15 best places to stay with a child

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

If parents want to go on vacation and cannot leave their child with their grandmothers, it is worth choosing a place to stay with children. There are many suitable resorts in Russia and abroad. Our experts have selected 15 of the best options and reflected them in the rating based on feedback from tourists.

The most important thing when traveling with a child is convenience and comfort. Therefore, it is worthwhile to decide in advance with a tour operator, to get acquainted with the opinions of clients of a particular company. It is necessary to carefully study the terms of the contract and take care of child safety.

Rating of the best places to relax with a child

Nomination a place Name of product rating
The best places for families with children in Russia 1 Sochi Park 5.0
2 Extreme park in the village of Ust-Sema 4.9
3 Kidburg, Saint Petersburg 4.8
4 Moskvarium 4.7
5 Complex AQUALOO, Sochi 4.6
6 Ethnomir, Kaluga region 4.5
7 Sanatorium Plaza, Kislovodsk 4.4
8 Family camp 'Legends of the Lake District', Karelia 4.3
9 Riviera Club Hotel & SPA 4, Anapa 4.2
10 Prometheus Club, Lazarevskoe 4.1
The best places for families with children abroad 1 Disneyland, France 5.0
2 Marine Park in Burgas, Bulgaria 4.9
3 Yellowstone National Park, America 4.8
4 Schlitterbahn Waterpark, America 4.7
5 Garden Resort Bergamot 4 stars 4.6
6 Amusement park Gardaland (Gardaland), Italy 4.5
7 Rixos Sharm El Sheikh 5 Hotel, Egypt 4.4
8 Stella Palace Resort & Spa, hotel Greece 4.3
9 Zoo in Limassol, Cyprus 4.2
10 Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai 4.1

The best places for families with children in Russia

Russia is famous for its large selection of places for families with children. The inhabitants of the country did not even know about some of them. We will find out where the whole family should go.

Sochi Park

Rating: 5.0


Sochi Park is considered one of the best amusement parks in Russia. It includes 20 modern attractions, a water theater, a children's center, a zoological park, a dolphinarium, a large sandbox and themed playgrounds. Kids, teenagers and adults are delighted with the fairy-tale world, in each of which guests are greeted by popular characters. In the Land of Heroes, you can visit a magical photo studio and attend a creative master class. The sea kingdom invites everyone to fight the pirates and ride a huge wave. The eco-village will allow you to calmly relax by the pond, visit the animals in the Lapushki Zoo.

It should be noted that there are often many visitors to the park. Sometimes you have to queue for a long time for attractions. The disadvantages also include overpriced cafes. The Park is located at Sochi, Imeretinskaya Lowland, Olympic Avenue, 21. There are several hotels near the park (Bogatyr, Astra, Arfa Park Hotel).

Extreme park in the village of Ust-Sema

Rating: 4.9


Further in the ranking is a unique place for active and extreme pastime in Altai. The park offers rides and other services that allow you to get an unforgettable experience, test your strength and agility. The picturesque complex was built in a pine forest. Obstacles in the form of trails with intersections are organized through the trees. There is a special children's route. All passes are carried out with insurance. Adults can do bungee jumping, play paintball and rock climbing.

People from other cities come here to actively spend their holidays or celebrate their birthday. Praise the polite and friendly staff. The extreme park is located 60 km from Gorno-Altaysk. There are cottages on its territory. Housing prices are quite adequate. For a 4-bed room you have to pay 1500 rubles.

Kidburg, Saint Petersburg

Rating: 4.8


In Kidburg, every child can 'try on' an adult profession and work as a postman, policeman, doctor. The authors of a small real-world model for children under 14 have created a gas station, a bank, beauty studios, schools and farms. First of all, the baby gets a work book, a passport, some money. Then he studies, chooses a specialty and receives a salary. Money can be spent on entertainment. Children are accompanied by their parents, and older children can move around the city on their own. According to reviews, there are long lines and few staff. The advantages of such a vacation include the originality of the idea, an interesting pastime and a lot of entertainment.

The cheapest ticket is 250 rubles. Older children will have to pay 890 rubles on Saturday. Kidburg is located in the Grand Canyon shopping mall at the metro station. Prospectus of education, Engels ave., 154 A.


Rating: 4.7


Continues the first nomination of the Moskvarium rating at VDNKh. It opened more than three years ago and today is one of the most numerous holiday destinations. This is a great option to have fun with the whole family. If you wish, you can visit shows and exhibitions to learn about amazing marine life from all over the world, swim with dolphins.

Entrance prices depend on the age of the guest, the program and the day of the week. So, a family ticket (2 adults and 1 child) on a weekday costs 2,200 rubles. There are discounts on tickets for parents with many children. Family swimming with dolphins will cost 64 thousand rubles. Moskvarium is open every day from 10-00 to 22-00.

Complex AQUALOO, Sochi

Rating: 4.6


The next line of the rating belongs to a unique hotel complex in the Loo microdistrict. It was built on the territory of the AquaLoo water park. The pebbled 'White Beach' is less than 200 meters away. The guests of the complex have access to various slides and pools, a medical center of various profiles, a nightclub, a fitness room and sports grounds.

Tourists are delighted with the buffet with a huge selection of dishes. You definitely won't be bored here. The hotel hosts fun shows. A playroom with an animator is open for kids. The pension should be chosen by families who prefer noisy events. The average price per day per person is 2500 rubles. Address: Dekabristov, 78 B.

Ethnomir, Kaluga region

Rating: 4.5


The rating is continued by the largest interactive outdoor museum, which will acquaint children and adults with the life of peoples. Here you can iron huskies, try on national costumes, weave baskets, draw with Chinese ink and drink tea in a Kyrgyz yurt. Guests from all over the country come here to take part in master classes, find original souvenirs and take pictures in the interiors. On a huge square there are many ethnic yards with their own architecture, national cuisine, crafts and everyday life. The park's program is constantly changing. Themed festivals and folk festivals are held here.

It is impossible to go around all the corners of the museum in one day. You can spend the night in an ethno hotel. Huts, huts, plagues and even palaces await guests. You can get here by train to Balabanovo, and then by bus to Etnomir. If you travel by car, you should take into account that there are practically no parking spaces on weekends. The ticket price is 400-500 rubles.

Sanatorium Plaza, Kislovodsk

Rating: 4.4


Plaza Sanatorium accepts guests with kids from 4 years old. On its territory there is a restaurant with an original menu, a playground, a swimming pool, and a Vesely Ostrov club. Animators and nannies work. There is table tennis, an aerobics room, a library, billiards and a sports ground in the sanatorium. The main advantages of this place include more than 50 types of spa treatment, reasonable prices, a buffet with delicious dishes, a convenient location near the park, and cozy rooms.

You have to pay about 2800-3000 rubles per person per day. If you wish, you can purchase a wellness voucher, which includes daily SPA services with Turkish and Finnish baths, mineral water treatment. Address: Shirokaya Street, 33.

Family camp 'Legends of the Lake District', Karelia

Rating: 4.3

Legends of the Lake District ', Karelia

For families with children aged three to 12 years, the Legends of the Lake District camp is suitable. Parents and kids can count on comfortable accommodation with kitchen and meals. The program includes walks in the taiga, swimming in lakes with live water, various excursions and creative activities. The camp hosts are professional craftsmen and artists who revive traditional crafts. They will teach children to draw, and the received illustrations will replenish the collection exhibition. There is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with Karelian folklore.

Children and their parents will be able to play the Big Game and prove themselves as heroes or shamans. The camp is located at the recreation center 'Marcial Keys' on the shore of a forest lake. A 2-bed wooden house costs 3400 rubles per day. They get here by train to Petrozavodsk.

Riviera Club Hotel & SPA 4, Anapa

Rating: 4.2


A unique project of the Krasnodar Territory is a club-hotel in the Mediterranean style. On an area of ​​4 hectares, you can find a large number of interesting places for entertainment. The institution is fully focused on recreation with children of all ages. A sandy beach is located 350 meters from the hotel building. Refreshing drinks, snacks and sweets are sold on the beach. Pleases a complex of pools with water slides and hydromassage.

Young guests are entertained by fiery animators and educators. The hotel has a very convenient website where you can calculate the price of your vacation. For example, a seven-day vacation for four (2 adults and 2 children) will cost a family about 128,000 rubles. Address: Anapa, pionersky prospect, 28.

Prometheus Club, Lazarevskoe

Rating: 4.1


In the Prometheus club, each visitor will find something to their liking. There are six swimming pools, a games room with animators, tennis courts, bowling clubs, bars and playgrounds. Parents of babies can rent cribs, high chairs and strollers. There are restaurants for kids on the territory, where you can feed your child with cottage cheese and cereals, fruits and juices.

Tired mothers enjoy visiting the SPA center. Tourists call this place a good and expensive alternative to Turkey. The resort is located a hundred meters from the coast. It is praised for its beautiful views and developed infrastructure. Disadvantages include high prices, a large number of tourists and a lack of staff. For these reasons, Prometheus earned the last place in the rating in this category. Address: Rechnaya street, 2A.

The best places for families with children abroad

Foreign resorts are distinguished by high service and a wide range of entertainment. Many of them are known throughout the world.

Disneyland, France

Rating: 5.0


In April 1992, Disneyland Amusement Park opened east of Paris. Its area is almost 1950 hectares and includes a huge number of attractions. More than 12 million tourists visit this place every year. Every child dreams of visiting this magical place, and adults do not mind plunging into childhood and having fun.

The complex consists of five fabulous cities. To get inspired by the grandeur of the project, it is worth taking a train journey from the park's central entrance. Disneyland is open all year round. There are many shops, cafes and cinemas on its territory. There is a golf course and a football school. The minimum price for a ticket is approximately 49 euros (3,500 rubles). To get to the park, you need to take the train from Gare de Lyon to Chessy station.

Marine Park in Burgas, Bulgaria

Rating: 4.9


We gave the second place in the rating to the Marine Park, which stretches along the sea coast for as much as 7 kilometers. Tourists escape from the heat here and dine in cozy cafes. Children are offered performances in the Summer Theater, rides. You can rent a two-wheeled bike from the rental point. Pleased with a large selection of restaurants, the presence of a concert venue. There are many sculptures installed in the park alleys, flowers, shrubs and trees grow.

Children will love the zoo and playgrounds with go-karting, trampolines, carousels. The Marine Park is open all year round and delights tourists with magnificent views from observation platforms. Judging by the reviews, it is always clean and cozy here. The entrance is free. Address: Burgas, Democracy Street.

Yellowstone National Park, America

Rating: 4.8


The US National Park covers an area of ​​almost 900 thousand hectares. It is surrounded by mountains on all sides. The park has 300 waterfalls, more than 10,000 hydrothermal springs, a huge number of wild animals, reptiles and birds. Here you can find grizzly bears, marmots, coyotes, deer and bison. The most spectacular sights include Esmerald Spring, Great Prismatic Spring, Lake of Morning Glory, Mammoth Hot Springs.

There are museums, cinemas and shops throughout the park. It is a great place to reconnect with nature and explore animals and birds. The entrance fee is $ 30. The most comfortable period for rest is from June to September.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark, America

Rating: 4.7


One of the best water parks in the world is considered a place in the state of Texas. Here you can find slides and attractions for all ages. Adults relax in the heated pool and swim in artificial rivers. Children have fun at water playgrounds and other activities. The rides are divided into four categories according to the degree of danger. They differ in the intensity of the flow. This way you can find the safest place for your child. I am glad that there is a picnic area where you can relax and have a snack with food brought with you. There are also cafes on site.

Schlitterbahn is very large. It is impossible to get to know her in one day. Therefore, hotel rooms are provided for tourists. They need to be booked several months in advance. The Texas Water Park operates from April to mid-September. Opening hours: from 10 am to 8 pm. The ticket price for an adult is about 3,300 rubles, for a child – about 2,500 rubles.

Garden Resort Bergamot 4 stars

Rating: 4.6


Most of the hotels in Turkey are focused on families with children. Garden Resort Bergamot 4 is no exception. The hotel is chosen for reasonable prices, large green area and excellent animation. He has several pools. One of them is located in a quiet and peaceful place – the orange garden. The beach can be reached in 3-4 minutes.

Tourists believe that staying at a hotel is worth the money. The food here is delicious and well organized for children. Toddlers are delighted with the pools, playground and playroom. Reviews about the hotels are mostly positive. A ten-day vacation for a family of 3 people will cost about 150-180 thousand rubles.

Amusement park Gardaland (Gardaland), Italy

Rating: 4.5


It should be noted in the ranking of the stunning Gardaland Park on Lake Garda. It is famous for its breathtaking rides, funny tree houses and a lot of unforgettable adventures. There are traditional horse-drawn carousels, trains and airplanes. Daredevils can take to the air on a flying saucer to enjoy the view of Lake Garda.

It is better to visit the park on a weekday. There are too many visitors on the weekend. Exciting shows and theaters are organized every day. Visitors recommend taking the kids to 'The Spectacular 4D Adventure', designed in a modern 4D format. Gardaland is located two hours from Milan.

Rixos Sharm El Sheikh 5 Hotel, Egypt

Rating: 4.4


The next participant in the rating is a premium class hotel located near Sharm airport. It is located on the beach of Nabq Bay and is a real fairy tale for young guests. It has all the necessary conditions for children's recreation. Toddlers are delighted with the entertainment program, delicious buffet and pools. In addition, the hotel is famous for its high service, clean territory, friendly service and delicious desserts.

Vacationers claim that chefs can cook for children everything that they used to eat at home. The pluses include a sandy beach with a good sunset. For 7 days for 3 people, you need to pay about 125-145 thousand rubles.

Stella Palace Resort & Spa, hotel Greece

Rating: 4.3


Next in the ranking is a five-star hotel with a huge amount of accolades. It is next to the airport and houses 3 different pools, a private beach, a kids' club, a play area, bars and restaurants. It is a great choice for a variety of sports. You can play badminton, minigolf and warm up on the tennis court on site. Adults are happy to visit the jacuzzi, Turkish bath, beauty salon.

There is a sun deck with beautiful views. The hotel is chosen for having a kids club, childcare (babysitting), multilingual staff and plenty of entertainment. A night in a standard double room costs about 9-11 thousand rubles.

Zoo in Limassol, Cyprus

Rating: 4.2


One of the favorite places of vacationers in Cyprus is the zoo in Limassol. During a walk along it, adults and children will learn a lot of new things and have fun. Comfortable conditions and funny animals will give a lot of positive emotions. Careful care of the zoo's abodes eliminates unpleasant odors and debris. There are ponds with red and white fish on the territory, a two-tier aviary in the form of an aquarium, where you can watch the life of martens and otters. It is convenient for the youngest guests to see all the animals.

There are cafes and souvenir shops in this place. There are picnic areas. The zoo has a training center for children and adolescents, where they conduct training on the topic of nature protection. Children can play with some animals, feed them and even ride a horse. An adult ticket costs 5 euros, a child ticket costs 2 euros. Babies under 5 years old are admitted free.

Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai

Rating: 4.1


The last in the ranking was a five-star hotel on Jumeirah Beach. Nearby there are shopping centers, a ski complex. The hotel is ideal for families. It has a sandy coastline with good access to the sea. There is a playground and a club, a games room, a swimming pool. The toddler program includes sandcastle building, fun games and discos. Upon check-in, young guests are given a schedule with entertainment, coloring books, a sketchbook and puzzles.

Tourists praise the varied menu of quality products. The rooms are small but quite comfortable. Not everyone can afford such a vacation. The average price for a double room is 23-25 ​​thousand rubles (night).

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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