18 best beaches in Phuket

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Almost all of Phuket’s beaches have good access, cleanliness and convenient entry into the water. Difference between them mainly in the development of infrastructure around. And from this in the cost of the rest will also depend more. Want with comfort to relax in Phuket? We will tell in our rating best which beach is best for this.

About Phuket Beach Vacations

Before planning your vacation in Phuket, you need to study some information about the features of the beaches of the island, and we are ready for it share:

  1. On the island, all beaches are municipal – this means that on any from them you can safely come to rest at any time, even if directly The hotel path adjoins the coast.
  2. The best beaches of the island are western. They all differ gentle entry into the water, have a well-developed infrastructure nearby for a comfortable stay.
  3. The best time to visit Phuket is the winter-spring period. (November-April), when the waves do not rage so much, and the weather happy.
  4. The cost of a beach holiday can be different and depends mainly from the choice of a tourist.

Rating of the best beaches in Phuket

Nomination a place beach rating
The most beautiful beaches of Phuket 1 Bang Tao Beach 4.9
3 Karon (Karon Beach) 4.8
4 Kalim (Kalim Beach) 4.7
5 Tri Trang Beach 4.7
6 Pansy (Pansea Beach) 4.5
7 Nai Thon Beach 4.4
8 Paradise (Paradise Beach) 4.3
The best beaches for families with children 1 Kata (Kata Beach) 4.9
2 Nai Harn Beach 4.8
3 Kamala Beach 4.7
The best party beaches in Phuket 1 Patong (Patong Beach) 4.9
2 Surin (Surin Beach) 4.8
The quietest beaches of Phuket 1 Freedom (Freedom Beach) 4.9
2 Ao Sane Beach 4.8
3 Banana Beach 4.7
4 Yanui (Yanui beach) 4.6
5 Mai Khao Beach 4.5
6 Nai Yang 4.4

The most beautiful beaches of Phuket

Bang Tao Beach

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.9

Bang Tao Beach

Located in a picturesque bay with a length of 8 km – almost the longest beach of the island. People here usually have a little rest, therefore, the place is characterized by comfortable silence, clean coast and water. Bang Tao can be called an elite option, because here located most of the luxury hotels in Phuket. Beach completely equipped: visitors are offered sun loungers with umbrellas (set will cost about 100-150 baht).

Velvet golden sand, clear water, small caresses waves and comfortable entry into the sea – this is all Bang Tao. By the way, not in season waves are raging here (however, as in other Phuket beaches), but This is the perfect time for lovers of good surfing. By as you move towards the northern part the number is rapidly decreases and in its northernmost point – almost deserted: An ideal place for privacy and beautiful photo shoots without strangers in frame.

Since the infrastructure of the coast is well developed, vacationers A variety of beach activities are offered: windsurfing, parasailing, jet skis, yachting, you can have fun to dive. Nearby is a golf club, there is a night club. Since bang Tao is considered one of the most prestigious on the island. take into account that the prices here are “prestigious” (most of the services here will cost more than on other beaches).

Suitable for: respectable, active, family vacations

Karon (Karon Beach)

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.8

Karon Beach

One of the few most famous and popular beaches. Phuket with a well-developed infrastructure and many entertainment. Almost 4 kilometer line is divided into 2 parts (North South). North – more noisy – suitable for active, youth recreation, but the southern one will appeal to lovers of more measured, relaxing beach holiday. Soft yellow fine sand pleases with its softness and surprises with an unusual crunch when on it you step (as if in the snow).

The water in the sea is very warm and incredibly clean, but swim not everyone will succeed, because quite often waves rage and there is a strong current. If you wish, you can rent sunbeds, umbrellas, actively relax on the water, ride on a water motorbike or parasailing, windsurfing, diving. AND After an intense rest, relax in the massage parlor, located right on the beach. In addition, there are many SPA-salons, restaurants where you can eat tasty and inexpensive.

Not far from Karon, there is an amazingly beautiful local temple, a little further – a famous observation deck (Karon View Point) with great sea views. Near the center of the beach the market is located (Tue / Sat), where you can buy food, souvenirs, clothes.

Suitable for: active, family, youth recreation

Kalim (Kalim Beach)

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.7

Kalim Beach

It is located very close to the famous for its nightly Patong party. The place is very cozy, secluded, with incredible beauty of landscapes and bewitching silence. There is no crowd here noisy tourists, no night discos. The sea is quite calm and very clean. True, the entrance to the water is rocky, so it is better to enter in the sea in special shoes so as not to injure his legs.

Kalima’s beachfront is very narrow (by Thai standards, at least least) – only about 20 m. The coast can be divided into 2 parts. North – with a gentle entrance to the sea, a small amount stones at the bottom and the complete absence of trees. South – with a sharp departure banks to the depth, large stones at the bottom and the presence of a small the number of trees giving some, but a shadow. On the shore There are several inexpensive cafes and restaurants, nearby – enough housing options (from economy to luxury).

Holidays on Kalim – ideal for those who want to be close to an active nightlife, but enjoy temporary peace and lack of fuss. Here you can perfectly take a break from Patong, then to plunge headlong into its stormy a life.

Suitable for: a relaxing, secluded vacation (with the possibility of active nightlife)

Tri Trang Beach

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.6

Tri Trang Beach

Another secluded place not far from Patong. Until recently, it was known only to locals, but everything is changing rapidly. Three Trang – very quiet, with wide sand strip of shore, a comfortable gentle entry into the water. Many tourists very flattering speak about this place thanks to its clean water, sandy bottom and the lack of a large number of people.

Among the undoubted advantages can be noted the presence on the coast showers with fresh water. But among the shortcomings – strong ebbs. At this time, the rocky bottom of the Three Trang and swimming in the sea as such can be forgotten. In addition, when entering further to the depth, a coral reef also appears. But also at low tide you can have a great rest walking along the beach in search of outlandish shells by visiting one of the massage parlors, enjoying shopping in boutiques. In the evening, in a couple of minutes, get to Patong and plunge into dizzying entertainment.

Suitable for: for relaxation, relaxing

Pansy (Pansea Beach)

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.5

Pansea Beach

The beach, which is an exceptional case for Phuket, is not considered municipal. This is a closed territory, get to which can only be settled in one of the nearby five star hotels. In fact, Pansy is available exclusively guests of hotel complexes. At their disposal are provided sun loungers and umbrellas for a comfortable stay.

The coastline is less than half a kilometer. At both sides the bay is reliably protected from violent waves by large boulders. Width the beach is small – about 40 m. Sand on the coast of pale beige colors, small, velvet. The entrance to the water is very comfortable, gentle. Near the coast – a lot of cozy restaurants and cafes.

Since the beach, due to natural features, is completely fenced off from neighboring, get to it by water or from the adjacent territory is almost impossible. A simple and convenient option – with side of the hotel.

Suitable for: respectable, active, family vacations

Nai Thon Beach

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.4

Nai Thon Beach

The most calm and one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Nai Ton is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. IN only a few hotels are located within the beach a small Thai village, despite the fact that the length of the coast makes about 1 km and differs in considerable width.

Immediately on the beach is an impressive density casuirin grove, where you can hide in the hottest hours of the day. Soft beige velvety sand, despite its softness, creaks strongly underfoot, and in the afternoon heats up so that it’s hard to walk on (it’s better to walk in shoes).

The entrance to the water is sandy (no corals, algae, etc.). But something strange is happening with depth, which, however, already: at first finely, going a little further – deeper, then – again finely. The water in the sea is very warm, clean, transparent. Among the pluses – the presence of showers with fresh water almost on the coast.

Note: to rent an umbrella / deck chair here will not succeed. You can hide from the sun only in the shade of trees.

Suitable for: a relaxing holiday, solitude

Paradise (Paradise Beach)

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.3

Paradise Beach

A colorful beach with a colorful name. Surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and “protected” rocks (on both parties). This minimizes the amount and strength of the waves, making space suitable for swimming almost all year round. Abundance of tropical trees gives an excellent shadow right on the shore, protecting from scorching rays of the sun.

Paradise is one of the few coastal pieces preserved in pristine form. Its territory is divided in half by huge boulders. The coast is shallow, but stones and even corals, which, however, does not stop swimmers. The coastline is almost miniature by Thai standards – total 150 m in length.

Throughout the coast, sand has a different shade: part its white as snow, and part, mixed with debris of coral, became yellow. By the way, although the beach is small, its infrastructure is developed excellent: on the coast, in the grove there is a decent restaurant, a couple shops. Among pleasant trifles – a shower with fresh water. The area is clean, very well maintained. There are beach activities: you can explore the sea world with a snorkeling mask, and the bay – on long tail boat or kayak.

Note: Paradise is an exception among other Phuket coastal tourist areas – admission is paid. For Adults issue price – 200 baht, for children – free of charge.

Suitable for: a relaxing, family vacation

The best beaches for families with children

Kata (Kata Beach)

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.9

Kata Beach

Ideal for families with children, since there is no noisy parties, a lot of people in every square meter (as in Patong, for example) and there are excellent conditions for children’s leisure and swimming including. Sandy coast, entrance to shallow water, the depth is gaining gradually, without sharp dips. Tourists will always be offered comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas for shelter from the scorching sun, there are towers with lifeguards, a toilet, showers. On the beach There are several cafes and bars, there are diving centers.

It is important that the location at Kata is very successful, because nearby There are other equally famous beaches, to which you can without labor to get there. The coastline of Kata is quite large – about 1.5 km From there, a wonderful view of the artificial island opens. Next door is Pu (Crab). You can go there for those who are a little tired of the hustle and bustle of crowded Kata. There is a small cafe there, to freshen up and have a bite.

The choice of beach activities is incredibly wide: kayaks, snorkeling, “bananas”, yachting, you can parachute (after a motorboat), jet skis, there is a kitesurfing school (the cost of an hour of such “pleasure” – about 800 baht). Nearby there is a Dino park where you can look at dinosaurs, volcanic eruption. Can fast get to the observation deck Karon View Point, from where It offers a magnificent view of the beaches of the island.

Note: it is better not to go to the northern part. There there is a parking for fishing boats, and the bottom in the sea is rocky. You can easily injure yourself on stones or ropes coming from boats.

Nai Harn Beach

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.8

Nai Harn Beach

A half-kilometer coastline stretched along the colorful and quiet lagoon surrounded by lush palm trees. Nai Harn is in some distance from the most popular beaches of Phuket. Not less considered one of the best not only in Thailand but throughout Of Asia. Nai Harn is a wide sandy coast that smoothly goes to sea. For children here is just a paradise. Depth is growing gradually, the bottom is sandy. At sea, the season is almost calm.

You can rent umbrellas with sunbeds (traditionally for 100 baht). There are a lot of trees on the beach, under the shade of which you can also comfortably take cover. Unusual Nai Harn Feature – Freshwater the lagoon, which was formed due to the proximity of a freshwater lake, flowing into the sea. It’s very shallow and the current is quite fast: kids love to splash around in this lagoon.

Nai Harn is not considered a tourist destination, so special there are no beach activities here. But you can rent a yacht or to rent sports equipment, ride a surf (not in season). There are also not many hotels nearby. There is a beach fruit shops, cafes, small shops. Not far Buddhist temple.

Kamala Beach

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.7

Kamala Beach

Located near the famous and noisy Patong. In contrast from its “neighbor”, Kamala – a cozy, quiet beach. Length coastline – about 2 km. In the seasonal period of the waves almost no, because the coast is protected by a secluded bay. Sea always warm and clean. Not only can you hide from the scorching sun under the umbrella, which tourists get complete with a sun lounger for 100 baht, but also under one of the many palm trees growing on coast.

Tourists have access to many beach activities: lovers active recreation will be able to snorkel, go snorkeling, ride on jet skis, boats, boats, even kayaks. In hotels located nearby, you can attend yoga or cooking classes art, relax on the massage table.

The main entertainment of Kamala and the most famous on the island is Phuket FantaSea. This is a show with the participation of professional artists, gymnasts and various animals. Spectacular performance will delight children and will delight adults. Not far from the center of the beach is also a lot restaurants, attractions, there is a shopping center.

The best party beaches in Phuket

Patong (Patong Beach)

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.9

Patong Beach

It is considered one of the most popular on the island and always attracts lovers of noisy companies and thrills. Here always lively, fun, expensive. Along the beach is a large the number of not only hotels, but also restaurants, numerous SPA-salons, bars, clubs, etc. To say that there is an active night life is to say nothing. The question is what to relax here I’ll have to open my wallet wider, because the prices are probably one of the highest on the island.

Among the obvious shortcomings are permanent garbage: in view of a huge number of people and their constant movement (often to the beach bring groups of tourists) workers do not have time (or do not want) remove the “traces” of their rest. If you make a discount on this minus, you can note that, in general, Patong is very good: the entrance to the water is very comfortable, at the bottom – soft sand, the slope of the coast is not very large (at If you wish, you can walk a few meters deep, and then with pleasure to dive into the water).

The coast is about 4 km long, almost all throughout its length it is literally covered with sunbeds, which can rent for 100 baht. As for beach activities, here You won’t be bored: you can windsurf, ride on an airy “banana”, a water bike, even jump with a parachute or go on a motorboat to neighboring beaches.

Suitable for: active youth recreation

Surin (Surin Beach)

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.8

Surin Beach

Like Bang Tao, Surin is tourist oriented with enough high income, so the prices are appropriate. Though, not to say that they bite a lot, just expensive items infrastructure prevail. Attention tourists diversity luxury hotels, boutiques, entertainment, luxury beauty salons and restaurants serving elite wines, the best delicacies.

A beautiful beach strip, covering with velvety white sand, is surrounded by pine vegetation that give Surin even more piquancy. Near Surin there is no road that perhaps it can be attributed to the merits. The entrance to the sea is very convenient, here and there at the bottom there are small stones, the coast is ideal clean. In the off season, by the way, too big rises here waves, so swimming is prohibited.

At peak season, there are many beach activities for tourists: windsurfing, bananas, parasailing, yachting, jet skis. One Of the most active daytime establishments, the Catch Beach Club bar is considered pleasing with live music, cheerful atmosphere and variety excellent dishes. Besides him, there are many other open bars on the beach, cafes and inexpensive makishnits: no one will definitely be hungry.

Suitable for: family, active, youth

The quietest beaches of Phuket

Freedom (Freedom Beach)

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.9

Freedom Beach

A neat beach strip with a length of only half a kilometer is not an obstacle for a great vacation, especially if you want to enjoy the sounds of nature in solitude from the crowds of tourists, scurrying nearby. After all, Freedom is one of the most secluded and hard-to-reach beaches of the island, which can only be reached by sea, on a longtail (traditional island boat).

Soft, snow-white, clean sand, picturesque nature – a real paradise. The view from the sea is incredible: stunning mountain Cape densely covered with palm trees. By the way, Freedom is equipped: for 100 Baht you can rent a sunbed with an umbrella. Given the fact that the beach almost wild, there will be no entertainment here, but pure from tourists horizon, sun, sea and silence (except sea ​​surf) will be more than enough.

On the territory of Freedom there is an expensive restaurant that owns part of the beach. By the way, they say that the institution is no longer working (you have to check to find out). Off the coast There are several cheap hotels. If you like the serene, absolutely quiet rest, for you it is an ideal place.

Note: Coral reefs are located near the coast, that snorkelling enthusiasts will appreciate.

Ao Sane Beach

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.8

Ao Sane Beach

A small, almost wild beach is just a half a kilometer from Nai Harn. It is considered one of the most secret places. islands. And it’s not that his location is withheld: just few have heard of him and getting there is not very convenient (either under the building of The Naiharn Hotel you live in, or on transport).

Convenient parking nearby; on the coast, tourists are offered chaise lounges for comfortable sunbathing. You can have a snack, refresh yourself in a small cafe here. The coast is not very wide, sandy. Here and there on Ao San there are large hewn boulders (such they also surround the beach on the sides). The coast is rarely deserted, but a lot of people will not be here. Basically this beach either tourists from hotels in the neighborhood or visitors foreigners living in Phuket for a long time.

Note: if you plan to get to Ao San, it’s better use a moped for these purposes, since the road to the beach quite narrow and the car will have to constantly drive around with those who are traveling in the oncoming traffic.

Banana Beach

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.7

Banana Beach)

Small, wild beach, hidden from prying tropical eyes vegetation. It is located in a secluded bay, to which you can get from Bang Tao lagoon or Layan beach. Despite privacy, many tourists know about Banana Beach, therefore not it is worth surprising a considerable number of “neighbors”. True abundance people are not observed every day, so it’s quiet and comfortable rest is still possible.

It is noteworthy that on the coast there is practically no wave even then when they begin to rage on other beaches. To get there there, you must go down a very steep path. Perhaps, for this reason you will not meet tourists with children here.

Sand on the coast is quite large, heavy, does not rise waves, therefore there is always clear water (no turbidity) pale green. The entrance to the sea is comfortable, the bottom is sandy, depth begins very quickly. There is a small shopping on the beach the point where they sell cold drinks and beer, there’s nowhere to eat here, therefore, all necessary food for the day must be taken with you.

Yanui (Yanui beach)

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.6

Yanui beach

A small, quiet, almost deserted beach hid on the edge southern tip of Phuket. This is one of the few places on the island, Ideal for exploring the beauty of the underwater world with mask. The beach strip is quite narrow, the coast is entirely sandy, comfortable, also sandy entry into the sea. He’s after a few meters stones are already starting, so it is recommended to enter the water in special shoes.

From the infrastructure nearby there is only a small hotel and a restaurant related to it. In Yanui during peak season you provide sun loungers and umbrellas for comfortable sunbathing bathtubs. The sea is always calm, the water is clear. There is a beach convenient parking, small cafe where you can try excellent fruit necks, coconut.

In addition to snorkeling, you can find other entertainment – riding kayaking. Or try to get around a small island, located directly opposite the beach. Just do not land on him: he is surrounded by stones and sharp enough.

Note: it is recommended to visit Yanui exclusively during hours tide, which can be found on the official website of Phuket. Since at low tide the entrance to the sea becomes exclusively rocky and very dangerous.

Mai Khao Beach

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.5

Mai Khao Beach

Although the beach is large compared to others “brothers” in size (its length is about 11 km), fame he received not because of this., but because of the proximity to the airport. The fact is that planes fly over Mai Khao periodically, landing for landing. The coast is often quite deserted, so here You can enjoy wild vibrant nature in pleasure.

But swimming in the sea is unlikely to be possible, since the entrance to the water does not especially convenient, also dangerous: the depth begins almost immediately. Apparently due to the proximity of the sea current, washing the sand, sunset the sea is so deep. The sand on the coast is very large, heavy, therefore, even during periods of surf, water in the sea remains incredibly a clean, perfect turquoise hue.

Nai Yang

Beach Rating (Phuket): 4.4

Nai Yang

It is considered not only one of the quietest, but also practically wild: there is no particularly developed infrastructure, beach entertainment equipped for sunbathing places. Most often here You can meet not tourists, but locals who visit a place to relax in the shade of trees and enjoy the beauties nature.

The cost of living in nearby hotels is quite loyal, at The coast has large sections equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas. You can enjoy a tasty meal at several cafes and restaurants. Beach the strip is located in a cozy bay, so waves are a rare phenomenon. In addition, the bay is protected by a coral reef that could become a find for snorkelling enthusiasts.

Only those who know how to swim can swim in the sea, since almost all along the beach the bottom slope is very steep and depth begins almost immediately. By the way, this is another beach, located not far from the airport, so they can fly here airplanes, literally 10 meters above the surface of the water and sand.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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