15 best varieties of hybrid tea roses

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

By crossing remontant and tea roses, we obtained hybrid tea varieties. They are widely used in ornamental plantings and greenhouses in order to obtain cuttings for floristry. Hybrid tea roses are famous for their high flower quality and long flowering.

There are many varieties of such a rose. They can have a different bush size, height, shape and color of roses. These plants are quite moody and require proper care. So that novice growers do not get confused in the variety of varieties and select the best options for themselves, our experts have compiled a rating of the best low and tall hybrid tea roses.

Rating of the best varieties of hybrid tea roses

Nomination a place grade rating
The best varieties of low-growing hybrid tea roses 1 Black magic 5.0
2 Grand gala 4.9
3 Versilia 4.8
4 Nostalgie 4.7
5 Osiria 4.6
6 Maroussia 4.5
7 Talea 4.4
The best varieties of tall hybrid tea roses 1 Flamingo 5.0
2 Gloria dei 4.9
3 Doris tysterman 4.8
4 Christophe colomb 4.7
5 Double delight 4.6
6 Rose gaujard 4.5
7 Nil Bleu 4.4
8 Big purple 4.3

The best varieties of low-growing hybrid tea roses

The low-growing ones are relatively low bushes (from 60 to 100 cm), growing compactly. The color and texture of the petals of these hybrid tea roses can be very diverse.

Black magic

Rating: 5.0


The first place in the rating is occupied by the variety of hybrid tea roses – Black Magic. With its help, gardens are actively decorated all over the world, and some florists use it to compose bouquets and flower arrangements. The bush grows quite strongly. He is elongated, erect. Its stems are covered with dark green leaves that are resistant to common diseases.

The bud is so dark in color that they seem almost black. With a gradual blooming, the flowers are dark (red turning into black), and their centers are lighter (rich crimson). The size of the roses is average. Their petals are beautifully bent down. They most often appear one at a time, but sometimes in the brushes there can be up to 4 pieces.

Reviews about Black Magic are mostly positive. Growers praise this hybrid tea rose for being ideal for cutting and can stand in a vase for up to 14 days. Our experts have included this variety in the rating, since this rose is undemanding to conditions, does not fade and does not change color, does not deteriorate under heavy rains, and also practically does not encounter diseases.


  • velvety roses with a black tint;
  • abundant flowering;
  • not capricious;
  • holds a flower for a long time;
  • looks great on a flower bed and in a bouquet.


  • weak aroma.

Grand gala

Rating: 4.9


The variety of hybrid tea roses Grand Gala took the second place in the ranking. The plant is undersized – its height reaches 70-90 cm. Shoots grow straight and are covered with dark green foliage, as well as small thorns, which are rarely located. The Grand Gala looks good in the foreground of a rose garden. The plant is resistant to rain and common diseases.

The roses are cup-shaped. Their diameter is about 10 cm, and they consist of about 40 petals. The color of the buds is red-burgundy. Flowering begins in mid-summer and continues until the first frost. On the flowerbed, Grand Gala looks spectacular against the background of other light-colored roses. It retains its good appearance for a long time after being cut.

Gardeners in their reviews note that the Grand Gala rose looks impressive and has good disease resistance. It is included in the rating because it blooms profusely and for a long time, and there are few thorns on its shoots. This hybrid tea rose is actively used in landscape design and in floristry.


  • beautiful red and burgundy buds;
  • petals do not deteriorate in the rain;
  • good disease resistance;
  • cut rose does not deteriorate for a long time.


  • practically has no aroma.


Rating: 4.8


The French hybrid tea variety Versilia is ranked third. The bushes grow straight, their height is 80-100 cm. On young shoots, thorns are completely absent, and on mature ones they are rare. The trunks are covered with dark green glossy leaves. Versilia has abundant flowering and continues until the first frost. The variety survives the winter well.

The strong peduncle contains rather large, goblet buds. Terry roses, when dissolved, their diameter reaches 12 cm. Their color can be rich cream or orange-pink. Versilia's aroma is quite bright. Hot or rainy weather does not interfere with abundant flowering. The flowers last for a long time. The variety shows itself well when cut.

According to the reviews of rose growers, Versilia winters well and practically does not encounter diseases. Our experts have included this rose in the rating of the best, because it is unpretentious, looks very attractive and has a strong enough aroma. Flowers surprise with their firmness, they do not react to rain, scorching heat or drying wind.


  • abundant flowering;
  • attractive buds;
  • delicate peach color;
  • excellent resistance to rain and sun.


  • sick in unfavorable years.


Rating: 4.7


The fourth place in the ranking is occupied by the hybrid tea variety Nostalgie. The bush looks pretty compact. He's not too tall, neat. The stems are covered with dark glossy foliage, without signs of disease. Nostalgie has good re-flowering. This rose is great for an array in a flower bed. Nostalgie does not deteriorate in heavy pouring rains and tolerates frost well.

The roses are rather large, cupped. Their central petals are white and swirling, while those around the edges can be bright cherry or red. The buds bloom gradually, stand for a long time after cutting and hold the color well. The petals have a slightly wavy edge, so these hybrid tea roses look attractive at any stage of dissolution.

In the reviews, lovers of this variety note that Nostalgie is not very fragrant, but he can be forgiven for his health, beauty and lack of capricious care. This hybrid tea rose was in the ranking of the best, as it is an extraordinary beauty. The dark foliage makes the perfect backdrop for flowers.


  • the bush looks very attractive;
  • high quality flowers last long;
  • there are few thorns on the stem;
  • resistant to major diseases;
  • tolerates frost and rain well.


  • the flower quickly turns red in the sun.


Rating: 4.6


The fifth place in the ranking is occupied by the German variety of hybrid tea roses – Osiria. The bush grows straight, its height reaches 70-80 cm. Shoots sometimes droop under the weight of the buds. The foliage covering the stems is matte. Her color is medium green. Roses do not fade in the sun. Osiria winters well, it is not susceptible to disease.

A rosette of extraordinary color: the petals are bright crimson inside, and silvery white outside. Densely double, rather large in diameter (9-10 cm). Osiria also has an impressive scent. Some people compare it to expensive perfume, but not cloying and unobtrusive. Flowering is long and the rose keeps its classic shape all the time.

Reviews of the Osiria variety are mostly positive. This hybrid tea rose is praised for staying beautiful both in bud and in full bloom. This variety deserves to be in the ranking of the best, because it has an unusual color, chic aroma and good resistance to major diseases.


  • large, lush roses;
  • unusual color;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • resistance to disease.


  • flowers do not open when it rains.


Rating: 4.5


The sixth position in the ranking is occupied by the variety of hybrid tea roses Maroussia. The height of the bush is 80-100 cm. It is upright, with a moderate number of thorns. Maroussia is ideal for cutting or decorating the garden. This is possible because Maroussia has high decorative qualities, and its flowering is long and abundant.

The shape of the bud is classic. It is densely double – some specimens have up to 80 petals, but on average there are 50-55 of them. Roses are bright white with slightly greenish outer petals. A delicate aroma of medium intensity adds a special charm to this snow-white representative of the hybrid tea group. It retains its excellent appearance in any weather.

According to reviews, Maroussia requires minimal maintenance. Cut bouquets keep fresh for a long time. Our experts have included this variety in the rating, because it takes root easily, gives a powerful bush and beautiful buds in the form of a glass. The rose is pure white and does not change color due to weather conditions.


  • large roses of pure white;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • abundant flowering;
  • tolerates low temperatures well.


  • in unfavorable years, it suffers from black spot.


Rating: 4.4


Rose Talea closes the rating of low-growing hybrid tea varieties. The height of the bushes reaches a maximum of 100 cm. They are straight with strong stems, on which one bud is usually formed. However, it is possible to form brushes of 3-4 roses. The dark green foliage contributes to the contrasting color.

The harmonious buds are quite dense. The diameter of a loose rose is 10-12 cm. They bloom slowly, gradually becoming moderately double (17-25 petals). One rose harmoniously combines pink, ivory, apricot, shades. All petals are quite dense, matte, with a wavy edge.

According to reviews, Talea is quite unpretentious, despite its exquisite sophistication. Even a novice gardener can grow it. This variety of hybrid tea rose is very much appreciated by florists, using it to make bouquets or flower arrangements. This pastel rose fits perfectly into your garden design.


  • beautiful pastel buds;
  • soft, pleasant aroma;
  • good winter hardiness;
  • unpretentious in care.


  • in cold and wet weather, markings remain on the petals.

The best varieties of tall hybrid tea roses

Tall hybrid tea roses mean those that grow above 1 m in height.


Rating: 5.0


The first place in the ranking is occupied by the German variety of hybrid tea roses Flamingo. The bushes are straight, grow strongly, new shoots with flowers constantly appear on them. Plant height reaches 100-125 cm. Stems are covered with dark green leathery leaves, which are practically not susceptible to powdery mildew. Also shoots are covered with frequent, large thorns. Bushes bloom profusely.

The flowers are pale pink and resemble flamingos. The blossoming roses are rather large (10-11 cm), they look elegant, they have up to 25 petals. Their aroma is weakly fragrant. The variety was originally positioned for cutting. But it turned out to be more in demand in rose gardens.

Florists praise this variety in their reviews. They note that Flamingo is good both in a flower bed and in a cut form (it stands for a long time in a vase). The tightly packed bud opens slowly. The flowers are pale pink and brighten as they fade. Our experts have included it in the rating of the best, since this hybrid tea rose looks very attractive and practically does not get sick.


  • abundant flowering;
  • roses of a noble shape of a gentle pink tone;
  • flowers are good in cutting;
  • disease resistant.


  • very thorny shoots.

Gloria dei

Rating: 4.9


Gloria Dei, a fragrant, continuously blooming hybrid tea rose, is in second place in the ranking. The bush branches strongly. It reaches a height of 120 cm. On the shoots there are many glossy leaves of a dark green color. The plant looks good even when there are no flowers on it. The bushes of this rose are planted one at a time or combined with other ornamental plants.

Terry flowers are large enough – 15-19 cm. Their color may be light yellow, with a light green or dark yellow closer to the center. As the bud opens, a dark pink color appears at the edges of the petals. Gloria Dei blooms periodically from May to October. This representative of the hybrid tea group tolerates low temperatures well and does not suffer from rain.

In the reviews, rose growers note that Gloria Dei is one of the most reliable, although sometimes it is affected by black spot. It is included in the ranking of the best for its appearance and long, abundant flowering even in bad weather conditions. This variety looks great in rose gardens.


  • a beautiful bush even without flowering;
  • rather large roses;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • long, profuse flowering.


  • a rather painful variety.

Doris tysterman

Rating: 4.8


The third position of the ranking is occupied by the English hybrid tea variety Doris Tysterman. Bushes grow tall and vigorous. If they are not cut, they can reach 2 meters. It grows straight, the stems are covered with large spines. The foliage is dark glossy, well resistant to diseases. Young shoots are crimson.

The outer side of the petals is yellowish, and the inner side is crimson, but when combined, it seems that the rose is orange. Some buds are close to apricot in color, but they always look attractive anyway. The outer petals are larger, which contributes to a beautiful dissolution.

Reviews of Doris Tysterman are mostly positive. This variety is especially praised for the beauty of the roses in the half-release. Our experts included it in the rating of the best, since the flowers last for a long time, and the bush is practically not exposed to diseases. It blooms until autumn, therefore it is actively used in landscape design.


  • beautiful orange rose;
  • foliage resists disease well;
  • long flowering.


  • weak aroma.

Christophe colomb

Rating: 4.7


The fourth place in the ranking is occupied by the French hybrid tea variety Christophe Colomb. The bush is very thorny, it grows strongly. If the climate is very hot, then its height can reach 2 m. The trunks are covered with large dark green leaves. The plant has a high resistance to common diseases.

The flowers have a classic shape, characteristic of the hybrid tea group. They form brushes of 3-7 roses each. Their diameter is 11-13 cm.The color of the petals is scarlet, but there is a yellow highlight on the back. The petals are quite wide, and they also have interesting, rather deep cuts, reminiscent of clover leaves.

Rose growers leave rave reviews about this variety. He is included in the rating because he responds very well to leaving. Christophe Colomb grows a strong and healthy shrub. It is characterized by 2 full flowering waves. One plant blooms at the same time from 7 to 15 buds. The color of the roses is constantly changing throughout the growing season.


  • 2 clear waves of bloom;
  • well cuttings;
  • large buds;
  • beautiful colors;
  • does not fade when exposed to direct sunlight.


  • there are many thorns on the bush.

Double delight

Rating: 4.6


American hybrid tea Double Delight rose to the fifth position in the ranking. The height of the bush can reach 90-150 cm. It is quite spreading. There are moderate numbers of thorns on the shoots. Flowers most often appear one at a time. Roses have a rich aroma (spicy-fruity). The first flowers appear in early June, and flowering continues until late autumn.

Terry flowers are quite large. Their diameter is approximately 12 cm. The creamy white petals are framed by a cherry border as the bud opens. All flowers on the same bush differ from each other, since their color depends on direct sunlight and the age of a particular rose.

In the reviews, rose growers admire the variety of Double Delight color. You cannot find two identical roses on the bush, since the weather conditions are constantly changing. Our experts included this hybrid tea in the ranking because it is very easy to grow. However, the occurrence of common diseases is not completely ruled out.


  • great lasting aroma;
  • the roses are very large;
  • beautiful contrasting color;
  • good at cutting.


  • prone to powdery mildew.

Rose gaujard

Rating: 4.5


The sixth position in the ranking is occupied by the hybrid tea variety Rose Gaujard. The bush grows tall (100-125 cm), strong, spreading. The foliage is leathery, large, glossy with good disease resistance. The variety is characterized by abundant re-flowering. Often the most beautiful flowers appear closer to autumn.

One large flower appears on each long shoot. Their color is cherry pink, and the inside of the petals is almost white. This contrast makes the rose very attractive. The buds are characterized by a classic goblet shape. They are densely double (there are up to 80 petals) with a pleasant delicate aroma.

Rose growers in their reviews note that Rose Gaujard survives the winter perfectly without special shelter, is dynamically restored with the arrival of spring and is growing rapidly. This variety is deservedly in the rating, since its flowers are of high quality and have an original color. Saplings of this variety of roses are used for various purposes: they are planted one at a time, in groups or for forcing for further cutting.


  • with different care, slightly changes the color of the bud;
  • abundant and long flowering;
  • disease resistance.


  • spoiled by heavy rains.

Nil Bleu

Rating: 4.4


The French hybrid tea variety Nil Bleu is ranked seventh. The bush is tough, grows straight. Shoots are covered with dark green leaves and lots of thorns. Its height reaches 150 cm. This hybrid tea rose delights with repetitive, abundant flowering throughout the season.

For large, densely double flowers, Nil Bleu is characterized by a pleasant aroma and preservation of lilac color throughout the entire flowering period. Their form is very elegant. 2-3 flowers appear on each shoot. The size of each rose is 11-12 cm, and with proper care in full dissolution it can reach up to 20 cm.

Rose growers in their reviews note that the densely double flowers of Nil Bleu have a beautiful, elegant shape. This is a great garden rose option and is also a great hybrid tea variety for floristry. Nil Bleu deservedly appeared in the rating of the best, as it impresses with both its appearance and aroma.


  • pronounced aroma;
  • beautiful lilac color of roses;
  • constant flowering;
  • good disease resistance.


  • very thorny stems.

Big purple

Rating: 4.3


Rounding out the rating of the best hybrid tea variety Big Purple. The bush grows quite tall, up to 1.4 m, and its width is 75 cm. As it grows, the shoots can become very long, and their lower part is bare. The trunks are covered with large leaves with a gray-green color.

Big Purple roses are quite large, beautiful, and also have a pleasant aroma. The buds do not open quickly. At the end of each long shoot, one flower appears. After dissolution, their diameter is 13 cm. Their shape is very beautiful. Usually the flowers are deep red with a dominant purple hue.

However, gardeners in the reviews note that immediately attractive flowers lose their beauty of color over time. To maintain a good appearance, old flowers need to be cut from the bush. Despite the fact that the variety is a lot of trouble, it is still included in the rating of the best, because it has an impressive color and very fragrant.


  • large densely double roses;
  • very aromatic;
  • only the blossoming roses are very attractive.


  • the variety is painful.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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