15 best sorbents

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

It is possible to protect and restore the human body with enterosorbents. They are capable of absorbing, neutralizing and eliminating all kinds of toxic compounds. All sorbents for oral administration divided into: drugs, dietary supplements and foods that bind toxic substances in the digestive tract with their subsequent removal from the body.

A high-quality sorbent should not provide by itself toxic effects on the human body, as well as in unchanged and quickly leave the intestines. And he should have a high absorbing activity against toxins, bacteria or other pathological substances. In this review we collected the best imported and domestic sorbents that have many positive reviews.

Rating of the best sorbents

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best imported sorbents 1 Phosphalugel 354 rub
2 Smecta 138 rub
3 Ultra-Adsorb 224 rub
4 Nature’s Way Activated Carbon 570 rub
5 Now Foods Detox Support 820 rub
The best Russian sorbents 1 Polysorb MP 139 rub
2 Enterosgel 409 rub
3 Lactofiltrum 293 rub
4 Carbopect 128 rub
5 Enterumin 274 rub
6 Carbohit 105 rub
7 Filtrum STI 89 rub
8 Whitesorb 141 rub
9 Alfasorb 175 rub
10 Activated carbon 37 rub

The best imported sorbents

High-quality imported sorbents help cleanse the body of: toxins, pathogens, pathogenic bacteria, infections, gases, alcohol, allergens, carcinogens and other unwanted substances.


Popularity Rating: 4.9


The French drug Phosphalugel contains aluminum phosphate. it the active substance is able to absorb toxins well, neutralize acids and envelop. Colloidal Phosphate Particles aluminum envelop the gastric mucosa, creating a special protective layer that prevents the effects of hydrochloric acid, pepsin and all kinds of toxic substances.

Phosphalugel is available as a gel for oral administration. use. It becomes homogeneous after careful mixing. His color is almost white, the aroma is orange. Sorbent is sold in sachets of 16 or 20 g. B cardboard packing them is 20 pieces. The gel can be taken in pure form. Or the contents of the bag are diluted in 100 ml of water.

According to reviews, Fosfalugel already on the second day of use noticeably improves overall well-being. It eliminates nausea, diarrhea and discomfort in the epigastric region. This sorbent helps to relieve skin from rashes. Drug tolerance usually good, but in some patients with prolonged it In use, constipation may occur. And not everyone is happy rather specific taste of Phosphalugel.


  • acts fast enough;
  • convenient form of release;
  • can be used in pure form or diluted with water;
  • pleasant orange aroma;
  • relieves nausea, diarrhea;
  • cleanses the skin from acne.


  • specific taste;
  • may cause constipation.


Popularity Rating: 4.8


Another French drug Smecta contains smectite dioctahedral. It has selective sorption activity. Effectively absorbs bacteria and viruses in the lumen digestive tract. If you do not abuse this medicine, then it does not affect the motor activity of the intestine.

Smecta is a gray-white powder. From it is prepared suspension for oral use. He may have vanilla, orange or strawberry flavor. It is on sale in 3.76 g paper bags. The package may be 10 or 30 sachets. For adults, Smecta is dissolved in 100 ml of warm water, gradually pouring in and evenly stirring. Daily Dose – 3 sachet.

Many speak very well of Smect. This sorbent is pleasant to taste. It is readily accepted by adults and children. It’s very convenient that It is suitable even for infants, as well as for pregnant and lactating women. Smecta copes with diarrhea, heartburn and other problems in gastrointestinal tract. After using this sorbent, it knits for a while in the mouth, but then this sensation passes. It should also be borne in mind that with prolonged use, the drug can cause constipation.


  • fast acting;
  • pleasant taste;
  • suitable for infants, pregnant and lactating;
  • does not affect intestinal motility.


  • prolonged use may cause constipation.


Popularity Rating: 4.7


The Spanish drug Ultra-Adsorb contains activated carbon. It has a high sorption ability. It is shown at increased gas formation, poisoning, upset stool, allergic reactions. The drug reduces the absorption of harmful substances from the gastrointestinal tract and contributes to their elimination from the body. Coal in Ultra Adsorb passed special processing, due to which it was increased porosity and absorbent surface.

Ultra-Adsorb is available in oblong hard gelatin capsules of black color. They are filled with shiny black powder without smell. Each capsule contains 200 mg of activated carbon. Them swallowed and washed down with clean water. Before meals / other medicines or after their use should pass at least 1-2 hours. With increased gas formation or other manifestations dyspepsia, adults are recommended to take 5 to 10 capsules (1-2 d) 3-4 times a day.

In the reviews, patients report that this drug is very good manifests in case of poisoning and allergic reactions. Some note that they are easier to swallow such capsules than domestic activated carbon tablets. Noticeable improvements are already observed on the first day of use. Some patients are only confused by the fact that after taking this sorbent, the stool turns black.


  • increased porosity, improving the degree of adsorption;
  • capsules convenient for swallowing;
  • quick effect.


  • stool staining black.

Nature’s Way Activated Carbon

Popularity Rating: 4.6


Nature’s Way American Supplements premium class raw materials. The product is carefully selected, tested and manufactured according to certified quality standards. This dietary supplement effectively removes toxins from the body. The product is pure from yeast, gluten or lactose. An effective alternative to classic coal domestic production.

Activated Charcoa for sale in black gelatin capsules. colors. They are placed in a bottle of dense plastic in an amount of 100 pieces. A single dose – 2 capsules contains 560 mg of coal. This sorbent It is recommended to take 2-3 times a day 3-4 hours before or after same time after the main meal. You can not combine the reception this dietary supplement with other medicines, as the process may be disrupted their suction.

According to reviews, Nature’s Way’s Activated Charcoa is very effective sorbent. It is convenient to use. Such coal is fast relieves symptoms of intoxication. This product has a pronounced porous structure, therefore, has excellent adsorption action, which is superior to classic activated carbon. But this dietary supplement also guarantees a dark color of feces.


  • pronounced porous structure of raw materials;
  • certified quality standards;
  • 1 dose of only 2 capsules;
  • quickly relieve symptoms of intoxication.


  • feces becomes black.

Now Foods Detox Support

Popularity Rating: 4.5


The American manufacturer Now Foods launches a complex with Detox Support sorbents. Nutritional supplement designed to support natural detoxification mechanisms organism. It acts as a powerful natural sorbent here – organic chlorella. This dietary supplement also supports the general condition. health because it contains important minerals and extracts from medicinal plants.

This sorbent from Now Foods is available in vegetarian capsules. They are transparent and contain dark green powder. Placed in large bottle made of thick plastic. The size of the capsules is large enough, but they are swallowed almost without problems. Repellent odor not have. It is recommended to take this dietary supplement 3 capsules daily with water before eating or going to bed.

In their reviews, consumers note that Detox Support may to be an excellent preventive sorbent. Succeeds with him cleanse the skin from rashes, improve bowel function, support liver. The product significantly improves overall well-being. Single vial enough for 1 month of use. Usually this product is from Now Foods. well tolerated, but sometimes there may be increased sensitivity to individual components.


  • well thought out composition;
  • effectively removes toxins from the body;
  • has a restorative effect;
  • cleanses the skin from rashes;
  • normalizes the digestive tract.


  • allergic reactions are possible.

The best Russian sorbents

In pharmacies, a large assortment of domestic sorbents. Such drugs allow you to: eliminate toxins, reduce diarrhea, reduce flatulence, eliminate inflammation, reduce allergic manifestations, restore organ activity Gastrointestinal tract.

Polysorb MP

Popularity Rating: 4.9


Russian sorbent Polysorb MP contains colloidal dioxide silicon. In the lumen of the digestive tract, it binds and displays toxins that are produced internally or are released from the body from the outside. After receipt of Polysorb MP inside the active substance It is not broken down or absorbed by the digestive tract. Dioxide silicon leaves the body unchanged.

Polysorb MP is available in powder form, from which it is prepared suspension for oral administration. You can purchase it in cans or paper bags. The suspension is prepared by combining powder with water. Depending on age and weight, take the right the amount of funds and dilute it in 50-100 ml of water. In reserve do not prepare the medicine. Polysorb bred and right there have a drink.

According to reviews, the prepared suspension must be drunk very quickly, otherwise silicon dioxide will precipitate. He has no taste but swallowing such a medicine is still not very pleasant. But at the same time Polysorb MP is an effective sorbent that can help with poisoning, rotavirus infections, as well as from a hangover. If a drink this drug in courses, then you can get rid of acne and other dermatological problems.


  • clear monosyllabic compound;
  • wide selection of packages;
  • quickly helps with poisoning;
  • effectively fights acne.


  • some are unpleasant to swallow a suspension.


Popularity Rating: 4.8


Russian manufacturer TNK Silma launches drug Enterosgel. It contains polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate. In the lumen digestive tract drug binds and removes from the body endogenous and exogenous toxins of various etiologies. Even with prolonged use of this sorbent absorption is not disturbed beneficial substances, the intestinal microflora is not disturbed and is not his motility changes.

Enterosgel is sold in tubes or bags. Represents paste that is taken orally. She’s almost white homogeneous, without flavoring. Before use, the paste is bred with water at room temperature in a ratio of 1: 3. Enterosgel laid take separately from food and other medicines. Between them should pass 1-2 hours.

There are mostly positive reviews about Enterosgel. This tool very quickly relieves symptoms of intoxication. At longer use eliminates dysbiosis and cleanses skin from acne. But regarding ease of use this drug has conflicting opinions. Some argue that swallow it with great effort and are close to the gag reflex. AND to others, it seems very comfortable to use because it doesn’t has taste and smell.


  • relieves the body of toxic substances;
  • restores intestinal microflora;
  • cleanses the skin;
  • available in several packages.


  • in some, it causes a gag reflex.


Popularity Rating: 4.7


Enterosorbent Lactofiltrum contains 2 active component: lignin (sorbent) and lactulose (prebiotic). Integrated the effect of the drug is aimed at normalizing the microflora of the thick part of the intestine, as well as a decrease in the intensity of endogenous toxic conditions. Suitable for the treatment of adults and children with 1 of the year.

Lactofiltrum is a capsular, convex with two parties, pills that are at risk of dividing. They dark brown with white-gray blotches. If necessary the tablet can be crushed. They are consumed 1 piece 60 minutes before main meal or other medicines. This sorbent is required washed down with clean water. Dosage varies by age category of the patient.

According to reviews, Lactofiltrum is capable of much. With his using it is possible to effectively cleanse the body of toxins, increase immunity, get rid of acne, thrush and restore intestinal microflora after taking antibacterial agents. Usually Lactofiltrum does not cause any side effects, but some patients still complain of flatulence and diarrhea in patients receiving of this drug.


  • sorbent and prebiotic in the composition;
  • convenient to use tablets;
  • suitable for adults and toddlers;
  • quickly cleanses the body of toxins;
  • restores microflora.


  • some provoke flatulence and diarrhea.


Popularity Rating: 4.6


The Russian manufacturer Medisorb produces the drug Karbopect. This is a combined sorbent containing activated carbon, pectin and microcrystalline cellulose. The drug adsorbs toxic substances, eliminates intoxication and relieves from loose stools. However, it does not reduce motor activity intestines because it contains pectin.

Carbopect in gelatin capsules is available. Shell colorless, and the contents of black with brilliant splashes. Each capsule contains 110 mg of activated carbon. Packaged there may be 20 or 50 pieces. It is advisable between the reception Carbopectus and eating food or other medicines take a break in 1-2 hours. Adults on average per day should consume Carbopect 3-4 times 4-8 capsules.

About the drug Carbopect, many respond positively. Them like that this drug is not only freed from the body toxins in various serious conditions, but also prevents the development of constipation. People prone to stool problems should pay attention to carbopect, and not to the usual activated coal. The drug has good tolerance, but it also stains. feces in black.


  • activated carbon supplemented with pectin;
  • capsules are easy to swallow;
  • does not cause constipation;
  • effectively cleanses the body of toxins.


  • staining of feces in black.


Popularity Rating: 4.5


Enterumin contains aluminum oxide coated with carbon. Its main actions: sorbing, eliminating intoxication and relieving diarrhea. The drug is observed high absorbent activity. This sorbent is especially appropriate for acute poisoning of various etiologies, as well as with typical pathological process, which is structurally functional body response to toxic aggression of both endogenous and exogenous nature.

Enterumin is sold in sachets of 5/10 g. They contain powder, from which an oral suspension is prepared. The color of the powder is black, smell is absent. Take the sorbent inside moistened (in liquid does not dissolve). Be sure to drink it with clean water without gas. Between meals or other medicines and Enterumin must pass at least 1 hour. Adults should do 2-3 per day receiving 3-5 packets.

According to reviews, Enterumin is not very comfortable to use. sorbent, but it works perfectly. It is effective and in the shortest possible time. timing eliminates all possible manifestations of intoxication. If on the background If this agent is used, constipation occurs, then get rid of them perhaps, if you reduce the dose of the sorbent, take a mild laxative or start a special diet.


  • carbon coated alumina;
  • powder without smell and taste;
  • fast acting;
  • effectively relieves diarrhea.


  • may cause constipation.


Popularity Rating: 4.4


The Russian manufacturer Altai bouquet produces dietary supplement Karbohit. The product contains 4 natural sorbents: microcrystalline cellulose, pectin, activated carbon, chitosan. All components This product is of natural origin. They are combined here. in the right proportions, which allows you to achieve maximum healing effect on the body.

Carbochit is available in standard white capsule form. colors containing tasteless powder. There can be 10 in the package or 40 pieces. All patients over 14 years of age are advised to take 2 capsules 3 times a day with meals. Duration consumption of 7-14 days. It should be borne in mind that this dietary supplement contraindicated in adhesive disease and other serious pathologies Gastrointestinal tract.

About dietary supplements Carbohit there are mostly positive reviews. Many people like how gently this sorbent cleanses their body. After course application of this dietary supplement appears lightness in the body, the number of skin rashes decreases. This product perfectly saturates the body is soluble dietary fiber. Portability with him good one. But not everyone can find this food supplement. a pharmacy.


  • 4 natural sorbents in the composition;
  • capsules are easy to swallow;
  • gently cleanses the body;
  • improves the condition of the skin on the face;
  • well tolerated.


  • not sold in every pharmacy.

Filtrum STI

Popularity Rating: 4.5


The drug Filtrum STI contains the active substance – hydrolysis lignin. It is characterized by a high sorbing activity. Used to treat adults and children with intoxications of various origin. Filtrum-STI does not render toxic effects on the patient’s body and does not enter systemic blood flow.

Filtrum-STI is a capsular, biconvex tablets are dark brown. They have no smell, taste – not nasty. The drug is taken orally. More benefit will be if the tablet is chewed well or pre-crushed. Between food intake / other medicines and Filtrum STI should pass a minimum 60 minutes The dose of this sorbent depends on the severity of the pathological process, age category and weight of the patient.

According to reviews, Filtrum-STI is an excellent tool for poisoning or minor digestive disorders in the background errors in nutrition. In this case, this sorbent is valid. very fast. But for a thorough cleansing of the body, it’s better not to use, since in this case a long application, and this is fraught with constipation.


  • high sorbing activity;
  • comfortable for use tablets;
  • fast acting;
  • an excellent option for food poisoning.


  • prolonged use may cause constipation.


Popularity Rating: 4.4


Whitesorb Dietary Supplement Contains Silicon colloidal dioxide. He has an increased sorption capacity. Each silica granule absorbs toxic or poisonous substances. However, they may be dry or dissolved in liquids. And microcrystalline present in the composition cellulose (MCC) enhances adsorption and detoxification properties this dietary supplement.

Whitesorb is a small round tablet with beveled edges and dividing line in the middle. Swallow they are easy. This sorbent is recommended for adults 1-2 tablets up to 4 times a day. Do it together with the main drinking food with plenty of water. Dietary supplement is not should be used for exacerbation of gastric ulcer or the duodenum.

In reviews, many praise the Polysorbent Weissorb. They like that this dietary supplement has no taste and smell. To use such a tool is very comfortable and it starts to act very quickly. Thanks Whitesorb not only manages to remove toxins of various origin, but also prevent the development of silicon deficiency in the body. The drug is very well tolerated, but with uncontrolled use, it provokes constipation.


  • easy to swallow tablets;
  • cleanses the body of all kinds of toxins;
  • makes up for silicon deficiency;
  • fast acting.


  • prolonged use causes constipation.


Popularity Rating: 4.3


Alfasorb dietary supplement contains colloidal silica, as in Polysorb, and succinic acid. Due the first component, it also binds and removes toxins of various origin. And succinic acid binds free radicals and improves oxygen withdrawal from the blood, enhancing its natural circulation, making the body more resistant to oxygen fasting.

Alfasorb in consistency is very reminiscent of Polysorb. But in the taste a slight acidity is felt. Adults and children over 14 years old it is recommended to take 2.5-3g (1 tablespoon “with a slide”) 2 once a day, after stirring in ½ cup of water. Before use, shake the jar with the lid tightly closed. Duration of admission is 7-10 days.

According to reviews, Alfasorb is not inferior in effectiveness Polysorb. Relief from poisoning becomes noticeable after 30-40 minutes. But some complain that when consumed on the teeth, sand is felt, which is very unpleasant sensation, especially if you feel bad. And this dietary supplement not sold in all pharmacies. But those who have already tried it, abandoned Polysorb.


  • silica supplemented with succinic acid;
  • fast acting;
  • perfectly cleanses the body of any harmful substances.


  • sand on teeth is felt when consumed;
  • not sold in all pharmacies.

Activated carbon

Popularity Rating: 4.3


The most famous sorbent for many is Activated Carbon. produced by many Russian manufacturers. The same name the active substance has a high sorption capacity for due to high surface activity. Reduces gastrointestinal absorption all kinds of toxic substances and helps to remove them from organism. Collects gases on its surface.

Activated carbon is a black tablet, round, flat, with dividing line. Dosage depends on body weight of the patient. It is customary to drink 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight, therefore, at a time you need to take from 5 to 10 pieces of this sorbent. It is allowed to take them 3-4 times a day. Coal is needed take separately from other drugs so as not to affect their suction.

Activated carbon does not need special reviews. They know him almost everything. Many still keep it in their medicine chests, since it is an affordable and effective tool. What confuses them is that that for 1 time you need to immediately take a lot of pills. And later also feces will be painted black. But if not possible to get something more effective, then activated carbon can become a great solution.


  • high sorption activity;
  • tablets without taste and smell;
  • adsorbs gases;
  • reduces the absorption of toxic substances.


  • you need to drink a lot of pills at a time.

Popularity rating based on analysis of demand data service wordstat.yandex.ru.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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