15 best grape varieties

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Grapes are considered to be southern culture, but often it found in the northern regions. Many varieties were bred, which without any problems can be grown in the suburbs. Moreover the taste characteristics of berries growing in this region are nothing not inferior grapes from the south.

But so that the result does not disappoint, it is important to choose the right grade. Our experts appreciated the different options for this culture and chose the best of them. For the convenience of beginning growers they compiled a rating of varieties suitable for cultivation in the suburbs, breaking them further into early and mid-season.

Rating of the best grape varieties

Nomination a place Name of product rating
The best grapes for the suburbs 1 Victoria 5.0
2 Tenderness 4.9
3 Transformation 4.8
4 Lowland 4.7
5 Muscat of Moscow 4.6
The best early grape varieties 1 Anniversary of Novocherkassk 5.0
2 Tason 4.9
3 Summer nutmeg 4.8
4 Super Extra 4.7
5 Beauty of the North 4.6
The best mid-season grape varieties 1 Radiant raisins 5.0
2 Rizamat steady 4.9
3 Augustine 4.8
4 Lydia 4.7

The best grapes for the suburbs

Grapes are a culture whose variety of varieties is amazing. But the Moscow Region is not suitable for growing far from everyone of them. The climate here is not always stable. But thanks to selection new varieties this region can now compete with the southern grape growing strip.


Rating: 5.0


The first place in the rating is given to Victoria garden grape variety, which is considered one of the most delicious. Low bush covered small dark green leaves, pleasant to the touch. Clusters Victoria is quite large – their weight can be 500-700 g. For prevent strong peeling in the vicinity planted pollinating varieties.

The berries are quite large (the weight of one is 6-7 g), oval. Their color close to red crimson. If you carefully consider the large berry, then a barely noticeable mesh is visualized through which translucent juicy fleshy pulp. Flavored fruits, in taste Muscat notes are felt.

Winegrowers in reviews praise the Victoria variety for its high yield and fruit ripening speed (115-120 days). Our experts included it in the ranking of the best, as this variety makes frosts down to -27 ° C, and also has medium resistance to mildew and oidium. Victoria grapes respond well to various receptions cultivation.


  • berries are large, juicy;
  • Muscat notes are present in the taste;
  • mature in 4 months;
  • resistance to frost;
  • high productivity.


  • inclined to give small berries with a lack of pollination.


Rating: 4.9


Ripening very early, the Tenderness grape variety is located on second place ranking. His bushes grow very actively. They are covered smooth leaves without pubescence, having 3 blades. Flowers of this varieties of bisexual. Bunches are formed of medium size (maximum – 370 g) having a cylindrical shape.

Each oval Berry of Tenderness reaches 7 g. Their color is white, almost transparent. The skin is thin, elastic. Underneath is tender, melting in the mouth, flesh. The taste of the fruit is very harmonious. FROM one bush is removed to 7-9 kg of crop. Grapes Tenderness is not very sweet and great for making quality wine.

According to the reviews of winegrowers, the tenderness variety is resistant to most field and fungal diseases. Wasps and other pests it is practically not attacked. This variety is deservedly located in ranking of the best, because it tolerates frosts and retains full crop at -22 ° C. However for the winter tenderness requires mandatory warming.


  • tender flesh with a pleasant neutral taste;
  • from one bush it is possible to remove up to 9 kg of grapes;
  • the bush looks harmonious in any area;
  • high quality wine made from Tenderness;
  • almost one hundred percent immunity to mildew.


  • transportability is low.


Rating: 4.8


The third position in the ranking is occupied by a candidate for grape varieties – Transfiguration The Krains breeder created this hybrid form. Bushes Transformations grow powerfully and form a large number of stepsons. This variety is pollinated independently, since there are flowers of both sexes. Bunches are formed weighty – from 700 g to 1.5 kg

Each berry is quite large (weighs 11 g), elongated oval forms. Ripe grapes have a pink color. On the skin there is a whitish coating of wax. On the palate Transfiguration sweetness complemented by acidity. When biting a berry, it follows from it a lot of juice and a pleasant aroma is felt. Remove from one bush to 20 kg of berries.

Grape growers highly praise this hybrid for his ability to give 2 full crops. From the mother bush harvesting fruits in late August. And in October it is possible to collect berries with stepsons. Our experts rated it as Variety Transformation adapts well to climate change. The fruit buds withstand frost to -23 ° C. But the parasites attack The transformation is quite active.


  • the crop is harvested twice a season;
  • does not need pollinators;
  • does not require special care;
  • soft taste and pleasant aroma.


  • the average degree of damage by pests and diseases.


Rating: 4.7


The fourth ranking position is given to the Nisin variety. Bush has special formation, which affects a high level fruiting. On each stem, 1-2 clusters are formed, containing up to 35 grapes. On the bushes, up to 24 stems are formed. Without special even novice growers are able to collect efforts from one bush up to 6 kg of grapes.

Berries are very large, oval, pitted or no more than two pieces. Their color is purple-red. On the brush they are placed with medium density. When direct sunlight hits the fruits, then they give a beautiful glow. Grapes are painted for 2 weeks before final ripening. The flesh is sweetish harmonious taste.

Fans of this grape variety in the reviews note that the clusters long maintain a good presentation, resistant to transportation and they have high palatability. The Nisin variety is rated, because it tolerates sub-zero temperatures. He is pollinated always 100%, therefore, stably fruiting, and its grapes always large.


  • large, tasty berries, almost seedless;
  • the variety does not need pollinators;
  • good for transportation;
  • good disease resistance.


  • berries stain 2 weeks earlier than ripen.

Muscat of Moscow

Rating: 4.6


Muscat Moskovsky table grape variety got fifth position rating. The bush grows strongly. It is covered in a lot of large, strongly dissected sheets, on which there is no pubescence. The mass of cylindrical clusters reaches 475 g. On average up to 4.6 kg is removed from one bush. Muscat of Moscow needs regular rationing of the crop.

The berries are oval, light green in color. They have an average value. There are 2-3 bones inside. The average thickness of the skin Covers juicy flesh. The berries have a delicate taste and a pleasant aroma with nutmeg notes. Harvested in mid-autumn. From Muscat Moscow made dessert wines of high quality.

Grape growers leave positive feedback about this variety. However they note that Muscat of Moscow has poor resistance to mildew, greatly affected by oidium, anthracnose. But in the rating the best it is made due to its frost resistance to -25 ° C and taste characteristics.


  • delicate, fragrant berries;
  • good yield;
  • resistance to winter frosts;
  • not afraid of spring frosts.


  • low resistance to disease and pests.

The best early grape varieties

Although the climate in the Moscow Region is better than in the north, but still this area is not particularly suitable for breaking vineyards. This is due to the fact that June and half of July are here usually hot, and the second part of summer and early fall rainy. because of this grape is cracking and rotting. To avoid this, it’s better plant early varieties.

Anniversary of Novocherkassk

Rating: 5.0


Grape variety Anniversary Novocherkassk takes the first position rating. It takes 110-120 days to ripen the berries. Take off the harvest is already at the end of summer. The bush grows heavily and is actively covered. large leaves. The weight of clusters reaches 0.8-1.6 kg, and in rare cases and up to 3 kg.

The berries are oval, oblong, yellow with a rose. They look very attractive. Some shrubs may be white with pink or pure pink berries. Fleshy flesh Covers a relatively dense skin. The taste of grapes harmoniously sweet, without any aftertaste. The ripe the berry, the more it looser.

The grapes of this variety have many positive reviews. Vinogradar noted that it is resistant to frost (up to -23 ° C). He doesn’t fungal diseases are terrible. Our experts included it in rating, as the anniversary of Novocherkassk forms large, dense clusters. And strong grapes are well transported and are stored.


  • large clusters;
  • sweet harmonious taste;
  • stable fruiting;
  • berries are transported seamlessly;
  • good disease resistance;
  • frost resistance.


  • this variety wasp attack;
  • requires normalization.


Rating: 4.9


The second place in the rating is given to the Tason variety. He keeps up with 100-110 days in the suburbs, and in the south it is collected in the middle summers. Tason grape bush is growing rapidly. It is covered in dark leaves that form from 5 blades and have a strong dissection. The clusters are quite large (500-800 g), having cylindrical conical shape.

The grapes are oval, white and pink. And under the lines the sun appears on them with tan, and in shaded places they remain without staining. In the sun, the berries are translucent and have beautiful amber shade. The bones are so small that almost not felt. The peel is dense in moderation and practically not felt with food. It covers a crisp, juicy pulp. In the taste is dominated by sweetness, and the aroma has notes of muscat.

Vinogradar in the reviews note that among the early ripe Tason – This is the most delicious variety. This grape deserves to be ranked. the best, since it is resistant to gray rot, tolerates well freezing to -22 ° C, always gives large fruits and good transported. It appears on the market before other varieties.


  • sweet taste, nutmeg notes in aroma;
  • dynamic ripening;
  • externally attractive berries;
  • well transported;
  • can grow in any climatic conditions.


  • resistance to frost is not very high.

Summer nutmeg

Rating: 4.8


Muscat summer grape variety, related to canteens, It is located in the third position of the rating. His ripening takes 110-125 days. When it grows in the suburbs, fruits can to collect at the beginning of autumn. The bushes of this grape grow very much. Some reach a height of up to 3 meters. On all the shoots fruits are present.

Bunches of grapes Muscat summer weigh from 500 g to 1 kg. Form y them cylindrical with loose arrangement of grapes. Berries rather large and oblong. If the fruits ripen in the shade, then they will be amber white. And on the sunny side they get bright amber color. The peel is quite dense, but it is quite possibly. It covers juicy and fleshy flesh.

Fans of this variety in their reviews note that the bushes are good feel even at -23 ° C, but to cover for the winter it is all the same follows. It is medium resistant to disease. Muscat Grape Variety the summer deservedly appeared in the ranking of the best, since he unpretentious in care, perfectly decorates the yard and has a high transportability.


  • special rich muscat taste;
  • bisexual flowers;
  • the vine ripens well;
  • fruiting effectively;
  • well transported.


  • the peel on the berries is quite dense;
  • affected by the root phylloxera.

Super Extra

Rating: 4.7


The fourth place rating is given to the grape variety amateur selection – Super Extra (second name Citrine). Harvest already in early August. Even a small number of warm months do not prevents this grape variety from bearing fruit well. Super bushes Extra grow greatly. Each bunch weighs from 500 g to 1.5 kg

The berries are white in color, ovoid in shape, rather large (7-8 g). The peel is medium in density and thickness. Under it is juicy and fleshy flesh, which has a very harmonious taste. Super Extra characterized by high productivity, but he has a tendency to peeling, therefore special cannot be neglected agricultural practices.

Grapers in the reviews note that this variety has excellent taste characteristics and has a high yield. He is included in the rating of the best for having a strong peel of berries contributes to the transportation of crops with virtually no loss. Grade great for beginner growers as well takes root and does not require special care. Super Extra Withstand frosts down to -23 ° C.


  • the taste is pleasant, sweet;
  • high bearing fruit;
  • does not lose its presentation during transportation;
  • increased resistance to disease.


  • tendency to pea.

Beauty of the North

Rating: 4.6


The white grape variety Krasa Severa took the fifth place in the rating. Berries ripen in 110 days. They contain a lot of folic acid, therefore, the Beauty of the North is positioned as a healing grape. Bushes grow very much. Shoots ripen well. The bunches are pretty large, cone-shaped and branch.

Berries are most often white, but there is a pinkish tint on them. Usually they are large, oval in shape. The skin on one side is thin, but it’s quite solid. It feels astringency or grassy taste. It covers the fleshy, juicy flesh. General taste the berries can be described as simple. Delicious from the Beauty of the North juice that does not require the addition of sugar.

Fans of this variety in their reviews note that the Beauty of the North stably in demand in the market. Our experts contributed it to rating of the best, because it is well transported and can take a long time Do not deteriorate after harvesting. The grade withstands frosts down to -24-25 ° C, as well as the Beauty of the North shows increased resistance to gray rot.


  • contains a lot of folic acid;
  • with high humidity, the berries do not rot on the bush for a long time;
  • high bearing fruit;
  • good transportability.


  • under heavy rains the berry gives a crack.

The best mid-season grape varieties

Some mid-season varieties are also suitable for the Moscow Region. But they need to be selected very thoughtfully, since not every species has time mature before the first frost.

Radiant raisins

Rating: 5.0


The grape variety deservedly occupies the first place in the rating – Radish raisins. Its fruits have time to ripen in 125-130 days. Bushes grow medium, and sometimes very much. The average cluster weight is 500 g. They are shaped like a cylinder or cone. Density they medium, berries are loose.

The berries are not very large, oblong. Mass of each grapes do not exceed 4-5 g. Color pink or reddish. The pulp is elastic, fleshy, gives a lot of juice. Taste sweetish with light sourness. The aroma is noticeable musky notes. Grade suitable for long storage. Pretty raisin pretty demanding in care.

Experienced and beginners respond well to this variety. winegrowers. Our experts rated it as the best, because Radiant raisins stably bring a lot of harvest. His bunches They look very attractive and retain their presentation for a long time. storage. Taste characteristics are also on top. But Kishmish Radiant can withstand low temperatures only within the range of -15-18 ° C.


  • beautiful clusters;
  • lack of seeds in berries;
  • excellent taste characteristics;
  • good transportability.


  • poor resistance to lower temperatures and diseases.

Rizamat steady

Rating: 4.9


The second position in the ranking was occupied by the stable Rizamat variety. His ripening period – early middle – end of August or beginning September It belongs to table raisins. Rizamata bush growing very dynamically and requires constant care. Flower of variety bisexual. The clusters are quite large (800-1000 g). Berry density per They are average. The form is conical, branched.

Each berry reaches 14 g in weight. cylindrical. Color – pink, with one barrel always more dark. Berries are covered with a medium-thick wax coating. Tight and a thin peel covers the crisp flesh. Even fully matured, clusters continue to hang on branches for a long time, without shedding. Wasps on they are also not particularly attacked.

In their reviews, lovers of this variety note that in order to obtain high quality Rizamat grape harvest requires maintenance high agricultural background. The variety was in the ranking of the best for pleasant palatability, color of berries and their presentation. From this grade get quality raisins that look attractive and have good taste characteristics.


  • the berries are delicious, crispy;
  • well stored and transported;
  • it makes excellent raisins.


  • with moisture differences, the berries crack;
  • low resistance to disease and frost.


Rating: 4.8


The Augustin table grape variety is in third place in rating. It ripens towards the end of August. Augustine bush strongly is growing. It contains flowers of both sexes. He’s good pollinated even in bad weather. The leaves are almost round, slightly dissected, have 3 lobes. The vine has a red brown color and speckled. Bunches of conical shape, by weight reach 400-800 g.

The color of the grapes is amber yellow. They are covered with a wax coating. When direct sunlight hits them, they seem to glow from the inside. Their shape is elongated, oval. The pulp is dense, fleshy. The aroma of the grapes is pleasant, and the taste is sweetish. Ripe the fruits continue to hang on the bush for up to 14 days.

Augustine lovers in the reviews note that he is great for fresh consumption. It is also actively used for decorating the site. We put it in the rating of the best, because It has increased resistance to disease and frost. And this grade It is famous for its unpretentiousness in leaving. He has excellent presentation and well transported.


  • beautiful appearance of the bush and berries;
  • stable high yields;
  • resistance to disease and frost;
  • good transportability;
  • not susceptible to peeling;
  • the bush requires minimal maintenance.


  • after heavy rains the berries crack.


Rating: 4.7


In fourth place is a universal grape variety – Buffalo. It matures in the first half of September. The bush is growing strong. Leaflets of this variety have a strong pubescence. On the bush there are flowers of both sexes. The clusters are not very big – by weight reach 200-500 g. Their shape is conical and loose arrangement berries.

The berries are small, oval, with a black color. In taste strawberry notes are present. They are consumed fresh or prepare delicious juices, compotes. A lot of sugar accumulates in the berries, and the acidity is not very high, so this variety is great for making wine.

Grapers in the reviews note that Buffalo is unpretentious in care. It does not require special agricultural techniques to maintain growth or maturation. It also features good crossbreeding with other varieties of this crop. Buffalo grapes are in the ranking the best due to its frost resistance and original taste.


  • original strawberry flavor in berries;
  • does not need shelter for the winter;
  • Suitable for making juices and wine.


  • rough skin on the berries.


Rating: 4.6


Mid-season Lydia is the fifth in the ranking. For ripening berries takes 150-160 days. Bushes grow medium. Leaves are green, slightly dissected. The back of them noticeably felt pubescence. Medium sized brushes (100-110 g) and have a conical shape. Berries are located on it. loosened up.

Oval-round berries have a purple-pink color. They are very fragrant. Their taste is sweet with a pronounced strawberry flavor. The skin is quite dense. The longer the cluster hangs on the bush, the the taste qualities of the berries will become better.

Lydia lovers praise her in their reviews for unpretentiousness in care. And they also like the fact that from the bushes it is possible stably harvest high yields. Wine from this variety is very exquisite. Lydia is also consumed fresh, squeezed juice or stewed compotes. And this variety is actively used in decorative purposes.


  • high fruiting rates ;;
  • berries well tolerate high humidity;
  • high resistance to diseases;
  • tolerates frosts well;
  • Suitable for transportation.


  • affected by phylloxera;
  • the crop crumbles if it is not harvested on time.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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