12 best manufacturers of aerated concrete blocks

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Aerated concrete blocks have become very popular in recent years building material. Russian consumers deservedly appreciated its high performance, time saving and finance during construction. Scope of aerated concrete continues to expand, and demand spurs producers to expanding assortment. Today in the domestic market is observed the diversity of these products, which makes it difficult for the inexperienced to the buyer. Our expert advice will help you to understand the main parameters of aerated concrete blocks.

How to choose aerated concrete block

  1. Production technology. For the manufacture of aerated concrete natural materials such as sand, cement, lime, gypsum. Gas formation occurs due to the addition of aluminum dust, which begins to react when water is added with cement and lime. But for the hardening of the mass, manufacturers use two way.
  2. Autoclave technology involves processing formed block saturated steam, which is supplied with high pressure. Such aerated concrete is highly durable, but costs more. It is recommended for walling.
  3. Non-autoclave technology is thermal prefabricated, sometimes drying occurs in the open in the air. Aerated concrete is cheaper, but it should be used for partition devices.
  4. Aerated concrete brand. Defining characteristic aerated concrete blocks is density. It changes in kg / cu. m and the numerical expression becomes the brand designation after the letter D. The density range ranges from D200 to D1200. The heaviest blocks are used for the device of the supporting structures of high-rise buildings, D500 … D600 brands are ideally suited for private housing construction. AND the most porous and lightest products (D200 … D350) are used for thermal insulation of buildings or the creation of internal partitions.
  5. Compressive strength. Density of aerated concrete directly affects another important parameter called strength on compression. For designation, it is customary to use the appropriate coefficient in MPa. For example, the popular B2.5 block has compressive strength of 2.5 MPa, and its density is within 700-800 kg / cubic m. For comparison, in brick this indicator reaches 15-20 MPa, therefore, for multi-story construction aerated concrete blocks are not used.
  6. Frost resistance. The most important indicator of aerated concrete for The harsh climatic conditions of Russia is frost resistance. It determined by the number of freeze and thaw cycles that withstands material without compromising performance. The frost resistance range ranges from F15 … F100. Builders recommend the use of external walls blocks with frost resistance above F50.
  7. Varieties of gas blocks. In the domestic market several varieties are presented that differ in shape and sizes. The classics of the genre are rectangular designs, experts distinguish several types in this group.
  8. Masonry or wall aerated concrete blocks are available for the construction of load-bearing walls. Sometimes they are used for the device. partitions. With standard height (200 mm) and length (600 mm) they differ in width (200 … 500 mm).
  9. Special blocks for partitions with the same parameters lengths and heights have a width of 75 … 150 mm.
  10. To create jumpers, you can find on sale blocks of length 500 mm, 200 mm high and 250 … 400 mm wide.

Our review included 12 of the best manufacturers of aerated concrete blocks. They can be bought in different regions of our country. In distribution places in the ranking took into account the opinions of experts and reviews consumers.

What is better aerated concrete or foam concrete

Block type



Aerated concrete

+ high strength and reliability

+ frost resistance

+ environmental friendliness

+ no shrinkage

+ stable geometric dimensions

– strongly absorb moisture

– high price

Foam concrete

+ low water absorption

+ environmental friendliness

+ low thermal conductivity

+ low price

– tendency to crack due to shrinkage

– inaccurate geometry

Rating of the best manufacturers of aerated concrete blocks

Nomination a place Name of product Rating
Rating of the best manufacturers of aerated concrete blocks 1 Aeroc 4.9
2 Xella 4.9
3 UDK 4.8
4 LSR � 4.8
5 EuroAeroConcrete 4.8
6 Ytong 4.7
7 Stone light 4.7
8 Lipetsk Silicate Plant 4.7
9 Glavnovosibirskstroy (Sibit) 4.6
10 Saratov Building Materials Plant 4.5
11 Kostroma Silicate Plant 4.4
12 Kazan plant of silicate wall materials 4.3


Rating: 4.9


The largest producer of aerated concrete blocks in Russia is company “Aeroc SPb”. It was founded in 2004, all equipment, established at the enterprise, made by the German company Wehrhahn. Products are supplied to the domestic market under the brand name. Aeroc. Since the launch of the first line, the company has set the tone Russian manufacturers. In 2005, the first aerated concrete block with a strength of 2.5 and began mass production products with a density of D400 kg / m3. Currently Aeroc is the only company in Russia where blocks are produced D300 (strength B2.0). Experts gave the brand first place in our rating for exemplary thermal protection.

Users widely use St. Petersburg in construction gas blocks, noting the ideal geometry, lightness, environmental friendliness and strength.


  • ease;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • strength;
  • environmental friendliness.


  • not detected.


Rating: 4.9


German manufacturer of aerated concrete blocks XELLA is famous the highest quality products. Demand for gas blocks in our country pushed the owners of the company to build a Russian branch. In 2007, the largest plant for the production of cellular blocks. But experts especially interested in the desire of the manufacturer to train domestic architects and builders. Even enhancement programs have been developed. qualifications. Aerated concrete blocks are delivered to domestic market in a variety of designs.

Users note large block sizes (600x300x200 mm), thanks to which the construction of walls is accelerated. But to the minuses material builders attribute the need for insulation and mandatory moisture protection. The manufacturer ranks second in rating.


  • convenience in work;
  • smooth geometry;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • ease of processing.


  • low moisture resistance.


Rating: 4.8


The largest producer of aerated concrete blocks in Ukraine is UDK company. The company focuses on production premium class. The manufacturer makes building blocks according to technology of autoclaved aerated concrete. In the factory floor installed equipment from Masa AG, which has a positive effect on geometry. The main raw material base are such natural materials like Portland cement, crushed silica sand, quicklime. A hallmark of the brand is scholarship program for students supporting financially excellent students.

The manufacturer ranks third in the ranking for the exact geometry, affordability and caring for the younger generation. TO Cons cons include large waste and low strength.


  • acceptable price;
  • exact dimensions;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • supporting gifted youth.


  • low strength;
  • a lot of waste.


Rating: 4.8


One of the largest manufacturers of building materials is the “LSR Group”. The Russian company produces ceramic and porous brick, paving and front clinker, partition and wall blocks. The concern includes 4 enterprises, one of them built in the Moscow region, another 3 work in St. Petersburg. All production sites are equipped high-performance equipment. Popular with consumers enjoy insulated porous blocks, this building material used in private and multi-storey housing construction. Experts gave manufacturer fourth place in the ranking. Do not rise above the brand allowed a modest assortment of gas blocks.


  • own developments;
  • innovative equipment;
  • high quality products;
  • resistance to atmosphere.


  • modest range of gas blocks.


Rating: 4.8


Another manufacturer of aerated concrete from the northern capital of Russia hit our rating. EuroAeroBeton LLC produces autoclaved aerated concrete since 2008. Products meet all environmental requirements, it is produced in modern European equipment. Under the EuroAeroBeton brand, it is supplied in selling a wide range of materials. These are aerated concrete blocks for walls, partitions, U-shaped structures, crumb, glue tool. Experts gave the manufacturer fifth place in our rating.

Users praise the good geometry of the blocks, ease of use, they are easily cut with a hacksaw. Did not like consumer material structure resembling foam concrete.


  • good geometry;
  • wide range of blocks;
  • modern European equipment;
  • ease of laying.


  • porous structure.


Rating: 4.7


The ancestor of autoclaved aerated concrete is German Ytong company. In 2003, the company merged with two other manufacturers from Germany, which resulted in XELLA concern. Aerated concrete continues to be supplied under trade Brand Ytong. On the territory of the Moscow region built the enterprise where aerated concrete blocks are produced at the most modern technology. Gas blocks are made from natural components, which makes the final product environmentally friendly and non toxic. The assortment includes wall, U-shaped, reinforced, partition, arcuate blocks.

Users note the ease of processing, environmental friendliness, economical consumption. The disadvantages include unstable product quality.


  • advanced developments;
  • European technology;
  • natural raw materials;
  • a wide range of.


  • unstable quality.

Stone light

Rating: 4.7


Stonelight aerated concrete blocks are produced in the city of Brovary, Kievskaya area. The company is equipped with automated lines that made by the famous German company Hetten. Ukrainian the manufacturer carefully monitors the quality of the supplied raw materials. Technology compliance verification is carried out at each intermediate operation. Thanks to this approach detect marriage in a timely manner, preventing it from entering the merchant net. Experts appreciated the high quality of gas blocks, why the brand falls into our ranking.

Users liked the lightness, accessibility, cost-effectiveness material. Some consumers report deficiencies such as inaccurate dimensions and the size of aerated concrete blocks.


  • automated German equipment;
  • careful selection of raw materials;
  • control at every stage of manufacture.


  • inaccurate geometry;
  • Tinyness.

Lipetsk Silicate Plant

Rating: 4.7


A major supplier of building materials to the market The central region of Russia is the Lipetsk Silicate Plant. The company was founded in 1938, since then new types have been mastered. products. Today, the manufacturer offers domestic silicate brick and partition plates, wall aerated concrete blocks. In 2015, a new production of high-strength bricks in German presses LASCO, and a year later, colored silicate brick came off the assembly line. Factory hit to the rating of the 100 best Russian enterprises working in construction industry.

Users are satisfied with the strength, versatility and the availability of Lipetsk products. Discontent causes inconstancy qualities from batch to batch, in the season of active construction the marriage comes across.


  • strength;
  • multifunctionality;
  • acceptable accuracy;
  • affordable price.


  • inconsistency of quality;
  • the marriage comes across.

Glavnovosibirskstroy (Sibit)

Rating: 4.6


The leader in the construction complex of Siberia is the enterprise Glavnovosibirskskstroy. The company offers an integrated approach to construction of houses, introducing innovative solutions and advanced technology. The factory has been operating since 1963, the last decades products are delivered to the distribution network under the SIBIT brand. In 2007 the second phase of the enterprise was commissioned the manufacture of aerated concrete blocks. Increase in sales allowed to satisfy the demand for blocks in the region.

Users note the improvement of product quality, the desire manufacturer to interest a potential buyer. Place in ranking is due to the use of administrative resources in region.


  • cooperation with German companies;
  • modern automated lines;
  • integrated approach to construction.


  • unfair competition.

Saratov Building Materials Plant

Rating: 4.5


Modern aerated concrete blocks are produced by the Saratov Plant building materials. This large concern consists of two factories, there are he has his own sand pit. Producer produces high-quality raw materials, which in combination with Dutch equipment allows you to produce competitive products. Volume production exceeds 900 thousand cubic meters of aerated concrete per year. Gas blocks are delivered to 15 regions of Russia. To consumer a wide range of units with the D300 … D700 and strength B1.5 … B5.0.

Experts have included the GRAS brand in our rating for geometry accuracy and reasonable prices. But there are complaints about the strength of products, i.e. K. During transportation, many broken blocks are formed in the lower ranks.


  • a wide range of;
  • reasonable prices;
  • exact geometry;
  • own raw materials.


  • a lot of battle is formed during transportation.

Kostroma Silicate Plant

Rating: 4.4


Production of building bricks on Kostroma silicate the factory began in 1930. The enterprise was one of the first to become engage in this promising area. Today the company may boast a wide range, while work is underway on improving product quality. In addition to bricks and gas blocks, the plant produces paving slabs, curbs, reinforced concrete rings. Thanks to the established distribution network of brick deliveries and aerated concrete are carried out in different regions of the country. The experts note high strength, frost resistance and durability aerated concrete blocks.

The brand ranks in the top ten of our ranking due to high prices for their products. But customer service at The factory is organized at the highest level.


  • quick clearance and loading;
  • strength;
  • frost resistance;
  • a wide range of.


  • high price.

Kazan plant of silicate wall materials

Rating: 4.3


Large volumes of production of building materials boasts Kazan plant of silicate wall materials. Per year from About 230 million pieces of bricks and 100 go out of production lines thousand cubic meters of autoclaved aerated concrete. The company supplies its products to the markets of Tatarstan and the Volga region. Consumers appreciate aerated concrete blocks for high strength and frost resistance. Products are manufactured in accordance with state standards. quality. Test reports of each brand can be found on the official site.

The place in the ranking is explained by the modest presence of the brand in other regions of the country. To the quality of blocks users have complaints not.


  • large annual output;
  • high-quality manufacturing;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • rich assortment.


  • deficit in the distribution network of other regions.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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