15 best remedies for gums

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Many people are accustomed to taking care of the external beauty of their teeth, but forget to pay due attention to the gums. However, according to statistics, it is the weak and diseased soft tissues of the oral cavity that provoke tooth loss in half of the cases. All gum diseases that can occur in children and adults are divided into 3 main groups:

  1. Gingivitis is a localized inflammation of the mucous membrane next to a specific tooth. In this case, the tissues of the latter are not affected and it is relatively easy to cope with the pathological process.
  2. Periodontitis is a gradual 'flaking' from the gum tooth to form a pocket. It accumulates food residues that are difficult to remove on your own. Against this background, the gums begin to bleed, swell, and pain appears during chewing. Also, teeth gradually loosen, shift, fall out.
  3. Periodontal disease is a violation of the supply of blood to tissues. Against this background, gum dystrophy occurs, the tooth necks are exposed, the gaps between them increase. The position of the gums relative to each other changes. At the same time, they are imperceptibly destroyed without hyperemia, swelling or bleeding.

Gum disease often occurs with improper oral care. This includes irregular and poor cleaning of the teeth, as well as the use of products that do not provide the necessary protection for the mucous membrane. Dental gels, rinses and balms can significantly improve gum health. In this roundup, we'll take a look at the best ones.

Rating of the best remedies for gums

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best dental gum gels 1 Elugel 340 RUB
2 Holisal 353 r
3 Metrogyl Denta 270 RUB
4 Asepta 195 RUB
5 Periodontal disease 136 RUB
6 Curaprox 0.50% Perio Plus Focus RUB 600
The best gum balms 1 Weleda 'Sage' 418 RUB
2 peptide gum balm Revidont RUB 350
3 Balm adhesive Asepta 225 RUB
4 Donfeel Comprehensive Protection Daily Care RUB 220
The best gum rinses 1 Biorepair Mouthwash Gum Protection RUB 930
2 Listerine Expert 'Gum Protection' RUB 150
3 Lacalut Aktiv 260 RUB
4 Asepta Active RUB 218
5 R.O.C.S. Double mint 190 RUB

Best dental gum gels

The dentist may prescribe the gel to a child or adult when there are signs of gum disease. Often they resort to using gels when stomatitis appears.


Popularity rating: 4.9


The French brand Pierre Fabre produces Elugel. This antiseptic dental gel contains chlorhexidine. It is positioned as a medicinal product. Its use for prevention purposes is impractical. It is prescribed for exacerbation of gingivitis and stomatitis, as well as after dental operations.

Elugel is produced in 40 ml tubes, placed in cardboard boxes. 1 g of the drug contains 2 mg of chlorhexidine digluconate. The gel is evenly applied to problem gums 3-4 times a day. Rinsing the mouth with water after the procedure is not required. You can use a soft toothbrush or your finger to apply the gel. Food can be taken within 5-10 minutes after applying the drug.

According to reviews, Elugel is very comfortable to use. The gums calm down after application and it fully justifies its purpose – a local antiseptic. This tool quickly relieves bleeding gums and reliably protects against secondary infection. Elugel is usually well tolerated, but in rare cases it can cause allergic reactions.


  • high-quality local antiseptic;
  • has a pleasant aroma;
  • does not cause discomfort during use;
  • there is no need to rinse your mouth after using it.


  • allergic reactions are possible.


Popularity rating: 4.8


Polish dental gel Cholisal contains choline salicylate and cetalkonium chloride. The use of this remedy is appropriate for all kinds of dental diseases that are accompanied by pain and inflammation. Such a gel effectively relieves pain and relieves inflammation.

Cholisal is sold in aluminum tubes of 10 and 15 g. The product itself has a homogeneous transparent gel-like texture and a pronounced smell of anise. If you need to relieve pain, Cholisal is used 2-3 times a day before main meals or after meals before going to bed. A strip of gel is squeezed onto a clean finger – 0.5-1 cm, depending on the age category, and rubbed into the pathological focus.

In reviews, consumers often praise Holisal for the fact that this gel instantly relieves pain and helps to cope with stomatitis and other diseases. This product is easy to apply, spreads and absorbs quickly. After that, a slight chill is felt for some time. Its taste is pleasant, sweetish. The gel is readily used by both adults and children. This remedy is usually well tolerated, but some people experience a slight burning sensation immediately after application.


  • well thought out composition;
  • easy to apply;
  • pleasant taste and aroma;
  • pain relieves and heals;
  • suitable for adults and children.


  • slight burning sensation immediately after application.

Metrogyl Denta

Popularity rating: 4.7


The Indian dental gel Metrogyl Denta contains 2 components with a wide spectrum of antibacterial activity: metronidazole and chlorhexidine. This remedy is recommended for use in all kinds of inflammatory processes of infectious origin in the oral cavity. This medication is suitable for the treatment of adults and children over 6 years of age.

Metrogyl Denta is a soft gel of almost white color. It is sold in tubes of 5, 10 or 20 g. In case of gum inflammation, Metrogyl Denta is recommended to be distributed in a thin layer on pathological foci 2 times a day. To do this, you can use a clean finger or a cotton swab. Without a break, you can use this tool for no more than 10 days.

According to reviews, Metrogyl Denta is able to heal gums very quickly and solve other dental problems. This tool is comfortable to use. Tastes like mint toothpaste. Metrogyl Denta is most often well tolerated, but sometimes provokes local allergic reactions or headache.


  • an effective antimicrobial agent;
  • suitable for quick healing of gums;
  • tastes good;
  • easy to apply.


  • can cause local manifestations of allergies.


Popularity rating: 4.6


The Russian manufacturer Vertex also has a gum gel in its line of Asepta products. Its effectiveness is due to the presence of propolis in the composition, which reduces itching, soreness and fights inflammation. Also propolis accelerates the recovery of damaged tissues. This remedy strengthens weak gums by reducing bleeding.

Asept gum gel is sold in an iron tube of 10 g. The set includes a special spatula for application. In consistency, the gel resembles liquid honey (loose, yellow). Has a pronounced propolis aroma. Apply the gel in a thin layer to the gums immediately after cleaning the teeth. Distribute evenly in the area of ​​the pathological focus. The procedures are done 2-3 times a day for 1-2 weeks.

Dentists and patients speak very well of Asept gel. Relief comes immediately after application. The gel is sticky and fixes well. The tool perfectly relieves bleeding gums and relieves pain. It does not have a cooling effect. Most often, Asepta is well tolerated, but some people experience a metallic taste in their mouth after application.


  • contains natural propolis;
  • there is a spatula for application included;
  • relief comes immediately after application;
  • strengthens the gums.


  • may cause a metallic taste in the mouth.

Periodontal disease

Popularity rating: 4.5


The Moscow pharmaceutical factory produces gum gel Periodontoside. This product contains: thymol, allantoin, phenyl salicylate, as well as sage, mint, clove and oregano oil. The composition does not contain chlorhexidine and metronidazole, but there is ethyl alcohol and methylparaben, which may confuse some. This remedy is actively used for gingivitis, stomatitis and periodontitis.

Sold gel Parodontosid in iron tubes of 15 g. Its consistency is moderately thick, does not spread. The color is white, the aroma is very pleasant, herbal. It is recommended to wash your hands before use. Squeeze out 1 cm of gel and apply it to the gum with your finger or on a piece of gauze and leave for 10-15 minutes. Frequency of use – at least 2 times a day.

According to reviews, Periodontal disease is excellent for soothing the gums. Painful sensations disappear immediately after application. To many, this remedy tastes like sweet mint gum. For many, periodontitis has helped to heal the gums and mucous membranes while wearing braces. This product is very comfortable to use, but some consumers experience a burning sensation after application.


  • many natural ingredients in the composition;
  • pleasant herbal aroma;
  • tastes like peppermint gum;
  • quickly relieves pain;
  • heals the gums when wearing braces.


  • methylparaben in the composition;
  • may cause burning.

Curaprox 0.50% Perio Plus Focus

Popularity rating: 4.4


The Swiss brand Curaprox produces Perio Plus Focus gum gel with 0.50% chlorhexidine content. The composition also contains a complex of bioflavonoids and hyaluronic acid. This tool has proven itself well when applied locally in the area of ​​inflammation. It prevents secondary infection of wounds. This gel is excellent for tissue healing after dental surgery.

Perio Plus Focus is available in 10 ml tubes. Apply a small amount of the gel to the gums using a clean finger or soft toothbrush. If removable structures are installed in the mouth, then a small amount of the agent is squeezed onto their inner surface. After applying the gel, refrain from drinking or eating food for 2 hours.

Reviews of Curaprox 0.50% Perio Plus Focus are mostly positive. Consumers love that this product forms a protective film on teeth, gums and mucous membranes. The product acts gently and does not cause discomfort during use. This gel has good tolerance, but some may show an individual hypersensitivity to individual components.


  • plant bioflavonoids in the composition;
  • does not contain harmful additives;
  • easy to apply;
  • forms a protective film on the gums;
  • eliminates inflammation.


  • individual intolerance is possible.

The best gum balms

Most dentists are inclined to believe that in addition to toothpaste, it is wise to use balms in the morning and evening. They have an antibacterial effect, softening plaque, making it easier to remove. They often contain iodine, fluoride, extracts of medicinal plants, therefore, they improve blood supply and microflora in the mouth, and also strengthen the enamel of the teeth.

Weleda Sage Gum Balm

Popularity rating: 4.9


The popular Weleda brand produces Sage Gum Balm. This product is organic and suitable for sensitive gums. It eliminates edema, hyperemia, and prevents the development of the inflammatory process. Moreover, this product does not violate the natural microflora of the oral cavity. Medicinal plants in the composition have a mild antibacterial effect and heal wounds. The balm does not contain aggressive surfactants, dyes or other harmful components.

Weleda balm is sold in a 30 ml iron biodegradable tube. The consistency of the product is more liquid than toothpaste. Its color is amber, pleasant mint-herbal aroma. After each brushing your teeth, it is recommended to rub the balm into the gums with your finger or a soft brush for 1-2 minutes. It should not be washed off, and it is also advisable to refrain from eating for a quarter of an hour.

In reviews, consumers note that this Swiss remedy has an excellent effect on the gums. It is able to relieve bleeding and frequent inflammation. The balm is comfortable to use: it is easily distributed in the oral cavity, does not leave an unpleasant aftertaste. The product is consumed quite economically. This drug is very well tolerated.


  • natural composition;
  • pleasant to use;
  • perfectly relieves bleeding;
  • eliminates inflammation;
  • well tolerated.


  • not identified.

Revidont peptide gum balm

Popularity rating: 4.8


Peptides (formerly NPTSRIZ) produces Revidont gum balm. This product contains peptide and bioantioxidant complexes. This remedy reduces pain, prevents bleeding, swelling or inflammation of the gums. This product becomes a real boon for those who wear dentures.

The Revidont balm is produced in 15 ml tubes. The product is safe to swallow. After each brushing your teeth, it is recommended to rub it into the gums for 1-2 minutes. This can be done with a bun of your finger or a soft toothbrush. After that, you should not drink or eat for 15 minutes. For gum disease, this product is used up to 3 times a day.

Revidont balm is usually praised by consumers in their reviews. They love the pleasant minty taste of this product and how quickly it gets rid of various gum problems. This remedy perfectly removes puffiness, protects against bleeding, and also reduces tooth sensitivity. The balm is well tolerated, but occasionally it provokes allergic reactions.


  • unusual effective composition;
  • safe if swallowed;
  • pleasant mint taste;
  • protects against bleeding;
  • relieves inflammation and swelling.


  • occasionally provokes allergic reactions.

Balm adhesive Asepta

Popularity rating: 4.7


The popular Russian company Vertex produces Asept balm. The main components of the product: metronidazole, chlorhexidine, mint essential oil. Balm Asepta has a bactericidal effect on a large number of pathogens. Due to the adhesive base, the balm is fixed on the gums for a long time (more than 1 hour). Thanks to this, the active substances have a longer therapeutic effect.

The balm is sold in tubes with a special spatula included. The consistency of the product is thick, gel-like, slightly grainy. Color from beige to light brown with splashes. The smell is pleasant, mint, not very pronounced. The balm is not rubbed in. It is carefully applied to pathological foci with a finger or hygienic cotton swabs. Then it is moistened with water.

According to reviews, Asepta adhesive balm is very effective. It remains on the mucous membrane for a long time until you remove it yourself. It heals the gums perfectly. In the process of use, the balm is very pleasant, but its remains in the tube harden over time, so it may be difficult to use it in the future. And also some are confused by the price for a small amount of funds.


  • a wide range of bactericidal effects;
  • long-term fixation on the gums;
  • pleasant taste and aroma;
  • perfectly heals.


  • the rest of the product hardens in the tube.

Comprehensive protection Donfeel Daily care

Popularity rating: 4.6


The Donfeel company produces the 'Complex protection' irrigator balm. Daily care '. This product contains useful plant extracts (oak roots, eucalyptus leaves, mint leaves), essential oil of clove leaves, as well as xylitol and sodium fluoride. Provides comprehensive protection for the oral cavity, prevents the formation of tartar, gum inflammation, caries and other dental diseases.

Donfeel balm is sold in transparent plastic bottles of 250 ml. The liquid has a greenish color. The taste contains mint and lime with hints of medicinal herbs. Pour 2-3 measuring caps of balm into the irrigator reservoir, the rest is filled with boiled or filtered water not higher than 40 ° C. Or rinse your mouth with a small amount of balm after eating for 30 seconds. You can use it up to 3 times a day.

Many consumers in the reviews note that thanks to Donfeel balm, the condition of their gums has noticeably improved. Already after 1 month of regular use, it is possible to change the soft toothbrush to medium hardness. At the same time, the gums do not become inflamed or bleed. This tool is very pleasant to use. Along with the anti-inflammatory effect, it perfectly refreshes. Some only complain that it is not always easy to buy it. You need to look for such a product in pharmacies or in specialized stores.


  • well thought out composition;
  • suitable for use in an irrigator;
  • pleasant taste;
  • perfectly eliminates inflammation;
  • strengthens the gums.


  • it can be difficult to find on sale.

The best gum rinses

Mouthwashes significantly improve the quality of cleaning the oral cavity from bacteria, help maintain healthy gums and help eliminate bleeding.

Biorepair Mouthwash Gum Protection

Popularity rating: 4.9


The Italian brand Biorepair produces the antibacterial mouthwash Mouthwash Gum Protection. It contains a high concentration of organic active ingredients. This product moisturizes sensitive gums and prevents inflammation and bleeding thanks to hyaluronic acid. The product is also enriched with liquid enamel to help remineralize, strengthen and heal teeth.

Biorepair Mouthwash Gum Protection is available in 500 ml opaque plastic bottles with a measuring cup over the cap. The product has a thick consistency. Its color is pale pink. As a preventive measure, use 5 ml 1-2 times a day. Rinse the oral cavity for 30-50 seconds. For the purpose of therapy, 5-10 ml are used after each meal for 1 minute.

Many people very much praise such a rinse aid in their reviews. They love how it looks after and heals the gums. The product does not bake, does not irritate the mucous membrane, but on the contrary pleasantly envelops. The product has a pleasant, unobtrusive aroma. The rinse well heals the gums, prevents bleeding. The price of such a product may be confusing, but many are willing to pay for such a quality product.


  • many components of organic origin in the composition;
  • pleasant taste;
  • thick consistency;
  • perfectly cares for the gums and heals them;
  • does not bake or irritate mucous membranes.


  • not identified.

Listerine Expert 'Gum Protection'

Popularity rating: 4.8


Listerine Expert Gum Protection Rinse contains thymol, eucalyptol, menthol, methyl salicylate. With this tool, it is possible to significantly reduce the bleeding of the gums and reduce their inflammation. When using this product in the morning and in the evening, you can achieve the protection of the oral cavity from bacteria for the whole day. At the same time, this mouthwash does not disturb the balance of the microflora of the oral cavity.

Listerine Expert 'Gum Protection' is on sale in plastic bottles of various sizes (95, 250, 500, 1000 ml). The product has an original, powerful taste. Its color is turquoise. The manufacturer recommends measuring out the required amount of solution with teaspoons – 4 pieces (20 ml). Rinse the mouth for 30 seconds, after which the product is spit out. It is not recommended to dilute Listerine with water or other liquids.

According to reviews, Listerine Expert 'Gum Protection' causes a 'fire' in the mouth, but the effect is simply amazing. This remedy not only perfectly heals the gums and relieves them of bleeding, but also reduces the formation of plaque. With it, fresh breath is maintained for a long time. Nevertheless, sensitive natures complain that this remedy severely burns the tongue and mucous membranes during the rinsing procedure.


  • reduces bleeding gums;
  • quickly relieves inflammatory processes;
  • does not violate the microflora in the mouth;
  • perfectly freshens breath.


  • during rinsing, it burns the tongue and mucous membrane.

Rinse aid Lacalut Aktiv

Popularity rating: 4.7


German rinse aid Lacalut Aktiv contains aluminum lactate, fluorides and antibacterial components. This product is suitable for daily protection against: bleeding and inflammation of the gums, bacteria that cause dental plaque, caries, periodontitis. Aluminum lactate has a pronounced astringent effect, so the wounds on the gums heal immediately after application.

Lacalut Aktiv Rinse Aid is sold in clear pink plastic bottles with a measuring cup included. The liquid itself is transparent. The tool is approved for use for adults and children over 6 years old. In the morning, in the evening, and, if necessary, during the day, rinse the mouth with 10 ml of Lacalut Aktiv solution for 30 seconds. After that, spit out the product and do not rinse your mouth with water.

In the reviews, consumers note that Lacalut Aktiv rinse perfectly soothes the gums. Although during the rinsing procedure itself, the solution tingles, especially if there are wounds in the mouth. The mouthwash has a pleasant menthol taste. The drug is usually well tolerated, but if accidentally swallowed, gastritis worsens in some.


  • quickly heals wounds on the gums;
  • no dye;
  • pleasant menthol taste;
  • suitable for children from 6 years old;
  • soothes and relieves puffiness.


  • if swallowed, it can provoke an exacerbation of gastritis.

Rinser Asepta Active

Popularity rating: 4.6


The Russian manufacturer Vertex also produces Asepta Aktiv rinse aid. The active ingredients of the product are benzydamine, chlorhexidine, mint and menthol. This mouthwash has a complex effect on the oral cavity. It fights pathogens, relieves inflammation and relieves pain. The product is free from alcohol, dyes and fluoride and is therefore suitable for many groups of customers.

Rinse Asepta Active is sold in clear blue plastic bottles of 150 ml. The solution itself is clear with a mint flavor. The rinse aid is ready to use. Pour 10 ml of the product into a measuring cup and rinse your mouth for 20 seconds. Drinking and eating after this is not recommended for 30 minutes. You can use the product 2-3 times a day, but not more than 2 weeks in a row.

According to reviews, Asepta Active does an excellent job with bleeding gums. Also, after using this remedy, a feeling of freshness is present for a long time and plaque is less formed. Some note that they have a pronounced numbness of the tongue when using this solution. But they get out of the situation by diluting it with water 1: 1.


  • combined action;
  • perfectly relieves bleeding;
  • quickly relieves pain;
  • suitable for children from 6 years old.


  • tongue grows numb when using the product undiluted.

Rinse aid R.O.C.S. Double mint

Popularity rating: 4.5


Russian brand R.O.C.S. launches Double Mint Rinse Aid. The product contains kelp extract, which effectively relieves inflammation. It also enriches soft tissues with useful amino acids and minerals. The composition also contains calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, which are responsible for the mineralization of tooth enamel. The product is suitable for systematic daily use.

Rinse aid from R.O.C.S. Available in a dark green round plastic bottle. The product is transparent, with a slight greenish tint, and is liquid in texture, like water. The smell resembles mint gum, the taste is strongly pronounced. After brushing your teeth, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with 25 ml (1 cap) of the product for 30 seconds.

In reviews, consumers usually praise this rinse aid from R.O.C.S. They note that this product is excellent for bleeding gums and inflammation in the oral cavity. It also prolongs the cleanliness of the teeth and the freshness of the breath. Many people like its pleasant taste and smell, as well as the fact that it practically does not cause a burning sensation during the rinsing process.


  • does not contain fluoride, alcohol and dyes;
  • copes well with bleeding;
  • eliminates inflammatory processes;
  • freshens breath;
  • has a pleasant taste and aroma.


  • not identified.

The popularity rating is based on the analysis of demand data from the wordstat.yandex.ru service.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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