14 best cloud storage

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Cloud storage – quite a convenient tool not only for storing files, but also sharing them. It provides superior protection against accidental deleting information or damaging the drive, and also helps share and access data from anyone connected to Internet computer or smartphone. Thanks to these advantages cloud storage is really convenient – much more practical than classic flash drives or external hard drives.

However, now practically every one offers its “clouds” IT company. How to choose the right one? We made a rating of 14 the best cloud storage that you can trust the most valuable information.

14 best cloud storage

Nomination a place Cloud service Rating
14 best cloud storage 1 Google drive 5.0
2 Yandex.Disk 4.9
3 Dropbox 4.8
4 Mega 4.7
5 Cloud Mail.ru 4.7
6 OneDrive 4.7
7 iCloud Drive 4.6
8 SpiderOak 4.6
9 Box 4.5
10 Opendrive 4.5
11 NextCloud 4.4
12 Idrive 4.3
13 pCloud 4.2
14 4shared 4.1

Google drive

Rating: 5.0


Why is it: Large volume on free accounts, many convenient additional services.

Google Drive Cloud Storage is part of the product package from relevant company. Therefore, registering an account there, You can access other useful services – for example, “Photo” with unlimited uploading photos from smartphones; office package Docs, Sheets, and Slides web applications to create and editing related files; backup and sync tool to automatically synchronize folders on a computer (or between computers); and much more.

After registration, 15 GB is available. This amount is divided by all Google services. However, experience shows that most users enough of these 15 GB.

For paid users available storage in 100 GB, 200 GB, 2 TB, 10 TB, 20 TB, and 30 TB. Cost at the time of writing – from 139 rubles a month. The repository can be shared with family members – partially leaving a quota to yourself, and partially transferring to another to the user.


  • Access to many Google services when registering one account
  • Large quota of used space on free accounts records;
  • Ability to split a paid subscription among several by users.


  • Inconvenient desktop application, it is assumed that everything will be managed through a browser;
  • Unobvious space management for some services;
  • Unstable speed of loading and unloading data.


Rating: 4.9


Why it: Convenient applications and free access to web versions Microsoft Office

Yandex.Disk cloud storage offers users for registering 10 GB of space is completely free. And it will also be enough for most people. However, the main advantages of this service are precisely in the additional software that you can Download and install on computer.

So, Yandex.Disk boasts very convenient customers. The desktop application integrates well with the system and offers quick and easy user file management. Mobile is can also upload photos from a smartphone to the “cloud” – and a place storage will not be spent. Also for users Yandex.Disk web versions of the application package are available for free Microsoft Office 365 for creating and editing office documents.

There are two paid subscriptions at the Yandex.Disk cloud storage – on 100 GB and 1 TB. This volume is added to the current. So what can form any space.


  • Free unlimited download of photos from your smartphone;
  • Convenient and flexible paid subscription packages;
  • Ability to use web versions of Microsoft applications Office 365


  • Advertising on the free version;
  • Inconvenient file sharing interface, limited number file downloads;
  • Unobvious terms of paid subscriptions.


Rating: 4.8


Why he is: Integration with many online services.

Dropbox cloud storage is one of the first on the market. therefore many online services and even offline applications are connected it is with him.

Each user receives 2 GB of storage during registration (less than other services in the ranking). In the base account all standard cloud storage features are available – automatic download and data synchronization, file sharing, and also a Dropbox Cloud branded service that creates a shared working space for collaboration.

Dropbox offers two paid rates for private users – Plus and Professional. The first one costs $ 9.99 per month at the time writing an article, provides access to 1 TB of space in the cloud and two additional functions – offline file storage and the ability to complete remote erase disk. Professional will cost $ 19.99 monthly and provides access to 2 TB of space and professional functions.


  • Many professional features like full-text search or smart sync;
  • Integration with a huge number of third-party services;
  • Many opportunities for organizing a worker online space.


  • Only 2 GB for free users;
  • A lot of restrictions for free users;
  • The rigidity of subscriptions.


Rating: 4.7


Why it: 50 GB for new users and encryption data.

Mega Cloud Storage is a great service for users, who fear that their data may be somehow intercepted or copied. The main advantage of this platform consists in encryption, and it is done at the level of web applications. Every time you upload or download files in Mega they are encrypted, and to exchange them you have to, for example, attach to link encryption key.

In addition, Mega offers the largest in the ranking storage capacity for free users. He is 50 gigabytes. This is enough to store most files that aren’t worth losing. “The service has few additional features, but it’s worth Separate automatic backup for data which are most valuable.

This cloud storage also has paid subscriptions. Minimum is 4.99 euros per month – for this money the user receives 200 GB of disk space. The maximum is 8 TB.


  • Full data encryption;
  • Maximum space for free users (50 gigabytes);
  • Convenient browser extensions for active users storage facilities.


  • Low-functional desktop and mobile applications;
  • Inconvenient file upload and download (due to encryption during these operations increases the load on CPU);
  • Slow download and upload speeds for free users.

Cloud Mail.ru

Rating: 4.7


Why it is: 32 GB at a free rate and deep integration into Windows operating system

Cloud Mail.ru – one of the best cloud storage services for users who often work with stored remotely server data from a computer. His client is Disk-O deep integrates into the Windows desktop operating system, creating virtual hard disk. It also stores data from the “cloud”.

Such a solution is well structured files stored in the “cloud” and simplifies control over them. Also clearly distinguished personal data.

In addition, Mail.ru Cloud boasts a large the amount of memory available for free users – 32 gigabytes. Additionally available from 64 GB to 4 TB space. Versioning supported (backup various versions of files), and even at free rates. Download speed is not limited regardless of the type of account. Android client also supports automatic download photos and videos from the camera.


  • A lot of free space at a free tariff – 32 gigabyte
  • Versioning support, including free;
  • Comparatively low prices for medium to medium tariffs (256 GB – 1 TB) virtual hard disk space.


  • Few additional features;
  • The comparative high cost of some tariffs;
  • Unusual mechanics of integrating a client into an operating system Windows, which complicates the use in some cases.


Rating: 4.7


Why is it: Deep integration into the Windows operating system, including files on demand and backup folders.

The OneDrive Cloud Storage Key Feature is Deep client integration in Windows 10. It is not just built into file structure. OneDrive is capable of automatically synchronize the Documents, Desktop, and “Images”.

It is very convenient. For example, when reinstalling the operating Windows 10 systems simply enter your username and password – and files in these folders will be downloaded from the “cloud” automatically. No one another service in the ranking does not offer such a deep and sophisticated integration. In addition, the client supports the function “Files on demand” – only some documents are stored on computer, the rest are downloaded at the first request. it useful for ultrabooks and “hybrids” with a small amount of constant memory.

Free rates offer 5 GB of memory. Paid only one – 50 GB. Additional space can be obtained by buying Office 365 subscription, which includes 1 TB on OneDrive.


  • Deep integration in Windows 10, “Folder Protection” mode with user data
  • Files-on-demand feature available on desktop operating systems;
  • Useful Office 365 subscription that includes 1 TB on OneDrive and access to Microsoft Office.


  • Little space at a free rate (only 5 GB);
  • Flexible paid tariffs;
  • Demonstration of advertising in web clients at a free rate.

iCloud Drive

Rating: 4.6


Why is it: Special cloud storage for users Apple products.

Acquire access to iCloud Drive – independently, paid or free – costs mainly if you already have one or more Apple devices (e.g. iPhone and MacBook). The client integrates deeply into branded operating iOS and macOS systems, offering synchronization of files, settings and even applications.

ICloud Drive syncs photos on mobile devices and video from the camera. Also connected to this cloud storage Notes apps, Keynote, Numbers, Books, and more. IN It also sends backups from a smartphone or tablet. Apple branded apps support collaboration multiple users on one document. Are synchronized and Messages in iMessage.

But for working directly with files as in the classic iCloud Drive cloud storage is less convenient than competitors. Free rate includes 5 GB of space, paid – up to 2 TB.


  • Automatically sync content on devices Apple
  • Deep integration into other software Apple
  • Low prices of 50 GB and 200 GB of cloud storage.


  • Not as convenient for classic file handling as competitors;
  • Even when used on iOS 5 GB is very fast are filled in;
  • There are no “intermediate” rates between 200 GB and 2 TB.


Rating: 4.6


Why is it: A special tool for synchronizing and data backup.

SpiderOak is slightly different from its competitors in the ranking, since it’s not exactly cloud storage in the classic sense of this term. This is a special tool for wireless synchronization. and data backup. After installing it, it is suggested specify which folders on the computer will be backed up – Independent selection is supported.

SpiderOak can be used to synchronize files between computers – similarly, by specifying synchronized folders. This allows you to quickly transfer work from one PC to other.

The tool works in fully automatic mode. It is enough to specify folders for backup once – and all. 2 GB of cloud available for free users storage, by subscription, you can purchase from 150 GB to 4 TB.

At the same time, files – both transferred and stored in the “cloud” SpiderOak – protected by encryption.


  • Encryption of files transferred and stored in the “cloud”;
  • Backup of self-selected folders;
  • Low price for paid subscriptions.


  • This is not a cloud storage in the classical sense of this term;
  • Little space on free rates, just 2 GB;
  • Inconvenient mobile client interface.


Rating: 4.5


Why it: Dedicated cloud storage for collaboration and electronic document management.

Box was originally intended for private cloud storage. users. But after competing with ranking leaders it became almost impossible; it changed a little specialization. Now Box is designed primarily for corporate users as it offers powerful collaboration tools work – including the distribution of user roles (specialists, managers and so on), automatic version history of documents and detailed control over access to documents.

However, it can also be used as a classic cloud repository. Box has both mobile apps and desktop clients, and special conditions for individual customers. So, the free rate provides 10 GB on a cloud drive but limits the maximum size of one file is up to 250 MB. For 10 euros per month (for the moment of writing the article) the user gets 100 GB of space and can Upload files up to 5 GB.


  • Powerful collaboration tools (version control, distribution of roles and so on);
  • Unlimited cloud storage on corporate plans;
  • 10 GB of disk space for users on a free rate.


  • There are few paid tariff plans for ordinary users;
  • Limit on the maximum size of the uploaded file;
  • Few useful features for individual users.


Rating: 4.5


Why it is: Low price for unlimited cloud storage.

OpenDrive cloud storage is good for users, who plan to store and transfer a lot of files – either very large data packets. Its main feature is An interesting pricing policy for paid subscriptions. He has two of them – custom Custom for $ 5 per month (at time of writing articles) with 500 GB of space and full control over the parameters of the “cloud”; and full Unlimited, which will cost $ 900 a month – for a completely unlimited drive. A free 10 GB available.

In addition, it is worth noting very good functionality desktop client. It is not only suitable for quick access to custom files, but also for backing up folders. Moreover, the directories for backup, as well as the frequency of this process, and also some other parameters, the user selects by yourself.

There is also a file encryption mode and protection against copy or download.


  • Low price for completely unlimited cloud storage;
  • Convenient directory backup tool with computer;
  • Copy or download protection function (allows the user with whom you shared the file, only view him – without the ability to download).


  • The rigidity of paid tariffs;
  • Relatively low speed of data exchange with the cloud repository;
  • Sometimes file synchronization errors occur.


Rating: 4.4


Why is it: Open source tools for creating your own cloud storage.

Nextcloud differs from competitors in the ranking in that it is not cloud storage. This is a set of tools for creating own “cloud” on pre-rented VPS or configured independently and standing somewhere on the balcony of the server. At In doing so, it supports many familiar functions.

So, using Nextcloud and VPS or your own server, you can create cloud storage with any desired (or available) limit on disk, full integration of calendar, contact list, task list and other personal data. At the same time you control your data. Using Nextcloud, you can set up synchronization between computers and smartphones, being sure that some tech giant like google or microsoft doesn’t will get access to your data.

It is clear that to use Nextcloud you must have technical knowledge and server. However, this justifies itself.


  • Full control over personal data;
  • Open source platform regularly reviewed by the community users for leaks;
  • Wide functionality that allows Nextcloud to perform an alternative for Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.


  • This is not a cloud storage, but a set of tools for creating thereof;
  • Requires a VPS or full server;
  • Serious technical knowledge is required.


Rating: 4.3


Why it: A powerful and feature-rich cloud service for data backup.

IDrive, like some other platforms in the ranking – not quite cloud storage in the classical sense of the term. it cloud service for backup. After registration and client installation on the computer, the user is prompted to select folders, the contents of which will be regularly sent to the backup, and the frequency of this procedure.

The main advantage of the service in comparison with competitors is huge version history. IDrive stores up to 30 file versions, allowing you to quickly roll back unwanted changes. And this, Of course, available completely free.

IDrive Express is also supported – creation external media with backup and regular backup data on it. Can send entire images to the cloud for the fastest deployment.

The free tariff offers 5 GB of storage space for backups. Behind money can be purchased up to 5 TB, and payment is made annually.


  • Support backup to external storage;
  • Up to 30 versions in history;
  • Disk Image Backup Support for as fast as possible deployment.


  • This is not a cloud storage in the classical sense of this term;
  • Flexible paid tariffs (available at 2 TB and at 5 TB – lower no volume);
  • Annual payment.


Rating: 4.2


Why it is: High level file protection using cryptographic methods, tariffs for lifetime use drive.

The pCloud service, according to its developers, uses cryptographic methods to maintain confidentiality user data. To do this, he uses the so-called “zero disclosure evidence” as well as encryption methods and decrypting files directly on the device. Consequently, neither pCloud administrators nor hackers, not any government services.

However, this is a separate function that you have to pay for. With free tariffs, pCloud is the most common cloud storage with 10 GB of space, not much different from the rest in the ranking. home feature of the service is the possibility of a lifetime payment.

So, on the tariffs “Premium” and “Premium Plus”, paying once 175 or 350 euros, respectively (at the time of this writing), You can get 500 GB or 2 TB for life. No annual payments, subscriptions and so on. Once and for all.


  • Availability of one-time lifetime plans payments
  • Cryptographic Unbreakable Encryption Techniques files
  • 10 GB of free space at a free rate.


  • You will have to pay for cryptographic protection;
  • Tariff inflexibility;
  • The limit on downloading files by third-party users (at the link “Share”).


Rating: 4.1


Why is it: Simple and easy to use file hosting.

4shared is a convenient service for quickly publishing files, as well as their subsequent download. It is worth noting that he is in his free version is not private cloud storage – sent there, the data will be available generally to all people on the Internet. therefore It is suitable for quick sharing of files that do not require private accommodation – music, videos, books and so Further.

However, paying from 6.5 dollars per month (at the time of writing this article), you can get 100 GB of personal space in the cloud. Files hosted there will not appear in the search engine 4shared. Also in the paid version of the service you can share direct download links, which is convenient when exchanging data with friends.

In fact, 4shared is a classic file sharing service with a screwed search engine and the lack of direct links in most cases to download. And absolutely free, as well as without aggressive monetization systems.


  • Search system in public files;
  • Possibility of unlimited download in free mode;
  • There is a private disk mode, but paid.


  • All downloaded files in free mode become public, anyone can find them and view;
  • There are no computer applications, only for mobile operating systems;
  • High price for a paid subscription.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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