12 best online children's clothing stores

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

A family man knows that money is a valuable resource, especially for those who have children. Save your budget – make purchases on online platforms.

What is the benefit? Products are cheaper on internet portals than in traditional stores. There is no need to allocate funds for the salary of a large staff of employees and, most importantly, to pay rent for the premises.

Experts have prepared a rating review of the 12 best online children's clothing stores that every mother should visit.

Rating of the best online children's clothing stores

Nomination a place score rating
Rating of the best online children's clothing stores 1 Lamoda 5.0
2 Mamsy 4.9
3 Mothercare 4.8
4 'Дочки&Сыночки' 4.7
5 Acoola 4.6
6 'Child's world' 4.5
7 Mytoys 4.4
8 Babadu 4.3
9 Crockid 4.2
10 'Kangaroo' 4.1
11 'Ship' 4.0
12 Nils 3.9


Overall rating: 5.0


One of the largest Russian retailers sells not only clothing for adults and children, but also shoes, accessories, household goods, cosmetics, and perfumery. The main feature of the store is fitting before buying: they give fifteen minutes to think.

The company was founded relatively recently, in 2010, with the participation of a European investor – Rocket Internet. Lamoda (Lamoda) entered the Russian market with a loud slogan: 'Fashion with delivery', and six months later acquired its own courier service Lamoda Express. Now there are points of issue even in remote regions. And since 2011, a representative office has been operating in Kazakhstan.

The catalog includes over two million items from nine hundred world manufacturers. Overalls, dresses, skirts, trousers, jeans, T-shirts, underwear, tights, socks, outerwear – this is only a small part of what is presented on the site. Please little dandies and fashionistas with accessories: backpacks, bags, belts, baseball caps, panamas, hats, sunglasses. They will complement the stylish look.

The list of brands includes such well-known mass market brands as Gap, Acoola, Mango Kids and premium brands – Emporio Armani, Kenzo, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste. There are also quite a few young European designers whose clothes and shoes are relatively inexpensive, but of high quality. Average check – 1500-10000 rubles.

Lamoda delivers products quickly and free of charge. The buyer himself chooses a convenient time period: morning, afternoon or evening. After processing the order, a notification is received about the appointed courier, who will bring things in two days. In case of redemption in the amount of less than 1500 rubles, you need to pay 99 rubles for delivery.

The laconic design of the site will help you focus and instantly find the section you need. Thanks to reviews, you can easily get an idea of ​​the product. Experienced workers will answer your questions.

There are always promotions in the online store, sales are held, where the initial cost is reduced by 10-80%. Lamoda keeps up with current trends and offers to install the official app on your mobile. It is available in the AppStore and GooglePlayMarket.

Official website: lamoda.ru.


Overall rating: 4.9


Today the site boasts eight million buyers, and you will soon be among them. The store operates in the format of a club, so everyone who joins has access to privileges, for example, closed sales. Feature Mamsy (Mamsi) – daily morning promotions (over thirty). The main thing is to get there on time, for this you need to go to the site at 8:45.

Modern moms save a lot of money by shopping at Mamsy. Affordable prices and high quality products are attracting more and more parents. Responsible approach wins over – the company deals with trusted suppliers. They provide the necessary certificates and other approvals. Any visitor has the right to request papers for review.

The age of the child does not matter. We have casual clothes for three groups: the smallest – from 0 to 3 years old, boys and girls – from 3 to 7 years old, teenagers – from 10 to 14. There are also school uniforms, shoes, accessories, children's cosmetics, books, toys. , educational games.

The online store offers more than three thousand new products, over seven hundred brands, current collections from brands such as: LORI, Sylvanian Families, Columbia, La Bateau Des Petits, Luvable Friends, 'Peppa Pig', Reima. Average check – 1000-10000 rubles.

The goods are delivered to any regions of the Russian Federation, to the countries of Asia and the CIS. Choose what is more convenient – courier or self-pickup from the nearest pick-up point. They are sent to remote cities by post of Russia on a 100% prepayment. Alas, delivery for most cities is paid, if the minimum amount is not reached – 4000 rubles, and for Moscow and St. Petersburg – 1000-1500 rubles.

Navigation on the site is convenient – even a beginner can easily find the necessary section. All important items are in the upper part: when you hover the cursor, windows with categories drop out. Product cards are detailed so that the buyer understands what he is ordering. Regular discounts up to 75% and the Mamsy Family loyalty program help you save money.

Official website: mamsy.ru


Overall rating: 4.8


The English brand produces fashionable and high-quality clothes for children, expectant mothers. The site also sells toys; products for feeding, hygiene and care; car seats and carriers; strollers, cots and mattresses; playpens and walkers.

The company was founded back in 1961. The next year the company was sending goods by mail. Initially, the main focus was the sale of strollers and furniture for children, but later the assortment was expanded. The brand is represented in more than sixty countries, in a thousand stores.

The online catalog offers clothes for every season: swimwear and swimming trunks; shorts, and t-shirts; insulated overalls and jackets; hats and footwear. From the reviews it can be seen that the products are getting praise. Mothers are pleased with the excellent quality and thoughtful design. Clothes are comfortable to wear, which is especially important for babies who are just learning how to dress and undress on their own. Buttons, buttons, zippers are located so that the child can cope without the help of adults.

The online store presents not only the Mothercare brand, but also many other manufacturers: Alilo, Chicco, Freds Swim Academy, Happy Baby, Hartmann, Peg-Perego, Vikingtoys, Weleda, Filippok, Kotofey, Umka ',' Let's play together ',' Technopark '. Prices do not bite, and during the sales period, goods cost mere pennies. For example, a jumper for a girl can be bought for 600-800 rubles, and trousers for a boy – for 1000 rubles.

After placing the order, they are collected and sent to the specified city. Free delivery is available to residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg with a minimum amount of 2500 rubles. People from the regions need to make a 100% prepayment to pick up things at the retail store. Not everyone dares to do this, but Mothercare has an impeccable reputation.

The main page of the site immediately sets up for purchases. Above, in a conspicuous place, there is a search bar, and just below – sections. Hovering over any of them, you will see a window with groups of categories. Great deals are waiting for you in the 'Outlet' department.

Official website: mothercare.ru.


Overall rating: 4.7


The online hypermarket, in addition to children's clothing, sells shoes, household goods, and pets. Women will also find something to buy. There is a separate section for them. In the reviews, mothers share positive impressions: they note a large selection of items that help the child in learning and doing creative work.

The 'clothing and footwear' section is divided into categories: for kids, girls, boys, teenagers. A handy filter helps you quickly find products by parameters such as color, season, brand or price. Families with newborns should take a closer look at envelopes, discharge and christening kits. В 'Дочки&Сыночки' много обуви на любой вкус – кроссовки, кеды, угги, сапоги, туфли, сандалии, балетки.

Among the brands are Stella, Nike, Pelican, Nicol, Lu Lu, Kenzo Kids, Hugo Boss, Hippo. In addition to them, the online store cooperates with several hundred more brands. Average check – 500-5000 rubles. Taking into account sales, it comes out inexpensively.

You can pick up your order in any region of the Russian Federation. The package will arrive at the chain store or the point of issue 'Svyaznoy', 'Euroset'. Payment depends on the location of the buyer and ranges from 199 to 500 rubles.

The site's interface is slightly overloaded with banners, but the main elements are still clearly visible against the general background. The search line is not hidden when scrolling and remains in a visible place.

Official website: dochkisinochki.ru.


Overall rating: 4.6


Moms love the online store for affordable prices, daily promotions, specials and discounts. The company sells children's clothing for boys and girls aged 0-14 years. Unlike other online sites, there are no toys or other goods besides wardrobe items.

Acoola chip (Shark) – an active response from the target audience, children's recommendations. They are the basis of the concept. The brand took into account the wishes of little fashionistas who prefer clothes like adults – modern materials, current styles, interesting prints. For parents, something else is important – functionality and practicality. The brand's clothes meet the needs of both kids and adults.

The online platform offers a large range of sizes, stylish looks, durable and durable fabrics. The design bureau releases nine complete collections annually, with 150 new models per month in different colors. Average check – 1000-5000 rubles.

Delivery works throughout Russia. For residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, you need to collect the minimum amount of 2000 rubles, and for other regions – 3500 rubles. Otherwise, you will have to pay 199 rubles and, accordingly, 299 rubles.

The site is decorated colorfully, but not cluttered with banners. Popular products are immediately visible on the main page. The top panel contains categories: girls, boys, toddlers from 0 to 2 years old. When you hover the cursor, a window with age groups and categories appears. The 'bonus program' section explains in detail how it works. The filter helps you quickly sort things by parameters.

Official website: acoolakids.ru.

'Child's world'

Overall rating: 4.5


A large Internet portal is familiar to every parent. The site offers over 10,000 products in a wide variety of categories: clothing and footwear; walks and travel; sports and recreation; nutrition and feeding; children's room; hygiene and care; toys and games.

The chain of stores has been operating for over ten years. The first “Children's World” opened its doors in Moscow, in 1957, on June 5. Despite the increased competition, it still remains the largest and most popular. Four hundred outlets operate in Russia and Kazakhstan. Now the famous store has conquered the Internet.

Products for children are sorted into categories. In the catalog, in addition to clothing, you will find furniture – changing tables, cots, strollers, playpens; care cosmetics – shampoos, oils, soaps, creams; food – mashed potatoes, cereals, mixtures; toys – rattles, dolls, cars, cubes, pyramids, books; transport – scooters, rollers, gyro scooters, balance bikes.

Представлены такие бренды, как Johnson&Johnson, Haggies, Rocs, 'Бабушкино Лукошко', 'Агуша', 'Фрутоняня', Nutrilon, NAN, K’s-Kids, Tiny Love, Chicco, BabyGo, Blue Seven, Chessford. A total of about 3000 marks. Average check – 500-10,000 rubles.

Orders are delivered to all regions of the Russian Federation. In Moscow, a courier will bring goods for free with a minimum amount of 2000 rubles. Residents of other cities need to pay for delivery to the apartment – 599 rubles, or pick it up at a retail store.

The design of the site is laconic, but due to the large assortment, the beginner will not immediately orientate himself. We advise you to use a filter to select what you need by price, brand, age, size. Discount products are displayed in the 'promotions' section.

Official website: detmir.ru.


Overall rating: 4.4


Parents fell in love with the online store immediately after appearing in search results. Although it works recently, it does not experience a shortage of visitors. Initially, adults bought toys here, but more and more often they come to buy clothes for children.

The company was founded in Germany in 1999. The founder, dad with many children, Oliver Lederle had been hatching the idea of ​​creating for several years. The efforts invested paid off quickly: in 2010, an online platform was opened. Now residents of the whole world can purchase a variety of goods: school supplies, books, educational materials, clothes, shoes, toys, products for sports, recreation, hobbies, and creativity. In 2018, the site was noted at the Parents' Choice People's Award, was presented with an honorary diploma and a gold medal.

Mytoys offers customers the following well-known brands: Happy Baby, Oldos, Chicco, Molo, Geox, Lego, Tiny Love, Mattel, Reima, Hasbro, Zapf Creation. The online store cooperates with 350 brands. Average check – 500-5000 rubles.

Deliver goods all over the world. There are many ways, but they are paid: by courier – 280-400 rubles; self-pickup from PickPoint checkpoints and Boxberry, Hermes pick-up points – 210-230 r; by Russian post – from 390 rubles; 'express' (receiving the next day) – 550 p. An order that has been processed before 13:00 is transferred to the dispatch point on the same day.

The interface resembles a bright child's toy. The search bar helps you quickly find what you need without going into sections and categories. The 'Favorite Heroes' menu contains products from brands based on cartoon plots: 'Cars', 'Masha and the Bear', 'Transformers'. The site offers a 5% discount, you just need to allow the browser to display notifications. The rest of the profitable offers are located in the sale section.

Official website: mytoys.ru.


Overall rating: 4.3


The online hypermarket offers to buy baby clothes and shoes, toys, food, care and hygiene products, car seats, strollers, school supplies, furniture. By joining the Happy Parents Club, you will receive up to 70% discounts every week. Feature Babadu (Babadu) – earnings through participation in an affiliate program or contests. For this they get smiles – a fireproof currency that can later be exchanged for prizes.

The online store is recognized as one of the leaders on the Russian market. More than 30,000 products are presented on the site pages. Over 20,000 orders are made here every month. This information is provided by Google Analytics for the period 2014-2015.

Choose from 3000 brands: Reima, Lassie, Huppa, Oldos, Gusti, Didriksons 1913, vuGGa, atPlay, Lappi Kids, Crocki, Lucky Child, Lassie, Bossa Nova, Mayoral, Mursu and more. Clothes and footwear are designed for toddlers from 0 to 2 years old and for grown-up children from 2 to 14 years old.

Delivery works on the territory of the Russian Federation, in Belarus, Kazakhstan. The cost of sending by courier with the amount of 1500 rubles will be 250 rubles. Three hundred pick-up points are open in Russia, from where the client picks up the order on his own.

The site has a well thought out design and easy navigation. On the main page, important announcements are highlighted with banners. Below are the recommendations and the best brands. A free mobile app is available in the AppStore and GooglePlayMarket. With it, it will become more convenient to buy, monitor your personal account, even if you are out of the house and there is no PC nearby.

Official website: babadu.ru.


Overall rating: 4.2


The group of companies includes several brands. They create modern clothes for children from 0 to 10 years old. Natural materials of high quality are used in the production of things. Our own design and engineering bureau is constantly engaged in the development of new collections.

The history has more than twenty years of work. During this time, millions of people became Crockid fans. “Care in every detail” – with this slogan the company conquered the world and Russian markets. The concept is based on a combination of affordable prices, style, trends. Compliance with the total look principle allows the buyer to create a unique look. Crockid (Crocid) is a variety and relevance, fashionable colors, comfort and practicality.

The online store offers children's clothing under the Crockid and OPTOP brands; knitted women's – Very Neat, as well as for home and sleep – TRIKOZZA; teenage collections – CUBBY. The assortment includes items for newborns, swimwear, socks and tights, seamless underwear, outfits for going out, accessories. Average check – 400-3000 rubles.

Distribution includes five warehouses in large cities and more than ninety brand stores. Wherever in Russia you are, the order will arrive in a short time. Free delivery is valid when the minimum amount is reached: Moscow and St. Petersburg – 2500 rubles, other regions – 3500 rubles.

The site is designed in a laconic style, in white and gray colors. Banners are highlighted against such a background, some of which are animated. The line with sections, search and personal account is located at the top. When scrolling, it remains in a conspicuous place and is always available.

Official site: crockid.ru.


Store rating: 4.1


The online platform was created to help parents who want to dress their children beautifully and stylishly. The high cost does not scare buyers, because the quality of goods is always at its best.

The new format retail store opened its doors for the first time in 1996, in Moscow. The presented premium products guarantee the child's comfort. They will set it apart from the rest, in contrast to the often found items from the mass market. Today there are multi-brand salons in St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Omsk, Khabarovsk.

The latest collections come to 'Kangaroo' before the others. The catalog offers fashionable clothes from Scandinavian designers, trendy footwear, school uniforms, as well as furniture made from environmentally friendly materials, car seats and strollers, care cosmetics, collection and educational toys. Wardrobe items are suitable for children from 0 to 16 years old.

Среди брендов сплошные именитые дизайнеры: Moncler, Stella McCartney, Dior, Gucci, Fendi, Armani, Burberry, Dolce&Gabbana. There are more democratic brands: MOLO, Monnalisa, Diesel, GF Ferre, John Galliano. Average check – from 10,000 rubles.

Delivery is valid throughout Russia. The order will be sent free of charge when the amount reaches 3000 rubles. The fitting before purchase service is available only to residents of the capital. Thanks to the sales in the sale section, you can save several thousand.

The site has easy navigation. A quick view on hovering over the product shows the remaining dimensions and the 'add to cart' button. Add the item to your favorites by clicking the heart in the upper left corner to return to it later.

Official website: keng.ru.


Overall rating: 4.0


The online store is not inferior to other large Russian retailers. A large number of products are on sale, ranging from clothing to furniture for a children's room. The company follows the slogan: “We give a smile to children!”

The chain's retail stores are open in more than one hundred cities and have over 210 outlets. The first time customers visited the Korablik in 2000. It was opened in Moscow, in the Maryino metro area. The firm received the national Golden Bear award and won the Customer Awards. Since 2010 the company has been developing its own brands: 'Barkito', 'Parusok' and others.

The online catalog offers clothes and shoes for children from 0 to 9 years old, accessories, products for pregnant women, feeding, toys, strollers and car seats, diapers and beauty products. The products are certified, therefore safe.

The following brands are represented: Fisher-Price, Barkito, Lassie, Be2Me, Nature Units, 'Ko Mo', etc. Average check – 500-5000 rubles.

They deliver goods over most of the territory of the Russian Federation. After placing the order, it will come to a retail store in your city, from where it can be picked up at a convenient time. With a minimum amount of up to 3000 rubles, you need to pay 300 rubles for transportation.

It is not difficult to find the necessary thing on the site. Navigation is understandable even for beginners. The top panel consists of the main menu items: catalog, promotions, sale, bonus program, newspaper, shops. Below are the main sections, and in them – the categories.

Official website: korablik.ru.


Overall rating: 3.9


The online store is relatively new, opened in 2014. To date, the company has already fallen in love with Russian mothers and fathers. They note in the reviews high quality products, affordable prices and excellent service. The trick is trying on before buying.

The online platform is increasing the range of children's products and is not planning to stop on the way to leadership positions. To do this, employees carefully select products according to many important criteria. Only those things that have passed multi-stage control are included in the virtual showcases.

The site contains collections of clothing for children from 0 to 16 years old – sports, casual, going out, school uniforms. There are also accessories for feeding, diapers, care cosmetics, toys, books, art supplies, scooters, balance bikes, electric cars. Nils replenishes the assortment in accordance with the season: rubber boots for the rainy fall; insulated jackets and overalls for winter; swimwear and panamas for a sunny summer. The offers are updated every month.

Choose your favorites from thousands of brands. The company cooperates with such well-known brands as Reima, Mayoral, Lassie, Stilnyashka, Acoola, Choupette, LP Collection, DKNY, Elaria, Elephant Kids. Average check – 1500-10000 rubles.

They deliver goods to all regions of Russia. You can pick up an order from a checkpoint, by mail, from a courier or free of charge by self. Regardless of the amount, you need to pay for transportation 370-420 rubles. They give 14 days to return things.

The interface is designed with restraint. Thanks to clear navigation and a convenient filter, choosing a product is not difficult. The quick view function saves you time. The products are sorted into sections and categories. Came for a specific item? Then enter the title in the search bar to get the results. Buy full sets, they are discounted.

Official website: nils.ru.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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