12 best cafes and restaurants in Sochi

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Sochi is not just a resort city. After spent here The Olympics learned about him even in the most remote corners of the globe. Extensive preparations led to the expected result, and Sochi was recognized as one of the best cities in which ever Winter Olympic Games were held. Not only sports facilities affected construction. Has been completely updated and improved. infrastructure. Guests were able to appreciate the level and quality services in restaurants and cafes, not inferior to European, and the main thing is the hospitality of the locals and the unusually tasty A cuisine that introduces local traditions and customs.

Today, the city has more than 2,000 restaurants, cafes and bars. All of them are diverse, and each is interesting in its own way. In which of them it’s better to go to dinner, and in which – to mark a significant event, where quiet and homely, and where entertainment lasts until morning, which cafe is in the center and which restaurant located near the sea – experts will answer all these questions our magazine, which selected the best gastronomic establishments, based on the opinions of local residents and reviews of city guests.

Rating of the best cafes and restaurants in Sochi

Nomination a place A restaurant rating
Rating of the best cafes and restaurants in Sochi 1 Blue ocean 5.0
2 Steak house syndicate 4.9
3 Sanremo 4.8
4 Ram-rapan 4.7
5 D.O.M. 4.6
6 StariGrad 4.5
7 Sea zone 4.4
9 Guests 4.2
10 Dream 4.1
11 Boardwalk 4.0
12 Grill`age 4.0

Blue ocean

Rating: 5.0


The first place is occupied by the restaurant, which has become a business card. Sochi They try to visit him even for a short stay in the city. In the “Blue Sea” many famous people like to relax, therefore, going to dinner, here you can meet the star guests: musicians, actors, artists. 4 level building built on the seashore. Visitors are located in the halls with glazed walls, on the veranda or terrace with sun loungers, a swimming pool and own beach, closed to strangers.

The magnificent view gives aesthetic pleasure. And together with gastronomic pleasure contributes as much as possible comfortable rest. The restaurant offers an extended range original fish and seafood dishes. Also he specializes in Italian and European cuisines. Huge aquariums accommodate marine life, among which guests choose like copy. The chef will cook it on his own prescription or at the request of the visitor.

The bar list includes the best wines of France and Italy, as well as light cocktails and strong alcohol. A popular establishment is located on the street Chernomorskaya, 11/2. It opens at 10 am, closes at 00.00. To find out about the availability of free tables, please call: 8978956 43 00.

Steak house syndicate

Rating: 4.9

Steak House Syndicate.jpg

If you want to visit an unusual and unforgettable atmosphere, then then the silver medalist is open specifically for you. Here they will offer meat of all kinds and in all cooking variations. Original the interior adds interest to this establishment, and then you understand why the restaurant has such a name. Guests can sit in the hall or on a cozy veranda.

The menu begins with light or hearty breakfasts. At lunch A wide selection of salads, snacks, cold dishes is offered. Many come here to enjoy unique author’s cuisine Chef Dmitry Gradovich. Signature Tomahawk, Ribeye and Steaks filet mignon will be able to truly surprise the most sophisticated gourmets. A professional sommelier will not only invite you to a wine tasting, but and will conduct a correspondence tour to the homeland of the most valuable collectibles copies. Despite the meat status, there is a hearty dinner and vegetarians. A special menu has been created for them.

You won’t be bored at the restaurant. It is regularly held here gastronomic and festive dinners, festivals are organized. The restaurant has its own free parking. “Syndicate” can be found at: Sochi, st. Ordzhonikidze, 6. Guests are waiting daily from 10 to 01.00. The restaurant closes on Friday and Saturday at 03.00. Contact phone number: +7 988 237 00 10.


Rating: 4.8


On the third line is a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine. There is no such rich selection of fish and seafood dishes in any another institution on the coast. Chef’s original experiments surprise the most sophisticated guests. The menu includes the Black Sea and Italian dishes. SANREMO is famous not only for its magnificent cuisine, but also the location on the seashore. Transparent walls of glass makes it possible not only to admire the landscape, but also watch how masterpieces are created in the kitchen.

The interior in white and blue tones does not distract from eating, creates a relaxing atmosphere. The chip is that in the summer the terrace is covered with sand, which enhances the impression of being in such a picturesque place and you feel like you are on sunny coast of italy. Visitors are not bored. Are held here gastronomic festivals, contests, master classes.

The bar card has an impressive assortment of elite strong alcohol, wines and cocktails. They often come to the restaurant lovers, considering it the best place for romantic meetings. Visitors are received daily from 8 to 00.00. All guests are waiting for Address: Sochi, st. Black Sea, 13 G. Due to its high popularity it is advisable to book tables in advance. Contact phone number: 8 8622 27 08 88.


Rating: 4.7


The fourth in our review was a popular restaurant in the city, which represents Caucasian cuisine, but complemented by original chef’s ideas. It is located on two floors and at the same time accommodates up to 180 guests. You can have a great time here, relax, enjoy chatting with friends and excellent service. For those who are conservative in their choice, there are several types of menus kebabs, fish delicacies, seafood.

But for those who love gastronomic experiments, the restaurant – a real paradise. If you have not tried “Sheep paste and rapans with tangerine sauce “or” rolled beef on edible hay from fern, “then you are definitely here. In your own the confectionery workshop creates real culinary masterpieces art. The alcohol card is quite extensive. It’s big assortment of wines, as well as elite strong drinks.

In the afternoon, quiet relaxing tunes sound. In the evenings begin entertainment programs with musicians and guests DJs. Guests will be offered fragrant hookahs. In the karaoke room you can sing solo or big company. For children, a separate menu, there are special chairs and a play area. Wi-fi is free. The facility is located on Teatralnaya Street eleven. It is open every day from 2 pm to midnight. Phone for reserve tables: 8 8622 25 50 25.


Rating: 4.6


The restaurant with the best location. A magnificent view of the turquoise sea surface and snow-white yachts make eating even more enjoyable. D.O.M. is considered the largest conceptual institution in Sochi. He disposes large lounge, patio and cascading panoramic terrace. Multinational cuisine: Russian, European, Italian, Japanese, pan-Asian. Families with children come here to try traditional pizza and pasta sunny country.

Meat gourmets will be offered steaks, seafood lovers – octopus tentacles and tiger prawns. Sweet tooth will be found in the menu great desserts. The wine list includes copies from France, Spain and Italy. Original cocktails are famous for the local bar. The establishment is popular because of well-designed entertainment programs. Here you can listen to live performances. musicians, to sing karaoke on their own, to participate in competitions.

An undoubted plus for vacationers is an advanced mode of operation. D.O.M. open every day from 10 to 6 in the morning. Regular customers already know where this respectable establishment is located. City guests will find him at the address: Sochi, st. Nessebar, 1 A. Book a table is possible by number: 8 8622 20 01 11.


Rating: 4.5


Sixth place was given to the restaurant of Balkan cuisine. Here you can try Serbian dishes and appreciate the traditions of the hospitable country. A distinctive feature is the unusually large portions for Russians, therefore, even with a minimal budget, leaving hungry will not work. All employees, from the chef to the waiters, originally from The Balkans. That is why it is so colorful and homely. comfortable.

The bar card is replete with Montenegrin, Abkhaz and Georgian wines. Among soft drinks aromatic herbal teas. For vegetarians and vegans prepare delicacies with using seasonings from Serbia. Guests will be offered hookahs. For non-smoking visitors have a separate room. For children provided game area and separate menu.

In the evenings, live music. Parking is quite large. The institution is chosen as a place to celebrate anniversaries and weddings. Unusual surroundings favor a romantic dinner or friendly meeting. Positive feedback is left by both Sochi and city ​​guests. Particularly noteworthy are the waiters who surprise with their professionalism. “StariGrad” is open from 11.00 to midnight. Location: Sochi, st. Bestuzhev, 1/1. Telephone for reservations: +7 988 238 19 38.

Sea zone

Rating: 4.4

Sea Zone.jpg

On the seventh line is a restaurant whose terrace goes directly to the sea. This arrangement maximizes the tasting of real frills. A fish restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine; European and Japanese delicacies. Even seen and tasted gourmets will appreciate the local chef’s recipes and will be surprised by more than two dozens of mussel innings.

All dishes are prepared with the freshest seafood. There is oyster bar. A professional sommelier will help you choose a drink to ordered dishes. The bar menu is very extensive. It presents drinks from different countries, including rare exclusive items. IN the smallest details are thought out so that vacationers have really comfortable. Visitors are accommodated for small little tables. Wicker chairs and armchairs are very comfortable. Solemn events are held in a separate banquet room.

The restaurant is easy to find. It is located at: Sochi, st. Primorskaya, 17. Opening hours: from 9 to 23.00. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday closes at midnight. All additional Information can be obtained from the administrator by phone number: +7 988 233 60 11.


Rating: 4.3


The eighth nominee is an Irish corner in the very center of Sochi. is he visitors like it for many reasons. The restaurant has become one of the first establishments of this type on the coast. Impeccable service and incredible hospitality is due to the fact that the pub itself works owner and members of his family. Over 25 types of draft beer attracts the attention of fans of a foamy drink even their distant areas of the city. Irish ale and Czech lager are poured here, Munich Hel and Belgian White, Indian Pale and English stout.

Well, of course, the menu. It features a variety of delicacies. from fish and seafood, farm meat and game. New Zealand oysters come from the Pacific Ocean without overexposure in aquariums. The interior of the IRISH PAB DUBLIN is consistent with the concept, and even those who never been to Ireland, will be able to feel the atmosphere of a distant country. The mahogany bar has a large number of seating places

Guests can stay in a closed room or on a beautiful summer the veranda. A professional team of bartenders will create a mood prepared cocktails and will make sure that the mugs are always were filled with craft beer from the best breweries in the world. Address: g. Sochi, Kurortny pr., D. 6. The institution is open daily from 12.00. before 02.00. You can book a table on the website or by calling Phone: 8 8622 55 55 57.


Rating: 4.2


Cafe, which took ninth place, has a significant difference from many other Sochi institutions – this is his round-the-clock mode of operation. It is part of the holding of the same name and represents an interesting project, which makes it possible to get acquainted with gastronomic traditions of different countries. The institution specializes in Italian and American cuisines. The menu is extensive, you can choose a light snack or have a hearty lunch. Particular love among guests enjoy dishes, cooked in a josper.

The interior is conducive to relaxation and communication. It is perfect muted brown and beige tones with bright accents. Interesting details attract attention. For example, in As a lamp, a kettle is used. Visitors are accommodated in hall or on the open veranda. Cafe popular among singers and sports fans. There is a karaoke zone with professional equipment and widescreen screens for watching matches.

The alcohol card includes a large assortment of wines and high-end strong alcohol. From 12 to 15 hours in the institution a discount 20% on the entire menu, so a delicious lunch can do quite inexpensively. You can come to the “Guests” at any time of the day or night by Address: Sochi, st. Sovetskaya, d. 65. All additional Information is available on the website or by phone number: 8 8622 96 94 44.


Rating: 4.1


The tenth is the restaurant, where not only gastronomic gourmets, but also lovers to sing karaoke or dance to hits of different years. Modern equipment, clean sound, an extensive collection of hits, a large dance floor – everyone will appreciate it vacationers. The institution impresses with its rich interior. From the doorway You get to the royal palace and feel like a VIP-guest. The restaurant includes two spacious halls with 160 and 550 seats. Many weddings in the city are held in the “Dream”, thanks refined and solemn design.

The menu is varied. It includes dishes of European, Russian, Caucasian cuisines. According to reviews, the chef and his team are excellent obtained delicacies from meat, fish, seafood. In an institution Serve real Caucasian kebab and lula, baked mussels, rack lamb, duck breast.

Salads and cold dishes are also on top. Particularly popular enjoys a mix of shrimp, scallops, squid and octopus under spicy sauce. The bartender surprises with original recipes and serving copyright cocktails. The institution has its own parking and provides free Wi-Fi. It is located at: Sochi, st. Kaspiyskaya, d. 19. Administrator phone number: +7 988 248 53 08.


Rating: 4.0


The eleventh place is occupied by a colorful restaurant where they love local residents and guests invited by them to relax. Luxurious and the refined interior speaks of the status of the institution. Noble Beige tones are combined with natural expensive materials. Comfortable velvet sofas and armchairs dispose to absolute to relaxation. The institution is designed for 170 people. It includes two hall, VIP room and outdoor terrace. For children, there are two separate game rooms.

The menu consists of dishes of Russian, Japanese, Caucasian, Mediterranean, European cuisines. This mix allows try the delicacies of different countries of the world. Chef equally well traditional kebabs and dumplings of hand sculpting, steaks and baked mussels. In their own pastry shop amazing desserts and cakes. Home-made cheeses presented more two dozen varieties.

As entertainment, nightly programs are offered with performances of musical groups of different genres. A convenient scene is provided for this, and installed professional sound equipment. In the parking lot there is always free place. Opening hours: from 10 to 02.00 seven days a week. “Promenade” is located on Vorovskogo street, 3. Phone for reverse Communication: 8988501 04 42.


Rating: 4.0


The twelfth in our review was a family restaurant located in the very center of the city. He specializes in several kitchens: European, Russian, Japanese, Mediterranean and American. Josper wood stove allows you to maintain juiciness and high palatability of meat and fish dishes. In the institution, each guest will find something according to his predilections. Professional team chefs led by an experienced chef will surprise you with steaks and kebabs, seafood and pasta, khachapuri and sushi.

The interior is very sophisticated and calm. Nothing bothers enjoy the ordered dishes. Grill`Age offers two types Placement: in a spacious hall or on a summer terrace. Doubtless plus facilities that you can relax with children. While parents enjoy food, experienced animators separate game room. Among adult entertainment: karaoke and live music.

Guests are expected every day from 8 am, on Saturday and Sunday – from 10. 00. The institution closes at 2 a.m. It is located at Address: Sochi, st. Navaginskaya, 3/4. The restaurant is very A popular place in town. You can often see stars in it. Russian show business. That is why it is recommended to reserve tables in advance. Contact number: +7 988 235 77 65.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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