12 best cities in Turkey

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In almost every corner of Turkey there is a truly paradise place of interest for travelers. Each of them deserves attention. There are many famous sights and buildings here, acquaintance with which will leave the most incredible impressions.

In the rating of the '12 best cities in Turkey', we included not only popular resorts with numerous hotels for every taste, but also the most beautiful settlements in the Mediterranean region, distinguished by a rich cultural heritage.

Rating of the best cities in Turkey

Nomination a place town rating
Rating of the best cities in Turkey 1 Istanbul 5.0
2 Marmaris 4.9
3 Pamukkale 4.8
4 Safranbolu 4.7
5 Izmir 4.6
6 Eskisehir 4.5
7 Ankara 4.4
8 Kusadasi 4.3
9 Fethiye 4.2
10 Cappadocia 4.1
11 Cesme 4.0
12 Bursa 4.0


City rating (Turkey): 5.0


The largest Turkish city is the main trade and economic center of the state. Its population exceeds 15 million. It is built on the shores of the Bosphorus Strait, which separates Europe from Asia. The hustle and bustle of city life contrast with the amazing tranquility of the turquoise waters of the bay. Istanbul is famous for a huge number of attractions. It is worth visiting the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque.

Istanbul is not an option when you have to spend most of your time in a hotel. The city is huge, and I want to see all the interesting places, most of which are located in the center. Therefore, tourists are advised to choose hotels in the Fatih and Galata regions. Dealing with the transport system of Istanbul is not so easy. In general, this is a modern European city with an indescribable atmosphere and clean streets. There are inexpensive cafes, delicious food, many souvenir shops. Some tourists are upset by the sheer number of people on the streets and the many cars on the roads.


  • rich story;
  • delicious food at a reasonable price;
  • beautiful landscapes;
  • good-natured attitude of local residents;
  • inexpensive flight;
  • clean streets and beaches.


  • a large number of cars and people.


City rating (Turkey): 4.9


Marmaris is one of the noisiest cities in Turkey on a par with Istanbul. This is a great option for youth recreation. Tourists will find many bars, clubs and restaurants, quiet coves and picturesque beaches. In the city you can see the fortress of Marmaris Kalesi, the Dalyan nature reserve and Turtle Island. Its history began before our era. It is worth coming here even for the sake of one unique nature.

Marmaris is famous for its high mountains with conifers, huge date palms, bright tropical vegetation. The sea is always calm and calm here. It is clean, very salty and cool. Therefore, this city is more suitable for excursions than for a beach holiday.


  • a huge selection of entertainment;
  • gorgeous nature;
  • quiet clean sea.


  • there are no serious disadvantages.


City rating (Turkey): 4.8


The rating continues with a wonderful city, which includes about 20 geothermal springs. The water temperature in them starts from 35 degrees. Whole terraces have formed from limestone tuff, on which people walk barefoot. There are special areas for swimming. People come here to swim in the healing waters and enjoy the picturesque nature.

Judging by the reviews, the prices here are higher than in other settlements in Turkey. City tours are too exhausting. However, what he saw is simply striking in its beauty. Huge water lily pools with mineral water, snow-white mountains, Cleopatra's pool and the ruins of an ancient amphitheater are worth a visit to this heavenly place.


  • indescribable beauty;
  • geothermal springs;
  • many attractions.


  • a little expensive;
  • long journey.


City rating (Turkey): 4.7


The provincial city is located 200 km from Ankara. It is famous for its Ottoman architecture houses. These buildings are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Tourists are delighted with the magnificent view of Safranbolu and its attractions from the Khidirlik hill. You can visit this wonderful city at any time of the year.

The Turkish hinterland is not at all like cities like Kemer or Antalya. Everything here is 'saturated' with antiquity. Due to its remoteness, Safranbolu has retained the appearance of a typical settlement of the Ottoman Empire. Hotels, restaurants, Turkish baths are provided for tourists. It is advised to visit museums, the clock tower, the craft district and the city center. It is worth wandering through the narrow cobblestone streets, seeing old houses with tiled roofs, and trying saffron spices. These impressions will last for a long time.


  • historical area;
  • mild climate;
  • cleanliness and calm atmosphere.


  • distance from the airport.


City rating (Turkey): 4.6


Next in the ranking is the large industrial metropolis of Turkey. The city combines different cultures that can be seen in Muslim mosques, Orthodox churches, fortresses and theaters. Within walking distance of restaurants, bars and shops, parks and museums. Vacationers will definitely enjoy the Clock Tower, small artisan quarters and youth avenues.

Anyone who wants to bring quality things from Izmir in the form of textiles and souvenirs should go to the Old Bazaar, and for fashionable clothes, go to the Alsancak area. It is advised to try Izmir meat, it is very tasty. The sea here is not the cleanest, locals usually go out of town. The prices for the dishes are quite adequate. A portion of lula kebab costs from 120 rubles.


  • delicious dishes;
  • many places for shopping;
  • numerous attractions;
  • reasonable prices.


  • not very clean sea.


City rating (Turkey): 4.5


On the way from Istanbul to Ankara is the city of Eskisehir. It does not have the official status of a tourist center, but it is one of the most visited places in Turkey. 20 years ago it was not so beautiful, but now it is a refined area with extraordinary parks. Tourists admire the Odunpazarı area and the Porsuk River embankment. It is worth considering that the residents and employees of the establishments do not speak English, and even more so in Russian.

You will not be bored here. There are clubs, cinemas, shopping centers, a bunch of cafes and bars in the city. To save money, it is advised to eat in a dining-style bistro. The food there is very tasty and cheap.


  • a lot of entertainment for every taste;
  • ennobled territory;
  • friendly atmosphere;
  • a lot of good reviews.


  • few speak English.


City rating (Turkey): 4.4


We could not fail to include the capital of Turkey in the rating, because it is a beautiful and interesting city, where famous sights are located – the mausoleum of Ataturk and the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. There are many unusual places, statues, buildings in Ankara. Prices here are slightly lower than in Istanbul.

The lack of humidity is felt, the temperature in April-May is already plus 30. Therefore, this climate is not suitable for everyone. Tourists praise the friendly residents, the developed infrastructure of the city, the attitude of the staff in hotels and restaurants.


  • there is something to see;
  • adequate prices for housing and food;
  • clean streets;
  • beautiful sights;
  • you can get a lot of information about the history of Turkey.


  • hot climate and lack of humidity.


City rating (Turkey): 4.3


The popular resort town amazes with a large number of nightclubs and restaurants, hotels and hotels. It wins travelers over with panoramic views, hospitality and Turkish identity. In Kusadasi, tourists are waiting for the cleanest air and hotels buried in greenery.

The holiday season lasts from May to September. At this time, there are many marine activities here – from sailing on a yacht to parachuting. Fruit trees, flowers and exotic cultures grow along the streets. Food prices 'don't bite'. The choice of dishes in the cafe is quite large. It is a pity that there are not so many tours to this city. It will be difficult to find a voucher for the dates of the vacation.


  • mild climate;
  • enough interesting places;
  • affordable prices;
  • high service;
  • diversified entertainment.


  • few flights.


City rating (Turkey): 4.2


The next participant in the rating is a modern city located on the site of the ancient settlement of Telmessos. The world famous Oludeniz Bay is 12 km away. Finding peace of mind and getting new emotions will allow just one look at the white sands, sea water and green massif.

Fethiye attracts outdoor enthusiasts. Here they ride on yachts, fly from Mount Babadag on a paraglider. Praised for the outstanding Erasto shopping center with cinema and scenic furnishings. Here tourists buy branded items at affordable prices. In the children's corner you can leave your little one to have fun. The grocery sections are full of original and tasty products. Fethiye has clean and fresh air, calm and quiet atmosphere, beautiful embankments and delicate locals. It's a pity there is no beach in the city. Therefore, you will have to choose a hotel with a swimming pool or get to the nearest beach by car.


  • convenient transport accessibility;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • many attractions;
  • calm atmosphere;
  • fresh air;
  • bargain shopping in the shopping center.


  • there is no beach.


Ranking of the city (Turkey): 4.1


The next line of the rating is taken by Cappadocia, which will give an unforgettable experience of underground cities and amazing nature. On the territory of the city there is the Goreme Park, which is included in the UNESCO heritage list. The resort's appeal lies in its unique architectural structures and volcanic deposits.

Tourists admire the interesting and varied history of this place. They advise be sure to visit Cappadocia as soon as possible. True, it will be difficult to get acquainted with the cave cities with small children. During the tour, you will have to walk a lot.


  • rich story;
  • instructive excursions;
  • wonderful underground cities.


  • not for families with small children.


City rating (Turkey): 4.0


The coastal resort town is praised for its stunning views and wonderful waterfront. Here you will find the Genoese Castle, numerous restaurants and shops. There are many well-equipped beaches in Cesme. This place is suitable for both a relaxing family holiday and an active pastime. You can go surfing or diving, go to a nightclub.

Cesme has a relaxing and carefree atmosphere. Beach clubs and boutique hotels are popular with vacationers. Famous singers, football players and actors can be found in luxury hotels. It is advised to visit the Alacati area with a large number of shops and restaurants. Judging by the reviews, some of the embankments are too dirty and the prices in Cesme are quite high.


  • luxury hotels;
  • relaxation atmosphere;
  • many restaurants and shops;
  • equipped beaches.


  • a little expensive;
  • dirty embankments.


City rating (Turkey): 4.0


The ranking is completed by the fourth largest city in the Republic of Turkey. In the historic center, guests will find mausoleums, museums and mosques. You can go skiing in the mountains. The first capital of the Ottoman Empire combines natural beauty and modern civilization. Tourists bring local sweets from here in the form of Turkish delight with pistachios and coconut.

The good news is that Bursa is easily accessible from Istanbul. To swim in the sea, you will have to go to the nearest city, for example, to Mudanya. The atmosphere in the city is welcoming and the service is well developed. There are no long queues, heaps of tourists. People live without haste and unnecessary fuss.


  • cozy atmosphere;
  • easy to get to;
  • adequate prices;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • a lot of beautiful places.


  • no sea.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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