12 best sanatoriums of Crimea

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Healing sanatoriums do real miracles. They are helping cope with serious ailments, relax body and soul. Choosing the best health resort on the Black Sea, we paid attention to the situation, the availability of entertainment, quality service, the effectiveness of recovery and guest reviews. In our ranking highlights representatives of the spa infrastructure hospitable Crimea.

Rating of the best sanatoriums of Crimea

Nomination a place Sanatorium Rating
Rating of the best sanatoriums of Crimea 1 Mriya Resort 4.9
2 Sacropolis Saki 4.8
3 Golden, Alushta 4.7
4 Pine grove 4.6
5 Family Resort 4.5
6 Foros 4.5
7 Lower Oreanda 4.5
8 Poltava-Crimea 4.4
9 Demerdzhi Alushta 4.3
10 TOK Sudak 4.2
11 May Day Evpatoria 4.1
12 Moscow-Crimea 4.0

Mriya Resort

Rating of the sanatorium (Crimea): 4.9


We gave the first place to the resort complex of Yalta. it comfortable and modern sanatorium where vacationers come, to establish the work of cardiovascular, digestive, nervous and reproductive systems. Specialists at Mriya Resort treatment of diseases of the ENT organs, musculoskeletal system and diseases of the male genital area.

The resort complex is located on the beach, 17 km from the center cities. Incredible views, stylish interior design, Chic pool in the resort. Room price per night starts from 12160 rubles. Family will most likely cost guests villa. 1 night costs 161500 rubles. This includes three meals a day, access to the sauna, pool and fitness center, standard medical procedures. For pensioners discounts apply. For kids 2 programs are provided – “Beautiful back” and “Healthy tummy”. There are services of hardware cosmetology, honey baths and various types massage.


  • stylish rooms;
  • several restaurants on site;
  • delicious buffet;
  • a wide range of entertainment (bowling, rollerblading);
  • children under 4 years old stay free;
  • performances of show business stars;
  • large and beautiful pool;
  • many specialists from various fields.


  • a little expensive.

Sacropolis Saki

Rating of the sanatorium (Crimea): 4.8


The next participant in the ranking is the leading gynecological and urological center, treatment in which is based on mud procedures. The sanatorium actively cooperates with experienced specialists in the field of solving infertility problems. The complex has its own case with modern equipment, research laboratories. The German Biocorrection Center Noventalis operates on site.

Room prices are consistent with the quality of service and treatment. For a night in a 2-room suite you need to give 11790 rubles. Vacationers delighted with the attentiveness of the staff, comfortable rooms and chic territory. You need to go 3 km to the sea.


  • polite staff;
  • quality treatment;
  • beautiful territory;
  • comfortable rooms;
  • purity;
  • modern equipment;
  • own laboratory.


  • far from the sea.

Golden, Alushta

Rating of the sanatorium (Crimea): 4.7


Rest in the sanatorium “Golden” will give its guests a lot positive emotions, a charge of energy all year round. Resort the complex is located 1.2 km from the beach right in the center of Alushta. Prices Housing is quite adequate. A standard room costs from 4,500 rubles. Children under 7 years stay free of charge.

Sanatorium GOLDEN offers services for the treatment of such diseases, like pharyngitis, bronchitis, asthma, ischemia, neurasthenia, tuberculosis. On the the choice of vacationers is offered by the Antistress program, “Restoring strength”, “Lightness and beauty”, “Breathe freely”, “Correction of the figure.” An outdoor pool is on site. adults and a mini pool for young children. The main advantages sanatorium – a picturesque park and a protected area. Judging by reviews, many families with kids have a rest here. Therefore, in the sanatorium it is noisy and crowded.


  • decent service;
  • good recovery programs for every taste;
  • children’s and adult animations;
  • a lot of vegetation;
  • Friendly staff
  • delicious varied nutrition.


  • it is noisy and crowded.

Pine grove

Rating of the sanatorium (Crimea): 4.6

PINE grove

Sanatorium “Pine Grove” is located in the picturesque park Chair Yalta. It stands on the coast of the sea and has its own medical building with a powerful medical base and experienced specialists. Here there is everything you need for a good rest. The complex is chosen for comfortable rooms of various categories, well-developed infrastructure, including SPA, pools, sports fields and children’s events.

Housing prices are a bit “bite”. Holidays at the height of the summer season will cost about 20,000-25,000 rubles per night. In a sanatorium Therapists, dermatologists, cosmetologists, otolaryngologists work. Vacationers admire the vast green area of ​​4.7 hectares and delicious menu.


  • convenient schedule of procedures;
  • updated medical center;
  • many spa treatments;
  • large green area;
  • to the sea 50 m;
  • indoor and outdoor pools.


  • prices are overpriced.

Family Resort

Rating of the sanatorium (Crimea): 4.5


In Yevpatoriya, not far from Lake Moinaki, there is a sanatorium Family Resort. The modern health resort has its own balneotherapy center, well-groomed territory and park. Medical base aimed at eliminating gynecological diseases. Besides specialists of the complex work in the field of healing the nervous system, spine, musculoskeletal system.

The sea is 400 meters away. Per night in a Junior Suite give 8 thousand rubles. Inside there is a sofa, refrigerator, shower cabin, cosmetic set, towels and hairdryer. As entertainment offered by a sports hall, sports ground, dancing, cinema and billiards. Despite the reconstruction of 2016, the rooms sanatoriums require high-quality repairs.


  • environmentally friendly resort area;
  • recent renovation;
  • own sandy beach 200 m from the sanatorium;
  • animators with entertainment;
  • tasty food.


  • uncomfortable rooms.


Rating of the sanatorium (Crimea): 4.5


The fourth place in the rating belongs to the elite Crimean resort with high-quality medical and diagnostic facilities. Work here high-class professionals who use modern methods treatment of diseases.

A night in a 2-room suite costs from 12,800 rubles. The room has Internet, TV, fridge, kettle and air conditioning. Sanatorium located in a conservation park and has a huge landscaped area with fresh air. The advantages include a delicious, polite table staff, clean coast and the availability of a children’s room. Frustrating meager set of free procedures.


  • there is a playground;
  • free parking on site;
  • polite staff;
  • clean pebble beach;
  • gorgeous nature and healing air.


  • limited choice of medical services;
  • little entertainment.

Lower Oreanda

Rating of the sanatorium (Crimea): 4.5


Sanatorium “Lower Oreanda” is located in Yalta and leads its history since 1852. This is a great choice for a holiday with your family or friends. The territory has summer and indoor pools with waterfall, underwater current. Private pebble beach equipped sunbeds, booths, awnings and toilets with showers. On his On the territory there is a playground and table tennis. Go down to the sea is accessible by elevator.

The price for one night starts from 6000 rubles. The price includes three meals a day, general therapeutic procedures, use by the pool. Judging by the reviews, the sanatorium has clean air, well-groomed territory and a beautiful park. The beach is clean and not crowded. Some vacationers did not like the buffet.


  • clean sea and beach;
  • quiet place with healing air;
  • well-groomed territory;
  • reasonable prices;
  • proximity to the sea.


  • meager selection of dishes;
  • furniture and plumbing require updating.


Rating of the sanatorium (Crimea): 4.4


The modern health resort “Poltava-Crimea” offers guests modern housing with medical buildings. Pleases a large selection procedures, developed infrastructure and qualified specialists. If you book in advance, you can get a good discount. A night in a standard building costs from 4860 rubles. Luxury cottage can be removed for 10000-15600 rubles.

On the Internet, we found many laudatory reviews about delicious food, beautiful territory. Guests of the sanatorium are delighted with the proximity to the beach, comfortable rooms and quality treatment. It is frustrating that many procedures are very expensive. IN Economy rooms require renovation.


  • good location;
  • there is a source of mineral water;
  • close to the sea;
  • well-groomed territory;
  • good nutrition;
  • The price matches the quality.


  • few free procedures;
  • there are bad reviews about staying in an economy class.

Demerdzhi Alushta

Rating of the sanatorium (Crimea): 4.3


In 2004, the sanatorium “Demerdzhi” was built. It is located on the seashore and covers an area of ​​2 hectares. Cozy the territory includes gazebos, artificial waterfalls, a pond with fish, more than 30 species of subtropical plants. To the pluses of the complex include the presence of a medical base, a gym, delicious food, the sea in walking distance.

An economy class room during the peak season costs from 12 thousand rubles. Behind Three comfortable rooms need to be paid about 15,000 rubles. In cost tours include aromatherapy, magnetotherapy, electrophoresis, amplipulse, quantum therapy. For a fee boarding house offers mud treatments, treatment in a salt cave, massage.


  • good location;
  • quality service;
  • excellent food;
  • a lot of greenery;
  • children under 4 years old are free.


  • unheated pool;
  • paid parking.

TOK Sudak

Rating of the sanatorium (Crimea): 4.2


Further in the ranking is a modern health resort with a developed infrastructure, qualified staff. At the service of vacationers mineral spring, many treatments, seawater pool, entertainment, own beach. Reasonable prices. Price for 2 the room number is 7800 rubles.

It is worth considering that not all rooms are repaired, but for the tour have to pay a considerable cost. Pleased with beautiful Attractions within walking distance. There are reviews of staff incompetence and placement difficulties a car.


  • pump room with mineral water;
  • luxurious park of 18 hectares;
  • Large outdoor saltwater pool
  • 6 tennis courts;
  • gym and fitness center;
  • volleyball and badminton courts.


  • not all rooms are renovated;
  • negative reviews about the work of staff.

May Day Evpatoria

Rating of the sanatorium (Crimea): 4.1


The next line of the rating belongs to a sanatorium drowning in greens and flowers. Next to it is a sandy beach, a lake Moynaki. There are no rooms more expensive than 8 thousand rubles. Vacationers in delighted with the picturesque place, excellent menu. There are separate dishes for kids. All food is fresh and of high quality.

Pleases guests with a clean and large beach with sunbeds and awnings. Here a lifeguard and a nurse are always on duty. Entertainment in there are almost no sanatoriums. The quality of treatment is referred to the average level. It offers mud and whirlpool baths, oxygen cocktails, inhalation, magnetotherapy.


  • adequate prices;
  • good menu;
  • clean beach;
  • Beautiful places.


  • not suitable for people with serious illnesses;
  • little entertainment.


Rating of the sanatorium (Crimea): 4.0


In the last place is a health complex, which is located on the seashore of the Kerch Strait. With his The territory offers a gorgeous view of Kerch. This place is wonderful combines the beautiful nature of a green park and developed the infrastructure. People from all over the country come here to relax and get quality treatment.

In the sanatorium, perhaps, the most reasonable prices. Night in standard the room costs 3900 rubles. This includes meals 3 times a day, treatment prescribed by a doctor. Judging by the reviews, in The health resorts are very clean and quiet. There are benches at every step there is a playground. Sorry, there is little entertainment. Behind they need to go to Kerch. Buses rarely run.


  • close to the sea;
  • inexpensively;
  • cleanliness and comfort;
  • beautiful views of the Crimean bridge;
  • friendly staff.


  • narrow treatment profiles;
  • little entertainment;
  • far stop;
  • small cramped rooms.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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