12 best sandy beaches of Crimea

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

They come to Crimea to breathe in fresh air, to enjoy the beauties of coastal mountains, swim and sunbathe. To who prefers sandy beaches, enjoy our rating. In it we reflected the best places for sunbathing and swimming on opinions of tourists.

Rating of the best sandy beaches of Crimea

Nomination a place beach rating
The best Black Sea sandy beaches of Crimea 1 Miami, Olenevka 5.0
2 Belyaus 4.9
3 Robinson, P. Novofedorovka 4.8
4 Golden Beach, p. Beregovoe, Feodosia 4.7
5 Meganom, Sudak 4.6
6 Central ,, Evpatoria 4.5
7 Central, Storm 4.4
8 Royal, New World 4.3
The best sandy beaches of Crimea on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov 1 Traps 5.0
2 Tatar, Kazantip 4.9
3 Shchelkino 4.8
4 Novootradnoe 4.7

The best Black Sea sandy beaches of Crimea

Crimean beaches of the Black Sea are chosen for the developed infrastructure and a large number of attractions. It’s often very noisy and crowded. However, there are wild places that we we’ll talk in the first rating nomination.

Miami, Olenevka

Rating: 5.0


Olenevka is a picturesque place that enjoys special popular with tourists. Travelers take pictures on the background rocks, admire the natural beauties. Miami Beach is considered one of the best in Crimea. There are all conditions for a great vacation with family or friends. Suitable place for kids. For them provided a lot of entertainment.

Fans of boat trips will enjoy a boat trip and catamarans. For a relaxing break and a snack, small ones work. cafe on the beach. The pluses also include clean and warm water in the sea. Right next to Miami, locals offer tourists accommodation in guest houses at affordable prices.


  • clean and warm water;
  • close housing;
  • reasonable prices;
  • lots of fun for all ages.


  • not.


Rating: 4.9


Not far from Gromovo is the village of Belyaus. Its beach is famous crystal clear water in the sea and white sand from small grains. Many tourists compare this area with the Maldives. The fact is that few people know about the existence of this amazing the beach. Therefore, it is always quiet and calm. This is a great option for relaxing in tents. Do not have to run to the water in the morning to take a place for yourself.

The village has private hotels with various rooms. In frequent sector, you can rent a house for 400-500 rubles per day. Products food bought at nearby stores. Sell ​​along the road local fruits. The weather is almost always sunny. Abundance of gifts nature and fresh air await tourists from May to September in Belyaus village.


  • crystal clear water;
  • beautiful views;
  • calm atmosphere.


  • There are no serious minuses.

Robinson, P. Novofedorovka

Rating: 4.8


Further in the ranking is relatively new and developing beach on the outskirts of Novofedorovka. This is a private area. with a long and wide coastline, lots of greenery and clear sea with safe entry.

The entry price is quite adequate. Many tourists do not skimp pay for developed infrastructure, availability of dressing areas, toilets and shower. On the beach there are canopies, tents, gazebos, outdoor kitchen. Playgrounds for playing football, tables for billiards are organized. Every day rescuers and animators work here, spend various contests and parties. Mono connect to wireless the internet. There is a pond nearby where you can go fishing by taking all the necessary gear for hire.


  • safe entry;
  • pure water;
  • everything you need to relax;
  • entertainment programs;
  • Wi-Fi on the whole beach.


  • will have to pay entrance fees.

Golden Beach, p. Beregovoe, Feodosia

Rating: 4.7


The fourth place in the ranking is occupied by the golden sand beach in Theodosius. It is popular with vacationers throughout the season. Here tourists are waiting for a clear sea with azure waves, developed infrastructure with cafes and entertainment. There are locker rooms, showers cabins, toilets and deck chairs. 6 km coastline reaches a width of up to 100 m.

The sea depth rises after about 15 meters from the coast. IN in some places at the bottom there are large stones, so dive with head carefully. Vacationers delighted with the golden sand, pleasant to the touch, emerald water. They warn that in a storm, it’s better not to approach the water. Strong waves literally knock down from the feet. In the private sector, they offer any housing option for every taste and wallet. There is a boarding house with food and high service.


  • gorgeous views;
  • fully equipped area;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • pleasant golden sand;
  • a lot of housing for every taste.


  • there are strong waves and large stones at the bottom.

Meganom, Sudak

Rating: 4.6


Almost on the entire coastline of Meganom Beach is present velvety sand from large particles. This place is attributed magical qualities. According to legend, it is here that man able to go into another dimension and understand the whole point of his existence. Even in our time on the beach you can meet meditating yogis.

Meganom is appreciated by those who do not like noise and vanity. Always on the coast there is free space. Tourists comfortably bathe and sunbathe on the sand. Sea water is the cleanest in Sudak. Near the cape there is a cafe, umbrellas and sunbeds for rent on the beach, provide diving equipment. Right on the rocks near the beach there is healing clay that is applied to the body to get rid of many diseases. Getting here from Sudak by bus is quite problematic. It is better to order a taxi, but it will cost a lot.


  • there are always places;
  • clear water;
  • cozy atmosphere;
  • healing clay.


  • hard to get there.

Central beach, Evpatoria

Rating: 4.5


The beach of the popular resort reaches 2 km in length. Some him sites belong to sanatoriums. There is everything for entertainment and recreation. Awnings, toilets and showers are provided. There are many places where you can eat. Families with children are better off choosing an area around Frunze Park, the sea there has a shallow bottom.

It is better to take a place in the morning. After lunch it will be difficult to find. Waves often bring algae, due to which it appears specific smell. Fine golden sand praised, delicious dishes in cafes and affordable prices for services.


  • reasonable prices;
  • delicious dishes;
  • a lot of entertainment.


  • it is difficult to find a free place;
  • a specific smell from algae.

Central beach Storm

Rating: 4.4

Central Beach Storm

The western coast of the Crimean peninsula is loved by many tourists, who appreciate it for the healing salt lakes and the sandy coast. The main municipal beach in Storm can be reached from the center settlement. Along the coast built hotels, pensions and hotels. Nearby there is a modern market.

The beach is rather modest. Vacationers are waiting for standard entertainment – catamarans, banana, sunbed rental. Are provided playground and volleyball court. Praise the gentle entrance. Usually it is always noisy and crowded; music plays in the evening. For a bite to eat, guests can check out a seafront cafe. Shady areas in the territory the beach is not enough.


  • large selection of housing;
  • gentle entry;
  • there is a playground.


  • few shady areas;
  • modest improvement.

Royal Beach, New World

Rating: 4.3


The next participant in the ranking is a rather popular place for relaxing and swimming. The royal beach is located in the Blue Bay of Crimea. You can get here directly from the New World. It takes in length only 120 meters. Its main difference is the fine sand of black color. The beach is surrounded by cliffs and vegetation. It is famous for healing by sea air.

This is a favorite place for diving enthusiasts. Water the sea is clean and transparent. At the height of summer there is nowhere to lie. But in At the beginning of the season and in September, the rest is quite pleasant. Infrastructure poorly developed. Boiled corn merchants walk along the beach. There are no toilets or changing cabins.


  • unique sand;
  • beautiful nature;
  • great option for diving.


  • small beach (little space);
  • no entertainment, toilets and restaurants.

The best sandy beaches of Crimea on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov

The Sea of ​​Azov is warmer than the Black Sea. It warms up faster in May and June. Therefore, this is the best option for families with children. True choice resorts are scarcer than on the Black Sea coast.

Kerch Beach “Traps”

Rating of the beach (Crimea): 5.0

Kerch beach

The first place in this category we gave to the beach of Kapkany. Own he received the name from the district of Kerch. Coastline It stretches for 2.5 km and has a width of 15 meters. Far from the sea she heavily overgrown with grass in the summer season. Tourists believe that to relax here is much more comfortable than in the city. Under trees and shrubs can lie in the shade, there are no jellyfish in the water and seaweed. Sea water is pretty clean. You can safely sent by children. The main thing is to pick up a gentle slope into the sea.

There are no strong waves due to the fact that the beach is located between two capes. They protect him from strong winds. Water in the sea especially warm in July and August. Housing in the Kapkany microdistrict is worth cheaper than in the center of the eastern capital of Crimea. Located nearby various shops with beach accessories, groceries and souvenirs. Entrance to the equipped shore is free.


  • gorgeous nature;
  • there are shops and cafes;
  • no strong waves;
  • lack of jellyfish and algae.


  • There are no serious minuses.

Tatar, Kazantip

Rating of the beach (Crimea): 4.9


Cape Kazantip is located in the northeast of the Crimea and is washed The Sea of ​​Azov. Its popular Tatarka beach occupies an impressive territory. The main advantages include the availability of seats, beautiful countryside, lots of entertainment for every taste.

Thousands of people come here every year to spend fun vacation by the sea. Beautiful umbrellas make the area look like western resort. Comfortable sunbeds, many restaurants and a cafe. There is no trash on the beach. The territory is regularly cleaned. In the evening discos and competitions are held here. You definitely won’t be bored.


  • many free places;
  • beautiful terrain;
  • a lot of entertainment and cafes;
  • clean area.


  • not.

Shchelkino Beach

Rating of the beach (Crimea): 4.8


Not far from Kazantip is located PGT Shchelkino. This is the only settlement on the Sea of ​​Azov with deep-sea beaches. Here the largest beach is located, occupying more than 25 km. Vacationers quite a lot, but there is always a place where you can comfortably relax. Families with children love to come here. This place is chosen for warm water and clean sand.

Tourists are offered catamarans, parachuting, travel on the boat. There are playgrounds for sports games. The cafe serves dishes from seafood, soft drinks. If you wish, you can take rent a sunbed and an umbrella. This is a picturesque place from which to open Gorgeous views of the surroundings.


  • warm water;
  • clean sand;
  • beautiful views;
  • Suitable for relaxing with a child.


  • not.


Rating of the beach (Crimea): 4.7


The beach in the village of Novootradnoe completes the rating. He sprawled on 12 km and is famous for the golden sand with shells, who love to collect children. Soft safe bottom suitable for toddlers. The coast offers vacationers trampolines, catamarans, boats, awnings and volleyball court.

In the cafe you can buy ice cream, soft drinks. A plus This place is in close proximity to Kerch. Although in the village itself missing interesting objects. Tourists say they would like to see more entertainment in Novootradny.


  • safe bottom;
  • there are many attractions nearby;
  • beautiful views.


  • standard set of entertainment.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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