12 best vitamins for kids aged 9

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Each vitamin in the body has its own function. With a shortage of any of them, certain symptoms develop. If a vitamin deficiency is found in a child, then a doctor should be engaged in the selection of drugs to eliminate it. But not all parents in this case take their children to a pediatrician, but try to find effective remedies for a certain age category, based on the feedback of those who have already used them.

When trying to choose vitamins for their children on their own, adults should take into account that they are of different types:

  1. contain only 1 of the vitamins;
  2. contain several vitamins at once;
  3. combine both vitamins and minerals.

Often, parents decide to give pharmacy vitamins to children on an ongoing basis. But this is a common misconception. This approach will not be helpful. Any excess water-soluble vitamins will be excreted in the urine. And the fat-soluble ones will begin to settle in the tissues, causing toxic effects. This review will review the best vitamins for children aged 9 years, produced in Russia and abroad.

Rating of the best vitamins for children at the age of 9

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best imported vitamins for children aged 9 1 MegaFood Kid's One Daily RUB 3,150
2 Solgar kangavites RUB 817
3 Nature's Plus Animal Parade RUB 3450
4 Vitrum Junior 468 r
5 Supradin Kids Bears 438 r
6 Doppelherz Aktiv Kinder Omega-3 561 r
7 Pikovit Forte 275 RUB
8 Multi-Tabs Junior 415 RUB
The best Russian vitamins for children at the age of 9 1 Alphabet Schoolboy RUB 312
2 Evalar Baby Bear Formula Multivitamins 255 RUB
3 Complivit Active Bears 338 r

The best imported vitamins for children aged 9

All imported vitamins for children are classified as natural ('raw'), synthetic or blended. Natural ones are usually obtained directly from fruits or vegetables using technologies that allow you to preserve all the beneficial substances.

MegaFood Kid's One Daily

Rating: 4.9


American trade mark MegaFood produces Kid's One Daily dietary supplement, which is 100% natural nutritious ingredients and certified organic herbs, fruits and vegetables. This product contains 13 vitamins, 8 minerals, and a fruit blend (organic whole orange, organic cranberries, blueberries).

The Kid's One Daily complex is produced in the form of relatively small tablets (length – 1 cm), oval, streamlined. Their color is sandy with many inclusions. The taste is not very pleasant with a pronounced sourness. They are placed in a large dark glass jar. They are swallowed by children practically without problems. The complex is approved for use from 5 years old. The dosage regimen for children of nine years is 1 tablet per day, regardless of food intake.

The Kid's One Daily dietary supplement from MegaFood has earned good consumer reviews. Parents note that with such an addition, their children are cheerful and full of energy. Their school performance improves, their psycho-emotional state improves. With these vitamins, children are much less likely to get colds and recover faster. Their skin does not look dry, minor lesions heal quickly, and their faces have a healthy glow. This product is generally well tolerated but causes diarrhea in some children.


  • completely natural composition;
  • reasonable dosages of active ingredients;
  • easy-to-swallow tablets;
  • use regardless of food intake;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • invigorate, increase efficiency.


  • cause diarrhea in some.

Solgar kangavites

Rating: 4.8


The popular Solgar brand produces a complete children's complex with vitamins (13 pieces) and minerals (11 pieces) Kangavites. The product also contains a natural blend (citrus bioflavonoids, various fruits and vegetables powder). Grape skin extract is used as a dye. The supplement does not contain gluten, but it should be borne in mind that it contains sucrose, fructose, mannitol.

Solgar Kangavites are chewable tablets. They are small, round, flattened. On one side there is a radiant sun. Their color is pale purple. The aroma is fruity, the taste is sweet and sour. Children usually chew on such vitamins willingly. Those who have already reached the age of 9 are allowed to take 2 such tablets per day. They are housed in a dark glass bottle, and the lid is opened by pressing and swiping, which should be difficult for young children trying to obtain such 'candy'.

According to reviews, dietary supplements Solgar Kangavites are very popular with young consumers. And parents note that such a complex has a great effect on the condition of their children. They practically do not catch colds. Their concentration of attention increases, their memory improves. Throughout the day, they are full of energy and well survive the increased mental stress at school. Children grow hair faster, nails do not exfoliate, and seizures do not appear in the corners of the mouth.


  • well thought out composition;
  • chewable tablets;
  • pleasant taste and aroma;
  • no artificial colors;
  • improve overall well-being;
  • protect against diseases during the cold season;
  • improve the condition of hair, nails, skin;
  • suitable for allergy sufferers and children with atopic dermatitis.


  • not detected.

Nature's Plus Animal Parade

Rating: 4.7


The American trademark Nature's Plus produces a multivitamin with minerals – Animal Parade. Each vitamin contains 16 vitamins and 8 minerals, as well as syrup of spirulina, carrot, broccoli, brown rice, spinach, lemon bioflavonoids. The product is suitable for vegetarians. The dietary supplement is free from artificial colors or preservatives.

Nature's Plus Animal Parade comes in the form of cute animals (lion, cat, hippo, elephant) chewable tablets. They differ in color and taste: cherry, orange, grape. When chewed, they are sweet and sour with a slight bitterness. Children willingly take such vitamins. They are sold in 180 pieces in an impressive can. Children aged 9 years should consume 2 gummies per day.

Parents speak very well of Nature's Plus Animal Parade dietary supplements. They note that this supplement is great for strengthening children's immunity during the cold season. And even if the child does get sick, then recovery comes much faster. With this tool, schoolchildren are less tired in the classroom and are still full of energy upon returning home. Also, their mood improves, the quality of sleep is normalized.


  • natural, vegetarian;
  • tasty animal figurines;
  • well absorbed;
  • strengthen the body's defenses;
  • increase mental activity and physical endurance;
  • do not cause allergic reactions.


  • stain the tongue the color of the vitamin.

Vitrum Junior

Rating: 4.6


The pharmaceutical company Unipharm (USA) produces Vitrum Junior. It contains 13 vitamins and 10 minerals. This multivitamin is designed for children from 7 to 14 years old. The drug is used for the prevention or treatment of hypovitaminosis and mineral deficiencies during dynamic growth. Also, this drug is appropriate for excessive physical and mental stress in schoolchildren.

Vitrum Junior is on sale in bottles of 30/60/90 pieces. Release form – chewable tablets of light orange color with dark splashes. They are round, flat, with a beveled edge, with a dividing line on one side. Their aroma is fruity, not very pronounced. The taste is sour, not every child likes it. Dosing regimen for children aged 9 years – 1 tablet. You need to chew it after the main meal.

According to reviews, Vitrum Junior is an effective drug for improving the general condition in children at the age of 9. With this complex, they become more cheerful, more active, and easier to focus on the lessons. The body's resistance to colds increases. In children, the psycho-emotional state improves, they become less irritable, fall asleep faster in the evening and wake up more easily in the morning.


  • a good balanced complex;
  • the bottle is protected against opening by children;
  • 1 tablet daily;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • increase school performance;
  • eliminate nervousness;
  • improve the quality of sleep.


  • not all children enjoy the sour taste.

Supradin Kids Bears

Rating: 4.5


The German pharmaceutical company Bayer produces dietary supplements Supradin Kids Mishki. This product is an additional source of biotin, nicotinamide, vitamins A, E, C, B6, B12, D3. This dietary supplement is not suitable for children at the age of 9, if they have an increased sensitivity to some component, suffer from impaired carbohydrate metabolism or obesity.

Form of release Supradina Kids Bears are chewing pastilles (marmalade), reaching a length of 2 cm. They are placed in plastic bottles of 30 or 60 pieces. There is a childproof lid. The bear-shaped marmalade is available in three colors: red, orange, yellow. Elastic pastilles, tight. Children aged 9 years are advised to take 1-2 bears per day. You need to chew them during the main meal or immediately after it.

Parents respond well to the dietary supplement Supradin Kids Bears. With these vitamins, children become more energetic, cheerful, sleep well at night and wake up easily in the morning. This fortified marmalade helps them withstand the increased stress at school and be stress-resistant. This dietary supplement helps to get rid of flaky skin, cracks and sticky lips. With them, the season of colds is not terrible.


  • a good set of vitamins;
  • chewing marmalade;
  • jar with a safe lid;
  • help to cope with the stress at school;
  • improve the emotional state;
  • relieve dryness and flaking of the skin.


  • some unsafe auxiliary components.

Doppelherz Aktiv Kinder Omega-3

Rating: 4.4


The German brand Doppelherz Aktiv produces Kinder Omega-3 dietary supplement. The product contains vitamins A, D3, E, as well as omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (marine fish oil). The components of the complex help to improve memory and concentration. With such an additive, children can more easily experience any emotional and physical stress.

Doppelherz Aktiv Kinder Omega-3 is produced in the form of bright yellow capsules. They are elongated, rounded in shape, resembling a miniature testicle. Very easy to swallow. Children aged 9 years are advised to take 2 capsules daily with meals. Duration of admission is 1 month. This dietary supplement does not cause unpleasant sensations in the form of belching, heartburn or pain in the stomach.

Parents speak well of Doppelherz Aktiv Kinder Omega-3. They note that even during the cold season with this supplement, their children get by with a simple runny nose and do not miss school. Their concentration of attention increases, their academic performance improves. They become less irritable, fall asleep easily in the evenings, and wake up without problems in the morning.


  • vitamins with Omega-3;
  • easy-to-swallow capsules;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • improve school performance;
  • reduce irritability;
  • do not cause belching, heartburn.


  • possible individual intolerance to the components.

Pikovit Forte

Rating: 4.3


In Slovenia, the pharmaceutical company Krka produces the drug Pikovit Forte. It is a multivitamin product containing B vitamins, including folic acid (vitamin B), as well as vitamins A, E, C, D. There is no sugar in the composition. The drug is indicated for children aged 9 years with a reduced concentration of attention against a background of increased fatigue at school, as well as with increased physical exertion.

Release form Pikovita Forte – round, biconvex, orange coated tablets. Vitamins have a tangerine flavor. Children swallow practically without problems. At the age of 9 years, 1 single dose is prescribed 1 time per day after the main meal. If the dosage is exceeded, then diarrhea may occur.

In reviews of the Pikovit Forte drug, parents often note that with this complex, their children experience constant lethargy and fatigue. They willingly go to school and training. During the cold season, they practically do not get sick or recover much faster. Children also have better appetite, hair and nails grow faster, and peeling disappears on the skin.


  • non-overloaded composition;
  • easy-to-swallow tablets;
  • one tablet a day;
  • relieve fatigue, lethargy;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • improve appetite.


  • if the dosage is exceeded, diarrhea may occur.

Multi-Tabs Junior

Rating: 4.2


The Danish pharmaceutical company Ferrosan produces the drug Multi-Tabs Junior. It contains 11 vitamins and 7 minerals. This remedy is appropriate for children at the age of 9 with mental and physical exertion, as well as to increase resistance to stress factors.

Multi-Tabs Junior is available in the form of chewable tablets. They can be purchased in a variety of flavors. They are round, flat, sandy in color, with many inclusions. Their taste is pleasant, easy to chew. They are taken at the same time as food or immediately after it. Children aged 9 years are given 1 chewable tablet a day.

Parents usually speak well of Multi-Tabs Junior. They like that children don't need to be coaxed into chewing such pills. This is a great find for those who do not like fruits / vegetables or are 'little thirsty'. These vitamins help you stay alert throughout the day and better concentrate. Children who take Multi-Tabs Junior have much better health, and they endure all diseases in a mild form.


  • a good set of vitamins and minerals;
  • tasty chewable tablets;
  • 1 vitamin per day;
  • give energy;
  • facilitate the course of the disease;
  • increase concentration of attention.


  • allergic reactions are possible.

The best Russian vitamins for children at the age of 9

Domestic manufacturers also produce various dietary supplements that contain a good set of vitamins and other useful substances for children of nine years of age.

Alphabet Schoolboy

Rating: 4.9


The Russian trade mark Alphabet has a product – Shkolnik among its range of biologically active additives. This dietary supplement contains 13 vitamins and 10 minerals. It contains iron, selenium, iodine, calcium. These minerals are especially needed by children during intensive growth. This product rarely causes allergic reactions, as it does not contain artificial colors, and all the ingredients in it work well.

Alphabet Shkolnik is produced in chewable tablets (a set of three colors). All active ingredients are divided into 3 groups. Sweet and sour tablets with different fruit flavors. The child should take 1 tablet of each color per day. You need to take a break between each of them – 4-6 hours.

According to reviews, Alphabet Shkolnik successfully relieves children of: rapid fatigue, decreased concentration, drowsiness, nervousness or depressed mood. This dietary supplement helps children cope with physical activity if they additionally attend sports sections. With such a complex of vitamins and minerals, schoolchildren develop very harmoniously.


  • all components of the composition are correctly combined;
  • no artificial colors;
  • pleasant taste;
  • increase mental performance;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • improve exercise tolerance.


  • reception 3 times a day.

Evalar Baby Bear Formula Multivitamins

Rating: 4.8

Evalar Baby Bear Formula Multivitamins

The pharmaceutical company Evalar produces the Baby Formula Mishka Multivitamins. The product contains 10 vitamins and vitamin-like substances, as well as zinc and iodine. To create a supplement, ingredients are used that are of high European quality. Vitamins contain natural apple juice. They are completely free of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Multivitamins Bears from Evalar are on sale in jars made of dense plastic. Gummy bear gummy vitamins differ in color and taste (orange, strawberry, grape). They are small in size and easy to chew. They have a medicinal sweetish aroma. The package can contain 30/60 lozenges. Children aged 9 years are advised to take 2 gummy bears a day with their main meal.

Parents speak well of such a dietary supplement for children from Evalar. This remedy noticeably improves the general well-being of children. They wake up easily in the morning and don't tire as quickly during the day. Vitamins from Evalar contribute to the intellectual development of the child, improve his memory and concentration. Many parents believe that this Russian dietary supplement is an excellent addition to the correct diet for children.


  • high quality ingredients;
  • unsweetened, but tasty gummies;
  • improve the general well-being of children;
  • increase concentration of attention;
  • relieve excessive fatigue.


  • possible individual intolerance to individual components.

Lutein Complex for children

Rating: 4.7

Lutein Complex for children

The pharmaceutical company Vneshtorg Pharma produces dietary supplements Lutein-Complex for children. The product contains lutein, zeaxanthin, lycopene, bilberry extract, taurine, vitamins A, C, E and zinc. This supplement is especially needed for children at the age of 9 who suffer from myopia or are faced with the fact that their eyesight has become worse with increased eye strain at school.

Lutein-Complex for children is a chewable tablet. They are cylindrical in shape, biconvex. Their taste is sweet, fruity. The color is pale purple, and when wet becomes dark purple. The product stains the tongue when chewed. Children at the age of 9 are advised to take this dietary supplement 1 tablet per day during the main meal. One package is designed for 1 course.

According to reviews, Lutein-Complex helps to fight for visual acuity in children. This dietary supplement is often recommended by ophthalmologists to schoolchildren. With her at the end of the school day, children do not have eye pain, objects do not blur. This supplement is not quick but sure to improve vision in children. Along the way, due to the content of vitamin C, the immune system is strengthened and children are less sick with colds.


  • high-quality composition for improving vision;
  • pills that taste good;
  • help children to more easily cope with eye strain at school;
  • help restore vision;
  • do not cause allergic reactions.


  • strongly stain the tongue.

Complivit Active Bears

Rating: 4.6

Complivit Active Bears

The pharmaceutical company Pharmstandard produces dietary supplements Complivit Active Mishki. This product contains only vitamins – 10 pieces. The supplement is intended for active growth and development, to increase resistance to infections. This tool is great for children of nine years old who are experiencing physical and mental stress in school and additional sections / circles.

Complivit Active Bears are delicious vitamins in the form of gummy bears. One can contains 4 flavors (orange, raspberry, apple, peach). The smell is a mixture of drugs and candy. Vitamins are soft and elastic to the touch. They taste like regular marmalade, but less sweet. Children aged 9 years are shown to chew one bear once a day with meals.

Some parents in the reviews note that during the application of the Complivit Active Bears complex, their children have never been sick. This dietary supplement perfectly improves appetite, gives energy for the whole day. With such vitamins, the quality of sleep is improved in the younger generation. Children become more attentive and less irritated. Parents just do not like that the jar is easily opened by children, which is fraught with an overdose.


  • good multivitamin;
  • tasting bears;
  • provide a surge of strength;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • improve appetite;
  • normalize the quality of sleep.


  • the jar is easily opened by children.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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