14 best beaches in Bali

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All the beaches of Bali are unique in their wild beauty, diversity and colorfulness. They are always in contact with the magnificent, powerful by the ocean. Visit any of them – not only to please your eyes, but and have a great rest. In our ranking of the best, we will introduce you to the most memorable beaches of Bali.

Rating of the best beaches in Bali

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best beaches in Bali 1 White sand 4.9
2 Jemeluk bay 4.9
Dreamland 4.8
4 Green bowl 4.8
5 Gunung payung beach 4.8
6 Melasti beach 4.7
7 Bias Tegul (Secret Beach) 4.7
8 Seminyak beach 4.7
9 Kuta 4.6
10 Mengiat 4.6
11 Padang Padang Beach 4.5
12 Nusa dua beach 4.5
13 Balangan 4.5
14 Jimbaran beach 4.4

White sand

Bali Beach Rating: 4.9


The beach is characterized by perfectly white sand, which was brought here to ennoble the territory and attract more tourists. But over time, the sand washed a little, so the current its color is rather grayish than white. Equipped coast umbrellas and sunbeds, but the beach cannot be fully equipped: its purity is not particularly monitored.

The right side of the coast is rich in luxurious coral reefs: connoisseurs of quality diving can enjoy the beauty the underwater world. Sea – calm enough, but occasionally strong unrest. In principle, White sand is the only one on Bali’s east coast, suitable for swimming in the generally accepted value. By the way, it is located away from the airport, therefore noise and lots of tourists will not be here. Paradise and more. Tasty You can have a meal in one of the inexpensive cafes located directly on the beach. They belong to the locals. By the way Cafe customers are provided with free sun loungers, umbrellas and towels. Nearby is a chocolate factory and an organic soap factory.

Note: there is no hotel infrastructure near the beach, therefore, you can look here for a day by car from others areas of Bali.

To suit: for a comfortable beach holiday, swimming, diving

Jemeluk bay

Bali Beach Rating: 4.9

Jemeluk bay

The beach “took refuge” in a cozy bay. It is an excellent place for swimming and comfortable sunbathing. One of Bali’s best options for a quality beach holiday in the Pacific the ocean. The coast is covered with neat pebbles, the territory compact, small waves, low tides too. Nearby developed infrastructure: hotels, cafes, sports rental equipment, lots of shops and parking for cars.

The coastline is perfectly clean – there is no rubbish, seaweed. The water in the ocean is absolutely clear. There are many colorful reefs: connoisseurs of quality diving will be able to enjoy underwater beauty.

To suit: for a comfortable bathing, beach holiday


Bali Beach Rating: 4.8


Delicate golden sand, magnificent picturesque views and no tourists – what could be better for a perfect beach holiday? Dreamland is a great place for a relaxing holiday in nature: here you can perfectly sunbathe and cut the waves on the board for surf. There are enough sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach.

Infrastructure near the coast is just developing. Not less near Dreamland there are a lot of cafes and restaurants, where you can eat inexpensively and tasty. Near the beach is a small hotel where you can rent comfortable apartments and villas. It is convenient to get to Dreamland by car: the road from Kuta will take about half an hour.

Note: swimming in the ocean is undesirable, because it quite dangerous and difficult due to frequent and large waves, literally covering with the head.

Suitable for: surfing, a great place for a lazy vacation on the sand

Green bowl

Bali Beach Rating: 4.8


One of the wild beaches of Bali, whose charm is undeniable. Luxurious Golden sand pleases a few visitors to the area. Narrow a strip of shore is located directly under the rock, and the descent to the beach leads along steep steps. This place was created by nature itself for relaxation from the hustle and bustle of tourism, it is also ideal for surfing: connoisseurs use the Green Bowl waves to enter the online up.

On the beach you can often find restless Balinese, who often scurry along the coast, selling inexpensive food, tasty drinks and local souvenirs. At high tide, the beach is completely covered water, so it becomes inaccessible to visit.

Note: the beach is not intended for swimming – in the coastal zone breakaway wave – the current can draw into the open ocean.

Suitable for: surfing

Gunung payung beach

Bali Beach Rating: 4.8


A little-known and uninhabited beach. Nevertheless nearby already The construction of the first hotel and golf club is underway. Near the coast there are several small cafes where you can tasty have a bite to eat. Coastline – all golden velvet sand the bottom is also sandy, the entrance to the water is gentle. Great place for bathing, suitable even for small children.

The beach is absolutely wild: this implies a complete absence sunbeds, umbrellas, rescuers and any varungs. In some away from the water you can hide under the hills. It is located there several small caves.

Suitable for: for privacy, comfortable bathing

Melasti beach

Bali Beach Rating: 4.7


This magical wild beach is located almost on the southernmost tip of the Bukit Peninsula. You can get to it by car. Surprising is the fact that the road to the beach was cut through the rocks. Almost on the ocean, near the cliffs are located Amazing gate Kori Anung – entrance to the beach. The place is not surprising only by the lack of people as such, but also of incredible beauty picture of pristine sea surface against a snow-white background velvet sand and white stones.

Conventionally, Melasti beach is divided into several small parts, to each of which can be reached on foot. The waves are small the water is crystal clear. This is the best option for privacy away from civilization, a suitable place for meditation, yoga.

For whom: for privacy

Bias Tegul (Secret Beach)

Bali Beach Rating: 4.7

Bias Tegul (Secret Beach)

Secluded “secret” beach, completely hidden from the curious tourist eyes, ideal for a comfortable swim in ocean and relaxing holiday. This coast is located near Padang Bai Port. You can get there only by going through the forest the grove. Perfect soft sand of white color, clear clear water and “quiet” waves – this is what Bias Tegul is.

The beach is surrounded by mountains, so it rarely happens here. it’s windy, but the water is a little cooler than on other beaches. On the the beach runs several varung (small cafes with a roof from straw), where the Balinese cook for a few tourists (even at peak season).

Suitable for: an ideal place for swimming, relaxation

Seminyak beach

Bali Beach Rating: 4.7

Seminyak beach

A prestigious and peaceful place for a comfortable stay. amount hotels on the coast is very large. The beach strip is quite wide, waves are frequent. Here you can often find surfers, including number of beginners. Although swimming in comfort here is a task impossible, the ocean pleases with the purity of water and the absence of stones.

Nearby there are several souvenir shops, a golf course, amazingly beautiful temple on the water. Before entering Seminyak beach There is a small market with local food. Equipped coast chaise lounges and umbrellas. Every day the beach strip is thoroughly cleaned of garbage.

Note: the beach is dangerous for swimming – they warn about it red flags on the coast.

Suitable for: surfing, lazy holidays on the coast


Bali Beach Rating :: 4.6


This is one of the most famous beaches of Bali. Here always crowded, noisy, fun. The coast is wide (length – 8 km), s incredibly beautiful golden sand. Water is perfectly pure very warm. The beach is well equipped: tourists are invited to plenty of sun loungers with umbrellas, always clean, functioning many cafes, souvenir shops, shops, there are even a few massage parlors. Developed infrastructure attracts to Kuta not only tourists, but also residents of Bali.

It is an ideal place to surf. And even for beginners. Behind a moderate board will be offered to you a surfboard, and experienced instructors will teach you how to deal with it confidently. Along the coast the famous promenade stretches – a great place for evening walks, especially at sunset, which Kuta is so famous for.

Note: it’s not possible to swim in pleasure because of almost continuous waves, and lifeguards on the shore constantly whistle those who try to swim, recalling them to Coast.

Suitable for: surfing, comfortable beach holidays


Rating: 4.6


One of the classic beaches of Bali with a well-developed infrastructure, luxurious white sand and crystal clear “quiet” water in the ocean. Wide strip of coast and lack of waves attracts many tourists from nearby hotels (often they are taken to this beach for free), as well as from Kuta. Not less coast is not crowded: you can comfortably accommodate on a deck chair that is easy to rent for a moderate fee.

The calm ocean allows you to enjoy swimming all year round (regardless of season): coral reefs provide excellent protection against waves. The beach is thoroughly cleaned of debris and algae. At Mengiat you You can not only swim in the Indian Ocean, but also do water sports, tasty snack, relax in one of massage parlors.

Suitable for: for a comfortable beach holiday, swimming

Padang Padang Beach

Rating: 4.5

Padang Padang Beach

The modest little beach is incredibly popular with visiting tourists, so during the peak season it is often crowded. But this is perhaps his only drawback. Once upon a time Padang Padang was a secret place that only locals knew about. residents. But the film “Eat, Pray, Love”, which was partially filmed here, made adjustments.

Here is a great sandy beach, calm, transparent as glass water, and big waves are rare. But for lovers of great surfing there is a place on the coast. If you sail away into the ocean, you can catch a great wave. And, yes, they mostly ride here professionals. Near the coast there is a small cafe with cool drinks, as well as tents with bathing accessories.

Note: you can rent an umbrella on Padang Padang, but here There are no sun loungers, so you have to bask in the bare sand.

Suitable for: for families, surfing

Nusa dua beach

Rating: 4.5


This beach is in the area with the highest concentration. five star hotels. The location is perfect for a luxurious, relaxing holiday. There are several beaches here and they all differ incredible cleanliness, fine velvet sand and large width the coast. Nusa Dua Beach is the best option for a respectable and family holidays with children.

The coast here is rather shallow, but this is not an obstacle for those who wants to swim or learn windsurfing, for example. On the surfers ride here quite rarely. Most beaches of Nusa Dua geographically relate to the hotels near which they are located. Therefore, not being their guest, you can meet a polite, but persistent guard.

There is also a city beach in Nusa Dua, next to which is located unusual place – “Devil’s Bridge” – the wave here mercilessly beat about the rocks.

Suitable for: family vacation, for swimming


Rating: 4.5


The beach is presented in the form of a narrow strip of sand shorter than kilometers. Northern Balangan

there is a massive rock that goes straight into the water – incredible popular with wedding photo shooters. Bathe on the beach is quite dangerous: the waves are strong, and lifeguards on the coast not. But the place is ideal for surfing. Balanganconsidered a popular surf slot.

There are never many people on the coast: often here rest guests of local hotels. But here there are many varungs, where prepare excellent traditional dishes from fresh seafood.

Note: the beach along its entire length is dotted with volcanic rock of stony origin, completely covered with moss. Ideal place for excellent photos, but to enter the water without shoes are almost impossible.

Suitable for: surfing

Jimbaran beach

Rating: 4.4

Jimbaran Beach

One of the best southern beaches of Bali, located in the picturesque bay with magnificent views. There are many nearby comfortable hotels. There are several cozy cafes and bars. If desired, food can be ordered directly to the deck chair. Jimbaranbeach is known for excellent fish restaurants where you can try almost any freshest seafood delicacies.

The entrance to the water is absolutely gentle, the bottom is sand, the depth is completely small, which will allow even children to splash in the ocean. Beach – perfectly clean: order is strictly monitored here. Connoisseurs of marine walks will appreciate the luxurious expanse of the sea, taking a ride on a boat of some local resident who will arrange an incredible tour.

Suitable for: for a comfortable family vacation

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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