresh shrimp, oysters, flounder, crabs, red mullet and other marine life are prepared according to special recipes. Pasta, kebabs, and pizza are also popular among the dishes. The chef surprises the guests with bold author's improvisations. There is a special menu for children. The bar list is rich in wines from France, Italy, Georgia, Spain and Chile, there are also Kuban varieties.

The prices are high. The average check ranges from 2500 to 3500 rubles.

Chernomorskaya, 13G. Opening hours: daily, from 8:00 to 0:00. Contact phone: +7 (862) 227-08-88. Detailed information on the official website: sanremo-restaurant.ru.


Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 4.5


The wine bar-restaurant was opened not so long ago, but it has already gained fame both among the townspeople and among the guests of Sochi. Cozy atmosphere, fast ordering and helpfulness of waiters – these are the three distinguishing characteristics of the establishment. The sommelier will always tell you about the wine you are interested in, show the visitors drinks of European and local production, and also advise on what suits your dishes best.

The winery is impressive: wines from Portugal, South Africa, Chile or small local wineries. The map consists of several categories, each of which has a few positions that maximally reflect the essence of the section. It is especially valuable that in a restaurant you can order only one glass, and not pay for the whole bottle. In addition to delicious drinks, dishes of European and Russian cuisine are presented. We recommend tasting burrata with black salt made from olives and spruce branches, homemade cheeses, duck breast salad in coconut-almond sauce, steaks, and cucumber ice cream for dessert. The menu is designed in such a way that the drinks are ideally combined with each culinary masterpiece.

The prices are reasonable. The average check is 1000-1500 rubles.

Navaginskaya, 7, building 3, microdistrict Central. Opening hours: Mon-Thu, from 12:00 to 0:00; Fri and Sat, from 12:00 to 1:00; Sun, from 12:00 to 12:00. Contact phone: +7 (900) 252-10-77. Detailed information on the official website: corksbar.ru.


Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 4.4


The institution stands out from the rest with unimaginable beauty. There is a pool with carps and proud black swans, a flowing waterfall, and imposing peacocks wandering around. Graceful columns, sophisticated furniture, eye-pleasing dishes and many decorative ornaments harmoniously combine to create a special charm. They almost never leave here without photographs, capturing the most different corners, so that later they can boast to their acquaintances and friends.

The serving of the food matches the chic setting. The chefs know a lot about decoration. The menu includes European, Italian, Caucasian, Thai, Russian, Asian cuisine. We advise you to try the lula kebab with pieces of vegetables or the pork neck, which is soft and juicy. Also take tom-kha-gai coconut soup and frittata vegetable omelet. If you want something simpler, the restaurant prepares excellent borscht with donuts. The bar list offers several positions of wines from almost every wine-producing country.

Business lunches are held daily from 12:00 to 15:00. Bank cards are accepted for payment. A playroom is available for children, where they will be looked after while the adults have a rest. There is a free parking area near the establishment for those who arrived by private transport.

The prices are reasonable. The average bill is from 1500 to 2500 rubles.

Plastunskaya, 80V. Opening hours: daily, from 10:00 to 0:00. Contact phone: +7 (928) 668-80-30, +7 (966) 770-74-77. Detailed information on the official website: sochi-vavilon.ru.


Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 4.3


The conceptual establishment, headed by the chef Andrey Kolodyazhny, originally from the city of Pyatigorsk, leaves the most pleasant impressions from visiting. During the day it is cozy and calm, so you can sit and talk in silence, and in the evenings live music plays, which immediately creates a mood for dancing and fun.

The menu includes dishes of Caucasian, Italian, Mediterranean and Thai cuisine. It is conveniently divided into two parts: for meat eaters and others. Based on the reviews, we would like to note that visitors like almost all the dishes on offer. We recommend taking baked Adyghe cheese with feijoa jam and celery and beetroot powder for a snack – the combination of sour, sweet and salty will definitely surprise you. Also try the rapana pie, which surpasses all expectations. Edible rapan stones in Black Sea mussel breading with quail egg and seasonal mushroom jelly will delight gourmets. Do not forget about caviar made from Abkhaz tangerines, beef steaks in olive breading, fried over an open fire. For dessert, order white chocolate mousse with green cilantro jelly with soft sheep's cheese or, more predictably, a coffee-chocolate dessert with false honeycomb. The bar card offers a large selection of excellent Russian wines.

The prices are high. Average check – 3500-5000 rub.

Teatralnaya, 11, Central microdistrict. Opening hours: daily, from 14:00 to 0:00. Contact phone: +7 (862) 225-50-25. Detailed information on the official website: baranrapan.ru.

'Khmeli & Suneli'

Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 4.2

Хмели & Сунели.jpg

The restaurant is a favorite place for visiting the townspeople. Casual tourists are rare here. The institution reflects the urban mentality like no other. The owners treat with humor that the concept is scattered, and the menu is confused, that even smiling waiters are sometimes surprised at some positions, the existence of which on the menu comes as a surprise to them. But inside the restaurant there is a soulful atmosphere and southern flavor. On the street, visitors are greeted by a terrace, and inside there is a large hall with soft sofas.

The cuisine is delicious, but not masterpiece. True, the portions are quite large, so no one leaves hungry. Start with khinkali, veal shawarma with ezme, cherry plum hodgepodge, pizza, and classic tiramisu for dessert. Recommends to try mini-khachapuri as a snack, they are half-palm-sized. For drinks we recommend local wines and homemade tarragon. Brand chef Timur Agzamov is a master of Russian and Caucasian cuisine, and what kind of designer desserts he makes – you just lick your fingers.

There is a school at the restaurant where every guest can learn the basics of gastronomy. The chef regularly gives master classes and uploads videos to the network to share his talent and skills. Chef bartender Andrei Svidlov keeps up, introducing the public to the current recipes for non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

The prices are reasonable. Average check – 1200-1500 rubles.

St. Roz, 57, microdistrict Central. Opening hours: daily, from 10:00 to 1:00. Contact phone: +7 (862) 235-51-11, +7 (862) 555-11-01. Detailed information on the official website: hmeli.lrgsochi.ru.

'Hamshensky Dvor'

Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 4.2

Hamshensky Dvor.jpg

The institution is located in the area between Krasnaya Polyana and Sochi. It has picturesque nature and great views. Nearby is the world's longest suspension bridge, from where those who wish can jump on a special rope into the Akhshtyr gorge. The owners of the restaurant are an Armenian family who built the whole complex. It even includes the ethnographic private museum 'People's Friendship Yard', where the collection collected by Eduard Kaladzhyan is presented.

The institution looks like a stone fortress in the style of Caucasian architecture of the 15-16 centuries. In fact, the building is modern, but the style is consistent. The menu offers visitors the temptations of Caucasian, Russian, Armenian, Georgian and Greek cuisine at quite low prices. If you like cheese, then order a boat in Adjarian style: fluffy dough, a little sourness, viscous cheese will satisfy not only your hunger, but also delight the eye. Be sure to try sujuki, tsitsaki, turshi. Taste the fish soup from the Adler trout, eating it with a nut (thin pita bread made from unleavened dough with herbs, cheese and eggs).

The prices are reasonable. The average check is from 1000 to 1500 rubles.

Krasnoflotskaya, 15A, the village of Kazachy Brod. Opening hours: daily, from 11:00 to 23:00. Contact phone: +7 (928) 445-51-21, +7 (862) 295-51-21. Detailed information on the official website: amshendvor.ru.

Del Mar

Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 4.1

Del Mar.jpg

Based on numerous reviews, this is where the best seafood dishes in town are prepared. There are usually a lot of visitors in the institution, but you can find several free tables. The interior is decorated in a modern, but no frills. The atmosphere is warm and relaxing. This place is ideal for gatherings in a friendly company. The main hall, an open terrace on the second floor and tables on the promenade are available for landing.

The menu, for obvious reasons, is replete with a selection of seafood dishes, and we recommend that you start with them. Try the salad with octopus, green onions and potatoes, seasoned with vegetable oil. Be sure to order Delmar's signature tomato soup and fish smoked in the smoke of alder sawdust. They make good pizza, rolls and Italian dishes: pasta, minestrone. The bar list mainly offers wines from Chile, France, Argentina and several types from Italy. From drinks, take fruit drink with sangria – it will perfectly complement meals if you do not want to drink alcohol. The establishment serves scrambled eggs with mushrooms, turkey chorizo ​​and fresh vegetables with wheat toast until midday.

The prices are reasonable. The average check is 1000-1500 rubles.

Primorskaya, 11, microdistrict Central. Working hours: Mon-Thu, from 11:00 to 0:00; Fri-Sun, from 11:00 to 2:00. Contact phone: +7 (988) 237-10-20. Detailed information on the official website: delmar-sochi.ru.


Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 4.1


The restaurant received this name in honor of a rare animal listed in the Red Book, living in the bowels of the reserve located near Krasnaya Polyana. The name reflects the uniqueness of the establishment and loyalty to local traditions. There are quite a few seats in the hall – over a hundred. There is also a contact bar and a separate karaoke room for thirty people. A large aquarium with fresh seafood stands out in the interior.

First-class cuisine is another hallmark of the restaurant. Such a high level is maintained due to the fact that the owner of the establishment is the restaurateur Zarkov, and the chef is Mukhin. In this tandem, they opened the White Rabbit restaurant in Moscow a little earlier, which set a certain bar. The menu includes European, Italian, Russian, French, author's, Mediterranean cuisine. We advise you to try mountain trout and sterlet soup, sorcerers with boletus, lamb shoulder – the dishes are good not only in taste, but also in serving. The dishes from the oven on birch wood smell just delicious: quail stuffed with porcini mushrooms, flounder, Yaroslavl chicken with srirachi sauce. From the bar list, we recommend a glass of a collectible sauternes, a fifteen-year-old chateau-lafite or a teapot of the noble da-hun-pao.

The prices are reasonable. Average check – 1000-2500 rubles.

Lavanda embankment, 3, Estosadok village (Rosa Khutor ski resort). Opening hours: daily, from 12:00 to 0:00. Contact phone: +7 (862) 274-44-44. Detailed information on the official website: redfoxsochi.ru.

'Dvin Castle'

Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 4.0

Dvin Castle1.jpg

Locals have long chosen the place, so when you are going here, take care of booking a table in advance. Even on the outskirts of the restaurant, one can feel its solidity, when the fortress towers of the facade open up to the gaze, and then a pond with swans and a waterfall.

The approach to food here is also serious, which can be seen as soon as you open the menu. Dishes are prepared according to national recipes in a tandoor, on a grill, and bread is baked in the restaurant. Presented Caucasian and European cuisine. Start your meal with stuffed eggplant garni-yarakh or okroshka on kefir, especially if you came to the restaurant from the midday heat – this is a great way to refresh. Be sure to order the kebabs – they are juicy and soft. Author's dishes from the chef Pogosov Artashes Sarkisovich are unusually tasty, so they should also be taken. The assortment of alcoholic beverages is small, but it is allowed to bring a drink with you if the order is for a certain amount.

The prices are affordable. Average check – 700-1000 rubles.

Grape, 189, microdistrict Central. Opening hours: daily, from 11:00 to 0:00. Contact phone: +7 (862) 255-76-76, +7 (862) 255-97-97. Detailed information on the official website: castle-dvin.ru.


Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 4.0


A fashionable restaurant is located in the very center of Sochi. You can book a table here on the balcony only after making a deposit of at least ten thousand rubles. Such an amount will immediately scare someone away, but do not be afraid – entering the institution, you immediately understand what you gave the money for. The waiters look impeccable: in white gloves, ironed uniform; all staff are courteous, but without cloying; the chef makes amazing seafood dishes and more.

The menu includes European, Italian, Mediterranean cuisine. A children's menu is provided. We advise you to order an excellent fish soup first, continue with vongole pasta or fish on the grill. Rapana and mussels are so delicious that they make you cry with pleasure. And, of course, pizza. They approach its preparation with great rigor, observing strict culinary rules. The restaurant also has very aromatic coffee. The Vinoteka offers a variety of wines, some of which cost a lot of money. A sommelier who knows his business is always ready to suggest what to choose, and, if the guests wish, to hold a mini-lecture.

The prices are high. Average check – 3000-5000 rub.

Voikova, microdistrict Central. Opening hours: daily, from 12:00 to 0:00. Contact phone: +7 (862) 266-56-52. Detailed information on the official website: vk.com/restaurant_balkon.


Rating of the restaurant (Sochi): 3.9


The canteen, loved by the townspeople, was also included in our rating. Outwardly, it resembles a cozy cafe without unnecessary pathos, where you can go to have a snack or a good meal. Outside, visitors are greeted by a beautiful signboard and tables where, in warm weather, you can drink soft drinks and relax, and inside there is a spacious hall filled with light. The space is divided into two zones: confectionery and cooking.

On the menu you will find a large selection of mouth-watering dishes: a variety of soups, a variety of salads ('Greek', 'Olivier', 'Caesar', etc.), meat and fish. We recommend trying the Summer salad made from fresh vegetables with sour cream dressing. It's perfect for a light snack. Order a cheese soup that uses traditional local cheese. An excellent choice would be chicken stuffed with mushrooms, kebabs on a skewer or chicken kupat. Vegetarians will definitely love the original zucchini pancakes. For dessert, try tiramisu, cheesecake, or pancho.

Of course, the main advantage of the establishment is the low prices. The average check is about 200-500 rubles. For this amount, you can eat a full meal and leave well-fed and satisfied.

Navaginskaya, 16, microdistrict Central. Opening hours: Mon-Sun, from 7:30 to 22:00. Contact phone: +7 (988) 233-93-37. Detailed information on the official website: patisson-sochi.ru.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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