13 best online lingerie stores

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Today, every major retail chain has its own online store. Do not lag behind in this and brands for the production of lower linen. Almost all major brands besides retail stores promoting their products online, while offering special advantages. For example, on a virtual counter may be a wider range of products is presented or provided additional discounts on certain groups of goods.

In the rating, we tried to include only those resources that scored the most points according to the following criteria:

  1. Positive reviews;
  2. A wide range of;
  3. The popularity and fame of the brand;
  4. Excellent service;
  5. Established delivery;
  6. Well-coordinated work of the staff;
  7. Affordable payment;
  8. Possibility of fitting;
  9. Return and exchange;
  10. Discounts, loyalty program and other beneficial offers.

Rating of the best online stores of underwear

Nomination a place Online store rating
Rating of the best online stores of underwear 1 Incanto 5.0
2 Intimissimi 4.9
4 Etam 4.7
5 Wild orchid 4.6
6 Ysho 4.5
7 Bustier 4.4
8 Marcandandre 4.3
9 Fashion show 4.2
10 ARDI 4.1
11 Wolford 4.0
12 Tezenis 4.0
13 Triumph 3.9


Rating: 5.0


Online lingerie store from the Italian brand Incanto Today is becoming a favorite of our rating. Brand refers to standards of underwear, but at the same time there is a wide a selection of swimwear, knitwear, all kinds of shirts, t-shirts, dresses and overalls and even slippers. Each product has its own a special highlight, models are distinguished by sophistication and elegance, and also Italian chic.

Incanto offers a wide range of underwear. can be purchased both in sets and separately. The style itself diverse – from lace to knitted. Also there are interesting kits designed for special cases, here you can find models for pregnant and lactating mothers. The mesh size is wide – from bras with cups A-G to panties with size XS-L. There is also men’s underwear, but it uses much less popular.

The online store is modern, the interface is quite convenient. IN Separate categories of new products, top sales, promotions and discounts. Prices at Incanto are quite high, but often there are discounts and promotions, allowing you to purchase products several times cheaper. Many customers have been loyal fans of the brand for many years. However, customers are unhappy that the brand has recently significantly increased the cost of their products. Delivery carried out within 2-10 days. When ordering from 6000 rubles. Delivery is paid by the store. There is also a fitting function and partial redemption.

Incanto Online Lingerie Store: incanto.eu


Rating: 4.9


Another popular online lingerie store Intimissimi in our ranking takes second place. The brand is represented in Russia quite a long time ago, branded boutiques were opened in many cities. Is available the brand and its own online store, in which collections of women’s and men’s underwear, as well as leggings, trousers, shorts, accessories, etc., By the way, the online range is wider, than in ordinary stores.

The underwear is of fairly high quality and practical to wear, not capricious and withstands multiple washings. More Intimissimi famous for its cotton and silk shirts and bathrobes, but the price they are quite high. Buyers in their reviews give useful life hack – to monitor sales on the site, as in the first hours discounts you can buy linen much cheaper. Similar sales are held several times a year. Information about all The news of the online store is published on Instagram. Delivery carried out in any region of the country at a fixed price of 299 p. AND with a total order value above 4500 p. – free delivery. For large regional centers are available fitting service.

Intimissimi Online Lingerie Store: en.intimissimi.com


Rating: 4.8


An online store that positions itself as a boutique of clothes, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics and underwear, in our ranking becomes to the third position. The brand belongs to the Tendam group of companies, which is one of the 5 largest in Europe. The first store was opened in Spain in 1993, and since 2001 branded stores began to appear in many other countries. Today under the brand Women’secret operates over 650 boutiques worldwide.

The brand offers a large selection of underwear, as well as pajamas, bathrobes, home clothes. There are also soft slippers, handbags, swimwear, accessories. All things are of good quality. Stuff more often total natural, comfortable patterns. Please note that the bottom linen is slightly small, so you need to carefully approach the choice size.

The online store has a simple interface. Easy enough to find what is required is filters by price, color, design. IN a separate category is home clothes, accessories, bras and panties. The function of fitting, return is available. Prices above average, but often go through sales and are constantly discounts on individual items of linen. Seasonal discounts reach 50-70%. Lingerie from the new collections after a while you can also buy at a discount of 30%. In addition, the action often takes place – 3rd thing as a gift.

Women’secret Online Lingerie Store: en.womensecret.com


Rating: 4.7


One of the oldest brands in Europe, founded in 1916, also has its own online lingerie store, which becomes our ranking on the fourth line. Brand offers enough a large selection of lingerie for every taste, men’s underwear there is no. The online store has been operating for over 20 years, serving customers around the world.

The assortment of lingerie is presented beautiful and unusual. stylish models, although there are also classic traditional kits. Each bra can be individually selected panties. In addition, pajamas are presented in the catalog of the online store, underwear collections for expectant mothers, accessories, swimwear.

The online store service involves payment by credit card and cash upon receipt. As for delivery, it’s possible express delivery in 1-2 days, which can be free with subject to the purchase of linen in the amount of 5000 r. Delivery is carried out together with the fitting. You can track the package via SMS or e-mail. IN customers are generally satisfied with the brand, but there are complaints about the quality service. Prices are average and above average.

Etam underwear online store: etam.ru

Wild orchid

Rating: 4.6


Multi-brand online store of lingerie in our rating falls on the fifth line. Wild Orchid is part of LLC “RosTech”, combining TM Wild Orchid, Defile, Bustier, Legion. Here are a variety of brands Emporio Armani, Vendetta, Swan Original, Guess, sewn in Russia, Ukraine, China, Europe.

The assortment presents a wide selection of underwear, clothes, swimwear. Lingerie has an original design and high quality. Interestingly, kits are formed from individual units, thanks what you can get the top and bottom of different sizes, but from one collection. Site navigation is quite convenient, allowing Sort products by brand, type of linen, colors and sizes. The minimum purchase amount in the online store is 1500 r. To pay there are several ways – through a card, cash and bank by transfer.

Delivery on average takes about 10 days. This, according to many users, not too convenient, and the delivery service as a whole is not adjusted, often there are failures. Also, customers do not like lack of fitting services and difficulties with the exchange of goods. Prices on products are medium and high, but during sales, you can purchase underwear at a discount of 30-90%. Within 14 days is possible exchange and return of goods.

Wild Orchid Online Underwear Shop: wildorchid.ru


Rating: 4.5


Oysho brand, founded in 2001 and, to date, having more than 600 stores in 44 countries, in our ranking brand takes sixth place. Oysho Online Store Valid at 32 countries of the world, including Russia.

Oysho offers customers several product lines – bottom linen, clothes for sleeping, relaxing and the beach, as well as accessories and shoes. All brand collections are carefully thought out and include only fashion products that meet the latest fashion trends. There are lace patterns classic and plush linen made from soft tissue.

The Oysho online store does not have a very user-friendly interface. Product categories are presented at the bottom, which complicates the search. goods. Large blocks made sales, bestsellers, sporting goods. The product catalog has a search filter by price, quality, other characteristics.

The cost of production in the online store and shopping centers identical. Oysho sells a lot of linen during the sales season. cheaper. True, some buyers are unhappy with too long. delivery and non-established service of sending and tracking orders.

Oysho Online Lingerie Store: oysho.com/en/


Rating: 4.4


TM “Bustier” is an official supplier of French and Italian brands. The brand also belongs to RosTech LLC. The first Bustier store was opened in 2003, and a year later the company opened its own production workshop, where production began linen called Vendetta. Today, stores are represented throughout Russia and the CIS, also operates an online store, which in our ranking takes seventh line.

The assortment of “Bustier” includes lingerie, clothes for Leisure and home swimwear. Here you can see how simple simple everyday kits and models for special occasions, for example, for a wedding. True size range is not so wide – cups of size B and C are most often found on sale. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the target audience is conservative ladies who value quality underwear, therefore there are grievances about the “out of date” products and not following fashion trends.

Bustier doesn’t have an online store. there is representation site from which redirects to online store of the brand “Defile”, included in the same group companies. Regarding pricing, in Bustier, average prices, there are budget options, but there are more expensive, luxurious models. Delivery in Moscow – free, online service – in individually.

Online store of underwear “Bustier”: bustier.ru


Rating: 4.3


The online store from the Marcandandre brand we identified as the eighth line of our rating. The story of Marc & André began in France in 1985 year. Today the brand is popular all over the world and is in demand lovers of thoughtful combinations, shapes and colors. Designers brands collaborate with eminent fashion houses, therefore collections always keep up with the times and the latest trends. Concept a multi-brand store was developed by Marc & André in 2001 year, at the same time the first store was launched.

The trading house offers underwear, clothing for swimming and sleeping. Annually more than 300 models of new swimwear are produced, asking tone of summer fashion. The base of the laundry is breathable, so It can be worn daily. On sale there is a seamless, lace, corrective underwear. Sizes of underwear – from S to 3XL, sizes bras are limited, the largest cup F.

In general, the customers of the chain are satisfied with the service and the choice of linen, and note that in the online store the choice of underwear and swimwear much wider. There is a partial redemption service. Online store more Than modern, site navigation is also professionally adjusted. Prices are above average, but often there are discounts.

Online lingerie store Marc & André: shop.marcandandre.com

Fashion show

Rating: 4.2


The brand “Defile” belongs to the well-known company LLC “RosTech”, including brands “Bustier” and “Wild Orchid”, also included in our popular rating. The first Defile store was opened after 14 years after the opening of Wild Orchid. In the online shopping store brands represented brands of all three networks. Products are created with taking into account the needs of Russian women.

The assortment of the brand includes home clothes and underwear. The size range is not very wide: the size of bras is limited 85V cup. All linen presented by TM “Defile” – lace, classic colors. There is also a large selection of type models bando – bras with removable straps and without them at all. Prices more than acceptable, and during discounts and sales you can purchase goods are even cheaper. There is a loyalty program here, but how I testify to many reviews, she is not entirely honest with to buyers.

Online store of underwear “Defile”: defile.ru


Rating: 4.1


The ARDI lingerie brand was founded in Denmark in the early 90’s. artist Diane Roissy and Baroness Arietta von Kristianssen. At this the moment linen is available practically all over the world, in Russia the brand appeared in 1999 and in its more than 20-year history has never violated his own traditions. The brand controls quality and offers Long-life products for our customers. Our experts gave TM ARDI the tenth place in the ranking.

The online store boasts an intuitive interface and convenience. It’s easy to find the right thing here, as there are filters by price, type, size. Photo and video reviews also simplify a choice.

The assortment includes several lines: silk underwear, wedding, youth, lace, home, beach, tights and stockings. Since 2010, a line of beach, home and men’s sets. To date, the online store presents more than 500 models of various linen, including models for a wide breasts. In ARDI, discounts and sales are traditionally held promotional codes and loyalty program. Delivery from 1000 r. It is carried out free of charge throughout Russia.

Online lingerie store ARDI: www.ardi.ru


Rating: 4.0


The eleventh position in the ranking is the Wolford online store. This is an Australian brand founded in the 50s of the last century. two tycoons – Wolf Reynold, who owns the production hosiery, and Walter Palmers, having a factory for the production of underwear. Today WOLFORD is a whole female a club that unites women who prefer elite things. AND indeed, the cost of the company’s products is quite high.

The site is stylishly designed, stars play the role of fashion models pop, although this does not affect the quality, but overall it’s nice. At When buying, you can pick up linen by color, size, cost. Payment carried out by credit card or in cash at receipt of the parcel. When buying less than 10 units, fitting and partial redemption of goods.

Wolford range represented exclusively by products premium class. The site presents all the models that you can purchase brands in stores in London, New York, Paris, Moscow and Tokyo. First of all, these are stockings and tights, leggings with an original design, body, combinations with adjustment. Underwear – smooth, translucent, thin, seamless. Sizes are standard – XS to XXL, bras – from 70A to 90D. When buying more than 10 thousand rubles. Delivery across Russia carried out free of charge. You can also pick up an order from any store located in the city.

Wolford lingerie online store: wolford.ru


Rating: 4.0


A trademark that appeared in 2003 and positioning itself, like stylish underwear for teens, ranked on twelfth stage. Currently there are more than 500 stores Tezenis in different countries. Brand products are lightweight, comfortable to wear and at the same time inexpensive models. All linen collections have their own name and are divided by city (Berlin, Miami), so you can choose the right option once and then just update it.

The range is wide and updated every week. Company produces underwear, tights, leggings, t-shirts and even dresses and caps – all models are simple and budget, affordable for young people. At the brand does not have evening, wedding, or elegant sets. In its pedigree – Italian brand, but products in China are sewn or Vietnam, due to which, apparently, there are complaints of low quality lace and tailoring.

The online store of the brand is not too convenient for shopping and has ill-conceived navigation. Registered Users Some privileges are granted. So, for example, they can participate in discounts and promotions not available to ordinary to the user. Delivery is carried out in Russia, with the purchase amount in 3000 p. – is free. Tezenis collaborates with the transport service LM Express, quickly delivering goods purchased at brand online store, in 500 major cities of Russia, in the rest cities and towns parcels are sent by Russian post.

Tezenis Online Lingerie Store: www.tezenis.com


Rating: 3.9


Triumph International is one of the largest manufacturers of underwear and has 48 branches in 120 countries. IN catalogs are presented underwear, clothes for sleep, beach and recreation. In Russia, the brand appeared in 1995, in 2007 it was opened own warehouse leading deliveries to all regions of the country.

Lingerie TM Triumph stands out for its conservativeness, although in the assortment also includes sports, youth, beach models. Among brand ambassadors are the most famous personalities – Monica Bellucci, Liv Tyler, Naomi Campbel, Claudia Schiffer and many others. others. The online store is as conservative as the brand collections. Not filters in size and color, which is quite inconvenient. In Moscow Delivery is carried out on the day of order. To other regions – from 1 to 5 days.

Triumph Online Lingerie Shop: triumph.re

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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