17 best shower enclosures with a high tray

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Showers take up less space than cast iron or steel baths. Also, this type of plumbing is safer due to an even base on which the user will not slip. Recently, customers have often preferred shower boxes with a high tray, in which you can sit in hot water or wash small things without using an automatic machine. Also, a structure with high sides is less likely to flood neighbors. Our experts have collected the TOP-17 best shower cabins with a high tray, dividing them into different categories. If you are thinking of replacing your bathtub, but are not ready to give up the opportunity to sit in hot water, be sure to consider the following models.

Rating of the best showers with a high tray

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best enclosed showers with a high tray 1 Timo T-7720 L 120cm85cm RUB 78,200
2 AM.PM Like Deep GS 90 90cm90cm RUB 84,990
3 Frank F656 (2) 100cm100cm RUB 65,000
4 Band Hours Star R 120cm80cm RUB 63,000
5 Luxus 518 91cm91cm RUB 47 420
6 Timo TE-0720 L 120cm80cm 34 900 rub.
7 IDDIS Sicily S23R099i85 90cm90cm RUB 42,286
8 Niagara Lux 7790 90cm90cm RUB 27,300
9 Triton Virgo (DN Eco / Graphite) 90cm90cm RUB 27,410
The best open shower enclosures with a high tray 1 IDDIS HA2R099i21 90cm90cm RUB 30 260
2 Polar 533 100cm100cm RUB 13,910
3 River Rein 90/46 b / k90cm90cm RUB 17 600
4 Triton Standard B 90cm90cm RUB 10 210
Best showers with high tray and turkish bath 1 LAGARD Lyra H 90 90cm90cm RUB 160,712
2 Frank F553 R 120cm85cm RUB 91,200
3 Golf ZS1010III (D) 101cm101cm RUB 112,120
4 Niagara NG 910 L with bath 120cm 82cm RUB 54 800

The best enclosed showers with a high tray

Closed shower cabins imply the presence of not only a pallet and walls, but also a roof, which helps to better retain heat. It is more comfortable to take a shower in them. Here are a selection of the top models that have been selected by the experts.

Timo T-7720 L 120cm85cm

Rating: 4.9

Timo T-7720 L high pallet 120cm85cm

In the first place is a huge shower cubicle, 120 cm long, with a step in a high base. It is convenient to wash in it both standing and sitting. The design provides for sliding doors, which will not take up extra space in the bathroom. The transparent part is made of tempered glass and is shock-resistant. There are 12 nozzles on the side stand: 6 of them massage the back, and the rest massage other parts of the body. Reviewed users especially love the Rain Shower feature, where water envelops the body completely from the top diffuser. An electronic panel and a waterproof display are provided for control and monitoring of settings.

A special feature of the shower cabin is the antibacterial coating of the high tray. Even if the bathroom is used by 5-6 people a day, the box will not be covered with mold at the joints of the base from the accumulation of moisture. The box pallet is strong enough to support the user's weight up to 95 kg without bending.


  • sliding doors;
  • there is a shelf and towel holder;
  • 12 hydromassage nozzles;
  • suitable for a user of any size.


  • high price;
  • takes up a lot of space in the room;
  • complex installation;
  • bold brand logo on the outer wall of the pallet.

AM.PM Like Deep GS 90 90cm90cm

Rating: 4.8

AM.PM Like Deep GS 90 high pallet 90cm90cm

The second place is taken by a shower cabin with a quarter circle base. The height of the pallet from the floor is 47 cm, where 33 cm is the real depth that allows you to sit in hot water. The box has a step that will be convenient for the elderly. Six jets provide an active back massage. The shower head is included and is height adjustable. There is no electronic control in this model and everything is started by mechanical flow switches. Due to this implementation, the box is more reliable and will last up to 10-15 years. According to reviews, the owners are pleased with the fast ventilation, which helps to dry the pan and chamber walls from moisture.

Our experts considered the shower cubicle to be the best due to the particularly bright lighting located in the upper part of the box. Powerful diodes illuminate the space well, so it is quite possible to do without external light in the room. LED technology does not consume a lot of electricity – only 15 W / h.


  • there is a comfortable seat;
  • there is a mirror in the cockpit;
  • shower head included;
  • ease of use.


  • there is no control panel;
  • complex installation and connection to water supply, electrical network.

Frank F656 (2) 100cm100cm

Rating: 4.7


Another model with a high pallet, equipped with sliding doors. The doors have long handles that are easy to grasp with wet hands. On the back wall there are two shelves for shampoo and soap, under which there is a stainless steel towel holder. The shower cubicle is electronically controlled with waterproof buttons on the panel. A small display allows you to visually check the entered settings. The German manufacturer has provided an acrylic pallet with an ergonomic seat. In reviews, users praise the rung for not sliding off it. The profile is made of aluminum, so the box is not corroded. For music lovers, a radio is provided.

Experts singled out this model for a particularly durable glass, 6 mm thick. If you often touch the shower stall with solid objects (hair dryer, belt buckle, etc.), then this structure will retain its integrity longer.


  • snow-white acrylic pallet;
  • lightweight aluminum profile;
  • sliding door system saves space;
  • space for the user due to the dimensions of 100×100 cm.


  • takes up a lot of space in the room;
  • you need a height for installation of at least 225 cm;
  • the towel gets wet during the shower;
  • complex installation.

Band Hours Star R 120cm80cm

Rating: 4.6

Band Hours Star R high pallet 120cm80cm

The fourth place is occupied by an asymmetric shower cabin with a size of 120×80 cm. It is suitable for a user with any body build. The front side of the box is made of transparent tempered glass with a wall thickness of 5 mm. The backs are molded in frosted glass. In the corner there is a central column, finished in chrome, along which the shower head moves. There is a shampoo shelf inside the box. Despite the high pallet, the manufacturer has provided a waterproof side to prevent water droplets from rolling onto the floor.

The model with a high pallet was included in the review of the best due to the well-thought-out mechanism for opening the doors. Here it is a sliding type, but all elements are made of metal with a rubber coating. The mechanism has a double roller system. This ensures quiet operation and guarantees up to 100,000 break-free open and close cycles. In the reviews, the owners share that the cab doors do not hang out.


  • tempered glass 5 mm thick;
  • waterproof side included;
  • there is a function 'Tropical rain';
  • the central column is finished in chrome.


  • high price;
  • no hydromassage.

Luxus 518 91cm91cm

Rating: 4.5


The view continues with a shower cabin with a tray height of 43 cm. The box is made with a quarter-circle base and has a size of 91×91 cm, giving room for waving hands. In the reviews, the owners are glad that they do not beat their elbows while taking a shower. The model assumes wall installation in a corner. Front side made of durable glass, covered with dark tint. The box has a display panel that gives access to electronic controls. In order not to get bored, you can turn on the radio. Hydromassage allows you to relax, while decorative lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere.

The shower cabin is notable not only for its high pallet, but also for the presence Bluetooth, which allows you to connect a telephone. Even when you wash, it remains possible to receive calls, bringing them to the speakerphone. This will help save time by combining water procedures and calling relatives, or will not let you miss an important call from an employer.


  • decorative lighting;
  • there is a radio;
  • tinted glass;
  • thoughtful ventilation.


  • high price;
  • slippery step for sitting.

Timo TE-0720 L 120cm80cm

Rating: 4.5

Timo TE-0720 L high pallet 120cm80cm

In sixth place, the experts put the Finnish model with a 42 cm deep pallet from the Timo brand. This is a cheaper shower enclosure option than the one topping this review. Despite the price is half the price, the model has six hydromassage nozzles, an electronic control touch panel and durable glass walls. The ceiling has a module with over 80 holes for organizing 'Tropical Rain'. The doors are made of frosted glass and allow you to retire from the eyes of other users, which allows you to install a shower cabin in a combined bathroom. For convenience, there is a glass shelf for hygiene items. The manufacturer issues a 5-year box warranty. Customers in the reviews love that the cab assembly does not require silicone.

Our experts drew attention to the ergonomic shape of the watering can, which is equipped with protrusions and fits comfortably in the hand. If you like to wash in the shower, holding a watering can in your hands, then with such a shape it will not fall out, which means there will be no scratches on the acrylic tray.


  • touch buttons;
  • intuitive key markings;
  • two ventilation units in the roof;
  • mirror and towel holder.


  • no display;
  • the towel gets wet while taking a shower;
  • glass 4 mm thick.

IDDIS Sicily S23R099i85 90cm90cm

Rating: 4.5


The seventh place in the review belongs to the hydromassage model with a 46 cm high pallet from the IDDIS brand. The box in the Sicily series has a base with a quarter circle, and the size 90×90 cm provides enough room for the user's hands. For back massage there are six nozzles on the back wall. The Russian manufacturer manufactures shower enclosures from an aluminum profile, so the metal structure is not subject to corrosion and has a relatively light weight of 97 kg. A large diffuser is mounted in the roof of the chamber for the delivery of the 'Rain shower'. Judging by the reviews, the owners like that the shelf is located at the same level as the watering can, so water does not collect on it and you can put watches and other items.

Our experts considered the shower cubicle to be the best due to the anti-slip coating. This provides increased user safety. Despite the special top layer that prevents a person from falling, water droplets run down the surface of the pallet easily.


  • there is 'Tropical Rain';
  • three modes on the main watering can;
  • sliding doors do not take up useful space in the room;
  • the back wall is made of glass, which enhances the beauty and tightness of the box.


  • only 2 years manufacturer's warranty;
  • there is no supply ventilation.

Niagara Lux 7790 90cm90cm

Rating: 4.3


Further, a shower box from a South Korean manufacturer. The Niagara model has a size of 90×90 cm and a height of 220 cm. The central column has a touch control panel and a guide for setting the height of the watering can. The high pallet measures 46 cm and is covered with acrylic. Sliding doors are made of transparent glass. The following functions are available: regular shower in three modes, 'Rain shower' and hydromassage. The roof has its own lights, so everything is clearly visible in the cockpit. A forced ventilation function is available to remove excess steam. In order not to get bored, you can listen to the radio and even sing. Users in the reviews are satisfied with a large mirror on one of the walls, which visually increases the spaciousness of the cab.

The shower cubicle is marked by the experts as the best in design richness. Pay attention to the back walls of the box. On them there is an artistic painting 'under gold'. For stylistic unity, the manufacturer has made the frame profile and door frames in bronze, which makes the appearance of the cab even richer.


  • there is ventilation;
  • touch control panel with water protection;
  • roof lighting;
  • radio with FM frequency.


  • the seat is optional, but you need to buy it separately;
  • bronze gradually fades and needs to be cleaned;
  • 1 year warranty.

Triton Virgo (DN Eco / Graphite) 90cm90cm

Rating: 4.2

Triton Virgo (DN Eco / Graphite) high pallet 90cm90cm

This category is completed by a model with a 35 cm high pallet from a domestic brand. The shower stall is 230 mm high and does not have a 'crushing' effect on the user. Sliding doors provide easy access to the interior and do not 'steal' useful space in the room. Pay attention to the coating that the rear glass walls are equipped with. It is graphite tinted, which makes the box look more contrasting. The chrome-plated fittings are resistant to corrosion and harmoniously complement the design.

The Virgo Eco model is notable for its relatively low cost – 3-4 times cheaper than the leaders of the review. If you decide to install a closed type shower cabin with a high tray to sometimes sit in hot water, but are limited in funds, then this is the best option. But you need to be prepared for the absence of hydromassage and 'Tropical Shower' in it. The Eco model does not even provide for height adjustment of the watering can, but there is a roof with an already prepared hole where you can install the lamp.


  • interesting design;
  • spacious cabin;
  • acrylic pallet;
  • there is a shelf.


  • only 1 year warranty;
  • there is no mirror;
  • no seat;
  • only mechanical control.

The best open shower enclosures with a high tray

If an illuminated roof with a 'Tropical Rain' supply is not required, then open boxes with high pallets can be considered. This will save a little on your purchase.

IDDIS HA2R099i21 90cm90cm

Rating: 4.9


In the first place in the category of open shower cabins, the experts put a model from the domestic manufacturer IDDIS. The height of the pallet here is 45 cm. The transparent box is made of glass with 5 mm thick front panels and 4 mm back walls. The frame of the structure consists of an aluminum profile with an anodized glossy finish, so the appearance of the shower cabin is very solid. The kit already includes a stand for fixing the shower head. In the reviews, buyers note the simple installation of the box and the presence of inserts that help to decoratively close technical gaps. The package already contains a siphon with a water seal, a sump and a corrugation. All fasteners holding the frame assembly are protected from water by plugs.

Our experts noted the high-quality assembly of the shower enclosure, where stainless steel rollers are used in the sliding door system. For some competitors, the mechanism has plastic wheels that deform after 1-2 years of operation. This model has no backlash during door operation, and the door travel is very soft.


  • outer glass 5 mm thick;
  • easy installation;
  • siphon with a sump;
  • stainless fittings.


  • the rear walls have a cross section of 4 mm;
  • no watering can included;
  • outer height of the pallet 50 cm – it is difficult to move your foot over the side to enter it.

Polar 533 100cm100cm

Rating: 4.8

Polar 533 high pallet 100cm100cm

In second place in the review is the Polar 533 model with a quarter-circle base and a spacious 100×100 cm cabin. The full-wall railing will prevent tiles from spilling and will facilitate camera maintenance. Frosted glass front panels provide privacy while taking water treatments. It is possible to control the water flow only mechanically by switching the mixer. The design provides for a seat that the elderly will appreciate. Adjustable feet help keep the pallet level. The triangular shape of the head of the shower head gives an even distribution of jets and stands out for its unusual design. In the reviews, customers love the quick drain – despite the hair and foam, no one experiences congestion. The owners also note the easy cleaning of the surface.

Our experts found the shower cubicle to be the best for people with a slight fear of confined spaces. Despite the deep pallet of 30 cm, the total height of the structure is 195 cm (for other models 210-230 cm), so the upper side of the frame will be at the level of the crown or even the eyes (depending on the height of the person), which will bring the open space closer and help to use the shower without unnecessary stress.


  • shelves for arranging hygiene products;
  • adjustable leg height;
  • shower head included;
  • smooth running of sliding doors.


  • no display and electronic control;
  • do it yourself for a long time;
  • wash a little cold because of the steam escaping quickly.

River Rein 90/46 non-woven 90cm90cm

Rating: 4.6


This open shower is available in two versions – with transparent and tinted walls. The rest of the product specifications are the same and include: a quarter circle acrylic high pallet, two 5mm glass doors, a large mirror, a shelf and a shower head. The control is carried out by a classic mixer. The seat is positioned so that water constantly gets on it, so it is warm. According to reviews, the cab doors move easily and seal the chamber. Water does not spill out even with the most intense spray distribution.

Our experts found the shower cabin the best due to the presence of two spacious shelves inside. They are located on the central column and have a width of 50 cm. This allows you to place there cans and bubbles of not only shampoo, but also shaving accessories, lotions and body creams. This solution helps to free up more space in the bathroom cabinet or even do without it.


  • acrylic pallet;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • two shelves;
  • large mirror on the back wall.


  • mechanical control;
  • slippery pallet cover;
  • during assembly, screw holes do not match everywhere;
  • a person of average build with a height of 190 cm is already cramped.

Triton Standard B 90cm90cm

Rating: 4.4

Triton Standard B high pallet 90cm90cm

This category is completed by a shower cubicle with a shower tray in the shape of a quarter circle, which measures 90×90 cm and a height of 222 cm. The surface of the shower tray is covered with acrylic. Users in the reviews note that despite the budget category of the product, the coverage is quite high quality. The design provides a seat that is very comfortable for an adult. The walls are made of glass, which is easy to clean and does not rattle. The segments fit tightly together, and rubber bands are installed at the edges, so nothing splashes out. To prevent drops from dripping, a high side is made along the edge. It can also be seen from the reviews that the pallet has a non-slippery surface, so it will be safer for children and the elderly in it.

The shower cubicle is notable for the fluted glass at the front. The buyer has four design options with ornateness, large squares, small cubes and transverse lines. This not only better covers what is inside, but also enhances the aesthetic appearance of the model. This camera serves as an additional decoration for the bathroom interior.


  • affordable price;
  • reliable insulation;
  • a thick layer of acrylic;
  • the surface is not slippery.


  • no additional functions (radio, massage);
  • double-walled construction – you will need tiles behind the cabin;
  • when installing the pallet, you cannot do without a sealant.

Best showers with high tray and turkish bath

In order to recreate the conditions in the shower cabin, as in a Turkish bath, an outlet from a steam generator is installed in the chamber. Water is heated by hot elements and supplied to the box. But at the same time, the steam is blown by fans in order to spread it evenly and cool it. The result is a high humidity of 100% at a low temperature of 40-50 degrees. This is a real hammam with no extra effort. Experts have selected the four best models with this function, which have good characteristics and positive reviews.

LAGARD Lyra H 90 90cm90cm

Rating: 5.0


In the first place is the functional shower cubicle Lyra H from Lagard. It uses Hansgrohe fittings, which stand out for their reliability and long service life. The model is made with four walls and has a roof. The central column is equipped with hydromassage heads. The high pallet is covered with a thick acrylic layer. All controls are electronic. For installation, it is not required to fill the joints with sealant, since the structure is full-walled and has no outlet for water when closed.

A shower cabin with a high tray is listed among the best as the most functional. In addition to the Turkish bath, created by the steam generator, the model is capable of producing vertical and horizontal massage. While you are washing, you can turn on the ozone function and enjoy the fresh air like after a thunderstorm. In the reviews, users are pleased with the large touchscreen display, which shows in detail the temperature, humidity, and modes involved. The shower cubicle not only has a radio, but you can also connect its speaker system to a CD player or MP3 player. A USB connector is provided for this.


  • touch control panel;
  • backlighting on top and on buttons;
  • acrylic high pallet 46 cm;
  • stable design without distortion.


  • high price;
  • it is difficult to understand the settings at first;
  • on the glasses, if you do not immediately wipe off the drops, there are noticeable traces of stains.

Frank F553 R 120cm85cm

Rating: 4.9

Frank F553 R pallet high 120cm85cm

The manufacturer Frank has released a model with a high tray in a rectangular design of the shower stall, which gives a little more space inside, compared to designs in which one of the edges is rounded. The box with the designation F553 R has a size of 120×80 cm and a height of 215 cm. Access to the inside is carried out by sliding apart two doors, 6 mm thick, which are difficult to break with a blow. This is one of the safest showers around. To enter the settings, a touch panel is provided, through which the hydromassage and vertical massage, as well as the 'Tropical Shower' are launched. A separate mode with a steam generator and a fan provides a Turkish bath effect. In reviews, owners love the soft, humid air that blows when this feature is turned on. The design also has two spacious shelves that can hold up to 10 different bottles. FM radio will help you not to get bored while taking a bath.

Our experts considered the shower cabin to be the best in terms of pallet capacity. Its height is 60 cm, which is higher than that of other models. If you want to sit in a pallet like in a regular bathroom, then take a closer look at this model.


  • increased interior space;
  • glass thickness in the structure is 6 mm;
  • installation without sealant;
  • two large shelves.


  • more space is required for placement;
  • you need to lift your leg strongly to step over a high threshold;
  • high price.

Golf ZS1010III (D) 101cm101cm

Rating: 4.6


And here is another shower cubicle with a hamam and a high shower tray from the manufacturer Golf. Model ZS1010III (D) is designed with four glass walls and one hinged door. The center pillar has a large touchscreen that opens the way to control functions, including the radio. Since the box is with a roof, water supply and spraying through the top watering can and manually are provided. If you often have shampoo falling off the shelf, then this will not happen here due to the high protective side made of stainless steel. Users love the multi-color illumination of the center column, which helps create a pleasant atmosphere inside the camera.

Our experts consider this shower cubicle to be the best in relaxing the human body. In addition to the back massage and vertical hydromassage, as well as the Turkish bath, there is also a foot massage function. Sitting on a step, you will get a pleasant sensation from powerful jets of water, touching your feet. This is especially true for those who walk a lot or stand while working.


  • comfortable mirror at face level;
  • 8 hydromassage nozzles;
  • height-adjustable watering can;
  • shelf with a high guard.


  • the product is expensive;
  • the swing door requires free space to the right of the cab.

Niagara NG 910 L with bath 120cm 82cm

Rating: 4.4

Niagara NG 910 L with sauna high tray 120cm82cm

The category closes with a shower cabin with a Turkish bath and a high pallet, measuring 120×82 cm around the perimeter and a depth of 30 cm inside. The manufacturer has provided three jumpers inside for attaching towels at once. Also new is the built-in soap and shampoo dispenser, eliminating the need to keep extra bottles in the chamber. There is an oval shaving mirror on the left side. The large control panel sits high and doesn't get splashed with water – you don't have to swipe the foam to see the settings.

According to the editorial board of the magazine, the shower cabin is the best in terms of functionality and price. For a little over 50,000 rubles, the buyer receives a box with a high pallet of 47 cm (external indicator), three types of massage, Turkish bath, 'Rain shower', ventilation and radio. Another 'feature' of the product is tinted glass with a mirror reflection on the outside. Such a cabin allows you to completely retire from prying eyes, even if several people use the room at the same time.


  • spacious inside;
  • electronic control;
  • Touchpad;
  • accelerated ventilation.


  • enough space in the bathroom is required;
  • when entering the cab, you must step over the threshold of 47 cm.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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