15 tallest buildings in Russia

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About a hundred years ago, buildings that reached 50-60 meters in height, the first of them was the ten-story Home Insurance Building in Chicago. Soon, high-rise construction became popular in many countries and even during the Soviet Union it was built some impressive structures, nicknamed “Stalin’s skyscrapers.” For a long time they were the only ones similar structures in Russia, but over the past twenty years the situation has changed dramatically. One by one began to appear modern steel and glass towers and now in the country there are more than a hundred buildings from a hundred meters or more. Our rating includes the fifteen tallest skyscrapers in Russia.

Rating of the tallest buildings in Russia

Nomination a place Building Height
Rating of the tallest buildings in Russia 1 LCD “House on Mosfilmovskaya”, building 1 213 meters
2 Skyscraper “Empire” 239 M.
3 Main building of Moscow State University 240 M.
4 МФК “Federation” , Западная башня 242 M.
5 Tower “Evolution” 250 M.
6 IFC “Eye”, North Tower 254 M.
7 Комплекс “City of Capitals” , башня “Санкт-Петербург” 257 M.
8 Skyscraper “Triumph Palace” 264 M.
9 Complex “Tower on the Embankment”, tower C 268 M.
10 Комплекс “City of Capitals” , башня “Москва” 302 M.
11 Skyscraper Eurasia 309 M.
12 IFC “Mercury Tower” 339 M.
13 IFC “Eye”, South Tower 354 M.
14 МФК “Federation” , IN осточная башня 374 M.
15 Lakhta Center 462 M.

15th place – residential complex “House on Mosfilmovskaya”, building 1

Rating: 3.6


The main tower of the complex has 52 floors, and its height is 213 meters. The complex stands apart in the area of ​​Ramenki, it consists of two towers united by a seven-story section. In section posted restaurant, trading floor and offices. A quick glance creates the illusion of tilting a skyscraper, so the architect embodied the idea dynamism and ease of construction, combining modern expressionism with a postmodern style. The facade of the tower is faced light natural stone. In 2012, when a skyscraper was entered into exploitation, he was awarded several prestigious awards in areas of architecture. From the upper floors of an elite residential complex a picturesque view of the Moscow River, Moscow State University and Poklonnaya opens the mountain.

14th place – Skyscraper “Empire”

Rating: 3.7


“Empire” – a 60-story skyscraper 239 meters high, designed according to the concept of a vertical city. Building located in the business center “Moscow City” on Presnenskaya promenade. The project was created by the famous American architectural NBBJ bureau in a contemporary hi-tech style. Construction was carried out on for four years and ended in 2011. Inside the complex both commercial and residential premises are located: offices, trade gyms, fitness center, hotel with almost three hundred rooms and about two hundred luxury apartments. The total area of ​​the skyscraper exceeds 203 thousand square meters. It is serviced by thirty speed KONE elevators.

13th place – Main building of Moscow State University

Rating: 3.8

The main building of Moscow State University

The main building of Moscow State University is a classic example of the Stalinist empire and is included among the famous seven Soviet skyscrapers. Monumental symmetrical structure rises to 240 meters, taking into account the spire. Boris Iofan initially worked on the architectural project, then he was removed from his post and the work was continued by a team of architects during led by Lev Rudnev. The reason for the removal of Jofan from office consisted in his principled position regarding the location future building of Moscow State University. According to many experts, the place on which he insisted was not reliable enough to provide sustainable foundation of such a colossal structure. Construction was carried out rapidly with the involvement of thousands workers from among the labor camp prisoners. Built in In 1953, the building was the tallest in Moscow for 50 years. It and to this day is considered one of the main symbols of the capital and included in the cultural heritage fund of the Russian Federation.

12 место – IFC Federation, West Tower

Rating: 3.9

West Federation Tower

The western skyscraper of the Federation complex has a height of 242 meters, it is the lower of the two towers, standing on one base. Built in 2008, the 62-story complex has become an important part Moscow City business district. Thanks to first-class infrastructure and attractiveness for tenants, the skyscraper was soon awarded several prestigious awards, including for winning the competition “Real estate market records.” The tower is available as office spaces, as well as residential apartments (at the top), also high-rise restaurant “Sixty”. Stylobate is reserved for trading floors. The total area of ​​the structure is 112 thousand square meters. Moving 6 high-speed elevators and 11 system elevators provide on floors twin.

11th place – Tower “Evolution”

Rating: 4.0

Tower Evolution

The Evolution skyscraper is distinguished by its amazing shape, twisting in a spiral, each floor is rotated compared to the previous three degrees. The facade is stylized as a DNA molecule and personifies evolutionary development. The author of the project is architect Tony Kettle, manager of international architecture RMJM company. The most original of the towers of the international business The center has a height of 250 meters and has 55 floors. Its area is 154 thousand square meters. When building a building, which ended in 2014, was first used in Moscow innovative technology of cold-formed glazing. It allowed to make the facade durable and visually smooth, despite its complex form.

10th place – MFC “Eye”, North Tower

Rating: 4.1

North Eye Tower

Northern skyscraper of the multifunctional complex “Eye” It is a 49-storey building of minimalist style. The beveled edges allowed to give individuality a simple geometric shape of the facade. The height of the tower is 254 meters, in class A offices and elite housing (separate apartments have an area of ​​about 300 square meters). South tower building connects a crystalline stylobate, by the way therefore the complex called “Eye” (united by a crystal base). At the base There are shopping facilities, a gym, restaurants and conference rooms. American architectural project Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, primarily known by creating the world’s highest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa.

9 место – Complex “City of Capitals”, tower “St. Petersburg”

Rating: 4.2

Город Столиц

Tower “St. Petersburg”, which is part of the complex “City Capitals, “stands out for its memorable design. The shape of the facade imitates huge cubes stacked on top of one another and shifted into randomly. This decision allowed to realize the idea dynamism, continuous movement. The authorship of the project belongs to Eric van Egeraat of the American company NBBJ. The building was under construction from 2005 to 2009. High-tech skyscraper 257 high meters has 65 floors. A considerable part of it is reserved for office premises, and above them are class residential apartments Suite At the bottom of the building, an 18-story business center connects it with adjacent tower. The skyscraper is equipped with 22 elevators.

8th place – Skyscraper “Triumph Palace”

Rating: 4.3


The residential high-rise building is located in the Khorosheevsky district, to the construction of the business district “Moscow City” it has long been the tallest building in the capital. Above the Triumph Palace project a group of Russian architects from the Tromos bureau worked. In its the shape of a skyscraper repeats the style of the “seven sisters”, moreover, with specialists often used archival design drawings of Stalin’s skyscrapers. The whole building has nine sections, the highest of which, 57-story, reaches 264 meters. Construction work was completed in 2006. The hardest a 53-meter spire weighing more than 40 tons became a design element – it had to be delivered in parts by helicopter Mi-10. The house has about a thousand apartments, and the highest floors occupies a hotel. The stylobate part is reserved for public facilities such as a fitness center, beauty salon, bank, dry cleaning and etc. The apartments in Triumph Palace are considered one of the most prestigious in Moscow, many apartments here belong stars of sports, cinema and show business.

7th place – Complex “Tower on the Embankment”, tower C

Rating: 4.4


The complex includes three buildings, the highest of which is block C. The skyscraper is designed for office use, It complies with the highest class A standards for office premises. The construction height of 268 meters totals 60 floors and five underground levels. About 108 intended for rent thousand square meters of interior space, a little more Thousands of square meters occupy the trading floors of the first floor. ВCurrently, offices are rented mainly by large companies, both Russian and foreign.

6 место – Complex “City of Capitals”, tower “Moscow”

Rating: 4.5


Skyscraper “Moscow” – one of the towers of the high-rise complex “City Capitals “, representing the two most important cities of Russia. Architecture The 76-story building is identical to the St. Petersburg Tower – incredible facade of glass cubes, displaced in a horizontal plane along relation to each other. The height of the structure is 302 meters. Shortly after completion of construction, it was awarded the prestigious Emporis Skyscraper Award and was named among the ten best skyscrapers in the world. Internal the space of the building is arranged for offices and luxury living quarters, and in the stylobate, combining the two towers, there are shops, spa and fitness center. To the height of residents and employees deliver 42 elevators.

5th place – Skyscraper “Eurasia”

Rating: 4.6


The Eurasia Tower, also called the Steel Top – the only skyscraper on the territory of the international complex with steel, not reinforced concrete frame. The facade of the building has a simple laconic form, thanks to emerald glazing it is recognizable. Project created by Swanke Hayden Connell Architectural Bureau Architects. The height of the structure is 309 meters, it has 76 floors, which are used to move between 39 modern elevators. The Eurasia skyscraper is divided into three zones: luxury residential apartments, office space international level and located at the bottom of the commercial and recreational zone.

4th place – IFC “Mercury Tower”

Rating: 4.7


The futuristic shape and golden facade of a skyscraper made it the most notable building in Moscow City. The building has 75 floors and rises above the surface of the earth by 339 meters. Building skyscrapers lasted from 2009 to 2013 according to Frank’s project Williams, whose activities had a significant impact on architectural appearance of modern Manhattan. The building is multifunctional, it combines class A office space with plus and prestigious residential apartments. Under the latter in Mercury Tower “allocated about 20 thousand square meters. Feature skyscraper is the highest in Russia media facade.

3rd place – IFC “Eye”, South Tower

Rating: 4.8


The southern building of the multifunctional complex “Eye” (combined crystal base) is a modern minimalist construction. Created by architectural bureau Skidmore, Owings and Merrill facade design earned an honorary award of a prestigious international competition. 85-story tower has 354 meters high, it is designed for luxury residential apartments different area. In addition, the hotel is located in a skyscraper about 300 numbers.

2 место – IFC Federation, East Tower

Rating: 4.9


The highest skyscraper of the capital, being 95-storey, is currently time is the leader in all of Russia and Europe in this indicator, and the second highest, which is 374 meters. Sponsored by the project elegant high-tech buildings are famous Architects Peter Schweger and Sergey Choban. Due to use in construction time of a concrete mixture of high strength building in able to bear even the impact of an airplane, like the one happened in New York in 2001. East tower of the complex known for its observation deck Panorama 360, it opens with magnificent view of the center of Moscow.

1st place – Lakhta Center

Rating: 5.0


Lakhta Center holds the palm in height not only on territory of Russia, but also in Europe. His top rises over St. Petersburg as much as 462 meters. Giant project constructions developed by the British architectural bureau Robert Matthew Johnson Marshal, then followed by revision by the Russian City project. A record was set during construction: builders in within 49 hours, more than 19 and a half thousand cubic meters were poured meters of concrete. The building is owned by Gazprom, it contains company headquarters, offices, innovative medical center, panoramic a restaurant and many other establishments. Inside area of ​​a skyscraper reaches 400 thousand square meters. On the top floor there is an observation deck from where you can admire the views northern capital.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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