15 best sanatoriums in Anapa

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

In the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory, our grandmothers and grandfathers. In Soviet times, these were the best places to spend Soviet families leave their holidays. Despite the fact that the whole decades and there were many proposals for overseas tourist trips, the Black Sea coast remains relevant and very popular destination among travelers. Anapa is one of few resorts, which, due to its unique climate, became a children’s all-Russian health resort.

The sea in this area is shallow, sandy and pebble beaches wide, the air is dry and healing, the heat is not so strongly felt. Camps, motels, and rest houses have been built here. Do not come here just swim and sunbathe, but also get quality treatment. Statistics show that more than 4 million tourists visit every year hospitable resort and do not give up on vacation, and next season return to the city again.

Our experts, based on the reviews of holidaymakers, compiled rating of the best Anapa resorts in which it is worth spending your vacation so as not to regret the money spent.

Rating of the best sanatoriums in Anapa

Nomination a place sanatorium price per day
Rating of the best sanatoriums in Anapa 1 Sail 6 100 rub.
2 Spring 3 400 rub.
3 DiLuch 5 300 rub.
4 Malaya Bay 2 100 rub.
5 BFO 6 000 rub.
6 Russia 2 200 rub.
7 Dream 2 600 rub.
8 Lighthouse 3 650 rub.
9 Anapa Ocean 5 990 rub.
10 Aquamarine 2 950 rub.
11 Ancient Anapa 7 200 rub.
12 Brigantine 4 450 rub.
13 Anapa 2 640 rub.
14 Kuban 2 760 rub.
15 Butterfly 4 650 rub.


Rating: 4.9


The leader is the sanatorium, which is located in ecologically Anapa’s clean area is a 10-minute walk from its own private beach. is he equipped with equipment for recreation and sports games. Here there is a rescue and medical points, a playground, Cafe with ice cream and drinks. The health resort covers 8.5 hectares. Around coniferous and deciduous trees creating a shadow, flower beds with fragrant flowers, beautiful shrubs.

Profile base: diseases of the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular systems, musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory organs. The features of the services offered are the possibility of acquiring vouchers for the tariff “all inclusive”. At such a reservation is available to the guest not only 3 meals a day for buffet, but also snacks and drinks throughout of the day. On the territory there is a restaurant with Chinese, Japanese, European and Eastern cuisines and two cafes.

The health resort has a pool complex. Three of them with aqua relaxation area with sun loungers and umbrellas, one designed for water aerobics, one children’s shallow. “Salt Lake” – This is a pool with healing Crimean sea salt. On open air equipped with tennis court and soccer field. There is enough entertainment and children and adults. “Sail” recognized by vacationers as the best health resort Anapa, where you can relax in solitude and have fun. Contact phone: 8 861 204 14 50.


Rating: 4.8


Silver rating deservedly goes to a sanatorium located in a large park with perennial coniferous and deciduous trees. The whole territory is landscaped. Everywhere benches, multifunctional sports grounds, children’s swings. To your own beach – 7 minutes at a leisurely pace. It is equipped with sun loungers, awnings from sun, there is a trampoline and a place for playing volleyball. Regularly to the beach and minibus runs back. The institution has an open and indoor pools.

On the territory there are three sources of mineral water and a pump room. Thanks to this, balneological and drinking healing methods, hydropathy. Here they practice radionotherapy and dry carbonic baths. People come here from all over the country year round people with diseases of the genitourinary, cardiovascular, endocrine systems, respiratory, digestive.

Meals – buffet. It is quite diverse, includes 15 options for therapeutic diets and a children’s menu. Free internet is everywhere. The rooms are spacious, they have a TV, fridge, air conditioning, loggia or balcony. Experts and vacationers agreed on opinion that the sanatorium has the largest number treatment programs with a high degree of effectiveness. room Health Phone: 8862279 21 96.


Rating: 4.8


The largest recreation complex in the Krasnodar Territory – on third line of the rating. It accepts adults and children, providing everyone with quality medical care even with serious illnesses. The sanatorium is multidisciplinary. He offers programs for the treatment of nervous, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, genitourinary, endocrine systems, respiratory, digestive, ENT. High results are achieved with diseases of the skin and eyes.

The territory housed 4, 5, 6-storey residential buildings, office building, clinic, diagnostic center, dining room, swimming pool. The undoubted advantage is the fact that DiLuch has its own fenced areas on both the sand and on pebble beaches, so guests can choose what kind of vacation they preferable. The food system is a buffet. Menu varied. The chef surprises with something new every day. tasty and healthy.

The sanatorium has outdoor multifunctional sports grounds, gym. Daily thematic dance evenings, pageants, fiery discos. Children are engaged with a tutor and having fun with professional animators. Consultation on the services provided can be obtained by phone: 8861332 43 52.

Malaya Bay

Rating: 4.7

Small Bay

The fourth place in the rating is deservedly occupied by the sanatorium, which located 50 meters from the sea, has its own well-maintained beach with small pebbles and a shady forest area in 3.5 hectares. Its main building from afar resembles a sailboat and stands out among other health resorts of the coast. It operates here a whole complex of outdoor and indoor swimming pools with sea water for Children and adults with sun loungers and parasols.

In the sanatorium, the medical base is very highly developed. Main profile: gynecology, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory, circulatory, nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Mineral water source and pump room located directly on the territory of the Small Bay. The institution is open all year round. Entertainment programs not only brighten up in the summer leisure vacationers, but also in other seasons. They attend a movie concert hall, play volleyball, basketball, billiards, are engaged in fitness club skating.

It is worth noting the organization of children’s leisure. For them there is separate pools, platforms, club. During the day behind them the tutor looks after, and the animators organize fun contests and sports. Many noted the comfort of the beach, where there are not only sun loungers and umbrellas, but also canopies, cabins for Changing clothes, cafe. Telephone number for booking: 8861337 05 01.


Rating: 4.7


The top five sanatoriums of our rating included a health resort, located in the city center within walking distance of seas. Nearby is a pump room where everyone can heal with healing mineral water. Medical equipment allows you to take patients with diseases of the genitourinary, nervous, cardiovascular systems, digestive organs, respiration. Also here people with allergies and dental problems.

Wellness programs include saltwater baths, mud applications, physiotherapy and thermotherapy. Room Categories quite diverse. Each has an LCD TV, split system, fridge, safe, kettle, bathroom with shower. 3 meals a day takes place in a cafe or dining room. At the testimony of doctors diet meals. Children are accommodated from any age. For them provided animation programs, a playground for games and a room, where all activities are conducted by an experienced educator.

In their free time, guests play basketball, volleyball, tennis, practice on simulators or in the gym, swim in outdoor or indoor pools. According to reviews, vacationers rated moderate prices for high-level services. Check availability free places for specific dates can be on the website or by number Phone: 8 861 204 25 49.


Rating: 4.6


Complex “Rus” is located on the sixth line of the rating of the best sanatoriums of Anapa. It is located in the High Coast area near pebble city beach. Private beach is 20 minutes walk and has all the equipment for a calm and active recreation. Sun loungers and parasols are provided free of charge. In a sanatorium There are indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Rooms can choose based on financial capabilities. But even with the budget type of accommodation the guest receives everything necessary for comfortable stay.

Therapeutic specialization of the health resort: endocrine, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, neurology, respiratory and digestive organs. Breakfast lunch and dinner Served in buffet style. All meals match principles of proper nutrition, there is a diet and children’s menu.

On the territory there are volleyball and basketball courts, there is a gym and gym, as well as a training room physiotherapy exercises. Children are accommodated from any age. Treatment only from 4 years old. Before him is a mandatory consultation pediatrician. For kids there is an outdoor playground. IN they are engaged in the children’s room under the supervision of a teacher. Telephone sanatorium: 8861238 86 28.


Rating: 4.5


In seventh place in the ranking is the famous sanatorium, which is a member of the national resort association and has confirmed category 3. It is located on the seashore in park area. It is always quiet and not heard city noise, therefore, many choose an institution for a relaxing, family vacation far from the hustle and bustle. The medical base is designed to treat diseases nervous, cardiovascular, reproductive systems, organs breathing.

Kids are accepted from 3 years. Everything is provided for them. necessary for a bright, memorable, fun holiday. In the nursery club they are always under the supervision of a teacher. A medieval castle is not just a part of architecture. It’s a maze with rides and sports equipment, where every child can test your strength and dexterity. Hammock pad designed for relaxation and saturation with healing coniferous air.

The number of rooms is diverse and represented by categories from “standard” to “luxury”. Food is either dietary or traditional, according to the doctor’s prescription, but in any case guests receive healthy, balanced food cooked from fresh, natural ingredients. Many noted the presence of phyto-bar and wine tasting room. To book a voucher you can use the phone number: 8861205 02 56.


Rating: 4.5


“Lighthouse” – a sanatorium that helps people all year round with diseases of the respiratory, nervous, digestive systems, musculoskeletal system. It is on the eighth line our rating. The diagnostic and treatment base is extensive and offers various methods of healing. These are mud baths, physiotherapy, diet, massage, homeopathy, aromatherapy, mineral water.

Meals are served on a buffet in a two-story dining room with magnificent sea views. Wide range of dishes will satisfy every guest. There is always fish, meat, soups, cereals, side dishes, drinks, salads, snacks. The rooms are bright spacious, with all amenities, with new furniture and modern technique. Children are accepted from birth. There are large playground.

In your free time you can play soccer, volleyball or basketball, table tennis, go on an excursion, work out in gym or just walk along the well-groomed alleys. The guests emphasized the opportunity to relax on the sandy and on pebble beaches that are nearby, clean and well-being. Phone number of the institution: 8861333 15 23.

Anapa Ocean

Rating: 4.5


The health resort, which took the ninth line of the rating, is located in The central area of ​​the waterfront on the first line of the sea. 13-story the building is an adornment of urban architecture. It is equipped two elevators, and the windows offer stunning views of neighborhood. All rooms are well-maintained. Each has air conditioning TV, refrigerator, cosmetics in the bathroom. At treating patients using the psychosomatic method that eliminates the occurrence of relapse. Experienced psychologists and psychotherapists conduct individual consultations, which helps comprehensively solve many problems.

Medical profile of the institution: nervous, genitourinary, musculoskeletal, respiratory systems, musculoskeletal system, Gastrointestinal tract. It is actively treated with healing mud, mineral water, physiotherapy, massage. Meals (buffet) include European dishes. Be sure to have a baby and diet menu. There are Caucasian and Italian cuisines, bistro cafe.

A private beach is 800 meters from the buildings. He is completely equipped with equipment for comfortable relaxation. Children are accommodated with any age. There is a club, playground, stroller rental service. Ticket Sales Department Phone: 8800 250 27 55.


Rating: 4.5


In tenth place in the rating is a sanatorium located in the picturesque area of ​​Anapa – the village of Vityazevo. Recently the reconstructed complex stands out among other institutions its unique modern architecture. The ensemble complements Huge outdoor swimming pool. The treatment base is extensive and helps guests with allergies, musculoskeletal disorders functions, gynecological, neurological, dermatological, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular diseases.

In the sanatorium you can stay in rooms “economy”, but you can book luxury apartments. Every vacationer can choose a vacation according to your financial capabilities. Food going according to the buffet system. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. a large number of dishes suitable for regular or dietary menu.

Private beach is located 15 minutes from the complex. Sun loungers and parasols are available free of charge. Families settled with kids of any age. From 4 years you can take advantage of a special recovery program. In the territory There is a shallow pool, playground, games room. All information about services are available on the official website. If you have any questions, then You can call the number: 8 861 204 10 68.

Ancient Anapa

Rating: 4.5


The eleventh line of the rating is occupied by the sanatorium, which located in the central part of Anapa, a stone’s throw from the promenade and It has an extensive diagnostic and treatment base. The main profiles: neurology, musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system. From a wide range of developed Programs for each guest will be suitable. Applies here treatment with mud and mineral water, massage, physiotherapy, homeopathy.

The rooms are comfortable, from standard to apartments. Wifi works throughout the free. Children can play on playground or club under the supervision of a teacher. The food is delicious varied. A wide selection of meat, fish dishes, salads, cereals, drinks. The buffet is based on dietary and children’s menu.

The pools are indoor and outdoor. Beach city, pebble. Sun loungers – for a fee. Among the entertainment: classes on simulators, watching movies in the cinema, playing billiards. Animation programs are designed for the whole family. Many noted that this is the best option for those guests who prefer a city vacation. Nearby is a water park, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, clubs. Tour prices are above average. But they fully consistent with the level of service. Phone: 8861333 22 11.


Rating: 4.4


Many positive reviews are left by guests about the following, included in our sanatorium rating. “Brigantine” is worthy twelfth place. The complex is located in the village of Vityazevo and has expanded infrastructure. On the territory is located own water park, swimming pools, a large playground. Water area for babies – heated. There will always be free sun loungers and umbrellas.

Meals 3 meals a day, served on a buffet system. There is a point where you can have a snack between the main meals. Accommodation is in standard, comfort, deluxe and apartments. All of them with all conveniences are equipped with new furniture. and technology. Outdoor enthusiasts can play basketball or volleyball courts or go in for water kinds of sports. Animation programs delight both children and their parents.

Many noted the area with lush vegetation, fragrant flower beds, a pond with fish. Everyone was satisfied created conditions for family vacations. In the sanatorium you can spending time without visiting public entertainment venues Anapa. The treatment is top-notch, many different rehabilitation programs. Contact phone number: 8861332 25 00.


Rating: 4.3


The sanatorium with the same name of the city is located on thirteenth line rating. It is 70 meters from the sea and includes a complex of indoor and indoor pools with sea, fresh and mineral water. The health resort was built in 1969, and in 2010 major reconstruction was carried out. Own beach always clean, equipped with free sunbeds and umbrellas. Anapa open year-round and welcomes guests from all over the country who come to receive qualified help in treating a wide spectrum of diseases.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served buffet style. Nutrition satisfies especially particularly fastidious kids in food, and vegetarians, and meat eaters. The main thing is that it is well balanced, strengthens the body and speeds up the healing process. In the territory there is a volleyball and basketball court, tennis court, gym with sports equipment and simulators. In your free time you can visit the spa and massage services.

Children are populated from birth. All conditions are created for them. for a comfortable stay. These are outdoor playgrounds, mini club, pools. According to reviews, the cost of tickets to the sanatorium quite accessible, so many come to rest with their families and are satisfied with the service provided. Phone for booking: 8 861 204 12 56.


Rating: 4.2


The fourteenth place of the rating goes to the health resort, which located right on the banks of the picturesque Anapa Bay. Here treatment of gynecological, skin diseases, disorders metabolism, respiratory system, nervous system. Kuban offers even very busy people to carry out rehabilitation and preventive measures on the job. In the conference room You can organize negotiations and business meetings.

Those who still decided to relax and rest, do not get bored. Entertainment programs are diverse. There are library, rental of bicycles and water equipment sports, sauna, solarium, large indoor pool. The beach is located in 200 meters from the 9-story building. It is fully equipped for comfortable rest.

Babies are taken from birth, treatment is provided from 4 years. 3 meals a day, balanced. All dishes are delicious, hearty. Vacationers leave positive feedback. Serious flaws not found. Many identified a well-maintained territory and good location very close to Anapa attractions, the presence of more than 600 species wellness treatments. Administration phone number: 8861204 25 38.


Rating: 4.1


Closes the rating of the sanatorium, which is located in the central parts of Anapa 100 meters from the sea. Qualified medical staff helps improve health and get rid of many diseases. The main specialization of the institution – bodies breathing. Frequently ill children come here for rehabilitation, people with bronchial asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis. Also receive treatment patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, skin, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

In a separate building, diagnostics are performed and procedures. The equipment of the treatment base is the most modern. Number of rooms It is divided into the first and highest categories. Each one has TV, air conditioning, telephone, refrigerator, microwave, in Bathroom – toiletries. Mode medical nutrition – 4 times a day. Balanced menu in the complex with wellness treatments promotes quick recovery organism.

The Moth has a large swimming pool for adults, and there is a zone for kids with slides and toys. Sun loungers with umbrellas always enough for all vacationers. In the rooms and on-site smoking strictly prohibited. Guests were pleased with the rest and treatment. Convenient location and a private clean beach are especially highlighted. Holiday Sales Department: 8 861334 53 98.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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