12 best dental floss

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Dental floss or floss is an effective and simple dental care product. With its help, you can qualitatively clean the oral cavity, remove plaque in hard-to-reach places, and also reduce the risk of caries and, accordingly, reduce the cost of the dentist.

As a rule, all threads are made from nylon, less often from natural silk. They can also have different shapes and contain different impregnations.

The following options can be found on sale:

  1. Waxed. Due to the coating with wax, the thread glides easily, penetrating well into the gaps between the teeth. During use, it does not separate or exfoliate, due to which the gums are not injured. Suitable for beginners.
  2. Not waxed. It separates into fibers and even increases in volume several times during cleaning, thereby contributing to maximum cleaning of a larger space. Requires some skill to use.

According to the cross-sectional shape, the threads are divided into the following types:

  1. Round (classic). Suitable for wide interdental gaps.
  2. Flat. Suitable for tight-fitting teeth.
  3. Superfloss. They combine a wide and thin edge at once. Needed by those who wear braces, plates, prostheses.

For therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, you can use floss impregnated with special substances:

  1. Sodium fluoride. Helps prevent tooth decay.
  2. Chlorhexidine. Works as an antiseptic.
  3. Mint. Has a refreshing effect.

Rating of the best dental floss

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best dental floss 1 Radius with mint flavor, 50 m RUB 560
2 My Brilliant Smile with magnet RUB 290
3 Dentaid Vitis Waxed Dental Floss RUB 300
4 Pierrot Waxed Dental Tape RUB 250
5 Lion Clinica, with holder 483 r
6 Biorepair Floss Nylon Unwaxed 418 RUB
7 President extra flat, 20 m 275 RUB
8 Sensodyne Soft 30 m 230 RUB
9 Oral-B Satin floss, waxed, mint flavor, 25 m 265 RUB
10 Lacalut Dental 390 RUB
11 President with chlorhexidine 183 r
12 Splat Dental Floss Strawberry Flavor 201 RUB

Radius with mint flavor, 50 m

Rating: 4.9

Radius Dental Floss, Mint, 50 m

Natural silk dental floss with mint flavor, designed to prevent gum disease and fight tartar. In our rating, Radius floss takes the leading position.

Due to the natural material and special fineness, the thread has high cleaning properties and is absolutely safe for the gums. Organic and biodegradable, it does not contain artificial sweeteners, GMOs or preservatives, so this product will appeal to those who are passionate about their health.

Production material – natural silk. The thread is twisted and fixed with natural plant-derived Candelilla wax. The composition contains natural antibacterial substances (polyphenols and flavonoids), which provide long-term protection against dental plaque. According to buyers – Radius silk floss is almost the ideal companion for professional teeth cleaning. The only drawback is that it is difficult to find it on sale.

Length: 50 m. Country of origin: USA Cost – from 400 rubles.


  • Made from natural silk;
  • Soft texture;
  • Antibacterial effect;
  • No harmful additives;
  • Comfortable cleansing.


  • High price;
  • Sold by order.

My Brilliant Smile with magnet

Rating: 4.8

My Brilliant Smile Dental Floss with Magnet

Dental floss from MY BRILLIANT SMILE with a magnet and a pleasant mint scent was awarded the second place by our experts. Due to the waxed texture, floss easily penetrates into the interdental space, does not break or delaminate.

In total, this line has two versions of the thread – pink and black. Black is flat and thin, so it is great for sensitive and tight-fitting teeth. Pink – twisted from several fibers and looks more like sewing thick thread, which is useful for cleaning wide gaps between teeth. Due to the fact that the thread consists of several twisted fibers, the area of ​​contact between the tooth and the thread increases during brushing. Thanks to the wax coating, the floss glides well and does not delaminate into its component parts. In general, buyers are satisfied with both black and pink MY BRILLIANT SMILE threads.

Length: 50 m. When applied once a day, the packaging will last for 5.5 months. Manufacturer – USA. Price – from 300 rubles.


  • Convenient packaging with a magnet;
  • 2 types of thread;
  • Waxed base;
  • Does not exfoliate or tear;
  • Does not cut the gums;
  • Has a pleasant refreshing mint flavor.


  • Not suitable for braces and retainer bars.

Dentaid Vitis Waxed Dental Floss

Rating: 4.7

Dental Floss Dentaid Vitis Waxed Dental Floss

VITIS® Dental Floss Waxed Dental Floss with a round cross-section and a length of 50 m, becomes the third position in our expert ranking.

Dental flosses from VITIS® are made of nylon and coated with wax, which contributes to an excellent gliding effect and facilitates the penetration of the floss into the spaces between the teeth. It also protects the gums from accidental cuts. The threads are packed in an individual plastic box.

They are produced in two forms – flat, which penetrates well into narrow spaces, and round – designed for wider gaps between the teeth. According to buyers, VITIS® floss is one of the best in its price range.

Volume: 50 m. Country of origin: Spain. Cost from 200 rubles.


  • High quality nylon thread;
  • Covered with wax;
  • Does not delaminate;
  • Available in two forms – flat and round;
  • 50 meters.


  • Not found.

Pierrot Waxed Dental Tape

Rating: 4.6

Dental Floss Pierrot Waxed Dental Tape

Universal waxed interdental floss suitable for sensitive teeth with wide and narrow dental spaces. Designed to remove bacterial plaque. In our rating, Pierrot Waxed Dental Tape floss is in the fourth step.

The thread is made of durable and flexible PTFE material, which does not tear or delaminate. On contact with saliva, it increases in volume, helping to gradually remove all plaque. The special wax coating allows you to brush your teeth faster and more comfortably. Mint flavor pleasantly refreshes and gives coolness. The only thing that buyers note is the small footage (25 m) compared to other manufacturers.

Length: 25 m. Country of origin: Spain. Price: from 200 rubles.


  • Suitable for all types of teeth;
  • Increases in volume;
  • Made from durable material;
  • Fights bacterial plaque;
  • Has a waxed finish.


  • Length 25 meters.

Lion Clinica, with holder

Rating: 4.5

Dental floss Lion Clinica, with holder

An interesting solution in the form of a disposable dental floss with a plastic holder is offered by Lion Clinica. In the ranking, this product is in fifth place. A special microfiber, twisted into a thread, effectively removes plaque and does not injure the gums.

Products from Lion Clinica are presented in the form of individual pieces, for convenience, equipped with a special disposable handle. Each holder has several arches through which a thread is drawn, which is completely ready for use. This thread is very convenient to use, especially when traveling. The handle is made of polystyrene, the thread is made of nylon, which can withstand temperatures up to 80 C.

Lion Clinica with holder is available in packs of 20 and 30. The cost starts at 400 rubles.


  • The most convenient use;
  • Ready to use;
  • Individual packing;
  • Convenient to use when traveling;
  • Does not tear or injure the gums.


  • Uneconomic expense;
  • Thick structure;
  • High price.

Biorepair Floss Nylon Unwaxed

Rating: 4.4

Dental floss Biorepair Floss Nylon Unwaxed

Professional dental floss from the Italian manufacturer Biorepair with the absence of the usual wax coating occupies the sixth line in the ranking. Floss Nylon Unwaxed contains calcium hydroxide, which is extracted from Porites sea corals. This mineral is a structural component of human bone tissue and, of course, tooth enamel. Hydroxyapatite is included in dental floss as liquid enamel. It has regenerating and regenerating properties and acts in a complex manner. Due to the inclusion of this component, the tape-floss protects the teeth from caries, gum inflammation and erosion.

Fine microfibers unfold during use, providing a toothbrush-like effect that penetrates the smallest interdental spaces. Does not contain any fragrances or wax, therefore it can be recommended for allergy sufferers, pregnant and lactating women.

Lenght: 50 meters. Manufacturer: Italy. Price: from 350 rubles.


  • Floss with hydroxylate;
  • Has a regenerating effect;
  • Protects against caries;
  • Resists gum inflammation;
  • Harmless and safe.


  • High price.

President extra flat, 20 m

Rating: 4.3

President dental floss extra flat 20 m

Ultra-thin, flat nylon ribbon thread from TM President. Great for hard-to-reach places and high-quality teeth cleaning without injuries. In our rating, this extra-flat floss is at the seventh position.

Due to its thin and wide extra-flat shape, it easily glides over the interdental space without injuring the gums. Manufacturing material – 'Teflon' PTFE. No impregnation. Does not exfoliate or degrade when exposed to saliva. President dental floss does not have a wax layer. With regular use – 2 times a day, the thread is enough for 1-1.5 months, which, as noted by buyers, is significantly inferior to other manufacturers.

Floss PRESIDENT has a length of 20 m. Manufacturer Betafarma (Betafarm), Italy. Cost: from 250 rubles.


  • Super thin floss;
  • Extra strong base;
  • Glides on easily;
  • Does not tear or delaminate.


  • Length 20 m.

Sensodyne Soft 30 m

Rating: 4.2

Sensodyne Soft Dental Floss 30 m

Sensodyne soft dental floss for sensitive teeth is ranked eighth. Designed for everyday use and oral hygiene, removing plaque and bacteria that provoke gum disease and bad breath.

Consists of 288 microfibers, which increase in volume during the cleaning process, acquiring a cotton-like structure, which allows you to clean the gums and teeth well, even with increased sensitivity of the latter. The thread contains fluoride, which helps eliminate harmful microorganisms and promotes overall health. During the first use, some discomfort and bleeding are possible, but later, with regular use, the condition of the gums improves and the discomfort disappears.

Length: 30 m. Manufacturer: Great Britain. Cost: from 220 rubles.


  • Suitable for sensitive teeth;
  • Mild non-traumatic effect;
  • Increases in volume when used;
  • Cleans teeth quickly and efficiently;
  • Contains fluoride;
  • Has a pleasant smell and taste of mint.


  • Not found.

Oral-B Satin floss, waxed, mint flavor, 25 m

Rating: 4.1

Oral-B Satin floss, waxed, mint flavor, 25 m

Globally popular brand Oral-B, waxed ribbon-like thread is in the ninth line in our ranking. Two-layer thread with different widths will allow you to clean the space between your teeth efficiently, and the mint flavor will help freshen your breath.

Due to this structure, floss does not injure the gums at all, since its surface is quite soft and silky. The narrow side easily fits into any gap between the teeth, the wide side perfectly removes food debris and plaque. This mechanism of action, according to buyers, is the most versatile and effective. The total footage, 25 m long, should be enough for 1.5-2 months.

Length: 25 m. Manufacturer: Ireland. Cost: from 200 rubles.


  • Two-layer thread with different widths;
  • Versatile in application;
  • Does not injure the gums;
  • Does not tear when cleaning;
  • Glides well between teeth.


  • Length 25 m.

Lacalut Dental

Rating: 4.1

Dental floss Lacalut Dental

Waxed dental floss from the popular Lacalut brand. Thin enough, made of high strength nylon. In the ranking, we have placed Lacalut Dental at the well-deserved tenth step.

The waxed thread, which is 50 meters long, is produced in Germany. When used, it does not exfoliate, but due to its thin structure, it stretches like a string and, if carelessly manipulated, can injure the gums and fingers, which is not liked by many buyers. Not suitable for sensitive teeth and gums.

Length: 50 m. Manufactured in Germany. Cost: from 250 rubles.


  • Thin, durable thread;
  • Made from durable nylon;
  • Length 50 m;
  • Famous brand.


  • Not suitable for sensitive teeth;
  • May injure teeth and fingers.

President with chlorhexidine

Rating: 4.0

Knowing the thread of the President

Dental non-waxed floss from the President company with the addition of chlorhexidine is a universal remedy for combating inflammatory processes in the gums. Easily removes plaque with an antibacterial effect and refreshes the oral cavity thanks to the mint cushion. We have given this floss the eleventh position in the rating.

The thread has the optimal thickness, allowing you to clean your teeth with high quality from food debris and harmful plaque. During use, a pleasant mint refreshing taste is felt. Chlorhexidine impregnation excludes the development of inflammatory processes. Customers do not notice the special effect of the presence of chlorhexide, but its presence is a pleasant bonus.

Length: 50 m. Manufacturer: Italy. Cost: from 200 rubles.


  • Antibacterial thread;
  • Optimal thickness;
  • Mint flavor;
  • 50 m length.


  • Delaminates slightly during use.

Splat Dental Floss Strawberry Flavor

Rating: 4.0

Dental Floss Splat

Voluminous waxed dental floss, developed using a special technology There's only one closes our rating. Floss easily penetrates between teeth and efficiently cleans out all impurities, providing proper care. Strawberry extract has anti-inflammatory properties.

The fibers expand as they are used, making cleansing even better. The floss is suitable for sensitive gums, but it is necessary to learn how to use it, as if used incorrectly, floss will damage more than it will benefit.

Length: 30 m. Manufacturer: Russia (Italy). Cost: from 150 rubles.


  • Maximum comfortable use;
  • Expands during cleaning;
  • Suitable for sensitive gums.


  • Not suitable for narrow gaps between teeth;
  • You need to get used to the format.
  • Length 30 m.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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