13 best Chinese online stores

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Today in Chinese online stores you can buy what whatever. Already gone are the days when these marketplaces were the place selling any interesting bullshit for a couple of dozen rubles – and at the same time smartphones that are not much different in price from “any interesting bullshit. “Now you can buy clothes, equipment, furniture, decor, even food – and in some cases also transport! And the price of all this is often much lower than in offline stores and various marketplaces.

Therefore, we made a rating of the 13 best Chinese online stores worth visiting for the sake of how small spontaneous purchases and large planned acquisitions.

Rating of the best Chinese online stores

Nomination a place score rating
Rating of the best Chinese online stores 1 AliExpress 4.9
2 Dealextreme 4.9
3 BuyInCoins 4.8
4 Gearbest 4.8
5 Joom 4.7
6 Dhgate 4.7
7 Tinydeal 4.7
8 MiniInTheBox 4.6
9 Dinodirect 4.5
10 Focalprice 4.5
11 Tomtop 4.5
12 LightInTheBox 4.4


Rating: 4.9


Why is he: The largest Chinese online store where there is, it seems, everything.

AliExpress is the first and currently largest Chinese online store in the world. On it you can order almost everything except cars and real estate. Millions of products from hundreds of thousands of sellers (yes, AliExpress is marketplace rather than just an online store) dozens of categories.

But basically AliExpress is the place to buy various household appliances and electronics, clothes, jewelry, children’s goods and toys. Most often, smartphones and accessories are purchased here. (especially a lot of covers, as there are for all models of devices, even those that are not officially imported into Russia) and accessories.

Separately, it is worth noting a subsidiary project of AliExpress – Tmall online store with the location of warehouses in Russia. Shopping at it lasts only 2-3 weeks, and the price is practically no different from “Chinese”.


  • There are warehouses in Russia with fast postal delivery;
  • Almost all purchases are delivered free of charge;
  • Huge range.


  • It is necessary to carefully study product reviews, because not all sellers are equally conscientious;
  • Famous machine-made “names” cards that complicate the search process;
  • Many products exclusively for the Chinese market – for example, smartphones with Chinese firmware.


Rating: 4.9


Why he: One of the largest online gadget stores and other consumer electronics.

DealExtreme is very similar to AliExpress in many ways – similar design, almost the same set of product categories. However, in contrast from the previous Chinese online store in the ranking, he specializes exclusively in consumer electronics: various gadgets, computers and accessories for them, well, smartphones, of course.

DealExtreme offers electronics from all Chinese manufacturers – from world famous Xiaomi and Huawei to the little-known outside the native Celestial Umidigi or VKworld. Prices are adequate – and moreover, you can additionally save by purchasing products on daily passing flash sales.

It’s worth noting that DealExtreme may seem complicated for untrained buyer – at least due to the lack of normal Russian localization. For example, “bags” in categories are clothing. AND here “clothes” is wearable electronics. Everything is simple.


  • Good representation of famous brands such as Xiaomi and Huawei
  • Frequent flash sales with discounts up to 50%;
  • A lot of DIY electronics, computer components and other specialized “iron”.


  • Disgusting Russian-language localization;
  • Incomprehensible, machine-translated names goods;
  • There are no warehouses in Russia and Europe, why ordered goods can Delivered up to 2 months.


Rating: 4.8


Why is he: A special Chinese online store that specializes in budget products or offers with discounts.

Chinese online store BuyInCoins fully justifies its name – the bulk of the goods presented here focused on the budget or lower price segment. True, It’s hard to say that they are extremely practical or useful. So here You can find quite a lot of caring and make-up cosmetics, accessories for home and kitchen, accessories for computers and DIY electronics, cases and cables for smartphones, smart watches, and jewelry. All this, of course, is worth a penny.

Costly – initially expensive, not because of the store – things are there too. But they are hidden in the depths of the catalog. So, here you can buy smartphones, laptops, and the like devices. However, their assortment is also very small.

Thus, BuyInCoins is a place to buy different pleasant little things that will not burden the budget, but bring good mood.


  • Large assortment of low and budget price products segments;
  • Daily sales;
  • Free tracking number when ordering from $ 30.


  • Small assortment – much smaller than most other Chinese online stores in the ranking;
  • Slow-running site, errors often appear;
  • Small representation of first and second tier brands.


Rating: 4.8


Why is it: Large marketplace of brands of the first and second “echelon” warehouses in Europe.

Chinese GearBest online store is a great place to acquisitions of various electronics. Here are not only small gadgets, but also smartphones, laptops and PC accessories. But It attracts not only the variety of assortment.

The main advantage of GearBest is the availability of warehouses close to Russia. On the territory of the country itself, they are not, but several are in Europe, so shopping will be faster than from China. In particular, you can already get a new smartphone or laptop a couple of weeks after ordering.

In addition, the online store regularly organizes promotions and sales. Also almost every day discounts are published coupons for certain devices, thanks to which you can save extra. Delivery in the vast majority of cases – free, but if you want to speed it up or secure the product, then You can order the delivery of a transport company.


  • Many devices from major brands (Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus and etc.) presented initially in the international version;
  • There are warehouses in Europe from where the goods are delivered. faster;
  • Daily sales, flash sales and other promotions.


  • Oversized goods are delivered only for a fee;
  • Slow, if not absent, reaction to calls from buyers;
  • Tracking only through the online store itself.


Rating: 4.7


Why is it: There is a convenient application and website, clear descriptions, A-class brands.

Joom Chinese Online Store is a Good Place to Buy devices from manufacturers of the A-class (or from the so-called “first tier”). So, here you can buy Apple smartphones Samsung, LG and many others traditional for the likes of marketplaces at very low prices.

However, devices from A-class manufacturers presented Joom’s range is not limited. This online store strives to become “universal.” So here you can buy clothes, accessories for motorists and motorcyclists, tea, goods for animals, for travelers, for home … and, it seems, in general all.

Mobile applications deserve special mention. Joom they appeared almost earlier than the rest online stores, and differ in sophisticated usability. Using these applications is very convenient, which will especially please lovers of small but regular purchases.


  • Convenient applications and site;
  • A large assortment that will especially please lovers unusual teas (however, there are plenty of gadgets here too);
  • There is an internal cashback, also cooperate with many cashback services.


  • In many cases, the product received does not match the description and photos, you should carefully read the reviews and specifications;
  • Slow delivery, which can take up to 2 months.


Rating: 4.7


Why is he: A marketplace that specializes in wholesale trade.

Unlike other online stores in the ranking, Dhgate specializes in wholesale. Approximately same product as on other marketplaces (unless smartphones and other relatively expensive electronics not enough), but to purchase something here at retail complicated.

In addition, a price range is provided for all products. Retail various products can cost almost 10% more than with wholesale purchase.

It is worth noting that the online store does not offer free delivery. This is because Dhgate itself, according to Marketplace representatives, works without extra charges. That’s why Shipping cost is not included in the price of the goods.

When retailing goods – including paid delivery – are about the same as in the rest of the Chinese online stores. However, with bulk orders, you can significantly to save. Lot size is determined by the seller.


  • Low price for bulk purchases;
  • Well-designed customer protection system (from low-quality goods, fakes and delivery not on time);
  • In 2019, it is planned to introduce the method of “payment at delivery. ”


  • No free shipping;
  • The main assortment of the store is represented by goods of a wide consumption;
  • Almost everything is stored in warehouses in China, which is why Delivery may take up to two weeks.


Rating: 4.7


Why is he: Dropshipping support, the seller himself store, not third parties.

TinyDeal online store – one of the largest trading platforms in hong kong. It differs from competitors in the ranking by two features – firstly, native support for dropshipping; and secondly, the absence of third parties in the sales chain.

The seller of the goods is the store itself. It provides low prices due to the lack of “markups” and marketplace commissions, and also increases the quality of the goods. Online store is not profitable to sell some inappropriate description and characteristics nonsense, thanks to which comes exactly the same thing that was ordered.

Webmasters will note native support for dropshipping. Thanks This online store also helps to earn extra money.

At the same time, this online store is not suitable for those who wish. purchase a new smartphone or similar electronics. Range devices here are extremely small, despite the fact that TinyDeal was originally specialized in selling gadgets.


  • High quality goods and fast delivery;
  • Tracking number is provided free of charge when purchasing goods price from 33 dollars;
  • Dropshipping support.


  • First of all, this is a consumer goods store, there are very few smartphones and other devices;
  • Virtually no Russification – machine translation of the interface and Product Names
  • Goods are dispatched exclusively from a warehouse in China.


Rating: 4.6


Why is it: A wide range of gadgets and accessories, support group orders.

Chinese online store MiniInTheBox has a rather narrow specialization. Most of its assortment is represented by small, inexpensive gadgets, as well as accessories for smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics. Smartphones themselves and the like there are no devices in his assortment, but here are the cables, covers, chargers devices, protective films and other trifles – more than abound.

MiniInTheBox stands out from such online stores. two features. The first is a separate DIY electronics catalog with various modules for the Arduino mini-computer.

The second is the support of group orders. This way of buying allows you to significantly save on the purchase – a discount may make up to 50%!

This online store also has expedited mail delivery. no additional fees, but with a purchase of a certain amount (usually around $ 20).


  • Support for group orders with big discounts with this form purchases;
  • Expedited shipping at no additional cost when buying from a certain amount;
  • Payment through PayPal is supported.


  • Long processing of orders;
  • It is difficult to acquire anything significant;
  • A relatively large percentage of defective goods. However, MiniInTheBox pays return.


Rating: 4.5


Why is it: Partnership with Visa QIWI, WebMoney, Western Union and other “exotic” payment sites for Chinese online stores systems. There is a Russian-language support.

Despite the fact that in terms of the range of DinoDirect different from other Chinese online stores in the ranking, he able to stand out – primarily thanks to the Russian-speaking support. Indeed, the buyer does not need to learn English or try using an online translator to ask a question about delivery times or allow a complaint.

In addition, DinoDirect is interesting in that it supports unusual enough for the rest of the marketplaces from the Middle Kingdom payment systems. In addition to bank cards and PayPal, they accept money from Visa QIWI Wallet and WebMoney e-wallets, as well as Western Union money transfers.

For shoppers in online stores, DinoDirect offers also VIP membership. It will cost $ 7 a month, but for these money marketplace will regularly send various gifts, as well as provide large discounts.


  • VIP club of customers with various amenities;
  • Accept money from e-wallets, as well as international financial transfers;
  • Russian-language support.


  • Slow collection and dispatch of goods;
  • Sometimes a “non-existent” product appears on sale (i.e. it’s not in stock, so you have to wait several months to send it or open a complaint);
  • Slow response to complaints.


Rating: 4.5


Why is it: Work with secure payment methods – PayPal and WebMoney.

FocalPrice Chinese online store offers dual protection purchases. Besides directly neat packaging and quick delivery, it works with payment support arbitration systems. So, here you can buy goods mainly through PayPal or WebMoney.

But this marketplace does not boast a large assortment can. Here are literally several hundred products – but all of them are available, they are sent a few days after ordering and directly from the store, not third-party sellers. Special there are few electronics and gadgets, but clothes and the like accessories – much more.

It is worth noting that this online store has no Russian-language versions – neither in terms of interface, nor in localization of technical support. Although he sends to the CIS countries, and delivery to in most cases it’s absolutely free.


  • Free delivery to Russia and other CIS countries;
  • Support for secure payment systems;
  • Fast sending.


  • Very small and meager range;
  • There is no Russian localization of the interface;
  • A rare update of the assortment.


Rating: 4.5


Why is it: There is a warehouse in Russia, big welcome discounts, regular promotions.

Like many other Chinese online stores in the ranking, marketplace TomTop specializes in international trade various electronics. In any case, the vast majority of it assortment – these are various gadgets, devices, smartphones, laptops, tablets and similar devices. However, this “price list” is not limited – there are also clothes, goods for sports and active leisure, decor, car accessories and much, much another.

But the main advantage of this online store is not the range, but fast delivery. So, TomTop boasts a dozen warehouses Worldwide! There are also in Russia. Thanks to this, even with Ordinary, free delivery, orders are delivered very quickly. Wherein you can immediately select the desired warehouse – to purchase equipment It is in our country.

Another nice feature of this Chinese online store – Great welcome discounts for new customers.


  • Fast delivery, especially from those located in Russia and Europe warehouses;
  • High quality premium electronics, availability so called “A-brands”;
  • Adequate, ready to help technical support.


  • There is no Russian-speaking technical support;
  • Small assortment in stock in Russia, a rare update;
  • Slow sending purchases from some categories.


Rating: 4.4


Why is he: A Chinese online store that specializes on clothes and accessories.

LightInTheBox is a sub-brand of another Chinese online store, also presented in the ranking – MiniInTheBox. Only, unlike its predecessor, this marketplace specializes primarily in clothing, shoes, bags and similar accessories.

Of course, electronics is also available here, but is presented in smaller amount. Mainly on the “shelves” of this online store You can find wedding dresses, women’s clothes, men’s, jewelry, shoes, bags, sportswear and much, much more.

Like MiniInTheBox, the Chinese online store LightInTheBox supports group bookings with discounts up to 50%.

It is worth noting that quite a few branded brands are represented here things – and these are not the famous “Chinese fakes”, but, for example, original Nike shoes. The online store regularly holds various discounts and sales, at which you can additionally to save.


  • A wide range of original clothes and shoes attractive prices;
  • Support for group purchases with discounts up to 50%;
  • Secure payment support through a processing service PayPal


  • Inconvenient clothing search system (no brand separation, eg);
  • Difficulty choosing very small or very large models sizes;
  • Long processing and sending orders.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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