13 best online shoe stores

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Online shoe store allows you to purchase shoes, sneakers or sandals without leaving your home. Delivery and fitting at home they allow you not to go to ordinary shops at all. This allows save a ton of time. Unfortunately, online purchases are associated with certain inconveniences. Only a quality online store able to smooth them out.

That is why we studied the range, reviews and convenience the use of large online shoe stores, and put together a rating from 13 best sites. You can definitely find shoes for them on them, leg and wallet.

How to choose the best online shoe store

Buying shoes online involves considerable risks. And we We write not only about monetary losses. Shoes are such an item that difficult to choose and must be tried on. Therefore acquire you need it very carefully.

We have put together a short list of tips. With it, you can easily choose the best online shoe store and you can buy the perfect a couple for yourself.

  1. The volume of the shoe catalog. Learn how fully An assortment of the shoes you need is presented. Whether there is a the required sizes and models, are there enough options for selection. Remember: the wider the choice, the easier it is to find the perfect match.
  2. The quality of shoes sold and the popularity of the store. Look at the reviews on the products you like. But don’t be limited only the site of the online store itself – look everywhere. At the same time read reviews about the store itself: does it work honestly, does it come ordered and how fast, and so on.
  3. The presence of physical stores. If you have an online store there are outlets in your city, this is very good: you can go there and make sure that the model you are looking for is right for you. Or choose there and order through the online store to to save. Moreover, a real store greatly reduces the chance that you are being deceived.
  4. The convenience of the site. Take a look at the interface and design. Is it convenient to use? Is it clear that the site is really worked so that it would be beneficial, or it was done in 15 minutes on to the knee? A quality website is a sign of honesty in a store. Fool no one will invest time and energy.
  5. The completeness and information content of the product descriptions. If a the online store suits you, see how intelligibly the creators describe the shoe models you like. Are you visible all the advantages and possible disadvantages of the purchase?
  6. Price, delivery and fitting. When you have chosen a pair – study prices. Did you find the lowest price with high quality? Will deliver Do you have a purchase and will they give me an example before payment? Large online stores always allow customers to first try on shoes, and if she didn’t fit, they allow her to be returned to the courier and not to pay for fitting.
  7. Payment methods for the order. Quality online shopping shoes allow customers to pay with all possible for today ways: by card on the website or courier, in cash, by installments or credit. Find out if the selected store has the right one for you payment method.
  8. Availability of promotions, discounts and gifts. Many shops arrange sales, promotions in honor of the holidays or any events. If there is a bonus in the store you choose, which suit you personally – this is an additional plus.

Correctly combining benefits, convenience and reliability, you can purchase shoes on the Internet with a minimum of nerve loss.

Rating of the best online shoe stores

Nomination a place Name of product rating
The best multi-brand online shoe stores 1 kari.com 5.0
2 rendez-vous.ru 4.9
3 lamoda.ru 4.8
4 wildberries.ru 4.7
5 yoox.com 4.6
6 asos.com 4.5
7 kupivip.ru 4.4
The best monobrand online shoe stores 1 ecco-shoes.ru 5.0
2 mascotte.ru 4.9
3 carnaby.ru 4.8
4 rieker-shop.ru 4.7
5 basconi.su 4.6
6 keddo.ru 4.5

The best multi-brand online shoe stores

Multi-brand stores can offer you any shoes, from sandals to high boots or running shoes. The catalog has both well-known brands for a high price, and inexpensive “nouns”.


Rating: 5.0


Opens our rating brand, which is represented by more than 1200 real outlets and a good online store. Website Simple, intuitive and easy to use. The assortment is very wide. – hundreds of pairs of shoes are waiting for the owners. The price range pleases – you can to purchase goods for both 1000 and 10,000 rubles. Shop often arranges sales and promotions within which you can purchase shoes with a big discount. Different brands and options are presented.

In addition to specifically shoes on the site, you can purchase various accessories, toys, socks and much more. Can be ordered any number of shoes at home, and they will quickly bring it: delivery starts from 1 day. Unfamiliar or unsuitable couples can return to the courier. Delivery is paid – 250 rubles. But when ordering from 1000 rubles, it becomes free. Warranty for shoes lasts 90 days from the date of purchase.

The store has one drawback: the lower price segment It is represented by far from the most high-quality and durable models. But it’s worth counting on: it’s hard to buy shoes for 500 rubles, which can be worn for years.


  • A wide range of shoes for every taste and budget.
  • Frequent profitable promotions and sales.
  • Long warranty period.


  • Inexpensive shoes are often not very high quality.


Rating: 4.9


A large online store with hundreds of branches throughout the country. The online store is made clear and convenient. Assortment pleases a variety of branded (and not so) models for every taste. Besides shoes can also be purchased clothes. There is free but medium-sized repair purchased in a shoe store. It acts for Privilège cardholders for three years. Take advantage repair can be done three times for one pair of shoes.

You can return the goods within 30 days from the date of purchase. There are as many as seven ways to deliver shoes to a customer. Some are completely free, and some will have to pay in excess of the purchase price. Trying in for 15 minutes and the opportunity return is also not in everyone.

The online store sometimes receives complaints about trade low-quality, and even frankly fake models of leading brands. However, this applies to frankly cheap shoes. More expensive options are worn flawlessly.


  • Free easy repair.
  • Seven different delivery methods.


  • Among cheap shoes, there are fakes of large and expensive brands.


Rating: 4.8


Pretty famous online store without physical shopping points (instead of them there are points of issue). In fact, Lamoda is not only a store, but also a marketplace: here you will find goods of different stores, but they are all verified and accurately provide quality models. On the site you can buy far not only shoes. there is clothes, accessories, gifts, cosmetics, perfumes … the choice is simple huge. So you can immediately order a fashionable bow and try it on, without leaving home.

Valid delivery with fitting. Duration of goods delivery depends on remoteness of the store. It can reach 6 or more days. Time for fitting – 15 minutes, the service is free. Unfortunately, try on purchases are not available in all cities. Delivery is very accurate – you can choose a time interval within 15 minutes, and they will bring you order clearly at the appointed time. You can also order express delivery if there is a pick-up point in your city. Guarantee short-lived – you can return the purchase within two weeks. Dispatch goods back to the online store is free.

From time to time, there are dissatisfied customer reviews that delivery and return service does not work correctly. Not always You can receive or return the goods on time, due to problems third-party courier service.


  • Several delivery options accurate to 15 minutes.
  • Delivery of goods to any city (not always with fitting).


  • Sometimes the delivery and return service is wrong.


Rating: 4.7


This online store sells just about anything – electronics, clothes, accessories. There is also a wide selection of shoes: from brand models to simple and inexpensive “slippers”. The choice amazing, on the site you can find even the cheapest boots, like grandmothers in the village, or booties for babies. Regular customers gradually “grow” with discounts and gifts from the store. Often there are promotional codes for a particular product.

Amazing warranty period – Wildberry is ready to accept defective goods within two years from the date of purchase. Delivery valid to any settlement. Its timing depends on remoteness. from Moscow and large cities: the farther – the longer. 3,700 pick-up points scattered throughout Russia fitting rooms and the ability to arrange a refund on site. But things may bring a courier.

Online store takes money for returning orders, if you take There will be a courier. Self-departure for free.


  • Really big guarantee on marriage – 2 years.
  • Many pickup points with changing rooms.


  • You need to pay for a refund or send the goods by yourself.


Rating: 4.6


Online store with foreign goods. Here you can order branded products from Italy, including exclusive items and own store collections. Corresponding cost – have to fork out. There are a lot of shoes in the store, and all of it high-quality and truly branded. Not a single fake.

Delivery will cost 1000 rubles. It becomes free when purchase amount from 12,000 rubles. Because the goods come due abroad, it is important to remember: if you have received more than 500 euros, then you will have to pay a fee of 30% of the amount excesses. Naturally, with such a delivery, the store cannot provide fitting service, but easily draws up a refund. Return the purchase is possible within 10 days from the date of delivery, and it must arrive at the warehouse no later than 30 days from the date of delivery. But for postage will have to put money out of your pocket.

There were complaints to the store that sometimes they come in the package small size models. In such cases, you have to make a refund and wait for the parcel to reach the warehouse in Italy.


  • A wide selection of branded products and exclusives.
  • Quick and easy return.


  • Paid delivery up to 12,000 rubles without trying on goods.
  • Sometimes things “out of size” and small things come – it’s worth specifying separately for each order.


Rating: 4.5


Another foreign online store where you can find products of more than 850 different brands. The selection of shoes is simply gigantic. There are even special options for holders of wide feet, which very comfortably. Asos offers thematic collections of things on current trends, holidays, or events. Interesting to students The store promises a 10% discount on student ID.

The store mainly sells products of its own brand – quite high quality and comfortable. But you can find shoes leading stamps. It is possible to order regular delivery or express. The cost is different. You can get it for free when buying from 2000 rubles for regular delivery and 8000 for express receipt of things.

Delivery at the store is not the best – third-party service may delay shipments, request additional documents, and even write out fines. In some cases, the site can run into fake. It concerns expensive branded things.


  • Good line of own goods.
  • A wide variety of branded clothing and shoes.


  • There may be fakes.
  • Inconvenient delivery service.


Rating: 4.4


Closes the rating of the best multi-brand online shoe stores A site offering products from global brands at affordable prices. IN the presence of hundreds of thousands of different models and options for shoes, including premium and luxury categories. The site often comes across pretty large discounts up to an incredible 92%. Regular customers Flexible personal discount on the number of purchased goods for the entire time you use the site.

There are several points for issuing an order. They are based in Moscow and in some large regional cities. Delivery may last up to three weeks. The fitting service is not available in every city, but not a thing that comes up or doesn’t like is easy to send back. On the return is 14 days from the date of purchase, but will need send goods by mail or order a courier.

Some customers complain that instead of genuine things, discounts and discounts come fakes, albeit of decent quality. Therefore, before taking the goods you need to check whether what came ordered.


  • Brand things with really giant discounts (up to 92%).
  • A very large selection of shoes.


  • Inconvenient delivery without trying.
  • Sometimes there are fakes with a large markdown.

The best monobrand online shoe stores

Unlike multi-brand, in these online stores you You will find only shoes of a particular brand. The goods here are more expensive, but but there is an excellent guarantee from the manufacturer, and the quality is somewhat higher.


Rating: 5.0


We are the first in the list of monobrand online shoe stores deservedly put the site brand Ecco. Here you will find the most different brand models for everyday wear, sports, access to light and so on. The choice is not as great as in multi-brand stores, but these are options from the latest collection in 2019. There is a section “Discount” where you can buy discounted models past seasons.

Delivery is paid when ordering up to 5000 rubles and will cost 300 rubles. If you order sending via pedestals, then try things or you can’t make a partial redemption of an order. In the rest In cases, you can measure and refuse part of the purchases. The timing returns vary depending on the delivery method – you can send unnecessary goods within 7-30 days from the date of receipt. The warranty for shoes lasts 90 days and begins with the season, on which it is designed.

Important! Ekko’s site should be exactly as we wrote. If a the address will be at least slightly changed, then this is an online store scammers who will send you the cheapest fake from possible. Buying in real stores should also be careful and only in official boutiques.


  • The best branded online store.
  • Large selection of new and old collections.
  • A wide network of stores in reality.


  • Many scammers fake Ecco online store.


Rating: 4.9


Russian brand that has successfully made its way into English and European markets. The site has hundreds of different models for any weather, season, taste and wallet. There is plenty to choose from. Often on the site discounts happen, and quite significant – up to 83%. Also possible see promotional items and models remaining in the last size.

Delivery is free only for purchases of 8,000 rubles or more. IN The price includes fitting for 15 minutes. Can partially refuse an order or issue a full refund of shoes, but only if you have not paid for the goods online. Warranty period for shoes – 30 days from the moment it is received, it begins at the time of the onset of the sock season. Items you don’t like can be returned within 14 days after purchases.

Reviews of grateful customers are literally full of thanks in The address of the online shoe ordering service is quick, attentive, pleasant. But some buyers complain about the quality of shoes and recommend choose more carefully.


  • Large selection of a variety of shoes.
  • Large discounts on individual items.


  • Some models may be substandard.


Rating: 4.8


Another Russian brand hiding behind English roots. In fact, it is distributed only in Russia, which does not stop producing decent quality models. The site is minimalistic, it’s not even the necessary information is enough. For example, descriptions are missing models, there are only photos. The online store is combined with other brands and is located at tjonline.ru.

The brand has several physical stores in the largest cities of the country. Also, shoes are sold in stores “Union” brands. Delivery is only paid and varies from day to several weeks depending on the remoteness of the region. Return item is possible within 14 days after receipt. Warranty periods not indicated, as well as the conditions for the return of damaged goods.

There are practically no reviews on brand shoes. Therefore we recommend be wary of the site. Those reviews that present, talk about the good quality of shoes and relatively fast delivery. Although Carnaby is not suitable for every person.


  • Relatively fast delivery.


  • Few reviews about the store, almost unknown.


Rating: 4.7


German footwear brand, firmly established in the Russian market. It is considered the creator of a special “anti-stress” technology, which helps improve the sole and extend its life. The online store offers all the necessary information. The choice different models pleases – more than 1000 options will allow you to choose optimal pair. There are pretty big discounts on off-season items. and models of old collections.

Return terms are short – you need to send the item within a week after receiving. Warranty not specified. Pickup and delivery by courier paid, at a time you can order only two pairs of shoes. post office Russia allows you to order as much as you like, free shipping starts from 4000 rubles. Can measure shoes for 15 minutes.

In the reviews, some buyers frankly scold the quality of shoes Ricker. However, there are those who are happy with everything – there are many such reviews more. So we recommend that you take the decision responsibly, so as not to accidentally pick up the marriage from the courier.


  • German quality shoes.
  • Big discounts on old and off-season models.


  • Sometimes low-quality models are found.


Rating: 4.6


An international shoe brand with a chain of stores throughout Russia. The Basconi online store is minimalistic – on it there is only the most necessary information. Sometimes even frankly not enough data. Management is problematic, but it’s leveled by the quality of shoes that you can buy from manufacturer.

Users are pleased with the fast delivery of the ordered. Cost – 275 rubles in Moscow. When ordering 15,000 rubles, pay the courier separately will not have to. Only three pairs of shoes can be ordered at a time, otherwise, you will have to pay 100 rubles for each new product. From purchases can also be refused, but you will have to pay shipping.

Since the brand is represented all over the world, the quality of shoes pretty high. However, there are also dissatisfied customers who did not like the service.


  • High quality shoes.


  • Incorrect service in some situations.


Rating: 4.5


Brand shoes at affordable prices. Online store replete with a variety of discounts and special offers. But without You can choose a good pair of shoes with a nice price. Of models for everyday wear, sports, in the rain and for the winter a lot. You can safely choose from the proposed options.

Delivery by courier to some major cities Of Russia. You can also receive the parcel by mail. Delivery is paid, until 500 rubles. You can order goods at the pickup point, but they are not in every town. You can return the purchase within 30 days from the moment receiving in hand. The warranty for shoes is also 30 days, so the terms the same.

Some models can turn out to be frankly substandard. But most users praise Keddo products. So it’s worth choose with caution and in case of suspicion immediately refuse from marriage. In general, the store is praised, which is encouraging.


  • A wide selection of shoes.
  • Many different discounts.


  • Low-quality shoes come across.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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