12 best varieties of roses for the Moscow region

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Rose delights the eye with its beauty in public parks and private gardens. It is not for nothing that she is called the queen of flowers, and in popularity she bypasses all other ornamental plants. Every gardener wants to see fragrant blossoming buds on his site, which cheer up and create aesthetic pleasure. But not all varieties are able to survive the winters of central Russia. When buying seedlings, you need to find out about their resistance to temperature extremes and severe frosts. For the Moscow region, the main criterion when choosing is precisely endurance.

Currently, there are over 30,000 varieties of roses, and every year about a hundred more are added to this list. They are classified into several basic types:

  1. Hybrid tea. Classic, unpretentious varieties, large flowers of which are distinguished by a long flowering time and a pleasant aroma. They were created by crossing remontant and tea roses and are used by florists to make bouquets and compositions.
  2. Floribunda. The small-bud cultivars are the result of long crossbreeding of several types of roses. Each brush has several simultaneously opening buds. Lush roses create a light scent and bloom for a long time.
  3. Shrubs. Hard shrubs can be miniature and can reach 2 meters in height. The varieties are unpretentious, resistant to frost and disease. Flowers are varied in shape and color. The aroma can be intense or absent altogether.
  4. Climbing. Such varieties have been popular for more than a decade. They help not only to decorate the house, but also to hide the imperfections of buildings. The weaves grow rapidly. Flowers can be either simple or double. Almost all varieties have a fragrant aroma.
  5. Groundcover. Shrub roses grow in breadth and quickly occupy large areas of the site. Flowers are diverse. These are both simple and thick double. Aroma: from light, barely perceptible to unobtrusive. Colors: from delicate pale pink and white to blood red.
  6. Austin Roses. The varieties bred by the English breeder are being acclimatized in Canada, and this gives confidence that in the milder climate of the Moscow region they will definitely overwinter and withstand the temperature regime of the middle zone. Roses are distinguished by long flowering and mild delicate aroma.

In our rating, we have selected 12 varieties of roses of various species that are resistant to the weather conditions of the Moscow region, are relatively unpretentious, have a high immunity to diseases, and are distinguished by abundant and long flowering.

Rating of the best varieties of roses for the Moscow region

Nomination a place Rose variety rating
The best hybrid tea varieties of roses for the Moscow region 1 Augusta Louise 5.0
2 Gloria Day 4.9
The best varieties of rose scrubs for the Moscow region 1 Agness Schillinger 5.0
2 Rhapsody in Blue 4.9
The best varieties of floribunda roses for the Moscow region 1 Arthur Bell 5.0
2 Leonardo da Vinci 4.9
The best climbing varieties of roses for the Moscow region 1 Sympathy 5.0
2 New Down 4.9
The best ground cover varieties of roses for the Moscow region 1 Hello 5.0
2 Sea foam 4.9
The best varieties of Austin roses for the Moscow region 1 Crown Princess Margaret 5.0
2 Alexandra Kent 4.9

The best hybrid tea varieties of roses for the Moscow region

Augusta Louise

Rating: 5.0


The first place in our rating is occupied by a hybrid tea variety, which is distinguished by good endurance both during prolonged rains and in severe frosts. It was launched in Germany in 1999 and has gained popularity among Russians as well. A rose with large double flowers changes shades depending on weather conditions. Gardeners can see peach, pale pink, orange, cream flowers on a strong compact bush.

The petals are wavy at the ends, which creates the effect of splendor. The buds are iridescent, yellow-orange. The disclosure takes place in three stages. The first two are the most abundant. The third bloom lasts until the end of October. The leaves are dark green, medium in size with a shimmer. Another difference of the variety is its intense smell, reminiscent of a fruity aroma. An adult shrub can reach 1 meter in height. Roses are suitable for cutting, making bouquets and decorating festive events.

For landing, it is advisable to choose sunny places without strong wind access. According to the reviews of gardeners near Moscow, this is one of the popular varieties that combines all the necessary characteristics for planting in summer cottages in this strip. Lush flowers are pleasing to the eye near gazebos, as hedges, used in combination with other varieties.

Gloria Day

Rating: 4.9


Another hybrid variety is admired by gardeners not only in the Moscow region, but throughout the world. Gloria Day takes an honorable place in our ranking. Very often you can hear that this highly decorative species is called the most popular rose of the 20th century and, looking at it, everyone agrees with this statement. Flowers are large, voluminous, densely double. The shade is multifaceted. The core can be intense yellow or pale lemon. The edging is crimson or pink-lilac.

The petals are dense with wavy or even edges. An adult shrub reaches 150 cm in height, but can stop growing up to 80 cm. The leaves are serrated, dark green in color with a shiny surface. The smell is barely noticeable, light. Flowering begins in early June and lasts until October.

The plant is used to decorate alpine slides. It looks good both alone and in combination with other roses. It is grown on an industrial scale. Slices are widely used in floristry, and petals are widely used in cosmetology. The variety is frost-resistant, tolerates temperature changes well, is not susceptible to diseases, does not require intensive care. With proper planting, it develops quickly.

The best varieties of rose scrubs for the Moscow region

Agness Schillinger

Rating: 5.0


Among the rest of the scrubs suitable for cultivation in the Moscow region, the most prominent variety is 'Agness Schillinger', bred in 1997 by French breeders. It ranks first in this ranking category. A high degree of resistance to low temperatures and diseases made this ornamental plant very popular among Russian flower growers. Throughout the warm season, the rose pleases with large dense double flowers that do not lose their shape. When the bud is fully opened, the diameter is 12 cm.

The pink pastel shade smoothly turns into light lilac. The bush reaches 1.2 m in height, 80 cm in width. The foliage is medium-sized, bright green, with a slight gloss. The smell is pronounced, intense, sweetish with hints of nutmeg. Saplings, like adult plants, are not afraid of open sunlight and wind.

According to reviews, the rose looks well-groomed during the entire flowering period. The rain does not affect the buds, the petals do not fly around, do not rot. It is planted separately or in landscape compositions. The ratio of flowers and deciduous system is in equal proportions. The variety is able to decorate both large lawns in parks, and small flower beds in personal plots.

Rhapsody in Blue

Rating: 4.9


Another popular variety of scrubs is included in our rating. This beautiful ornamental plant was bred by an English breeder in 1999. Today it is considered to be one of the bluest roses of its kind. The bush grows up to 1.65 m in height, 60 cm in width. Flowers are small, 6 cm in diameter, semi-double. The edging of the petals is wavy. The stem is straight, with sharp thorns. Leaves are medium in size, light green, with a slight sheen.

Flowers are evenly distributed throughout the bush. The bud opens to form a flat bowl of 20 petals in a deep purple hue that contrasts with the white heart and golden stamens. Depending on weather conditions, the color changes and can be gray-cyan or purple-blue. The smell is very aromatic, with a hint of spice. Abundant and lush bloom begins in early June.

The rose is resistant to diseases, low temperatures, but does not like strongly blown places. It is suitable for any landscape composition and looks good alone. Gardeners have long paid attention to the original rose, which becomes a decoration of the site and stands out for its amazing colors among the classic varieties.

The best varieties of floribunda roses for the Moscow region

Arthur Bell

Rating: 5.0


The leading variety in the rating, which is recognized by gardeners as one of the best for the climatic conditions of the Moscow region. It was bred over 60 years ago in Northern Ireland. Among the main advantages: a minimum of care, long flowering, winter hardiness, absence of diseases and, of course, a beautiful appearance. The shade of the buds is pale yellow. It creates a festive mood during the flowering period and contrasts well with the classic shades of roses.

The buds are large. Dissolving, they become lush semi-double flowers, consisting of 20 petals. The width of the bushes is 80 cm, the height is up to 1 meter. The leaves are dark green, large, with a shiny surface, resistant to pests and diseases. The smell is very rich, fruity. In terms of aroma intensity, it is ahead of other floribundas. Bloom lasts from June to November.

When landing, a calm place is chosen. According to reviews, the flowers persist even during the period of heavy lingering rains. The frost resistance of the variety is up to – 28 °. It grows well not only in the middle lane, but also to the north. Roses are suitable for arranging flower beds, decorating individual areas of the site, they look luxurious both separately and in combination with other plants.

Leonardo da Vinci

Rating: 4.9


The variety, which took the second place in the ranking, belongs to the extensive floribunda plant group. It was bred 25 years ago and it was not for nothing that it got its name in honor of the great artist. A rose with a unique bud is a magnificent decoration of the site and very often becomes the main accent in the design. Terry flowers are bright pink. The bush grows up to 100 cm in height. It is quite powerful and sturdy. The leaves are dark green with a glossy overflow.

The advantage is that the flowers do not fade under the influence of sunlight, while maintaining an intense shade. The smell is light, delicate, with a fruity note. In addition to its visual appeal, the variety is distinguished by its maximum resistance to diseases, prolonged rains, frosts. The main condition for a long life is draft protection. In combination with proper care, gardeners are guaranteed abundant and long-lasting flowering.

'Leonardo da Vinci' is universal. It can be planted with one bush, or you can form groups of other varieties. Roses look great in a flower bed or in a slender line, forming a 'live' border. According to reviews, the flowers do not crumble, and the bush looks very neat until the end of the season. The variety does not require increased care, pests appear very rarely.

The best climbing varieties of roses for the Moscow region


Rating: 5.0


The leading in this category of the rating is the variety bred by a German breeder back in 1964 and still not losing popularity among European gardeners. For the Moscow region, this is one of the best options for climbing roses. It has high resistance to low temperatures, rain, powdery mildew and black spot. The flowering period begins in June and lasts until the first frost. The bush needs reliable support, since the height of an adult plant is twice its width.

The coloration attracts attention. Blood red flowers with a crimson tint stand out as a bright spot on the site. There are small white blotches in the core. Terry roses, petals bend back, forming a goblet shape. Up to 10 buds appear on the stem. The smell is not very intense, 'tasty'. The foliage is bright green, with a slight gloss.

According to reviews, in the climatic conditions of the Moscow region, the bushes reach up to 4.5 m in height, and up to 2 m in diameter, the growth is very fast. They are an excellent plant decoration for fences and walls of houses. Flowers do not fade under the scorching sun, petals do not fly around in the rain, and spots do not form on them. The shape remains even after strong winds.

New Down

Rating: 4.9


Next, the ranking includes one of the oldest climbing varieties. It was bred in 1930 in an American nursery and has not lost its relevance to this day. A sprawling, branchy bush grows quickly and, under favorable conditions, reaches 6 m in height. Shoots are covered with sharp thorns, strong, curly. Double flowers with 40 petals of a pale pink shade and yellow stamens. In sunny weather, they acquire a pearl hue. The conical bud opens into a wide cup-shaped shape.

The scent is difficult to confuse with other plants. This is a delicate scent of a tea rose with hints of apple, which lasts the entire flowering period, which lasts from June to late autumn. High frost resistance. Rose survives at abnormally low temperatures with appropriate care.

According to reviews, this variety is chosen by many summer residents near Moscow for decorating fences, terraces, gazebos. It is shade-tolerant, good cuttings, grows on unfertilized soils, unpretentious. The versatility of the rose lies in the fact that you can create any compositions with it. It winds well over any support, looks great on a flower arch.

The best ground cover varieties of roses for the Moscow region


Rating: 5.0


The variety included in our rating is often referred to as the purple carpet of flowers. It really covers vast areas and decorates the landscape in parks and gardens in a short time. The bud, when opened, forms a bowl shape. The color from deep purple gradually turns into garnet. One bud contains up to 125 petals. The bush is compact, strong, maximum height – 65 cm, width – 110 cm. Leaves are bright green, shiny.

Flowering continues until late autumn, it is abundant, continuous. The shade of the buds by October becomes cherry. The aroma is 'tasty', delicate, persistent. No special landing conditions are required. The bush takes root well in any part of the garden. It looks good on both large lawns and small flower beds.

According to gardeners, this is one of the best hardy varieties in its group. With it, you can quickly equip the garden, creating bright accents, while no extra care is needed. The variety can withstand low temperatures, rainy weather, disease resistant. Many noted that the bushes really look like a bright, beautiful carpet due to their abundant flowering and are admired by both households and guests.

Sea foam

Rating: 4.9


Another particular noteworthy variety is included in our rating. It forms a voluminous spreading bush, reaching a height of 100 cm. In width, it is able to cover an area of ​​up to 1.5 meters. Roses bloom continuously from June until the first frost. The buds are pale cream or pearl white. Terry petals. The foliage is small, dark green. It is a versatile variety that is used in a variety of compositions and combinations.

It is recognized as one of the most abundantly flowering ground cover roses, where the mass of flowers overlaps the green foliage. The plant loves sunny places without strong wind, but with good breathability. Having chosen such a place, fast growth, a safe wintering and the absence of diseases are guaranteed.

According to reviews, the rose forms a voluminous floral carpet, which becomes a decorative decoration of alpine hills, flower beds. It looks spectacular in hanging gardens, pots, pots. The variety is used for the decoration of borders, zoning of sites. Due to the powerful root system, the bushes are used to strengthen the slopes. Gardeners of the Moscow region recommend paying attention to this variety and making sure not only of its beautiful long flowering, but also of optimal suitability for the climate of the middle zone.

The best varieties of Austin roses for the Moscow region

Crown Princess Margaret

Rating: 5.0


An ornamental plant, recognized by gardeners and experts as the best Austin rose variety for growing in the Moscow region, was bred in 1999 and named after the granddaughter of the Queen of Sweden, who was fond of floriculture. It becomes the first in this rating category. Rose belongs to the most hardy and healthy group and can grow in more severe conditions than the average strip of Russia. The buds are large, opening into voluminous flowers of apricot-orange hue. They are densely double and have up to 120 petals in one bowl. The bush reaches 2 meters in height. There are practically no thorns on the stem.

The aroma is rich, strong, with a barely perceptible fruity note. The variety is versatile and suitable for various purposes. It can be a single planting or a composition of several decorative flowers and shrubs. The rose is a wonderful cut view from which magnificent bouquets are made.

According to the respondents, the variety is ideal for the climatic conditions of the Moscow region. It does not require special conditions, enhanced care. It is resistant to disease, rain, frost. It showed itself excellently both in increased heat and in periods of abnormally low temperatures.

Alexandra Kent

Rating: 4.9


Another representative of English breeding is included in our rating. Extraordinarily beautiful, double flowers are striking in their magnificence. The buds open into a cupped shape. The inner petals are more intense pink than the outer ones. An adult bush reaches a height of 90 cm and a width of 60 cm. An interesting aroma distinguishes this variety from others. At the beginning of flowering, it is fresh, light, by the middle of summer it becomes lemon, and ends with a barely perceptible smell of black currant.

Leaves of a dark green shade, medium size, with a slight gloss. The variety is recommended to be planted in groups of 4-6 pieces per square meter. They create a lush bush that adorns any landscape composition.

Rose belongs to the highest level of resistance to powdery mildew and black spot. She is not afraid of harsh winters, flowers do not deteriorate during intense rains, and special care is not required. Continuous flowering allows you to admire the voluminous bowls for a long time, while the appearance is always neat: the flowers do not lose their shape, the petals do not crumble, do not fade. Gardeners near Moscow rated this variety as 'excellent' and consider it one of the most adapted to our climate with pronounced seasons.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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