13 best venotonics for varicose veins

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

The use of venotonics is an important point in successful treatment of varicose veins. Against the background of the use of such drugs is noted reduction of unpleasant symptoms: pain, swelling, severity. In pharmacies venotonics are presented in a wide range. Sometimes they still called phlebotonics or venoprotectors.

Each of them has its own degree of effectiveness. But their common the task is to increase the tone of the vascular walls and reduce permeability capillaries. Venotonics are taken orally or used externally. They may contain flavanoids, rutosides, or other substances. Our experts conducted a study and ranked the best of them.

Rating of the best venotonics for varicose veins

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best venotonics for varicose veins based on flavanoids 1 Detralex 1 350 rub.
2 Phlebodia 1 878 rub.
3 Vazoket 506 r
4 Venus 933 rub
5 Phlebaven 597 rub
6 Antistax 1 750 rub.
7 Venozol 249 rub
The best venotonic rutosides for varicose veins 1 Troxevasin 390 rub
2 Venoruton 1 024 rub.
3 Ascorutin 36 rub
The best external venotonics for varicose veins 1 Dr. Theiss Venen Gel 240 rub
2 Venitan 252 rub
3 Herbion Aesculus 107 RUB

The best venotonics for varicose veins based on flavanoids

These are biologically active compounds of plant origin. Flavanoid venotonics successfully eliminate initial signs of varicose veins: discoloration of the skin integument, itching or burning, ulceration, pain, fatigue, heaviness in legs.


Rating: 4.9


The first place in the ranking is held by the French drug Detralex. It can be purchased in the form of a suspension or tablets in a film shell. They may contain 500 or 1000 mg of purified micronized flavanoid fraction, which will include 90% diosmin and 10% hesperidin.

With varicose veins, Detralex is taken 1 tablet (1000 mg) or 1 sachet (1000 mg) 1 time per day. It’s preferable to do it in the morning, during breakfast. Some phlebologists prescribe the drug twice per 1 tablet per day (500 mg). The therapeutic course continues on for 3-6 months. In some cases, treatment may continue throughout the year.

According to reviews, after 1 month of use it is possible to forget about the severity and constant fatigue of the legs. And after 2 months bulging veins are less conspicuous. Most common side the effects of taking this venotonic are disturbances from Gastrointestinal tract, but usually everything is far from critical. Our experts have included Detralex is rated the best because this original drug effective for varicose veins and safe.


  • original drug that has passed many tests;
  • contains diosmin and hesperidin;
  • guaranteed to relieve severity, pain, increase tone veins.


  • digestive disorders are possible.


Rating: 4.8


Another French venotonic phlebodia is located on the second ranking position. He has the only form of release – pills, coated. They contain 600 mg bioflavonoid diosmin. Phlebologists love this drug and often prescribe it to their patients. with varicose veins. Phlebodia perfectly tones blood vessels and relieves inflammatory process.

With varicose veins, 1 tablet is prescribed per day. Accept medicine in the morning on an empty stomach. Treatment is continued for 8 weeks. If the patient forgot to take the medicine one or more times, then continue to use venotonics according to the previous scheme without change dosage. Phlebodia is not used to treat children who are not yet turned 18 years old.

Patients in the reviews note that despite the rather The impressive size of the tablets, they are swallowed without problems. For 2 months of use, the drug allows you to completely forget about the pain in legs, swelling and ugly bulging veins. Phlebodia deserves to be ranked because it is well tolerated sick and is an excellent prophylactic varicose veins.


  • convenient to take;
  • provides ease in the legs;
  • improves venous outflow;
  • good prevention of varicose veins.


  • may cause dyspepsia or headache.


Rating: 4.7


The third place in the ranking went to the German / Swiss drug Vazoket. It is considered a cheaper analogue of venotonic Phlebodia. Vazoket is available in tablets containing 600 mg of diosmin. Thanks to this drug, the veins become less extensible and come in tone. In addition, local blood circulation improves and inflammation is removed.

Patients with varicose veins take the medicine 1 time per day for 1 a pill. Drink the prescribed dose in the morning before breakfast during 2 months. The second course is allowed to be done after 8-12 weeks a break. Vazoket is contraindicated in children under 18 years of age, as well as people with individual intolerance to individual components the drug.

Reviews about Vazoket are mostly positive. This drug is not as popular as phlebodia, but no less effective. Patients note that vazoket successfully relieves all the main symptoms of varicose veins. It is included in the ranking because rarely causes adverse reactions in patients and fully justifies manufacturer promises.


  • dividing line pills;
  • eliminates pain, heaviness, swelling;
  • does not cause stomach problems.


  • not sold in all pharmacies.


Rating: 4.6


The Russian counterpart of Detralex Venarus takes the fourth position rating. This medication is available in coated tablets. shell, which have a different dosage and packaging. It contains diosmin and hesperidin. With regular use of Venarus it is possible reduce the extensibility of the veins and tone them. Also under exposure to this drug eliminates stagnation in the veins.

It is supposed to take 2 tablets per day. The dose can be taken immediately or divide by 2 times. Drink Venarus while eating. Despite their size, the tablets are swallowed quite easily, but with you can take advantage of the dividing risk. A course of treatment may be 3-4 months (up to 1 year).

In reviews, patients often compare Venarus and Detralex by effectiveness. Opinions differ, but quite a few believe that the Russian drug is in no way inferior to the French, but noticeably wins in price. Our experts included it in the rating, since Venus is a quality generic that rarely causes side. Moreover, he successfully removes pain and heaviness in the legs, often arising from varicose veins.


  • diosmin and hesperidin in the composition;
  • tablets are conveniently swallowed;
  • in efficiency not inferior to the original drug;
  • sold at any pharmacy.


  • may cause diarrhea, dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting.


Rating: 4.5


In fifth place was another Russian drug, Flebaven. He is also a Generic for Detralex, but less popular than Venus. This venotonic is produced in one dosage – 500 mg each. Contains diosmin and hesperidin. With regular use reduces the severity of the symptoms of chronic varicose veins with organic or functional nature.

Take phlebavenum inside. The daily dose should be 1000 mg flavanoid fraction. With this in mind, Phlebaven is taken twice. 1 tablet per day. Do this during lunch and dinner. The tablets are quite large, but are usually swallowed without problems.

According to reviews, this is a great budget alternative. Detralex. The first noticeable improvements are visible after 1-2 weeks application. Our experts included this venotonic in the ranking of the best, since it tones veins well, protects venous walls, and also helps better blood circulation in the limbs. Wherein It causes no more side effects than an imported drug.


  • effective composition;
  • efficiency;
  • attractive price.


  • gastrointestinal problems are possible.


Rating: 4.5


Sixth place in the ranking is Antistax. Its manufacturer is Switzerland / France. This venotonic is available in capsules. Behind therapeutic effect here is a dry extract of red grape leaves. It contains quercetin and isocvercetin. (flavanoids). It is widely used for treatment and prevention. varicose veins.

Patients use Antistax 1 time per day, 2 capsules. Do this morning before breakfast. Depending on the symptoms, the dose increase to 4 capsules per day. Medication is not recommended chew. The capsule is swallowed whole and washed down with a glass of clean water without gas. The therapeutic course is designed for 12 weeks. Antistax approved for use from 18 years old.

Patients in the reviews note that the capsules are easily swallowed, and the gastrointestinal tract reacts to them much better than to diosmin containing. However varicose veins with experience report that this venotonic is weaker and more suitable for prophylaxis or in the initial stage diseases. Nevertheless, Antistas entered the ranking of the best, since has a natural composition, quite effectively normalizes vascular permeability, and also slows down the formation of edema and reduces existing ones.


  • phytopreparation;
  • practically does not cause side effects;
  • moderate venotonic effect.


  • capsule shell contains sodium lauryl sulfate.


Rating: 4.4


Closes the rating of the best venotonics based on flavanoid supplements Venozol It is produced in capsules and contains such components: diosmin (270 mg), chestnut extract, hesperidin (30 mg), extract hazel, dihydroquercetin (antioxidant). Complex components increase tone and strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and also normalize venous circulation.

Prescribe Venozole for varicose veins for adults and children from 14 years old to 1 capsule 1-2 times a day in conjunction with meals. The duration of admission is 6-8 weeks. Pregnant and lactating venotonic contraindicated. Capsule size small, so it’s easy to take, in the throat is not get stuck.

Many praise Venozol in their reviews. With so many component composition it has an attractive price. This venotonic is present in the ranking, since although it relates to dietary supplements, it does not inferior in effectiveness to the original drugs. However the content of diosmin and hesperidin is relatively low here, therefore, rather, this tool should be considered as preventive.


  • combined composition;
  • convenient capsule size;
  • clear application scheme;
  • relieves severity, leg pain.


  • relatively low content of diosmin and hesperidin.

The best venotonic rutosides for varicose veins

Rutosides are quercetin flavanoid glycosides. They relate to group of vitamin P. In the natural environment they contain citrus fruits, blackcurrant, dandelion, buckwheat.


Rating: 4.9


Bulgarian venotonic Troxevasin occupies the first position rating. Its active substance is troxerutin (semi-synthetic derivative routine). For oral use, it is sold only in capsules. Troxerutin, acting directly on blood vessels, eliminates pain, heaviness, cramps and swelling.

Troxevasin capsule is swallowed whole and washed down with a glass water without gas. Primarily, patients are advised to take 300 mg. (1 capsule) troxerutin 3 times a day. Positive dynamics occurs after 2 weeks. Then the therapy is continued, resorting to the same dosage, or reduce it to the minimum maintenance. More often total treatment is continued for 3-4 weeks.

Some in the reviews call Troxevasin a “veteran” of the fight against varicose veins, but at the same time consider it quite effective. Sick Capsules and gel are often combined with troxerutin. Our experts included this venotonic in the ranking of the best, because although he acts slowly, but with a course of treatment, it improves noticeably state of veins with varicose veins.


  • unloaded, but effective composition;
  • minimum adverse reactions;
  • well eliminates swelling, pain, severity.


  • begins to act slowly.


Rating: 4.8


The second place in the ranking is occupied by the Indian venotonic Venoruton. The active substance is hydroxyethyl rutosides 300 mg. This is a derivative therapeutic routine directly to the vessels. Thanks to Venoruton, they are toned and strengthened. This venotonic capsule is produced.

Patients consume Venoruton in conjunction with meals. Capsules Do not chew and drink clean water. For the first two weeks, Venoruton is taken 1 capsule up to three times a day (not more than 3 capsules). Further therapy is continued for 8-12 weeks, using maintenance dosage, or in full stop treatment.

According to reviews, Venoruton is quite effective for varicose veins and practically does not cause adverse reactions. This venotonic deservedly is in the ranking of the best, as with course application noticeably reduces the severity of swelling, pain, severity or ulceration.


  • effective active component of the composition;
  • good tolerance;
  • capsules are easy to swallow.


  • Suitable for adult treatment only.


Rating: 4.7


As part of complex therapy for varicose veins, it can be prescribed Ascorutin. He closes the ranking of the best venotonic rutosides. It is produced by many Russian manufacturers. Along with the routine It contains ascorbic acid. Thanks to these substances Ascorutin eliminates the increased permeability of capillaries, strengthens vascular wall, reducing its swelling and eliminates inflammatory process.

Take orally 1 tablet of Ascorutin 2-3 times a day during time or after main meals. Therapeutic course in the average is 2-3 weeks. It is produced in small standard tablets. They have a pleasant sour taste, reminiscent of ascorbic acid without sugar.

About Ascorutin there are extremely positive reviews. Many people like these vitamins and their affordable price. Can not be called this remedy is the main venotonic, but as a complex therapy, it may well deserve to be in the ranking of the best. If you follow the instructions, then Ascorutin not only improve the state of blood vessels with varicose veins, but also increase immunity.


  • pleasant taste;
  • It has a general strengthening effect on the body;
  • reduces swelling, inflammation;
  • has an affordable cost.


  • as an independent venotonic weak.

The best external venotonics for varicose veins

Phlebologists often prescribe to their patients with varicose veins. venotonics of plant origin for external application.

Dr. Theiss Venen Gel

Rating: 4.9


The first place in the ranking is occupied by the German venotonic on plant-based venen gel. Every 100 g of the product contains 400 mg of calendula flower extract and 3 g of liquid extract horse chestnut seeds. Venen gel reduces permeability capillaries, tones the vascular walls, eliminates edema and inflammation.

Venotonic with varicose veins is applied 2 times a day (morning and evening) with a thin layer on the pathological focus and rub it in with lungs massaging movements. The product has a light gel consistency and a pleasant smell. After distribution to the skin quickly It is absorbed and leaves no residue. After application it is felt light chill.

According to reviews, Venen gel fulfills all declared manufacturer promises. It relieves heaviness and fatigue from the legs, and with regular use, bulging varicose veins become less noticeable. This plant venotonic deservedly ended up in ranking of the best because it effectively fights varicose veins and does it gently, without pronounced adverse reactions.


  • plant composition;
  • cooling effect;
  • non-sticky, quickly absorbed;
  • eliminates swelling and pain.


  • allergic reactions are possible.


Rating: 4.8


Another German gel for varicose veins is located on second ranking position. The active substance of this plant venotonic – β-escin (a mixture of triterpene saponins) 10 mg. His contain horse chestnut seeds. Escin relieves inflammation, reduces venous congestion, prevents the appearance of swelling.

A thin layer is applied to the skin of pathological lesions with a thin layer Venitan gel and gently rub. Massaging movements during application is best avoided. The gel is recommended to be distributed by problem areas 2-3 times a day. With lower varicose veins limbs the effect will be much better if you use elastic bandage or wear special tightening tights.

In the reviews, patients report that Venitan is quite effective, but unpleasant to use, because it is very sticky and long absorbed. But nevertheless, our experts put it in the rating of the best, since Venitan relieves swelling, severity and quickly resolves hematomas. At the same time, it can be used during pregnancy and lactation.


  • natural composition;
  • suitable for pregnant and lactating;
  • quickly relieves leg fatigue;
  • anesthetizes, relieves swelling.


  • sticky, specific smell.

Herbion Aesculus

Rating: 4.7


Herbion gel closes the rating of the best external venotonic Aesculus produced in Slovenia. In every gram of this remedy contains 350 mg of horse chestnut seed liquid extract and 20 mg liquid extract of clover grass. Both components complement the action. each other and intensely tone vessels.

Herbion Esclus is distributed over the skin in the area pathological foci with a thin layer up to four times a day. Rub the remedy should not be. In the treatment of chronic varicose veins sometimes use Aesculus for compresses. In children’s practice, not it is recommended to use this venotonic on large surfaces skin, as well as for a long time.

According to patients’ reviews, it becomes clear that after application Aesculus on the skin there is a slight tingling sensation that quickly passes. The gel is absorbed quickly without leaving a sticky film. The drug effectively eliminates the feeling of heaviness and pain in the legs, significantly reduces swelling. Especially noticeable effect after full working day spent on my feet. Immediately after applying the gel relief comes and the pain in the legs recedes.


  • natural composition;
  • pleasant consistency;
  • quickly absorbed, does not leave a sticky film;
  • Effectively relieves fatigue and swelling.


  • pungent odor.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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