12 most beautiful cities in Germany

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New tourist destinations in the exotic places of the planet in recently attracted more and more vacationers. But also traditional routes have not lost their relevance. European countries Millions of tourists take annually and offer various vacations: beach, ski, wellness, sightseeing. Travelers especially highlight Germany. She is in the top 5 the most visited countries in Europe and is one of the safest tourist destinations.

Germany attracts foreign visitors with its landscape, historical and cultural sights, but still First-class service starting with hotel services, ending with entertainment services. One of the important The indicator is that more than 30% of Germans spend their holidays in their country without going beyond its borders.

Every tourist will find rest to their liking. Are held here music and film festivals, sports, carnivals, largest trade shows. Germany has more than 2,000 cities. Each of them has its own story, which, undoubtedly, attracts travelers from all over the world. Visit them all in one vacation is unrealistic. It’s also not possible to choose the right route to many. Our ranking contains the 12 most beautiful cities Germany, which is recommended to visit first.

Rating of the most beautiful cities in Germany

Nomination a place town rating
Rating of the most beautiful cities in Germany 1 Munich 5.0
2 Cologne 4.9
3 Frankfurt 4.8
4 Berlin 4.7
5 Stuttgart 4.6
6 Dusseldorf 4.5
7 Dresden 4.4
8 Bremen 4.3
9 Heidelberg 4.2
10 Quedlinburg 4.1
11 Lubeck 4.0
12 Baden Baden 4.0


Rating: 5.0


The first place in the list is occupied by the metropolis, which, according to locals and tourists is the most beautiful city Germany. Munich is the capital of Bavaria. He is famous not only historical values. Many shoppers are attracted here. boutiques where you can purchase the latest collections of designer clothes at very attractive prices. For beer fans of Munich – it is a place where thousands of people from all over the world meet annually fun and bright holiday “Oktoberfest”.

There are a lot of attractions. The main one is the Cathedral Blessed Virgin Mary. It is the most revered temple of the country. Munich involves not only visiting museums and monuments. IN the center is an English garden. This is not just a park. It’s a whole entertainment complex, which is surrounded by greenery. Here everyone will like it: both lovers of leisurely walks, and adherents active rest. On one of the reservoirs, an imitation of waves is created, which very relevant for surfer athletes.

The city has a rich history, and to learn more about it, you must visit the Old Pinakothek, Nymphenburg Palace, Marienplatz, castle Bluetenburg Many historical sites were destroyed during World War II, but they were completely restored and recreated initial view.


Rating: 4.9


On the second line of the ranking is a city with a rich history and culture. It is located on both sides of the Rhine River. Cologne is the most ancient settlement, its name from Latin translates as “the colony”. This status was assigned to cities that used special privileges. Today, Cologne is famous for its museums and galleries, annually attracts tourists to authentic events and modern festivals. Headquarters are located in the city international organizations, the country’s largest concert hall and The largest European hockey stadium.

The famous attraction is Cologne Cathedral. The majestic Gothic building ranks third among the most highest temples of the world. It began to be built back in 1248, and construction lasted almost 6 centuries. In 1880, the 157-meter Cathedral I could open the door for everyone. Tourists will also be interesting Roman-Germanic Museum with ancient artifacts, a museum Ludwig, which presents a large collection of works by Pablo Picasso, Museum of Applied Arts.

By visiting the Chocolate Museum, you can learn its history from the Aztecs and Maya to the present day. Foam drink lovers can enjoy light beer of special preparation, the recipe of which has been preserved with ancient times. Kölsch is cooked in Cologne and is among the protected varieties (the decision to obtain this status is made The European Union).


Rating: 4.8


The third place in the rating is deservedly given to the city, which is not only a historical, but also an economic center Germany. In Frankfurt, ultra-modern skyscrapers from glass and concrete and small cozy houses, reconstructed after total destruction during the second world war. It contains European Central Bank and Federal Bank of the country.

The main shrine of Catholics is Frankfurt Cathedral. Old opera is a majestic building similar to a royal palace. To get a boost of vigor, you can visit the picturesque place of the city Palm Garden – a fragrant oasis where plants are collected from around the world. Locals are proud of their fellow countryman Johann Goethe. The house in which the great poet lived is now located a museum that attracts many travelers from all over the world the planet.

Despite the fact that the city was almost wiped off the face of the earth, it was restored, and all historical monuments are absolutely exact copies of the originals. Feel the bright contrast between the present and the past, comfortably adjacent to each other, You can only in Frankfurt. He undoubtedly is not only the most beautiful city in the country, but also in the world.


Rating: 4.7


The capital of Germany is fourth in our ranking. IN Berlin you can fully relax and not only enjoy contemplation of historical and cultural monuments, but also fun spend time in the evening, because it is then that intense nightlife with many clubs and restaurants. Shopping is another of reasons for popularity among tourists. The city is financial the center where the offices of major corporations are located country.

A variety of museums, palaces and other attractions impressive. Berlin Wall, Victory Column and Reichstag attract tourists from all over the world. Brandenburg Gate built in the 18th centuries, forever remain a symbol of the unity of the city. Olympic the stadium seats more than 70 thousand people. Among the temples is especially worth highlight the Kaiser Wilhelm Church, the Cathedral of St. Jadwig, the church of St. St. Nicholas, the Church of St. Mary. The synagogue building was built in the 19th century in Moorish style. It is the central place of the Jewish communities.

The tallest building in the city and the whole country is Berlin TV tower, from the observation deck of which a magnificent panoramic view. Over 50 museums and galleries present extensive collections of paintings, musical instruments, ancient artifacts. To visit Germany and not to go to Berlin means not to the end find out the history of this country.


Rating: 4.6


On the fifth line of the ranking is Stuttgart. It is located in a picturesque a valley surrounded by hills and located on its territory vineyards, orchards, numerous parks. The main a tourist attraction not only of the city, but of the whole of Germany is the largest theater in the world – Stuttgart State theater. These are three majestic buildings forming a single architectural ensemble, striking in its beauty and luxury.

The city is a world famous center for automotive industry. In the museums of Porsche and Mercedes you can find out the history of brands and see rare cars, of which only a few remain in the world, as well as famous racing supercars. Even walkers will not remain indifferent after reading the expositions. IN Studgart every year thousands of tourists flock to musical festivals and concerts. Here is the Bach Academy, Philharmonic. The city is famous for chamber and symphony orchestras.

Luxurious palaces attract the attention of not only experts in areas of architecture, but also ordinary vacationers. This is Ludwigsburg Residence, Old Castle, Solitude. Recommended to visit Wurttemberg Mausoleum, Monrepos, Stiftskirche. Picturesque places for Recreation: Rosenstein Park, Heenpark Killesberg, Lake Beren.


Rating: 4.5


Dusseldorf – in sixth place in the ranking. The Rhine River divides the city into two parts where the new architecture is adjacent to the Old Town, completely destroyed during the war and rebuilt in accordance with the historical plan. Tourists are attracted by the ancient monuments, and ultramodern futuristic buildings. Dusseldorf one of the five German cities where the main industrial, economic and financial corporations of the country.

The oldest religious building is the Basilica of St. Lambert. On the market square you can see the equestrian sculpture of Johann Wilhelm. The Town Hall was erected in the 16th century and is historical heritage of the country. Among the castles it is worth noting Kaiserswerth, Benrath Palace. Great Museum of Fine Art presents a huge collection of famous paintings artists. An interesting feature of the city is that the historical center is still lit by gas lamps.

A real paradise for fashionistas and women of fashion around the world numerous boutiques with branded products. At the largest in Europe flea market you can find a unique thing on the bargain the price. You can enjoy the beauty of the Rhine by strolling along the promenade. Various festivals, concerts, carnivals do not let you get bored locals, no visitors.


Rating: 4.4


On the seventh line of the ranking is Dresden – the capital Saxony. Its history begins from the 13th century. Because of the many beautiful city canals are also called Florence on the Elbe. And because the fact that 2/3 of the territory is covered with forests Dresden became Saxon Switzerland. A historical place that attracts thousands of tourists is The old city where the architectural complex Zwinger is located. In him you can visit several museums, enjoy world masterpieces famous painters, including the “Sistine Madonna” Raphael.

Dresden has become not only a cultural and historical place. IN the city has several large shopping centers and brand boutiques where you can buy clothes and other products at a very attractive prices. Christmas market brings people together all over the world. There are mass festivals and other entertainment events from the last of November to New Year’s holiday.

The symbol of the city is the Frauenkirche Protestant Church, built in the XVIII century. She, too, was not spared the fate of being destroyed during war. But the baroque monument was completely restored in the middle 90s of the last century. Another church is Kreuzkirche. From high Its towers offer stunning views of the landscape and architectural attractions. Dresden Opera House – the most famous theater of the country.


Rating: 4.3


The eighth place of the rating is given to the city, which was founded in VIII century and which still retains its charm and splendor. Our compatriots, for sure, remember the famous cartoon “Bremen Town Musicians” and many Russian tourists have a strong city associated with four loyal friends. Locals too paid tribute to them, therefore, on the Market Square Bronze sculpture of famous wandering heroes.

Bremen is the musical center of Germany. The theater is represented diverse repertoire: opera, musicals, jazz and symphonic concerts. Thousands of musicians gather in the city during festivals and fans of various styles. Every traveler in town will find a place to your liking. Universum International Center with futuristic architecture invites those indifferent to the exact sciences to take part in experiments and observe interactive exhibits.

Bremen is a sea port city, despite remoteness from the coast is 50 km. Thanks to this, it’s very trade is developed, many boutiques, shops and souvenir shops are open shops where you can find goods from around the world. Tourists enjoy not only the views of the canals, but also the sailboats standing by the wharf. The most famous of them – “Ship with green sails. ”


Rating: 4.2


One of the most picturesque cities in Germany is located on the ninth line ranking. His landscapes inspired musicians, poets and artists to create masterpieces. The climate is different from most areas of the country. Thanks to this, you can find exotic plants: date, olive, almond trees. Legendary Dark forest keeps secrets and attracts many travelers unravel his secret. In the city in the XIV century the first University of Germany, which still operates, therefore, in Heidelberg is home to a lot of young people from different corners of the world.

The city escaped the fate of being destroyed during the war, therefore all sights are preserved from the time of their construction, and not are a reconstructed copy. Temples are amazing with greatness. The most Visited: the Church of the Holy Spirit and the Church of St. Peter. Heidelberg Castle rises above the city and is historical heritage of the country. Footbridge connecting two parts of the city, as if descended from the pages of fairy tales.

A unique bonsai museum has been opened in Heidelberg over one hundred plant varieties. Many of them are over 100 years. The city also welcomes little travelers, which there is where to roam. Fairytale Amusement Park, cardboard locks, dense forests will give a meeting with loved ones Heroes: Snow White and the Dwarves, Dwarf Nose.


Rating: 4.1


The tenth place in the ranking is for a city with a rich history and many preserved monuments whose construction dated X-XIV centuries. Romantic atmosphere is present everywhere. Newlyweds come here from all over the world to get from modernity in an old tale. The symbol of the city is the oldest Abbey located on Mount Schlossberg. On its territory The palace and the church are located. The first king was buried there. Henry I.

The old city was included in the UNESCO list 20 years ago as World natural and cultural heritage. On the market square is a statue of Roland. It was destroyed in the 15th century and restored after four centuries. Located here Gothic temple of Marktkirche. Old Quedlinburg was once belted a wall protecting the locals from enemies. From 18 towers to only 4 have survived today. Details of ancient fortifications can be seen everywhere.

Quedlinburg is recognized as a museum city, and for good reason. About 1300 buildings have more than 600 years of history. The oldest half-timbered house in Germany is also located in this picturesque place. Medieval streets, cozy cafes, souvenir shops attract in The city has a large army of tourists from around the world.


Rating: 4.0


A beautiful city with medieval architecture is located on eleventh line rating. Altstadt is located on an island which is surrounded by numerous canals and the river Trave. Bright the detail that Lübeck highlights is the old houses of burnt brick with gabled red roofs. Ancient city the fortification was not completely preserved, but the Holstein Gate with two Towers still meet tourists. From the observation deck of the church St. Peter’s offers panoramic views of the surroundings.

The city hall was created by mixing two styles: gothic and renaissance. This is the oldest building in the country in which still doing services. Over 1000 historical buildings create a special favorable atmosphere. Cobbled streets, merchants houses, Gothic temples – each traveler will find his own, favorite place. Lubeck is the northernmost Christmas capital country. Large-scale events annually attract tourists from all corners of the planet.

Germany’s largest port is a trading center. Shopping – more One reason to visit a hospitable city. Lively life not stops even at night. Tourists are welcome here all year round.

Baden Baden

Rating: 4.0


We conclude the rating with the resort city, which is famous for its thermal springs and incredibly beautiful landscapes. He was very popular in the 19th century. It brought together aristocrats from all over world, including from Russia. Today Baden-Baden is also relevant tourist destination where you can get healthier, find out more about the history of the town, see its architectural attractions. Luxury hotels, chic shops and casinos attract guests who are very important upscale service.

Convenient location in the Os River Valley creates favorable conditions for recreation climate. The mix of mountain and forest air is positive affects the state of health. Cultural leisure can be brightened up, visiting the theater, philharmonic society, various exhibitions. Up to this day the baths are well preserved – ancient Roman baths – and other buildings 2000 years ago. Interesting sights that recommended to visit in Baden-Baden: Russian Church, Old and New castles, Sturdza Chapel.

Black Forest – a national park where you can stroll along the mountain trail enjoying views of the Rhine and mountains. Flora and fauna are here. develop naturally, so vacationers fall into An amazing world of wildlife in the very center of Europe. The most beautiful a city of Germany with a long history awaits guests at any time of the year. The popularity of the resort does not depend on seasonality.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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