12 best online children's toys stores

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Where can I find high quality, affordable, modern and safe toys for children? This question worries many parents, because it is so difficult to choose really high quality among the huge range of children's goods.

Experts of the Expertology portal advise paying attention to large retail chains, where, as a rule, certified children's toys are presented, a transport network is established and a warranty return system is functioning.

Rating of online stores of children's toys

Nomination a place Online store rating
Rating of online stores of children's toys 1 Toy.ru 5.0
2 myToys 4.9
3 Here I'm 4.8
4 Children's toy 4.7
5 Daughters-sons 4.6
6 Babadu 4.5
7 Kinderly 4.4
8 Child's world 4.3
9 hippopotamus 4.2
10 Ship 4.1
11 v3toys 4.0
12 Esky 4.0


Rating: 5.0


Our expert rating is opened by an extensive network of stores, numbering more than 170 retail outlets in different cities of Russia. Toy.ru is included in the TOP of the largest stores in Russia and annually wins the Retailer of the Year Russia award in the categories 'Best in-t-store in Russia'. Toy.ru has a large selection of various toys: there are popular novelties and sets of cartoon characters, soft toys, board games, Nerf blasters, radio-controlled models, construction sets and play sets.

Payment is made in different ways – by credit card, cash and non-cash, electronic money. When buying more than 2000 rubles. – delivery is carried out free of charge, pickup from pickup points is also possible. Orders are accepted around the clock and processed quickly. Prices are among the lowest on the internet.

There are a lot of reviews on the Internet about the Toy.ru online store of children's toys. All of them are mostly positive, customers like the wide assortment, reasonable prices, fast delivery. Of the shortcomings, the return procedure is too long.

Online store: toy.ru


Rating: 4.9


The online store myToys, operating since 1999, and owned by the German company OTTO Group, becomes the second in the ranking. Initially, myToys was positioned as a children's toys store, but over time, the range has expanded significantly, products for newborns, clothes and shoes, children's furniture, school supplies, etc. have appeared on sale. In 2018, myToys.ru received the gold medal of the annual people's choice of parents -2018 '.

At the moment, myToys is a real leader in the sale of children's toys, the catalog contains more than 100,000 products from 350 manufacturers for children under 12 years old. The online store holds promotions and sales, in the 'offers of the week' section you can buy toys much cheaper than the original cost.

The toys are divided into subgroups and can be sorted by popularity, value, and even reviews. Payment is made through international bank cards, PayPal, and other international payment systems. In their reviews, customers say that in myToys you can buy exclusive products at a reasonable price, customers like it and a good assortment. Of the shortcomings, there are sometimes problems with delivery and return.

Online store: mytoys.ru

Here I'm

Rating: 4.8


The VotONYa online store is on the third step of our rating. The brand has a network of 60 stores located in St. Petersburg. The store is aimed at kids from 0 to 3 years old, and offers to buy toys, accessories for baby hygiene, cosmetics, baby food.

The online store brings purchases to any city in Russia, and also makes it possible to independently pick up purchases in an offline store. Delivery is free for purchases from 2500 rubles. Payment is possible in cash and non-cash, as well as through payment terminals. Upon purchase, discount cards are issued, where bonuses are credited with which you can pay for the next purchases.

Of the advantages, buyers note a good assortment (in the online store it is much wider than in the offline versions), reasonable prices, favorable discounts. Of the minuses – a long wait for the order to be shipped and not a very convenient order form on the website.

Online store: votonia.ru

Children's toy

Rating: 4.7

Kids toys

Our experts placed the online store “Children's Toy” on the fourth line of the rating. The company has been selling goods at wholesale prices since 1997, and has more than 300 self-pick-up points0 located in 112 cities. The assortment includes toys for toddlers and teenagers – collectible cars, wooden and soft toys, sets for creativity.

'Children's Toy' has the widest selection of toys for toddlers, and toys with 60% seating can be purchased here during sales. Главные бренды, представленные на виртуальных полках — KRIBLY BOO (Крибли Бу), Battletime, AUTOGRAND (AUTOTIME), ZORMAER, D&M (Делай с мамой) и др.

Of the advantages, customers point out that here you can buy almost any toy at an affordable price, a convenient interface on the site. The disadvantage is that the necessary goods are not always available in the warehouse.

Online store: detskaya-igrushka.ru


Rating: 4.6


Daughters and Sons is a popular online store with more than 200 stores across Russia, selling European goods at affordable prices. We ranked the online store in fifth place in the ranking. The assortment in Daughters and Sons is represented by goods from Spain, Russia, China, France. New items appear promptly. All products have certificates. In addition to toys in Daughters and Sons, you can buy clothes, various accessories for children from 0 to 16 years old.

The site has a user-friendly interface, everything is packaged by category, the search is set up intuitively. Delivery is carried out to all cities of Russia. When buying, bonuses are credited with which you can pay off next time.

Buyers in Daughters and Sons are impressed by constant discounts, favorable prices for toys during the promotions. At the same time, customers note that without promotional offers, prices for some items here are often slightly higher than in other online stores.

Online store: dochkisinochki.ru


Rating: 4.5


Babadu online store is one of the leading on the Russian market. It features fast order processing and good customer service. The online store specializes in the sale of toys, as well as goods for baby food and sports. Here you can find everything you need for toddlers, preschoolers and teenagers. Babadu ranks sixth in our ranking.

Babadu has developed a bonus program that allows customers to receive bonuses for text and video reviews of purchases. On the site, within the framework of the Parents Academy project, parents can communicate with each other and post their own interesting articles.

Delivery is carried out to the stores of the chain, self-pickup and delivery by courier to your home is also possible. Payment is possible in all available ways, both in cash and by credit card. Of the advantages of Babadu, clients distinguish a large assortment, an understandable user-friendly website. Among the disadvantages is paid self-pickup.

Online store: babadu.ru


Rating: 4.4


The Russian online store of children's toys Kinderly for children under 12 is ranked seventh. Kinderly offers everything you need from strollers to diapers. The online store works directly with suppliers, so prices are lower here than in other networks.

There is always a section 'Sale' on the site, where you can purchase some items with 80% discounts. There are also sales on Tuesdays and Fridays starting at 9am. There are discounts for new items that have just entered the market. Payment is carried out in several ways – to a courier, bank cards, bank transfer, electronic money. Delivery is made in different ways, pickup is possible, details can be found in your personal account. Also in the personal account information about the order, discounts is available.

Of the advantages of an online store, one can single out constant discounts, a wide assortment, fast delivery, the ability to take a few things for fitting. The downside is a long and inconvenient return.

Online store: kinderly.ru

Child's world

Rating: 4.3

Children's world.jpg

The oldest and most trusted online store, which grew out of the familiar central store “Detsky Mir” in Moscow, we placed in the eighth position of the rating. Today there are chain stores in many large cities of Russia, there are more than 400 of them. Children's World offers toys for children of all ages. There are many promotions that allow you to buy toys at a good price. The assortment includes products for children from 0 to 14 years old. The site has sections with sales, hot news, ongoing promotions, school supplies.

Detsky Mir offers a large selection of goods and educational toys for babies up to 12 months old. The bonus program allows you to make purchases using the accumulated points, but for this you need to purchase a discount card at a retail outlet. Customers love Detsky Mir for its good reputation, great deals on promotions, a good bonus program and cheap shipping in all regions.

Online store: detmir.ru


Rating: 4.2


The wholesale online store Begemot occupies the ninth line in our rating. The brand has been operating since 2005 and represents thousands of items of children's products at prices below competitive prices. During its work, the company has received many awards and diplomas, has become a specialized network, and has opened more than 100 stores in all cities of Russia. Today in Behemoth you can buy products of your own brands and popular brands – interactive robots, LEGO constructors, soft toys, radio-controlled models and many others. other.

Delivery is carried out throughout Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia. For residents of St. Petersburg and Moscow, upon purchase for 2 thousand rubles. shipping is absolutely free. Delivery to other regions is 600 rubles, you can also pick up an order from a retail outlet for free. The hippopotamus is popular due to wholesale prices and favorable delivery, users also like the convenient navigation on the site, filters customized by age, price, brand, etc. The inconvenience to buyers is that it is impossible to make purchases on the site without registration.

Online store: begemott.ru


Rating: 4.1


The tenth line of our rating includes the Korablik online store. The brand offers toys for toddlers and teens. The store was created by parents who care what kind of toys their children play. The owners of the Ship collect customer reviews, encourage them to review the purchased products and get interested in taking part in the selection of toys.

The online store has convenient navigation through the online catalog, the search is well configured. The cost of children's toys is average in the market, but during the sales of periodic sales, products can be purchased with 70% discounts. Delivery is calculated on the website when items are added to the cart.

The advantages of the Korablik online store include fast and inexpensive delivery, the possibility of cashback. The disadvantages are not too wide assortment and periodic absence of ordered goods in stock.

Online store: korablik.ru


Rating: 4.0


The online store v3toys has been operating on the market for more than 10 years and provides customers with toys for development, outdoor activities, walks, and learning. Search is conveniently organized on the site, there are many search filters by various parameters, separately you can see toys with markdowns and discounts.

Prices here are generally lower than in wholesale stores, which many buyers like. The bonus program works on the principle of increasing the discount for a larger order amount. The calculation is made in cash or by bank transfer online. The site has a user-friendly interface, buyers say that it is quite convenient to navigate the products. True, they note problems with delivery, which is not always carried out on time.

Online store: v3toys.ru


Rating: 4.0


Our popular rating is closed by the Esky.ru online store, which has been operating since 2009 and offers more than 25 thousand baby products. The assortment includes toys, car seats, food, strollers, household chemicals, books for children and parents. The store has a testing center for children's products, which, upon prior request, can test the selected item. Also within the framework of Esky there is a photo studio.

Among the advantages, users single out a large assortment, favorable discounts, fast delivery and many ways to implement it. Among the disadvantages is that the price does not always correspond to the initially stated one, as well as a limited number of payment methods. In addition, recently the activity of the store in social networks and the Internet has decreased for some reason.

Site: esky.ru/

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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