15 best places to stay in Crimea

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Tourists choose Crimea for mild climatic conditions, beautiful nature, warm sea and cozy beaches. It’s time to decide a place for a summer vacation and get to know resort towns Peninsula closer. The rating compiled by our team will help. by experts.

Rating of the best places to stay in Crimea

Nomination a place name rating
The best places for a beach holiday in Crimea 1 Golden Beach of Feodosia 4.9
2 Jasper beach 4.8
3 Royal Beach in the New World 4.7
4 Beaches of Cape Tarhankut 4.6
5 Cossack Bay 4.5
The best places for outdoor activities in Crimea 1 SevenWinds Surf Station in Kerch 4.9
2 KSK “Golden Horseshoe” in Alushta 4.8
3 Aerostat.club in Feodosia 4.8
4 The airfield “Yukharina Balka” in Sevastopol 4.7
5 Fishing club “Red Stone” in Yalta 4.6
The best places to stay in Crimea with children 1 Evpatoria 4.9
2 Yalta 4.8
3 Alushta 4.7
4 Zander 4.6
5 Sevastopol 4.5

The best places for a beach holiday in Crimea

Tourists can choose between sand, stone and mixed the beaches. Some of them are located in small bays, others – in large cities. There are wild places for recreation on the peninsula, and also sea coast with all amenities. Every vacationer will find suitable option for yourself.

Golden Beach of Feodosia

Resort rating in Crimea: 4.9


Opens the nomination for a place for rest and swimming for a length of 15 km The coast sparkles with golden sand, which is considered one of the cleanest on earth. Locals say he possesses healing properties. Advised to walk more often on the sandy surfaces to improve the functioning of internal organs. Here resting couples with children, youth. Kids like warm water lack of stones at the bottom and a gentle entrance. They build sand castles and ride water activities. In the evenings there are discos.

On the territory there are many cafes, restaurants, playgrounds active sports and attractions, shower and toilet. On the beach always clean, and divers examine the water. The entrance is free. Reviews about this place is mostly positive. To the city center – a little more than 7 km. There is a beach on the Kerch highway.

Jasper beach

Rating resort in Crimea: 4.8


Not far from Sevastopol on Cape Fiolent is located Jasper beach. This is an amazingly beautiful place with small pebbles on the shore. Arrivals delighted with the Cross Rock and the crystal water that compare with the sea in Egypt. Photos are great for account of the scenic area. There are quite a lot of people here during the day. Is on the territory of the beach toilet, cafe. You can ride a banana and jet ski.

Sunset at sea is convenient, the depth rises sharply. In order to get there to the sea coast, you have to overcome the stairs of 788 steps. Climbing it takes up to 30 minutes. There is another option. – leave Balaklava by boat.

Royal Beach in the New World

Rating resort in Crimea: 4.7


Near the village of Novyi Svet there is a lovely Crimea beach under the name of the Royal. It is located in the Blue Bay, near the Cossack. This place is considered a protected area and is famous for delicious wine. You can get to the coast from the open sea. For this you need to sign up for an excursion. The royal beach is surrounded by cliffs. Here cormorants live. The water has a bluish tint, and the coast is covered small stones. Sand is rare.

Some tourists bathe in wild places with many boulders and uneven bottom. However, this is not worth doing. Compared with previous participants in the ranking, there are fewer people. A place will appeal to those who want to retire and swim where they swam Emperor Nicholas II himself.

Beaches of Cape Tarkhankut

Rating resort in Crimea: 4.6


Further in the ranking is Cape Tarkhankut with its beautiful landscapes. It is located in the west of the peninsula and differs in rocky terrain and sparse vegetation. TO the advantage of beaches include crystal clear water acceptable temperature. These places are loved by divers. Pebbled surface of the shore not everyone likes it, but don’t be afraid to get hurt during swimming, because the rocky bottom is clearly visible in clear water.

The season opens at the beginning of the third spring month. Tarhankut – insanely romantic place with a sea pool called “Bowl love. “Near the cape there are no large enterprises and automobile slopes, so the air here is always clean. Too bad direct route out of town is missing. If you go by bus, you need to go to Olenevka.

Cossack Bay

Resort rating in Crimea: 4.5


Indescribable sensations and pleasant memories will give travelers rest in the Cossack Bay of Sevastopol. It located on Cape Chersonese. Impressive chic landscapes, warm sea ​​with clear water. Tourists delighted with the local sights and travel from all over the country to see Chersonesos lighthouse, the church of St. Vladimir. The beaches of Cossack Bay choose for the opportunity to swim in depth and rent a yacht. Mask diving is a real pleasure.

Vacationers praise the local fauna, here you can see exotic animals. Reviews about this place are mixed. Some tourists prefer landscapes of the Blue Bay, and believe that to the beaches take too long.

The best places for outdoor activities in Crimea

Everyone who loves outdoor activities will definitely find in Crimea something interesting. It remains only to choose a place in depending on hobbies and financial opportunities.

SevenWinds Surf Station in Kerch

Resort rating in Crimea: 4.9


The windsurfing school in the city opens this rating category. Kerch. The sports center is located on the sandy shore. Here you can fulfill your dream and learn how to ride a board on water. Lessons conducted by experienced instructors. They pick up equipment and train safety precautions. SevenWinds makes relaxation active and memorable. The age limit is from 9 years.

There is a surf station from early May until October. Here Strait Cup competitions are held. In an hour of work of the instructor and rent windsurfing equipment will have to pay 2,000 rubles. You need to pay 2500 for training catboarding with a professional rubles. The center is located on Arshintsevskaya Spit in the territory recreation center “Strait”.

KSK “Golden Horseshoe” in Alushta

Rating resort in Crimea: 4.8


Near Alushta, they ride horses, jeeps and ATVs. From the mountains you can see excellent panoramas. It is a good choice for extreme lovers. It remains to choose a multi-day or one-hour tour. You should think about clothes in advance, they should not be a brand and with long sleeves to avoid scratching while traveling bushes.

Horse-riding club offers its visitors a sauna with pool, cafe-bar, mini-hotel, organization of holidays. One the route on horseback costs 1000 rubles, on a donkey – 800 rubles. Price for a trip to UAZ is from 2000 rubles. Breaks into the car six persons.

Aerostat.club in Feodosia

Rating resort in Crimea: 4.8


A popular destination among aeronauts and balloonists is considered airfield Kara-Goz, which is located between Koktebel and Feodosia. Balloons fly to the sky throughout the year. it A great option for a romantic walk in the clouds. From high a bird’s eye view you can see the Black and Azov seas, a volcano Kara-Deg, Uzun-Syrt and Tepe-Oba ranges. Flight requires training. It is better to apply in a few days.

In addition to the instructor, six people can be in the basket. Reviews about the excursions are mostly positive. Tour not causes fear, only interest and admiration for the beauty of nature. A group familiarization flight on a ball for one person costs 6-7 thousand rubles.

The airfield “Yukharina Balka” in Sevastopol

Rating resort in Crimea: 4.7


Anyone who wants to take a parachute jump should visit airfield “Yukharina Balka”. Here they make ground training, provide knowledge about all the intricacies of this sport, discuss opening of the dome, landing and safety measures. At least one just worth experiencing a great sense of flight. Opens up excellent view of the bays of Sevastopol.

The airport is en route to Cape Fiolent. Judging by the reviews, experienced and conscientious instructors work here. Airdrome easy find by navigator. One jump with insurance costs 4800 rubles.

Fishing club “Red Stone” in Yalta

Rating resort in Crimea: 4.6


In the village of Krasnokamenka, located on the southern coast of the Crimean peninsula, operates a fishing club called “Red stone. “Asphalt is laid on its territory. Newcomers come here and experienced anglers to catch cyprinids. Those to whom not interested in such a pastime, can enjoy walk, gorgeous panoramic views and a picnic on the grass. Near by the pond there are arbors made of wood, bridges. Issuing point opened inventory and equipment.

Vacationers are delighted with the exciting fishing. They are cooking caught prey on the barbecue. This is the best choice for family holiday or corporate party. Landscapes relax and pacify. entrance paid here. Lake rental is 3500 rubles. Gazebo for 10-12 places together with fishing equipment will cost 9,500 rubles.

The best places to stay in Crimea with children

Over 70 percent of tourists come to the sunny peninsula together with children of different ages. In cities and towns created special conditions that are suitable for babies and their parents. It is worth getting acquainted with the list of popular places.


Resort rating in Crimea: 4.9


This is one of the best resorts for young tourists. There is everything for children – water complexes, shows with trained dolphins, Amusement park, museums and excursions. In the evening, kids are entertained. energetic animators in costumes of cartoon heroes, illusionists perform and strong men, are going through fire shows. Pleases sandy beach with perfect flat bottom. Depth is increasing gradually. There are no sharp stones. Kids calmly go into the water. Its temperature in July is 23-27 degrees.

As for housing prices, in Evpatoria you can find a house for any budget. There are many hotels and pensions in the city, specializing in children’s vacations. Vacationers choose this place. for the cleanliness of the air and the streets. It is a pity that there are few picturesque mountains. Get here from Simferopol.


Rating resort in Crimea: 4.8


Tourists come to the resort capital of Crimea year-round. Them attracted by the magnificent landscape, clean air and beautiful mountains. Every child will find entertainment to their liking. Have here many parks and squares, animal park, botanical garden and meadow fairy tales. For the smallest guides offer a walk on ponies and little donkeys. The main business cards of the solar cities – the palace of Alexander the Third and the Swallow’s Nest.

The coast is strewn with pebbles. Armchairs and umbrellas are rented. Pleased with a good road junction. I don’t like narrow beaches, where a lot of vacationers. Compared to other participants rating, the highest cost for rooms, food and leisure.


Rating resort in Crimea: 4.7


Further in the ranking is a small resort town nearby with Yalta. Its main advantages include well-maintained embankment, entertainment complexes with water slides, amusement park and a pool with trained dolphins. In optimal accessibility Market, pharmacy, markets and hospital. The minuses include small beaches with a huge number of vacationers. It is worth considering that the sea the bottom is deep. Cobblestones are felt under the feet. But the prices for The resort is quite adequate.

Most hotels are designed for families with children. For babies to three years of space in the rooms are not paid. Toddlers are presented scooters with bicycles. There is a special children’s menu. IN paid garden you can leave your child for five hours to do other things. There is an opportunity to travel as part of an excursion to any corner of the peninsula. Get to Alushta from Simferopol on by bus or taxi.


Rating resort in Crimea: 4.6


The next participant in the rating will appeal to fans of the Middle Ages. Tourists are offered to see jousting tournaments and even accept participation in them. Guests are happy to shoot metal weapons and try on armor. All these events take place in the fortress, built by the Genoese.

There is a good water park in Sudak, sightseeing trips are popular to the New World. The resort is chosen for well-groomed beaches with pebbles, clear water, diverse housing, ennobled streets and many shops. Only the difficult road to the city is sad. Often have to stand in traffic jams. Many are afraid to go along the serpentine. Get to Sudak from the center of the Crimean peninsula by bus. The journey takes about 3 hours.


Resort rating in Crimea: 4.5


Completes the ranking of a hero city with a rich history, located in the southwest of the Crimean peninsula. Unlike other resorts, there are a huge number of museums that are dedicated feats of those who fought for their homeland during the Second World War. In the territory You can find a water park, squares, trade enterprises, karting, dining and night clubs, theaters and dolphinarium.

Guests of Sevastopol delighted with the high-quality roads developed infrastructure, clean yards and a huge number of flower flower beds. On the rocky coasts there is always a place to relax. It’s better just choose places in Orlovka and Kache. True, it takes a long time get to them. Take a bus from Simferopol to Sevastopol will take more than an hour.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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