10 best sites for young moms

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Raising a child is not only happiness, but also a huge responsibility, for which many young mothers are not entirely prepared, both psychologically and in terms of knowledge. Fortunately, in our digital world, there is a wealth of knowledge about how to handle parenting. There are hundreds of parenting and childcare related websites. On the other hand, you can easily “drown” in such a volume of information, and besides, not all sources are trustworthy. Therefore, we have selected ten of the most popular and useful resources for new mothers.

Rating of sites for young mothers

Nomination a place Website rating
Rating of sites for young mothers 1 BabyBlog – babyblog.ru 5.0
2 Children of Mail.ru – deti.mail.ru 4.9
3 7ya.ru – 7ya.ru 4.8
4 No, that's okay – n-e-n.ru 4.7
5 KidsReview – kidsreview.com 4.6
6 Sun – solnet.ee 4.5
7 Mama.ru – mama.ru 4.4
8 Elena Danilova's website – danilova.ru 4.3
9 Country of Mothers – stranamam.ru 4.2
10 Kid.ru – kid.ru 4.1

BabyBlog – babyblog.ru

Rating: 5.0


One of the largest portals of this format in the entire Russian Internet, it allows you to unite in communities of interest, in which you can publish materials, get answers to questions about motherhood and family life. Topics covered include childcare and upbringing, mother and child health, family psychology, education, hobbies, housework and much more. There is also a whole section dedicated to communication, where mothers exchange knowledge, find new girlfriends and keep blogging diaries. The site also contains a number of useful services, such as a child's development calendar and various pregnancy-related calculators. And on the page of contests, prizes for the best photo are regularly held.

Children of Mail.ru – deti.mail.ru

Rating: 4.9


Site dedicated to pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. The project has existed since 2008, was created in cooperation with the American company Johnson & Johnson. The site has a news section, a forum for communication, a directory of maternity hospitals, a directory of names for newborns and a mass of ordered information about the various periods in the growth and development of the child. There is also a “consultations” section, in which qualified specialists give answers to questions regarding the health of mothers and children. And on the safety page, children and their parents can play an online game that teaches the basic rules of safe behavior.

7ya.ru – 7ya.ru

Rating: 4.8


Portal about children and family life. There are many articles here with advice on pregnancy, psychology, parenting, health care, education, and more. The section “Children” has a convenient division into sections in accordance with the age of the child or subject. In addition to the extensive and diverse content, the 7ya.ru site contains a platform for blogging, and communication is organized through conferences. A pleasant bonus is the constant availability of interesting contests with prize draws.

No, that's okay – n-e-n.ru

Rating: 4.7


The site “No, this is normal” or simply NEN is positioned as a frank and honest media portal covering a wide range of topics related to parenting and raising a child. Nen.ru is a modern resource reflecting the latest global trends and opinions of psychologists. The main part of the content is occupied by informational articles, there are also sections with readers' revelations, life hacks, interviews and various tests. The entertainment part of the site is represented by photo projects, collections on the topic of motherhood and such headings as “Instagram of the day”.

KidsReview – kidsreview.com

Rating: 4.6


The most popular poster of events designed for children, as well as kids-friendly places in Russian cities. The portal contains a regularly updated feed of news, reviews and author's reviews of important events of interest to children and parents, information about performances, performances, master classes and the like, as well as an extensive directory, which contains a huge database of institutions, where visitors will be welcome children. In addition, the possibility of ordering tickets online, directly from the site, has been implemented.

Sun – solnet.ee

Rating: 4.5


An educational and entertainment site that publishes daily a variety of material that helps in the development of the child: games, films for toddlers, exciting videos, interactive cartoons, educational articles and many other interesting content. The resource serves as an excellent help for parents, allowing them to teach the child, expand his horizons, increase his vocabulary and acquaint him with the world around him. It also often hosts quizzes and contests with prize draws, and there is an internal “Besedoteka” forum for parents to communicate.

Mama.ru – mama.ru

Rating: 4.4


The site combines an information resource and a community of parents. The materials are divided into headings: from articles for those who are just waiting for a baby to be born to advice on the development of a growing up and preparing for school life child. There is also a section dedicated to children's health, which contains expert advice on how to provide the correct first aid for various diseases or injuries. Communication between site visitors takes place through the forum.

Elena Danilova's website – danilova.ru

Rating: 4.3


The site appeared in 1999 and was one of the first resources of the Russian Internet dedicated to children. This educational platform for parents is especially interesting for the large amount of materials on the topic of early child development. In addition to articles, there is Elena Danilova's author's blog, in which she talks about parenting, offers interesting ideas for hanging out with children and shares news about new projects.

Country of Mothers – stranamam.ru

Rating: 4.2


Country of Mothers is a popular resource for mothers to communicate and get useful information. The site has a diary section, groups by themes and ages of children, an article and news section. On the “Consultations” page, experienced specialists in the field of medicine, psychology and family law answer current questions asked by parents. The portal also contains a bulletin board in which users post goods and services.

Kid.ru – kid.ru

Rating: 4.1


An information and social resource that helps mothers find answers to many questions that arise during pregnancy, before childbirth and in the first years of a baby's life. In addition to the parent forum, which occupies the lion's share of the site, there are publications on various stages in the development of a child and the situations that arise during this. There is also a section on health, containing a number of reference books describing childhood diseases and a section on baby food.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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