12 best museums in Moscow

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Moscow is the cultural and historical center of our country, where millions of tourists come from all over the world to see their unique objects preserved to this day through the eyes. In the capital You can see museums of different directions. Everyone can choose exactly what interests him the most. These are museums of history and science, astronautics and automotive, galleries fine arts and crafts.

Many excursion programs include a visit most significant places. But which of them, first of all, look at the guests of the capital who have arrived for a few days and not having plenty of time left? To this question experts who will become local metropolitan guides will answer sights. Our review includes 12 museums that recommended to visit first.

Rating of the best museums in Moscow

Nomination a place Museum rating
The best historical museums in Moscow 1 State Historical Museum 5.0
2 Moscow City Museum 4.9
3 Armouries 4.8
The best art museums in Moscow 1 State Tretyakov Gallery 5.0
2 State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin 4.9
3 Museum of Russian Impressionism 4.8
The best science museums in Moscow 1 State Darwin Museum 5.0
2 Space Museum 4.9
3 Paleontological Museum. Yu. A. Orlova RAS 4.8
The best museums in Moscow 1 Tsaritsyno 5.0
2 Kolomenskoye 4.9
3 Manor Kuskovo 4.8

The best historical museums in Moscow

State Historical Museum

Rating: 5.0

State Historical Museum.JPG

The first place was given to the largest national museum of the country. is he is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is unique historical attraction of Russia. The first the stone was solemnly laid personally by Emperor Alexander II. The building in the pseudo-Russian style was erected for 8 years: from 1875 to 1883 year. It has become an important part of the main architectural ensemble. Moscow square. The design used many elements: Kyoto, kokoshniks, tents, flys, arches, weights, arcature belts.

The fund has more than 5 million storage units. Constant exposure is only 0.5% of the total number of valuable materials. To date, all 40 halls and expositions are open. cover the period from ancient times to the beginning XX century. A unique opportunity is presented to those who cannot personally visit the exhibition. A virtual tour on the site will introduce all the sights of the historical museum.

Annual traffic – more than 1.2 million visitors. To the 145th anniversary the object was a massive tea party in the Grand Canopy, where all guests were treated to cakes baked according to old recipes, overall whose weight was half a ton. Decorations served as figures-copies sculptures exposure. The complex is located on Red Square. is he open from 10 to 19 hours. Thursday until 20.00. Cost tickets: from 150 to 500 rubles. Phone Number: 8495 692 40 19.

Moscow City Museum

Rating: 4.9

Moscow City Museum

On the second line is the museum association, which presents exhibits related to the history of the capital of our country. It was founded in 1896. The institution is part of a unique ensemble of food stores. Exhibitions are located in the main building and seven branches. The collection totals 790 thousand units, related to different times. Personal archives are stored here. modern historians of the city. Also widely represented family clannish collections of household items and documents known Moscow merchants.

In the halls are exhibited products of arts and crafts, 19th century handicraft furniture, oil lamps, crystal and porcelain, textile scarves, produced to any significant event in the city. The expositions present the works of famous artists of different genres dedicated to the main city of Russia.

The complex is located on Zubovsky Boulevard 2. It is open daily except Monday from 10 to 20 hours. Thursday closes for an hour later. A full ticket for all exhibitions costs 650 rubles, a discount ticket – 325. All collective service offers are posted on official website. You can book a tour by phone: +7495739 00 08.


Rating: 4.8


The third prize winner in this category is the museum, which is housed in The building was built in 1851. The architecture attracts the attention of carved white stone columns with floral ornaments. Internal the decoration is no less rich and solemn than the facade. Exhibits – these are items made in Kremlin workshops, as well as donated by foreign embassies. At the exhibition you can to get acquainted with the masterpieces of weapons mastery, see the front door royal and coronation clothes, vestments of clergy, maids of honor maid of honor, armor of the knights.

Visitors are invited to view the largest collection of products from silver and gold the work of Russian craftsmen and Western European artists. The collection is diverse and dates from the 4th century, ending with the 20th century. The exhibition presents Faberge products, personal artifacts of emperors and empresses, carriages and carriages, thrones, dishes and other priceless exhibits. The entire exhibition is located at 9 theme rooms.

Familiarity with storage units takes place with a guide or audio guide. The museum does not leave indifferent neither adults nor children. Here you can immerse yourself in history and feel yourself a part of it. The chamber is located on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin. Cost tickets: 1000 r. – for adults, 500 r. – for students and seniors, for children under 16 years old – free of charge. Operating mode: from 10 to 18 hours, Thursday is a day off. You can ask all your questions. by number: +7495697 03 49.

The best art museums in Moscow

Rating: 5.0


The pearl of the world becomes the leader in our review. artistic heritage. The first exhibits began to collect in 1856 the famous merchant and philanthropist Pavel Tretyakov. For this he expanded his own house and after improvement along with collection, which already totaled 1841 units of storage, transfers its gratuitous to the city. Today in 62 halls are creations artists of the XI-early XX century. This is an old Russian icon painting, graphics, painting, sculpture. A separate room is given to precious goods stones and precious metals of the secular and church destination.

Here you can see firsthand the paintings of Theophanes the Greek and Andrew Rublev, Ilya Repin and Ivan Shishkin, Isaac Levitan and Victor Vasnetsov and many other artists who glorified our Fatherland. More than 1.5 million people visit the exhibition annually, and this the number is constantly growing, as the amount of valuable copies of the collection.

The gallery is located in Lavrushinsky Lane, 10. It works daily except Monday from 10 to 18 hours. Thursday, Friday and Saturday closes at 21.00. E-tickets can be purchased at official website. The cost depends on the category of citizens. Adults will pay 500 rubles, pensioners and students – 200 p. Children under 18 visiting the exhibition for free. To order collective excursions You can contact by phone: +7495951 07 27.

State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin

Rating: 4.9


Another museum worth visiting in Moscow, included in our review. It was opened in 1912, but here is the beginning construction dates back to 1898. The building was built in neoclassical style and looks like an antique temple. In 1937 it was adopted the decision to give the institution the name of the great Russian poet. Today The Pushkin Museum is a particularly valuable object of our cultural heritage country.

The exposition includes more than 700,000 units. This meeting foreign art, including works of sculpture, painting, arts and crafts, graphics of ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Collection contains a large number of antique casts. In 2012, the museum celebrated its 100th anniversary. This grand event was massive noted, also for the anniversary released medals and a postage stamp.

At the institution, the Center for Aesthetic Education of Children and teenagers. Each year, more than 1.3 million people get acquainted with the exhibition. person. In 2018, she took 47th place among the most visited art museums in the world. Location: st. Volkhonka, d. 12. Mode of operation: daily from 11 to 20 hours. Thursday and Friday it is extended by an hour. Monday is a day off. Ticket price varies from 100 to 500 rubles. Learn about preferential programs can be on the official website. Contact phone number: 8495 697 95 78.

Museum of Russian Impressionism

Rating: 4.8


In third place is the young exhibition complex, opened in 2016 year. In the short time of its existence, the value of his collection Many Russian and foreign fans were able to appreciate ambiguous and mysterious artistic direction. Building was built with the own money of the famous philanthropist Boris Mints, who began to collect paintings by artists XIX-beginning of XX centuries since 2001. It includes several floors and It stands out from other buildings.

The earliest work is dated 1879 and belongs to the brush Vasily Polenov. Also on display are paintings by N. Dubrovsky, I. Grabar, N. Bogdanov-Belsky, B. Kustodiev, Yu. Pimenova. Many works of art were bought from foreign collectors and returned to their homeland. To enhance impressions next to the landscapes are flasks with flowers and herbs, creating a fragrant cloud. Composer D. Courlandsky composed 5 musical compositions based on works that sound in time viewing masterpieces.

The museum is located on the territory of the former factory “Bolshevik” by Address: Leningradsky Prospekt 15. Acquisition of an adult ticket through cash desk will cost 400 rubles, when buying online – 300 p. Many categories of citizens attend the exhibition for free. The complex works with 11 to 20 hours, on Wednesday and Thursday: from 12 to 21.00. Reference number Phone: +7 495 145 75 55.

The best science museums in Moscow

State Darwin Museum

Rating: 5.0


The first place is occupied by the museum, recognized as the most visited. object of family orientation. He is also the largest natural science repository in Europe. Huge exposure arouses genuine interest among parents, toddlers and adolescents. It began to replenish since 1907, when the idea of ​​opening a museum of natural sciences the young zoologist Alexander Fedorovich caught fire Cotes. He remained faithful to his idea, rejoicing in the new copies in the collection.

The exposition is spread over three floors. On the first visitors get acquainted with the history of the museum itself and inspect the exhibition of objects on the topic “The diversity of life on Earth.” The second and third floor will answer to many questions about the evolution of animals and the origin of man. Guests will be able to see live insects living on five continents. In transparent terrariums, all stages of life occur. Before the eyes of visitors, the chrysalis turns into a butterfly, and the predatory the plant catches small flies.

Modern multimedia equipment will help you get through the maze of evolution and embark on a journey into the past at 3.5 billion years ago. Experienced guides will tell about the exhibition. For self-study programs are provided “Guides-guides” in computers installed on the territory. Price ticket: 400 rubles. For beneficiaries, it is 100 rubles. The institution works from 10 to 18 hours, Monday is a day off. It located at: st. Vavilova, 57. Phone number: +7 499 132 10 47.

Space Museum

Rating: 4.9


The second prize winner is no less popular than the first, the object of scientific development of our country. His story begins in 1964 with installation of the monument to the Conquerors of Space. Since gathered a unique collection that attracts rare tourists exhibits. The largest scientific and technical museum of the world survived large-scale reconstruction, and in 2009 the opening Exhibitions with an area 4 times enlarged. Today’s collection 93 thousand units of storage are presented. This is a space rocket technique, numismatics, philately, decorative and applied objects Arts, paintings and graphics.

The territory includes 8 exhibition halls, a cinema and a conference room. Of great interest are the layout of the space station compartment “World”, the first spacesuits and artificial satellites of the Earth. In the museum Real-time Flight Control Center observe the work of astronauts in orbit. Interactive equipment makes it possible to study in more distant galaxies.

The building is located at: Prospekt Mira, d. 111. Opening hours: s 10 to 19.00 every day except Monday. For a regular ticket will have to pay 250 rubles., for preferential – 50. Family subscription for 2 adults and 2 children will cost 550 p. For organization group visits you can call: 8499750 23 00.

Paleontological Museum. Yu. A. Orlova RAS

Rating: 4.8


In third place – the largest museum dedicated to evolution organic world of the earth. The first exhibits began to be collected back in 1714 year. By the time of its opening in 1937, the museum had an impressive collection. But because of the small area to place the whole the exhibition was not possible. Then it was decided the construction of the building, which dragged on for two decades. Project designed specifically for this research an object.

Made of red brick unique architectural the ensemble resembles an ancient fortress with adjoining towers and a wide courtyard. Paleontological material was collected scientists during expeditions to the territory of the former USSR, in China, Mongolia and other countries. In six interestingly decorated rooms total area of ​​5000 square meters. m presents the stages of evolution from the oldest plants and animals to the modern representatives of flora and fauna. One of them is devoted to the geological history of Moscow and Moscow region.

Paleoquests are prepared for visitors, and a paleo circle is working for schoolchildren. Photography and video are allowed for free. Cost ticket: full – 400 rubles; preferential – 200 rubles. Location: st. Profsoyuznaya, 123. Schedule: Wednesday-Sunday from 10 to 6 p.m. All information is provided on the official website. For more information, call: 8495339 45 44.

The best museums in Moscow


Rating: 5.0


In the first place – a world famous attraction, which annually attracts foreign tourists and our compatriots. The grand palace ensemble began to be built by order of Catherine II. Architectural style is a combination Old Russian architecture and Moscow baroque. According to the project large-scale construction of five palaces, premises for guests and servants, decorative structures, greenhouses, utility pavilions.

The museum complex underwent several large-scale reconstructions. After the last, completed in 2007, he gets a new a life. The park territory fascinates no less than the buildings themselves. Well-groomed alleys, landscaped recreation areas, fountains, ponds – all created for the convenience of visitors. Greenhouses began to function back in 1740. Museum employees still grow exotic plants are the same as 250 years ago. In three pavilions environmental workshops and educational excursions.

Tsaritsyno has become a favorite vacation spot for Muscovites. Summer here a dance floor with a retro program is open, rental works sports equipment. A complex subscription costs 800 rubles. It is noteworthy that every third Sunday of the month a visit for all – free. The exhibition is open every day except Monday from 11 to 18.00, on Saturday closes at 19 hours, on Sunday at 20.00. It is located at: st. Dolskaya, 1. Detailed Information is available by phone: +7 495 322 44 33.


Rating: 4.9


The second line is occupied by the State United museum-reserve, which is an art historical, architectural and natural landscape attraction of the capital. It is the oldest place residence of people in Moscow. This is evidenced by preserved monuments dated to the V-III millennium BC. uh .. the most The ancient church of 1532 is the Ascension Church.

The architectural ensemble consists of stone and wooden buildings that are recognized as the pinnacle of Russian architecture. Special attention when familiarizing yourself with the museum should be given to the king’s palace Alexei Mikhailovich, who belongs to the mansion buildings. The House of Peter I is popular among visitors. recently actively rebuilt objects that reconstruct the way of life of distant times: water mills, stables, apiary, forge. Interactive compositions allow even more learn about the history of the capital and plunge into its past.

Mass holidays are often held here. the opportunity to not only celebrate the wedding in an old style, but also register a marriage directly in Kolomenskoye. To the territory the entrance is free. The cost of tickets for expositions varies from 100 up to 400 rub. for adults, from 50 to 100 for beneficiaries. To visit the estate can be every day from 9 to 20.00. In summer mode work extended to 00.00. Address: 39 Andropov Ave. Contact phone number: +7 499 782 89 17.

Manor Kuskovo

Rating: 4.8


The third prize-winner is an architectural object, received in 1918 status of a museum-estate. He is considered the count’s favorite brainchild. Sheremetev, who spent a lot of effort and money on his erection. The complex includes a palace and several pavilions: Grotto, Italian, Dutch, Swiss houses, Air Theater, The Hermitage, a temple with belfries, as well as outbuildings: greenhouses and aviaries for peacocks.

The count’s residence is surrounded on all sides by a forested area, on which there is a small pond with a boat station. On the Ancient sculptures are installed in the territory, and an ancient larch, which turned 200 years old. You can get around the main house in a circle, thanks to the special layout of the main building. In one of rooms are located an art gallery, paintings in which collected Count Peter Borisovich himself. Most masters come from France and Italy. The oldest paintings are dated to the beginning of the XVI centuries, the rest were written in the XVII-XVIII centuries.

Guests are invited to fully experience the atmosphere of that era, renting historical costumes and horse-drawn carriages. Visit facility it is possible on any day of the week except Monday and Tuesday from 10 to 18 hours. It is located at: st. Yunosti, 2, p. 1. Ticket price depends on the selected pavilions. Complex subscription costs 750 rubles. All questions can be asked by phone: +7495375 31 31.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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