12 best siphons

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

The siphon is the link between plumbing and sewage system. The siphon is made up of two threaded nozzles and design that provides a delay within a constantly defined amount of water. If you connect a sink or bathroom to the pipes without of this element, then unpleasant smells. To help with the selection, we offer a rating of the best siphons, prepared based on customer reviews and analysis product characteristics. TOP-12 is divided into categories so that It’s convenient to immediately jump to the right view for specific tasks.

How to choose a siphon

Since there are a large number of siphons, so as not to confused, we suggest considering the main selection criteria. it help to better understand the benefits of certain products, as well as installation features. Siphons are selected by looking at:

  1. Diameters of connection and discharge. Branch pipe thread attached to the plumbing should correspond to the step and diameter at the installation site. The second edge of the siphon mounted in sewer, must fit in diameter to the tee collector.
  2. Product Material Plastic siphons are made and polypropylene. It is cheap, but not aesthetically pleasing. Plastic thread if tightened, it may burst. Brass and stainless siphons are more durable and durable, but require large expenses for purchase.
  3. Pipe height. It is important that the upper nozzle for The connection could be height adjustable. Then it’s easy combine plumbing with sewage. No adjustment required exact dimensions with an error of no more than 2-3 mm.
  4. Possibility of overlapping drain. Choosing a siphon is worth consider drain closing mechanism (for washing and rinsing dishes, bathing, washing). This can be done manually (cork) or automatically (by button, cable). The latter option is more convenient, but expensive.
  5. The presence of overflow. Second hole located in top of the plumbing. Designed for level control fluid collected. This design is worth looking for a bath and deep shower tray.
  6. Dimensions Siphons can be from 50 to 400 mm in height, which affects the required installation space. Under the bathroom or shower tray compact models required. For the sink on kitchen or bathroom is not important.
  7. Possibility of cleaning. Trash accumulates in the siphon which narrows patency. Periodic maintenance requires part removal and cleaning. If a special flask-sump, then the removal of sludge will be easier. Otherwise will have to untwist the knee completely. Sump option handy if a jewel has fallen into the sewers (earring, carnations from nose). She will not get into the pipe further.

Rating of the best siphons

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best sink siphons 1 Hansgrohe Flowstar S 52105000 4 950 rub.
2 GEBERIT 2 139 rub.
3 AlcaPLAST A401 2 030 rub.
4 Viega 5755 366 681 1 099 rub.
5 AlcaPLAST A41 321 rub
The best siphons for shower 1 AlcaPlast (A49K) (90 mm) 1,169 rubles
2 Radaway (R399) (90 mm) 2 376 rub.
3 WIRQUIN James 50mm drain 40 mm 893 rub
The best siphons for bath 1 Grohe Talentofill (2,899,000) 7,236 rubles
2 WIRQUIN SB600 2 991 rub.
3 AlcaPLAST A504KM 1 904 rub.
4 ANI Plast E155 320 rub

The best sink siphons

The easiest way to pick up a sink siphon is because under the sink always enough space. Here is a ranking of the best products in this category, which are useful in the kitchen, in the bathroom, office and medical cabinets.

Hansgrohe Flowstar S 52105000

Rating: 4.9


The first place in the ranking is occupied by goods from a German manufacturer. The Hansgrohe brand is known worldwide for its quality, which confirmed in this sink siphon. Made item from brass cast and chrome plated. The design is completely protected from corrosion and is designed to operate up to 50 years, which is like owners in the reviews. Submersible for easy installation height adjustable tube from 6 to 16 cm, therefore Connection does not take longer than 5 minutes. To clean a bottom catch tank is provided with a screw cap. Dimensions siphons are 280×330 mm. The connection is designed for thread G 1 ¼.

The product was rated for its minimalist design. Thin the flask looks stylish under a narrow sink. Decorative the reflector has a diameter of 7.2 cm, so it even closes cut with a hole in the tile through which the exit to sewer. This is the best siphon for open installation, for example in dental office.


  • made of brass;
  • Chrome plated
  • the height of the nozzle is adjustable from 6 to 16 cm;
  • stylish design.


  • high price;
  • when washing the siphon, stains remain on it;
  • it is necessary to carefully tighten the brass nuts – may burst.


Rating: 4.8


The second place in the ranking is occupied by a siphon for a bottle sink. Type from the Swiss brand. The drain pipe in it has a diameter of 40 mm and is equipped with a mirror plate. Dimensions of the structure are 17х30 cm. The water lock is equipped with a stopper screwed out from below cleansing. The manufacturer provides a 10 year product warranty. Trumpet the collector is made 30 cm long and can be cut on any plot, so this model is suitable for large types of plumbing with distant removal of the bowl of the sink. To prevent leaks, design includes especially soft and at the same time elastic gaskets, which like plumbers in the reviews.

The place in the rating is given to the product for an expensive look and price twice lower than the leader of the TOP-12. The model copies designs from stainless steel due to chrome plating, but made at the same time from plastic. This allows you to install it in an open way (not hiding in the closet). The siphon also has a vertical tube, length 220 mm, which opens up great opportunities for mounting height relative to the sink.


  • high-quality coating;
  • exact dimensions;
  • there is no backlash and leakage after installation;
  • possibility of height adjustment up to 22 cm.


  • the washers can be pulled during installation;
  • hands slip during assembly.

AlcaPLAST A401

Rating: 4.7


The third place in the ranking is given to the creative model with faceted design. The siphon is equipped with a water lock, dimensions 7.2×4.5×4.5 cm. It is convenient to drain the sludge and remove debris through the bottom plug. The system itself it has dimensions of 24×26.5 cm, which is what users like in reviews. All pipes are made of brass and finished with chrome. Connection held through a tube with a diameter of 32 mm. Distance from line The connection to the sink is adjustable from 6.5 to 16.5 cm. Bottle configuration saves space and provides reliable keeping odor out of the sewer. Already included all necessary seals, so installation does not take much time.

This product in the ranking is a compromise of quality assembly and price. The plumbing fixture is cast in brass and coated with chrome, but it costs significantly less than other options from the same materials. Another siphon features a tetrahedral design, traced in the lines of the hydraulic lock and reflector. These items with clear square structure and perfect for similar faceted sinks.


  • reflector 6.5×6.5 cm well closes the hole in the wall;
  • reliably holds unpleasant odors;
  • durable stainless steel components;
  • presentable view for open installation.


  • due to the smooth surface it is inconvenient to tightly tighten nuts
  • dried drips on the body are visible;
  • adds sink weight 1.2 kg.

Viega 5755 366 681

Rating: 4.6

VIEGA 5755 366 681

The fourth place in the rating is given to a siphon with a streamlined design. The bottle construction is also made of brass and decorated chrome spraying. The owners in the reviews note that if the product is not subjected to mechanical shock (during transportation or installation), then chrome serves for a long time and does not fit. Plumbing element It is installed in the sink by tightening the long screw. Power socket with holes made of stainless steel and not subject to corrosion. The thickness of the top edge of the outlet is 1 mm, so the part does not protrudes above the surface of the funnel and passes everything well content. To decorate the holes in the wall is provided mirror reflector round in shape, converging on a cone.

The model is rated because of the particularly easy installation by hand. IN unlike other reviewers, the siphon manufacturer provided for relief points in three rows, applied to the nuts. it provides good finger grip and secure assembly sliding parts to prevent leakage. Bonus to a rubber stopper is attached to the siphon, so the mistress can close drain and draw water into the sink for various needs.


  • maintains standard dimensions when hot water passes;
  • robust construction;
  • easy assembly by hands;
  • the presence of plugs for water collection.


  • it is inconvenient to unscrew the sump flask;
  • the decorative socket is small, so a minimum is required hole in the wall for pipe outlet.


Rating: 4.5


Closes our siphon rating category from AlcaPlast from budget segment. The item is made of polypropylene with white pigment. In view of the manufacture of plastic, install the model open method is not recommended and will have to organize more pedestal hiding siphon. The kit includes a long screw for tightening the outlet and the drain part. Its dimensions allow install the siphon on a ceramic or stainless sink with neck thickness up to 6 cm. Bottle construction saves space under the sink and reliably holds the return passage of gases. To plastic nuts were easier to twist, the manufacturer equipped them rare relief strips.

The main advantage for which the siphon is included in the rating of the best is this is its price, the most affordable in the category. Despite the budget The model is equipped with a rubber stopper. Socket for mounting in The sink is made of stainless steel. Part adjustment by height ahead of some participants in the ranking and ranges from 8.5 up to 19 cm, what users like in reviews.


  • stainless socket;
  • long tightening bolt for easy installation;
  • affordable price;
  • high-quality rubber seals.


  • ugly decorative wall lining;
  • hands slip during assembly;
  • plastic nuts may burst from excessive tightening;
  • on a white background, settling dust is easily visible.

The best siphons for shower

When installing a shower tray between the floor and the drain there’s little space left in the tank, so compact height models. Another hole diameter in the shower different from the sink (increased throughput required ability), which requires specific siphons, whose rating presented below.

AlcaPlast (A49K) (90 mm)

Rating: 4.9


The first place in the shower siphon category Hi-tech style product. This is a compact siphon made from plastic, but the upper part in contact with the water in the pan, painted with chrome. From the side it looks like alloy steel. The model fits shower trays with a drain hole diameter 90 mm. The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty on the product. Connection to the sewage system is on the side, which is convenient for low pallets and customers like it in reviews. In one minute up to 43 liters of liquid is passed through the pipe, therefore the user will not stand in a puddle. Tightness of communications provide two sealing gum of high quality.

Product added to the ranking of the best due to the original decorative outlet, which creates the illusion of the integrity of the bottom of the pallet. From above the part has five minimum holes, which, in essence, serve for air passage. The main discharge is through the side entrances hidden from human eyes. This form has attractive look and effectively detains fallen jewelry.


  • good rubber seals;
  • the socket is covered with chrome;
  • compact height 84 mm;
  • stylish look.


  • no removable bowl for quick cleaning;
  • a plastic nut slides in the hand when tightened;
  • high cost for plastic.

Radaway (R399) (90 mm)

Rating: 4.8

RADAWAY (R399) (90 MM)

Second place ranking given to goods from the Polish manufacturer plumbers. The siphon is made of plastic with a glossy surface. But The main receiving part is made of stainless steel. Connect to the shower tray is carried out not by one but by three screws at once, what owners like in reviews for their reliability. From above a water chipper is installed to prevent direct contact drops into the drain and spray from there back to the person. Edge plate on a laser engraved inscription decorates the outlet, indicating Polish brand and serves as an additional decor.

Experts included siphon in rating because of more convenient shape connection to the sewer line in the house. The model has short direct exit and supplemented by a pipe bent at 45 degrees. This allows easy installation on either side in a similar manifold tee. Another advantage of the siphon is the expansion output pipe from 40 to 50 mm in diameter. This size is standard for plastic sewer pipes, and installation will not require additional adapters.


  • 3 year warranty;
  • no adapters are required to connect to the sewer;
  • alloy top cap;
  • reliable fixing with three screws.


  • high price;
  • very smooth surface of nuts without relief;
  • a tool is needed for installation;
  • during installation, it is easy to distort the housing and provoke leakage.

WIRQUIN James 50mm drain 40 mm

Rating: 4.7


Closes the category of rating goods from domestic manufacturer. It is designed for the diameter of the hole in the shower tray 50 mm. Tight installation provides a tight elastic band, pressed stainless metal outlet. Gasket here self-centering, therefore it is impossible to make a bias. A siphon feature is a built-in filter, which is good delays hair and other debris that owners like in reviews. Although the presence of a barrier requires periodic maintenance (disassembly and cleaning), but this will prevent clogging further along a collector that is much more difficult to fix.

According to our experts, the model deserves a place in the ranking for account of the turning part of the body. 360 rotation possible degrees, which allows you to direct the drain pipe in any direction at different angles. In this position, the siphon passes up to 30 l / min If the shower tray is high, then vertical discharge organization promoting throughput up to 56 l / min


  • stainless funnel;
  • built-in filter;
  • pipe exit to any side (side, down);
  • the price is cheaper than other models;
  • high flow rate of 30-56 liters in 1 minute.


  • most of the plastic;
  • not very attractive appearance in the pallet;
  • to get the filter, you have to unscrew the outlet.

The best siphons for bath

For the bath, the siphon must necessarily contain overflow, because the capacity is used not only for the shower, but also for filling. Overflow will not allow liquid to go beyond the sides of the bath. Yet an important element is the overlapping of the drain for filling. Here rating of various popular options for products in this category.

Grohe Talentofill (2,899,000)

Rating: 4.9


In the first place in the ranking is the German super equipped model. The plumbing unit belongs to the Talento collection. Fit siphon for bathtubs with a drain opening of 50 mm. Most of the elements made of polypropylene but key parts (threaded pipe to the water supply and socket) are cast from alloy steel. Dimensions models are 52×29 mm. The siphon is completed with a drain arch with bending at 45 degrees, which extends the options on the output side and connection to the sewerage. Owners in reviews like stylish vertical panel with brand logo, which serves as an additional decoration.

The product was rated for its equipment. It includes a channel for connecting the water supply, so there is no need for a bath carry out an additional tap – water is supplied from the nozzle in the overflow. Another model has a semi-automatic drain closing valve, which triggered by turning the rotary switch on the side wall bathtubs. It does not require additional plugs and makes it easy collect and flush water.


  • 5 year manufacturer warranty;
  • high-quality German assembly;
  • stainless steel water outlet and connections;
  • there is a height adjustment;
  • drain arc 45 degrees included.


  • high price;
  • most plastic parts;
  • there is no receiver for sludge – cleaning only by analysis the knee.


Rating: 4.8


The second place was taken by the budget model implemented completely made of polypropylene. The siphon consists of a vertical stand, the drain neck is decorated with a trim with a finish of chromium. From the outside it seems that it is stainless. Bottom to rack joins a curved pipe acting as a water seal. Overflow failed from the other side through the corrugation. Siphon calculated on bathtubs with a hole diameter of 40 mm. Owners in reviews like compactness of the model, whose dimensions are 143×100 mm. She is easy fit under the lowest bath. By girth thickness double-sided siphon clamp suitable for maximum cross-section bathtubs are 16 mm, so it will easily become not only in steel, but also in cast iron products.

We noticed the siphon, because the bent knee optimally designed for cleaning. To remove settled trash, just unscrew the upper nut (in other models without a drain two nuts are unscrewed at once). This will allow service and provide good bandwidth.


  • easy overflow installation thanks to a flexible hose;
  • high raised ridges on the nuts for easy rotation and tight tighten the connection;
  • overflow is decorated with an aesthetic overlay;
  • there is a clamping nut for tight connection of the sewer pipes.


  • it is difficult to tighten the nuts on the thread;
  • may leak due to burrs in casting – need to grind their file;
  • the chrome on the outlet begins to climb in a couple of years;
  • no plugs included.


Rating: 4.7


Continues our rating siphon with a neat design, where to look only two mirror washers are available on the drain and overflow. The receiving holes are located below them and do not scare their “bowels” of a person taking a bath. Pipe construction has a corrugated hose for connection of two parts. Siphon designed for installation in the drain hole up to 70 mm, leaving 50 mm free. By the thickness of the crimp is set to the cross section of the bath up to 16 mm Tube in the collector has been expanded to a standard size to do without adapters.

We added a siphon to the rating of the best, as optimal in price and quality. The cost of several thousand rubles is fully justified the presence of an automatic click-clak valve that you like to many users in reviews. This design does not require the use of additional cork on the chain, spoiling the appearance of the bath. It is enough for the owner to press the mirror cover of the drain and it will close, which will allow the tank to fill. Press again will open the way to remove fluid.


  • average price;
  • chrome parts in contact with water;
  • rotation of the outlet pipe in any direction.


  • to clean the valve, two nuts must be unscrewed;
  • maximum height between discharge and overflow cannot be more than 370 mm.

ANI Plast E155

Rating: 4.6


The budget model from domestic producer. Naturally, to all customers in reviews like its price, which is ten times more affordable than leaders rating. The siphon is made of plastic, and two sockets in contact with water, stainless steel. They are pulled together by simple screws with screwdrivers. The manufacturer tried to create a stylistic unity, by completing the plug and overflow seal from blue rubber. To the stub is not lost a neat chain is provided with ball-like links. Siphon suitable for diameter bathtubs holes 70 mm. The installation height is only 124 mm, so it can be mounted on plumbing on low legs.

Although the model is budgetary, it has what is missing from others – corrugated pipe to enter the collector. Part stretches to 50 cm and makes it easy to connect to the trunk without growing or trimming the pipe. This simplifies installation and does not require jigsaw.


  • the best price in the category;
  • wide blades on tightening nuts;
  • It is completed with a stopper on a chain.


  • unsightly appearance of outlets with large holes;
  • the water lock is smooth, so garbage does not accumulate in it, but goes further through the system.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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