13 best sanatoriums in Abkhazia

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Abkhazia is famous for its many rest houses. There is a mild subtropical climate, and there are more than two hundred clear days a year when the gentle sun warms. In the past, this land was called the 'Soviet Riviera'. The coast was popular then and remains so to this day. This paradise is a favorite vacation spot for millions of citizens. Hospitable resorts attract tourists from all countries. Visitors are mesmerized by the beauty of the wide beaches and the Caucasus Mountains. Picturesque nature, balneological springs, various attractions and affordable prices – all this ensures the success of the republic.

The editors analyzed the most popular proposals, selecting for the rating-review 13 best resorts in Abkhazia, which received the highest ratings and many positive reviews.

Rating of the best sanatoriums in Abkhazia

Nomination a place Sanatorium Minimum price per day
Rating of the best sanatoriums in Abkhazia 1 Amra Park-Hotel&Spa RUB 1,300
2 'Boxwood Grove' RUB 2,500
3 'Eucalyptus Grove' RUB 2,400
4 'Aibga' 1 200 RUB
5 'MVO-Sukhum' RUB 1,000
6 'Literary Fund' RUB 1,100
7 Sanatorium named after Chelyuskintsev RUB 2,000
8 'Sana' RUB 1,000
9 'Solar' RUB 1,000
10 'Curls' 1 200 RUB
11 'Kamarit' RUB 1,000
12 'Kyalasur' 1 200 RUB
13 Strategic Missile Forces Sukhumi RUB 1,000

Amra Park-Hotel&Spa

Rating: 5.0

Amra Park-Hotel&Spa

The place is unique, as it has a warm climate and the least precipitation falls here. Two years ago, a complete modernization was completed and the famous Soviet boarding house was transformed into a modern complex. A picturesque arboretum with rare exotic plant species spreads around it. The hotel consists of two residential buildings, a medical center, a gym, a spa and a beauty salon, as well as venues for celebrations and conferences, restaurants and bars for every taste. The rich infrastructure is represented by the city market, shops, a water park, an embankment, and entertainment venues.

The hotel has one hundred fifty-four rooms. There are two three-storey buildings to choose from. Guests are offered to settle in one-room single and double, double junior suites, two-room suites, with an area of ​​twenty-five squares. The rooms have the necessary amenities: bed, bedside tables, chairs, table, wardrobe, telephone, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, electric kettle, dishes, towels, and in some – dressing table with a mirror, armchairs. Windows overlook either the sea or the park.

Three meals a day, served in the dining room, where excellent service and helpful waiters. The menu is varied. Delicious dishes with a national flavor. Mainly European and Caucasian cuisine is presented. For those who are shown a diet, a special table is organized. For a snack, there are cozy cafes on the territory where they will offer Abkhaz wines.

The medical center appeared after modernization. A number of procedures are carried out in it, for example, physiotherapy, balneology, ozone therapy. The diagnostic and medical department helps to achieve a general improvement of the body, as well as cope with ailments of such systems as the nervous, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems. There are a number of programs designed for those who have problems with the musculoskeletal system. Specialists include a therapist, ENT, endocrinologist, cardiologist, neurologist, gynecologist and others. Laboratory research is carried out.

The entertainment program is rich. Corporate parties and various celebrations are arranged. Movie and concert lovers visit the hall. There are also outdoor entertainment events. For those wishing to actively spend their leisure time, sports activities are provided, where they usually play table tennis or go to tennis courts. You can sit quietly in the library. There is a shooting gallery in the complex, there is a tour desk.

  1. Price – from 1300 r.
  2. Republic of Abkhazia, Gagra, V. Ardzinba Avenue, 34.
  3. Phone: +7 (940) 737-31-3, +7 (940) 737-31-31 (booking).
  4. Website: amrapark-hotel-spa.ru.

'Boxwood Grove'

Rating: 4.9

Boxwood grove

The sanatorium was built in the nineties. It is located in an evergreen grove, not far from the coast, near the town of Pitsunda. The modern ten-story building, which is considered one of the best in Abkhazia, was erected by the Turkish company 'Koray-Baitur'. The complex operates from late spring (May) to late summer. There is a private beach with equipment and several swimming pools – for children, outdoor and indoor. There are tennis courts, sports grounds, a fitness machine, a children's playground, there is a rental service where you can rent a bicycle or a children's car. The infrastructure includes a small market, shops, promenade, cafeterias, bars, restaurants, clubs. The center of Pitsunda can be reached in ten to fifteen minutes by taxi.

The boarding house is ready to simultaneously accept up to seven hundred and fifty people. Three hundred rooms for two, forty-eight for one, twenty-two junior suites, ten suites and six apartments are offered for settlement. Necessary for comfort, for example, split-system, TV, safe and comfortable stylish furniture are in each. Some have balconies. Cleaning is done daily.

Meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Serve buffet at a local restaurant with three zones. The menu includes the first and second, desserts and drinks. Diet tables are also organized, including for children. Pleased with a large number of fruits and vegetables. You can have a snack in cafes and bars, where European and national cuisine. There is a cafeteria on the first floor of the boarding house, and a tea room on the second. Fresh baked goods, desserts and drinks are served here and there. On the beach there is a cafe 'Tavern'. It is worth trying cold snacks, ordering beer or famous Abkhaz wines.

The main medical profile of the boarding house is the treatment and prevention of diseases of such systems as the cardiovascular, nervous. They also provide assistance to people with ailments of the musculoskeletal system. To strengthen the body, aerotherapy, heliotherapy, thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy, as well as physiotherapy, ultrasound, paraffin therapy, magnetotherapy, massage are carried out. Paid specialists include a dentist, gynecologist, cosmetologist, surgeon, chiropractor.

An active and relaxing holiday is available to guests. Residents can use the swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, exercise machine, play table tennis, squash, volleyball, badminton, sing karaoke, visit the cinema, library, take a walk in the winter garden, book an excursion at the bureau. Animation shows are organized for children, there is a playroom and a room with a nanny. On the beach you can ride jet skis, banana boats, boats, catamarans, diving, sailing surfing. Helicopter tours are available.

  1. Price – from 2500 r.
  2. Republic of Abkhazia, Pitsunda, Gochua, 7.
  3. Phone: 8 (800) 775-33-04, +7 (495) 320-77-82.
  4. Site: boxwood-grove.su.

'Eucalyptus Grove'

Rating: 4.8

Eucalyptus grove

As the name suggests, the resort is located in a eucalyptus grove – a real paradise for holidaymakers. A boarding house was built on the seashore, in the village of Kandyg, not far from Sukhum. It consists of two parallel lines of cottages running in a row along the coast. The buildings are surrounded by relict eucalyptus trees. The air here is amazing and clean. The unique microclimate is a combination of sea and eucalyptus groves. It strengthens the immune system, has a healing effect on the general condition of the body, is the best prevention of diseases of the ENT organs, since there is natural inhalation. It is noteworthy that very close to the sanatorium there is a geyser that gushes with warm mineral water to a height of three to five meters. True, it is not equipped and not certified, but it is a pleasure to look at it.

Guests are offered to settle in one of twenty-five two- and three-storey cottages. One-room, two-room and three-room suites are available to visitors, which can accommodate from two to six people. Each is equipped with everything for a comfortable stay. There are refrigerators, TVs, spacious balconies, and the suites have kitchen areas with appliances and utensils where you can cook on your own.

Meals, as in many sanatoriums, are three times a day. It is carried out according to the buffet system. The menu is varied; guests especially like the abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits. Salads and pastries are also praised. Dishes of European and national cuisine prevail. In addition to the dining room, there is a restaurant and cafe-bar located on the beach. By the way, the beach is pebbly, not sandy.

There is an outdoor pool on site, where you can go for a swim after visiting the massage room or just like that. For the active, the following grounds are provided: volleyball, basketball and tennis courts. In the evening it is worth stopping by the karaoke and disco. Diving and rafting are among the water activities in the sanatorium. Among the excursions, trips to the hydropathic establishment, Pitsunda, Novy Afon, to the trout farm, Blue Lake or Gega waterfall are especially popular. Those who decide to get to Sukhum should go to the monkey nursery and the arboretum, and those who love adrenaline should go paragliding.

  1. Price – from 1800-2400 r
  2. Republic of Abkhazia, Ochamchira region, Kyndyg village.
  3. Phone: +7 (940) 993-01-32, 8 (918) 303-09-48, 8 (918) 303-09-47.
  4. Website: evkaliptovaya.com.


Rating: 4.7


The hotel was opened to the public in 2008. It is built on the second beach line, but you can quickly reach the sea on foot. It should be noted that the beach is not private, but city-wide. There is a sanatorium in a residential and quiet place, not far from the water park and the center of New Gagra. The boarding house is ideal for both young and old people. Here, comfort and coziness are perfectly combined with modern infrastructure. Vacationers can stroll along the promenade, admiring the sea, go to cafes or visit bars with clubs. Nearby there is a hydrotherapy center, a market, supermarkets, various attractions.

A five-storey building with twenty-four rooms of different categories is offered for settlement: standard double rooms without a balcony and improved ones with a balcony, as well as two-room suites with a spacious loggia. Equipped with everything you need – TV, satellite TV, refrigerator, safe, comfortable furniture. Unfortunately, there is no elevator in the building, so you have to go up on foot.

Meals at the hotel are three times a day, complex. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are served in a local restaurant, where a spacious bright room and polite waiters. The menu is distinguished by an abundance of vitamin dishes, as well as many snacks. Salads and desserts are especially good. The first and second are not lagging behind in quality, giving guests not only satisfying hunger, but also aesthetic pleasure from serving. You can have a snack in other establishments, for example, in a cafe.

Vacationers can spend their leisure time in different ways. An outdoor heated pool is available, which is pleasant to swim in even in cooler weather. There are massage rooms. For active recreation, table tennis and badminton are provided, and for those who like fast walks, bike rental is available. Lovers of reading can visit the library. Families with children often go to the outdoor playroom to let the kids release their energy. There is a tour desk.

  1. Price – from 1200 rubles.
  2. Republic of Abkhazia, Gagra, Abazgaa, house 39/3.
  3. Email for reservations and other questions: aibga999 @ yandex.com.
  4. Website: gagra-aibga.ru.


Rating: 4.7


The boarding house was built on the Black Sea coast, in the very center of the city of Sukhum. Cybilium and the Red Bridge are very close by. On foot, guests can reach the Mahajirs embankment and other attractions. In the protected fenced area there are beautiful cypresses that create shade, eucalyptus alleys, exotic flower beds, and original sculptures. A sandy and pebble beach is located just thirty meters away. There are sun loungers, umbrellas, covered gazebos, a boat station, lifeguard towers and a first-aid post. Not far from the sanatorium there are shops, a market, stalls and cafes.

The guests are accommodated in one of two buildings – the three-storey General'sky or the fourteen-storey Breeze. Visitors are offered rooms of different categories: economy class, standard, junior suites, suites. All have a shower and a hotel bathroom. The premises are equipped with air conditioners or fans, refrigerators, TVs, telephones and comfortable furniture. Children are allowed to stay at least three years old.

In the sanatorium there are three complex meals a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the spacious, cozy dining room. The menu includes dishes of European and national Abkhaz cuisine. For those who are assigned dietary meals, a special table is organized. In between, if guests are hungry, they can go to a cafe or bar, where original snacks and wines.

The medical center at the sanatorium provides treatment for cardiovascular diseases, and also helps those who have problems with the genitourinary, nervous and respiratory systems. They cope well with ailments of the musculoskeletal system and the gastrointestinal tract. Apart from procedures, the main factors for a quick recovery are mineral water from local springs and climatotherapy. Diagnostics is carried out at the very beginning of the arrival, after which the doctor prescribes treatment.

For leisure, guests have a tour desk, sports grounds – volleyball, basketball, tennis. On the beach there are water attractions, water equipment rental. Families with children can visit the outdoor playroom. A beauty salon is open for women. Lovers of pampering will love the heated pool, massage room, gazebos in the park, where it is great to relax in seclusion. There is a souvenir shop on site. In the evenings, incendiary discos are organized, where it will be fun for both young and old vacationers.

  1. Price – from 1000 rubles.
  2. Republic of Abkhazia, Sukhum, Akirtava, building 24.

'Literary Fund'

Rating: 4.7

Literary Fund

The boarding house was built on the very shore. Next to it is Lake Inkit and a park area where magnolias, acacia, azaleas bloom, boxwood, dogwood, medlar, Pitsunda pine, various palms, eucalyptus, oleander grow. The beach is sandy and pebbly and is within walking distance. Due to the favorable location on the cape, cold winds and currents do not penetrate here.

The boarding house has two hundred twenty-eight rooms. Three buildings are offered for settlement: a twelve-storey one, and two three-storey ones – 'Family' and 'New'. Guests are given a choice of one-room single and double, three-room four-bed, two-room junior suites, three-room suites, where in addition to the bedroom there is a living room. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, balconies and the necessary equipment. Suites are cleaned every third day, while standard suites are cleaned every fifth.

Three meals a day are carried out according to the buffet system, but also ordered. The menu includes forty types of hot dishes and snacks. Appetizing salads, side dishes, aromatic soups, fresh fruits, breathtaking desserts, drinks – all this is already included in the price of the voucher. Guests staying in junior suites and suites are served in a separate room with a wider selection of delicacies. You can go for a bite to eat in one of two bars.

There is a medical center at the boarding house where people with cardiovascular diseases, problems of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, as well as ENT organs are treated. They carry out kinesiotherapy, hydrotherapy, heat therapy, physiotherapy, electrotherapy. Specialists work: therapist, cardiologist, gynecologist and others. Upon admission, a diagnosis is carried out, after which a treatment plan is drawn up.

Leisure is well organized, so guests always have something to do. Active recreation is carried out in the simulator, on the tennis court, volleyball court, playing mini-football, there is also a rental station where they take sports equipment. You can soak up while swimming in the outdoor pool, and have fun visiting the club, cinema and concert hall, bar and cafe. Those wishing to see the city and the nearby beauty should contact the tour desk. There is a club for children, a playground, and animation shows.

  1. Price – from 1100 rubles.
  2. Republic of Abkhazia, Pitsunda, Gagra district, boarding house “House of creativity named after D. Gulia” (Literary Fund).
  3. Phone: +7 (940) 737-96-94, 8 (840 23) 20-200, 8 (840 23) 20-279.
  4. Website: lit-fond.ru.

Sanatorium named after Chelyuskintsev

Rating: 4.6

Sanatorium named after Chelyuskintsev

The sanatorium was founded in the early seventies. Located in the old part of the city of Gagra, in a historical place, where there are many attractions, architectural monuments. The green area with cypresses, palms, magnolias, flowers and shrubs allows visitors to enjoy the fresh air and silence, because the area is fenced and the noise of the streets remains behind the fences. The sandy equipped beach stretches for three hundred meters. It has its own embankment. There are two buildings on the territory, one of which is four-storey, completely renovated in 2011. The new, six-storey one, was erected in 2017. The health resort operates all year round.

Visitors are offered one of eighty-five rooms for check-in: double standard, superior and triple. They have everything for a comfortable stay, for example, TV, air conditioning, refrigerator. Many have balconies with beautiful views. Cleaning is done daily and linen is changed every fifth day.

The boarding house has three meals a day. The menu contains many dishes of European and national cuisine. For those to whom the doctor prescribed a diet, a special table is set. The diet contains a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. You can go for a bite to eat in cafes and restaurants on the territory, where delicious Abkhaz dishes and homemade wine.

Professional medical staff is responsible for quality treatment in the following areas: cardiology, urology, gynecology. People with problems of the musculoskeletal system and the musculoskeletal system also often come here. Various procedures are carried out, such as balneological. There is a massage and beauty parlor.

A wide range of entertainment will not let you get bored. You can have fun on the dance floor, in the cafe-bar overlooking the sea. Go in for sports in specially designated areas. Games include tennis, volleyball, mini-football. Fans of reading are invited to visit the library, and film lovers – a video room. Turning to the tour desk, be sure to choose one of the directions for a trip to a hydropathic establishment.

  1. Price – from 2000 r.
  2. Republic of Abkhazia, Gagra, Nartaa avenue, 44.
  3. Phone: 8 (989) 755-25-99.
  4. Website: cheluskin-abkhazia.ru.


Rating: 4.5


Evergreen subtropical plants grow in Gagra. There are excellent climatic conditions, so one of the most popular boarding houses was built. Those who come to it can combine treatment with a beach holiday. The complex is located in the resort city part, where all the infrastructure is. The Continent shopping center, restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs and attractions are located nearby. The architecture of the buildings is original, and the interiors are made in a classic style. The entire territory is surrounded by greenery of the surrounding park. The beach is a short walk away. The boarding house is unique in that it has its own hydropathic establishment. Mineral water was brought to the surface in the sixties. It contains sulfides, sulfates, calcium-magnesium components, as well as hydrogen sulfide. The water has a neutral pH – 6.95 and low salinity – 2.5 g / l.

Visitors can accommodate in an eight-story building, in which one-room standard rooms and junior suites, designed for two; two-room standard superior, also designed for two. Inside there is everything you need for a comfortable stay: air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, telephone, comfortable modern furniture. A total of seventy-five rooms, one hundred and eighty seats. Cleaning is done daily, and linen is changed once a week or at the request of guests. Some of the premises have balconies overlooking the picturesque park.

Meals are complex, three times a day, according to a customized system. They are served in a spacious, bright dining room. The menu features Russian and Abkhaz cuisine, many mouth-watering first and second courses, a variety of snacks, desserts, as well as an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits, including exotic ones. National wine is served for dinner. You can go for a bite to eat in restaurants and cafes located near the sanatorium.

The medical base at the sanatorium deals with ailments of the nervous (neurasthenia, asthenic conditions, vegetative-vascular dysfunctions, coordination neuroses), cardiovascular (rheumatic endomyocarditis, mitral valve disease, congenital heart anomalies, ischemic disease), respiratory (skin diseases, tracheitis, silicosis, pneumosclerosis, pneumocopyosis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic lung abscesses, bronchiectasis) of the system, as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Physiotherapy, mud therapy, UHF therapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, therapeutic inhalations and baths, DDT, exercise therapy and manual massage are carried out. Some of the procedures require additional payment.

Fans of recreational leisure will like the terrain path, pool, sauna. There is a solarium, a conference room, and for games – bowling, table tennis, a bowling alley and billiards. Events like concerts, evenings, discos are organized every day. For children, there is a playground and several outdoor areas. There is a tour desk.

  1. Price – from 1000 rubles.
  2. Republic of Abkhazia, Gagra, Demerdzhipa, 49.
  3. Phone: +7 (940) 932-27-72.
  4. Website: sana-gagra.ru.


Rating: 4.4


The rest house is located in a small village on the slope of the Gagra ridge, surrounded by a pine forest that makes the air truly healing. The boarding house is open all year round, so you can come to rest here in any season, and not only in spring and summer. The windows offer a view of the sea and the most beautiful mountain landscapes. To the sandy-pebble beach, you need to walk about three hundred meters along well-maintained paths.

Accommodation is designed for four hundred people. Guests are accommodated in a twelve-story building. We offer double and triple rooms, some of which have balconies. Not everything is so good with the equipment – the toilet, shower and refrigerator are located on the floor, which can bring some inconvenience. Cleaning is done every day and linen is changed every fifth day.

Vacationers are fed three times, serving a buffet in a local restaurant with a spacious bright room, where there is an abundance of a variety of delicious dishes, snacks, desserts, as well as a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, there is a restaurant with European, Russian and Caucasian cuisine, bars with a large selection of drinks, barbecue, cold snacks. There is also a cafe on the beach that serves very good and original desserts and cocktails.

The medical base offers treatment and prevention of a wide variety of diseases. Here they work with ailments of the ENT organs, the musculoskeletal system, metabolism, and blood circulation. Diagnostics and the following procedures are carried out: inhalation, UHF, radon baths, massage, including underwater and mechanical. Experts advise, but some will have to pay extra.

From entertainment, guests can choose what they like. For a measured rest, you can go to the cinema, library or billiard room. If guests do not want to leave the territory of the sanatorium, they can use one of the two swimming pools – indoor or outdoor. The boarding house has a sports complex that combines a volleyball court and a tennis court. Water sports are popular. There is a rental of pleasure boats and catamarans at sea. Musical discos are held in the evenings. Families with children can leave the little ones in a special playroom, where qualified and experienced nannies work. To visit the excursion, you must contact the bureau. Of the interesting destinations, we note trips to Sukhum, Pitsunda, Gagra, New Athos, where the famous cave and a functioning old Orthodox monastery are located.

  1. Price – from 1000 rubles.
  2. Republic of Abkhazia, Settlement Bagripsh, Gagra district.
  3. Phone: +7 (940) 996-50-21, +7 (940) 996-50-22, +7 (940) 932-27-72.
  4. Website: solnechni.ru.


Rating: 4.3


The rest house was built near Pitsunda, on the coast. The city can be reached by transport in just fifteen minutes. The protected area is fenced, which creates a special comfort. Here there is a sea of ​​greenery – pines and palms grow, creating entire alleys, in addition, many flower beds with bright flowers. For walks, there are paths, and for relaxation – swing benches. You can admire the beautiful fountain. The complex includes two buildings dating back to the eighties. Reviews often note that the air is different from that outside the boarding house. A spacious pebble beach will not leave anyone indifferent, especially on warm summer days, when the sun caresses, allowing you to bask near the sea water. The infrastructure is represented by the waterfront, cafeterias, clubs, there is a small market and supermarkets. This place is perfect for a measured family holiday, and the high level of service and budget prices will delight everyone.

Place people in a four-story dormitory building for one hundred people. One-room double and triple rooms, junior suites and suites with toilet, shower and loggia are available for check-in. Here they give out free Wi-Fi, as well as on the territory, in the halls, cafes. Hot water supply works without interruption, but is supplied according to the established schedule. The balconies offer either a sea view or a view of the park and mountains with snow-capped tops.

Meals are organized at the local canteen, served by friendly and helpful waiters. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners mainly consist of Abkhazian and European dishes. A lot of fresh fruits and vegetables are served to maximize the vitamins. During breaks, it is worth stopping by a restaurant, and in the evening or at night – at a bar, where young people especially like to have fun.

There is no medical base at the boarding house, but a visit to the balneological hospital in Gagra is available for an additional fee. There you can take hydrogen sulfide baths, which are useful for diseases of the nervous, genitourinary, cardiovascular systems, skin diseases, problems with the musculoskeletal system.

For leisure, vacationers are offered boat trips on the sea, a visit to the pool, sauna, cinema, volleyball court. Children love the large open-air playroom. The tour desk has a lot of travel options, for example, to New Athos, where you can see the famous caves, the grotto of the Apostle Canonite; to Pitsunda to admire the Blue Lake and Ritsa Lake, the Auadhar Mineral Spring, the Museum of Ancient Architecture; to Sukhum, where you can fly a paraglider or visit Christian shrines.

  1. Price – from 1200 rubles.
  2. Republic of Abkhazia, Gagra district, Alakhadzy village, Citrus farm.
  3. Phone: +7 (940) 930-20-19.
  4. Website: kodor1.ru.


Rating: 4.2


The resort complex was erected in New Athos, at the entrance, next to the sea, which is a few minutes walk away. Has a private pebble beach, stretching for two hundred meters. Vacationers here are hidden from prying eyes, which creates a special atmosphere of privacy and comfort. The boarding house is guarded and surrounded by fences. But supermarkets, clubs, cafeterias, restaurants and attractions are located very close by, for example, the grotto of the Apostle Canaanite, a waterfall, a monastery, and the Iberian fortress. For those arriving by private car, free parking is provided. The complex is originally decorated in the style of a fishing village, which adds flavor. One of the advantages is free accommodation for children under five years old.

Vacationers are accommodated in one of three houses – three-story or two two-story. A choice of double and quadruple rooms with air conditioning and the necessary equipment. Each has water supply, shower, toilet. They can accommodate up to ninety people in total. Cleaning is done daily and linen is changed every third day.

Meals are not included in the price of the tour. If you wish, you can pay for the complex, including breakfasts and lunches – from 300 to 600 rubles. There is a restaurant with Caucasian, Russian and Abkhaz cuisine and a summer cafe 'Caucasian Corner' with a large selection of local wines and kebabs on the territory.

In the evenings, discos are organized in the holiday home, and in the morning and in the afternoon you can go to the beach, where there is a decent selection of water sports, play on a volleyball court or table tennis. Guests are offered to go fishing or ride on catamarans. There is a tour desk that organizes not only group but also individual trips. At night, the beach lights are on.

  1. Price – from 1000 rubles.
  2. Republic of Abkhazia, New Athos, Lakoba 21a.
  3. Phone: +7 (940) 998-90-90.
  4. Website: kamarit.ru.


Rating: 4.1


Near Sukhum, a minute's walk from the sea, a boarding house was built, formerly called 'Black Pearl'. Includes detached houses where companies and families like to stay to feel the privacy. The capital's beaches of Sinop are located around the resort. Nearby there is an arboretum and a mountain river of the same name. Those arriving in a private car can leave their car in a guarded parking lot intended for residents. With early booking on the site, a five percent discount is provided for a two-week trip or a ten percent discount for bookings on the site from twenty days. But the discount can be activated only after the introduction of the promotional code indicated on the official website.

Guests are accommodated in one of thirty-two cottages, offering a choice of sixty-four rooms. Each has two separate entrances, which means they are two separate rooms. On the ground floor there is a living room, and on the second floor there is a bedroom with air conditioning, TV and modern stylish furniture. The windows offer panoramic views of the greenery and the sea.

Buffet meals are served three times a day. Tables are laid in one of three local restaurants. Pleased with the abundance of juices, fresh vegetables and fruits, pastries, desserts. Chefs are good at fish and meat dishes, soups and broths, salads. Here you can taste European, Russian and national Abkhaz cuisine. In addition, the territory has a restaurant 'Apatskha' and a cafe-bar with original cocktails and a large selection of other drinks and cold snacks.

The resort complex organizes a variety of excursions. Trips around Sukhum and its environs, to relict caves, to ancient monasteries, excursions to the mountains or picnics in meadows are very popular. Often they also choose excursions to a mineral spring (hydropathic establishment), to Novy Afon, Pitsunda, to a trout farm, to a monkey nursery. Holidaymakers love horseback riding, paragliding, rafting, diving. The boarding house has a billiard room, discos are organized in the evenings. Sportsmen will be carried away by volleyball, badminton, table tennis. You can visit the bathhouse, massage room. There is a rental of inflatable mattresses and swimming accessories for children. Adrenaline lovers will enjoy banana rides, scooters, boats. There is a souvenir shop.

  1. Price – from 1200 rubles.
  2. Republic of Abkhazia, Sukhum, Kodorskoe highway, Loading dead end, 3.
  3. Phone for booking: +7 (988) 413-11-50, + 7-940-996-72-76.
  4. Website: kyalasur.com.

Strategic Missile Forces Sukhumi

Rating: 4.0

Strategic Missile Forces Sukhumi

A military sanatorium was built in the central part of Sukhum, on the coast. He is probably known to everyone, as he has been working for more than a decade. Around the buildings there is a green park with hundreds of relict plants – cypresses, eucalyptus, oleanders, palms, magnolias. Vacationers find themselves in the real subtropics. The private equipped sand and pebble beach has a medical and meteorological office, as well as a rescue service. Children are accepted at least four years of age.

The boarding house consists of fourteen-storey, two- and three-storey buildings. Visitors are accommodated in one-room suites and two-room, one-room junior suites and suites for two or six people. Air conditioners are available only in suites, and in standard only TV and refrigerator. Bathrooms are in every room, and balconies are in some. The windows offer views of the sea panorama, park and mountains.

Three or five meals a day are served in a local canteen located in a separate building. It is served by polite waiters. The menu is varied, including first and second courses, hot and cold appetizers, desserts, pastries, drinks. For those who are shown a diet, a separate table is organized. In addition, you can have a snack in cozy cafeterias, restaurants, and drink cocktails in the bar. The medical center treats skin, cardiovascular, pulmonary, gynecological, urological, bone, joint diseases, and ailments of the nervous system. Diagnostics is carried out – FGK, ECG. They do inhalations, physiotherapeutic procedures, hydrotherapy, prescribe therapeutic exercises and exercises on simulators. There is a dental office.

For lovers of active recreation, the boarding house offers a visit to sports grounds (volleyball, basketball, badminton, tennis courts), exercise equipment, table tennis. You can have fun in the billiard room. Those wishing to sit in silence should visit the library. A video hall is available for those wishing to watch a movie. Animation shows and discos are regularly organized for both adults and children. The boat station offers rowing boats, motor boats, catamarans, water scooters. A playroom is provided for children.

  1. Price – from 1000 rubles.
  2. Republic of Abkhazia, Sukhum, Akirtava, Military sanatorium of the Strategic Missile Forces.

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