15 most delicious dishes in the world

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The ability to cook culinary masterpieces is one of the oldest arts in the world, it developed and improved throughout whole centuries. Today there are thousands of varied dishes, from the most gourmet, which is prepared in fashionable restaurants, to the street food. However, according to the results of numerous surveys it is quite it is possible to distinguish from all this huge assortment of dishes, which are popular from year to year and deserve the title the most delicious.

Although in our era of information any recipes are readily available, this does not mean that gastronomic tourism has lost its relevance. There are many factors due to which food cannot “travel”. This and carefully kept secret unique details of recipes and unique features of local products and even seemingly insignificant little things like the composition of water or humidity in a particular area. So for those who wish to try the best dishes from around the world should go to them to their homeland to experience their true taste.

The most delicious dishes in the world

Nomination a place name rating
The most delicious dishes in the world 1 Peking Duck 5.0
2 Massaman curry 4.9
3 Rendang 4.8
4 Curry Lux 4.7
5 Foie gras 4.7
6 Fondue 4.7
7 Marseille bouillabaisse 4.6
8 Italian tiramisu 4.5
9 Argentinean Steak 4.5
10 Pad Thai 4.5
11 Spanish pinchos 4.4
12 Seoul Bibimbap 4.3
13 Wiener Schnitzel 4.2
14 Feijoada 4.1
15 Neapolitan Pizza 4.0

Peking Duck

Rating: 5.0


One of the main characters of Chinese cuisine, fried in a large oven on low heat a syrupy duck with crispy thin skin. Peking duck recipe appeared in the XIV century, it was developed court nutritionist specifically for the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. This dish is best prepared in special restaurants, located in the capital of China. For cooking use specially grown birds, in addition, the correct supply of Peking ducks accompanied by a traditional ceremony of cutting into many small pieces. Serve duck, usually with thin pancakes, onions and bean sauce.

Massaman curry

Rating: 4.9


This Thai dish of Malaysian origin is famous an unusual combination of sweet and salty taste. Unlike others species of curry, for example green or red, almost no massaman spicy, but very spicy. Its main ingredients are finely chopped beef and potatoes stewed in coconut sauce. Often they add roasted peanuts or cashew nuts. Dish generously seasoned with spices: cardamom, cinnamon and others. Like whole curry, massaman curry served with boiled rice.


Rating: 4.8


Indonesian Rendang is a meat dish that stew on very low heat in a spicy, spicy coconut sauce milk and a mixture of selected spices. Most often for cooking young beef is used, but sometimes it is cooked from others types of meat or fish. There is even a vegetarian vegetable redang. Due to prolonged languishing, the dish becomes tender texture and rich spicy taste. Redang spices include ginger, turmeric, chili pepper and a number of other Indonesian seasoning. It is known that the dish has a long history – it existed on the territory of Western Sumatra already in the middle of the XVI century.

Curry Lux

Rating: 4.7


Curry Lux – one of the best dishes of Peranakan cuisine, it is extremely popular both among tourists who came to rest in Malaysia, and among locals. This spicy creamy soup with vegetables, shrimp and rice noodles cooked on the basis of fish stock with by adding coconut milk. Often in a traditional curry lax add fried tofu cheese. Try an exotic dish best where it is prepared at carefully guarded classic recipes – in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

Foie gras

Rating: 4.7

Foie gras

Foie gras made from goose liver is considered one of main French delicacies. The history of goodies began back in ancient Egypt, where poultry was often forcibly fattened to obtain a fatty and soft liver. In France, this tradition arose from the second half of the 18th century. Now dish is an officially recognized part of the gastronomic and cultural heritage of the country. Served foie gras usually cold, in a combination of liver and white is considered a classic snack Sauternes wine.


Rating: 4.7


The famous Swiss dish, which is a melted cheese in which slices are dipped with special long forks bread, vegetables, or meat. Real fondue is cooked in large the boiler, standing on an open fire, but the main secret of his exquisite taste is exactly what types of Swiss cheeses are laid in the fondue bowl. The composition of the dish also includes white wine, or alcoholic drink kirschwasser.

Marseille bouillabaisse

Rating: 4.6

Marseille Bouillabaisse

Bouillabaisse is considered a real gem of Provencal cuisine, this French ear includes over 10 species of fish, some other seafood and spices. Discoverers have become dishes fishermen of Marseilles, initially they just cooked fish soup, which did not have time to sell on the market. After many years, bouillabaiste was interested chefs and turned into a gastronomic business card cities. It is prepared in two stages: first, the broth is cooked, adding to him garlic, saffron, tomatoes and many other ingredients, and already then add the fish. Tasting bouillabaisse is better in traditional Marseille restaurants that follow classic recipes.

Italian tiramisu

Rating: 4.5

Italian Tiramisu

Tiramisu is home to the city of Siena, located in Italian province of Tuscany. This is a light dessert, a must whose ingredients are mascarpone cheese and savoyardi cookies. In its structure, it is a bit like pudding, but the taste, of course very different. It is believed that genuine unique tiramisu impossible without fresh products exclusively Italian origin.

Argentinean Steak

Rating: 4.5


Oddly enough, the only right recipe for cooking Argentinean steak does not exist. Why then this dish so famous and popular? It’s all about beef and pasture – Argentina has the highest number of pedigree cows in the world and an abundance of environmentally friendly natural territories. Give Argentinean steak usually with local red wine production.

Pad Thai

Rating: 4.5


Pad Thai is one of Thailand’s national dishes; it is very popular with both locals and holiday makers numerous tourists. Prepared from rice noodles, which fried with shrimp (or meat) and plenty additional ingredients: beans, tofu, nuts, garlic and so Further. The dish is usually decorated with lime slices. Pad Thai for sale Throughout Thailand, from food street carts to fashionable restaurants.

Spanish pinchos

Rating: 4.4

Spanish Pinchos

Small pinchos sandwiches – a traditional snack food from the Spanish city of San Sebastian. They are usually served in red. wine or beer. The most suitable pinchos filling various products: shrimp, mushrooms, tuna, meat delicacy jamon, balsamic vinegar and much more, it all depends on cook’s fantasies. They owe their name to a small wooden skewer (pincho is translated from Spanish as a point or skewer), holding stuffing on bread.

Seoul Bibimbap

Rating: 4.3


South Korean dish first appeared in the city of Jeonju and time has become popular in other parts of the country. Currently it is believed that it is best prepared in Seoul. Bibimbap translated from Korean as “mixed rice” and it really contains rice and a mixture of different local vegetables, laid out in a circle. The central element of the dish is raw or a little fried egg.

Wiener Schnitzel

Rating: 4.2

Wiener Schnitzel

The famous Viennese schnitzel is found in almost all corners of the world, but according to gourmets, unique and inimitable only schnitzel cooked in Austrian tastes restaurants. The history of this dish has four centuries, on during which the best chefs honed art to perfection its preparation. Classic Viennese Schnitzel made from thin beef tenderloin fried in a large amount of melted fat or butter. The dish is decorated with lemon and parsley and served with garnish.


Rating: 4.1


Feijoada today is a traditional Portuguese dish, but she came from Brazil. According to the popular version, the recipe for the dish was created in the XV century by African slaves. Feijoada contains a mixture of black beans and several types of meat, as well as smoked sausages seasoned with lots of spices. Depending on the region of Portugal, a common recipe may take several to change, for example, in the Algarve, they even add seafood. Feijoada is usually served with white rice and oranges, the latter help to facilitate digestion, as the dish is spicy and high calorie.

Neapolitan Pizza

Rating: 4.0


In the modern world there are very few places where you would not hear about the pizza. However classic pizza invented in Naples around XVIII century, completely unique. It uses fresh locally made mozzarella, hand-made dough of the best varieties of Italian flour, olive oil, basil and specially grown tomatoes. Italians consider the ability to cook traditional Neapolitan pizza is a real art. She is preparing in wood ovens at a temperature of about 900 degrees.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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