12 best cafes and restaurants in Anapa

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Unique sandy beaches, a sea of ​​flowers, green meadows, mountains, nature reserves, children’s sanatoriums – all this can be found in the sunny Anapa The city has long ceased to be considered suitable only for children recreation. Various entertainments are offered to people of different age. Full-fledged relaxation contributes not only to favorable climate, but also a large number of entertainment venues. amount cafes and restaurants are growing every year. Newcomers it is difficult for tourists to immediately choose a suitable institution for themselves.

What to look for when choosing a cafe or restaurant in Anapa

Attractive in resort towns are all cafes and restaurants. But when choosing, it is worth considering some parameters:

  1. visitors – with a large number of local residents you can judge the high rating of a cafe or restaurant;
  2. the presence of a large number of empty tables is a sign the tainted reputation of the restaurant;
  3. the interior is better if it is restrained, and cleanliness reigns in the halls order;
  4. menu – the presence of local dishes, a small assortment add the benefits of a cafe or restaurant;
  5. prices – they must be adequate;
  6. restaurant area – the presence of 1-2 halls indicates a reasonable savings and owner priorities;
  7. music – we advise you to choose a repertoire that is pleasant to you;
  8. cuisine – in a good cafe it is visible to visitors or located in the hall;
  9. waiters – tidy, in aprons, closed shoes and in moderation polite;
  10. view from the window – choose what you prefer to contemplate – the sea, city bustle, nature.

For the first time coming to the city or absent for a long time in it Our experts have selected the most popular cafes and restaurants in Anapa.

Rating of the best cafes and restaurants of Anapa

Nomination a place a restaurant rating
The best cafes and restaurants of Anapa 1 BROOKWIN 5.0
2 Yogurt 4.9
3 Brynza 4.8
4 Barbq 4.7
5 Berlin 4.6
6 Ali Baba 4.5
7 Gallery 4.4
8 Chalet 4.3
9 La veranda 4.2
10 The clouds 4.1
11 Nota bene 4.0
12 Prague 4.0

The best cafes and restaurants of Anapa


Rating: 5.0


We selected a restaurant in the ranking of the best for a unique one of its kind wine list, which presents the most popular Russian wine samples. There is a restaurant in the central part of the city on the street. Lenin, 10. A cozy room for 60 guests is located in the old the house. The interior is presented in a vintage style. The kitchen is famous a variety of snacks for different types of wines. The staff is wonderful versed in the features of the combination of products. The basis of the menu make up snacks, meat dishes, desserts of your own cooking.

Visitors celebrate a cozy relaxed atmosphere, excellent cooked meals. Guests can taste Russian wines, local seafood dishes. Despite rave reviews and high rating, the restaurant is devoid of pathos. Suitable for big companies, celebrations of bright events, business meetings. Since 2016 in The institution organizes wine tastings with the participation of winemakers.


  • location;
  • rich assortment of wines;
  • competent and polite staff;
  • tasty food;
  • the possibility of wine tasting is per-unit.


  • lack of a children’s menu.


Rating: 4.9


We included the restaurant in our rating for the best open kitchen. Matsoni is a young institution with a good reputation, located on the street. Lenin, 3. We enjoyed watching the cooking that gave confidence in their quality. The restaurant emphasized Caucasian cuisine hosted by real Georgian cook. The center of the hall is occupied by a stove, dishes from which immediately bring to a table for visitors. The restaurant menu has a barbecue cooked on barbecue, lots of cheeses from Kakheti.

Visitors rave about the friendly atmosphere in institution, a variety of activities for children. Recommend restaurant for family visits. Designed for 158 guests. Interior bright with Georgian color. In summer, stained-glass windows and guests are outdoors. Flowers and berries indoors create the feeling of a Caucasian courtyard. Highly rated by visitors deserves staff welcoming every guest.


  • the presence of an open kitchen;
  • children’s room with a teacher;
  • varied menu;
  • cook from Georgia;
  • convenient parking.


  • long cooking of many dishes.


Rating: 4.8


Experts added the restaurant to the rating for availability in it wonderful karaoke bar. Located in the central part of Anapa on st. Shevchenko, d.1A. The hosts managed to create a friendly institution atmosphere and Armenian cuisine with a Georgian accent. Menu It is presented in English, a DJ works in the hall. Is available own bakery. The institution boasts the presence of lean, children’s menu, free parking.

Visitors note in the reviews the excellent taste of dishes, availability children’s playroom, where on Sundays is engaged with young educator visitors. Live music in the hall will not leave indifferent. The summer veranda beckons with cosiness, mouth-watering smells. For cooking guests observe dishes personally. The institution offers a delivery service food at home.


  • the presence of a karaoke room;
  • good location;
  • a good selection of Caucasian dishes;
  • the presence of an open kitchen;
  • hospitable staff;
  • children’s play area and a separate menu for young guests;
  • free parking.


  • high cost of dishes.


Rating: 4.7


Experts appreciated the choice of imported beer in the restaurant. One of the advantages is the location of the restaurant – on the central promenade at ul. Embankment, 2. Here there are always a lot of visitors who are tuned for a quality holiday by the sea. The cuisine is represented by European and American dishes. Lovers fast food will appreciate the unique Rock burger weighing 2.5 kg, which Suitable for a friendly company. The restaurant has a DJ, there is Wi-Fi, board games. Beer lovers will appreciate the wide selection drinks, snacks, an interesting serving of food.

Visitors note in the reviews deliciously cooked food. A nice bonus is free convenient parking. On the big screen broadcast sports matches. The restaurant has a grill. dishes, salads, sushi, drinks. Guests are willing to choose breakfast delicious cereals, European waffles, cheesecakes. You can drink coffee on place or take with you. Steam cocktails enjoyed by adults Guests are very popular.


  • wide assortment of beer;
  • good location;
  • free parking;
  • varied menu;
  • children’s menu;
  • hookah.


  • slow service.


Rating: 4.6


Our experts praised the restaurant’s original cuisine and included him in the ranking of the best. Visit the institution at st. Pushkin, d.17. All dishes are on the menu of our own production. All prepared by German chef Thomas in compliance with the best national traditions: 10 types of sausages, bakery products without yeast, salami, leberkes, dishes from duck, rabbit. Saturdays in musical groups perform live, live music sounds, guests are dancing.

According to visitor reviews, it’s clear that it is popular summer terrace. It is decorated in German restrained and comfortable. IN On weekdays, guests are offered a business lunch. The institution is stable Wi-Fi, live music, highchairs available, special menu. Restaurant visitors note high speed service, friendliness of staff. Delicious coffee can be taken with by myself.


  • unique author’s cuisine;
  • good location;
  • varied menu;
  • vegetarian dishes
  • food for children;
  • live music;
  • the presence of a summer terrace.


  • parking difficulties.

Ali Baba

Rating: 4.5


For the incredibly fabulous atmosphere, the teahouse was selected by us in the rating the best. Located on the street. Peasant, d.21. Banquet The hall is designed for 120 guests. The presence of upholstered furniture, beautiful paintings, frescoes, golden glitter creates the feeling of being in the tale of Aladdin. The menu has many dishes prepared according to old recipes of the East. You can order European dishes. Summer terrace repeats the interior design, heats in the cool season, accommodates 40 visitors.

Guests watch the meal personally. Especially bewitching process performed by the Uzbek chef. Tourists enthusiastically speak about the institution’s wine list, the beauty of handmade carpets. Live music is played daily, oriental dances are performed. Hookah room is located separately. Courteous staff dressed in stylized uniform.


  • fabulous design;
  • open kitchen;
  • the presence of lean dishes;
  • summer terrace;
  • live music and dance floor;
  • rich assortment of wines.


  • lack of parking;
  • there are no children’s dishes on the menu.

Rating: 4.4


The facility is chosen by experts as the only farm restaurant Anapa. Located in the city center on the street. Novorossiysk, d.174. Famous for oyster bar, personal bakery, Free convenient parking. Food can be ordered with delivery to house. The hall has a projector and three screens, where they are broadcast sports matches. Separately located bar with a rich a selection of drinks. The hall is two-level.

Attracts guests with organic products grown in Krasnodar Territory. Suppliers are local farmers, with which concluded the contract, there are all permits. The cafe provides banquets, business meetings, corporate parties.


  • oyster bar;
  • use farm products for cooking;
  • free parking;
  • home delivery of food and dishes;
  • rich selection of drinks.


  • lack of a children’s menu.


Rating: 4.3


The original design of the summer cafe is highly appreciated by our by experts. Located next to the fountain square on the street. Krasnodar, d.4A. The interior of the cafe is decorated with textiles, soft sofas and armchairs. Dishes designed personally by the chef are not leave guests indifferent. The opening view from the cafe enhances The impression of delicious food. A wide selection of Italian dishes – pizza, paste. A variety of drinks, fish, baby, diet, the vegetarian menu elevates the cafe into family status.

Guests in reviews thank the owners for organizing the nursery zones with animator. The cafe has stable Wi-Fi broadcasting on big screen sporting events. The institution organizes home delivery of food. A hookah is offered. Tourists often visit cafe during breakfast. The institution organizes business meetings, banquets and children’s parties.


  • original design;
  • author’s cuisine;
  • location
  • children’s menu and entertainment area;
  • varied menu.


  • too loud music.

La veranda

Rating: 4.2


Cafe is included in the rating by our experts for delicious Italian cuisine according to original recipes. Located on the street. Lenin, 3. Cozy The interior of the summer terrace attracts many visitors. The menu has a lot fish, seasonal, children’s dishes. Assortment includes Italian, European and Mediterranean cuisine. Near the cafe is free parking. In the hall live music. The menu is presented on English language. There is Wi-Fi, periodically broadcast sporting events on the screen.

The guests of the restaurant note in their reviews a beautiful view of the sea, delicious coffee to take with you. Nearby is open wine boutique with affordable prices and a rich assortment. In the cool the winter hall is open during the season, with the onset of heat the summer opens veranda. Visitors value meat grilled dishes. Serving food fast. Recommended for family communication, business meetings, have a nice rest.


  • Italian chef
  • tasty food;
  • cozy interior;
  • sea ​​view;
  • children’s menu.


  • high cost of dishes.

The clouds

Rating: 4.1


The two-story establishment is highly rated by our experts for delicious author’s cuisine. Located in the center of Anapa on the street. Grebenskoi, d.3A. Beckons visitors with European scents, Caucasian and Italian dishes. For their preparation are used seasonal products of the Kuban. The basis of the menu is food on the grill. A highlight is a summer terrace with an open roof. It creates a feeling of lightness and freshness that matches the name.

According to the reviews of the restaurant guests, it is clear that they are attracted variety of entertainment programs. Festivals are often held, performances of musical groups, various actions. For a banquet employees make up an individual menu. Ground floor is designed for 100 people, the second for 92 guests. A nursery is organized on the terrace room.


  • author’s dishes on the menu;
  • open-air summer terrace;
  • close proximity to the sea;
  • extensive entertainment program;
  • the presence of a children’s room and a special menu.


  • lack of parking;
  • high prices.

Nota bene

Rating: 4.0


We put the cafe in the rating for the presence in the menu of dishes included in the top ten in the world. Excellently prepared Neapolitan pizza, Finnish soup with cream and salmon, Bograch-guiyash. Last will appreciate lovers of Hungarian and Austrian cuisine. The cafe is located in city ​​center on the street Crimean, d.186. Indoor hall holds 100 visitors, terrace – 35 guests. The institution has a bakery, bar, children’s entertaining events are held.

Guests note in the reviews good live music, a cozy atmosphere and delicious food. On weekdays, a business lunch is offered on weekdays. Each place in the hall next to the sofas has sockets, Wi-Fi is running; sports matches are regularly broadcast for 5 screens. Visitors appreciate the beautiful presentation of dishes.


  • unique menu;
  • convenient location;
  • children’s menu and animation;
  • nice background music;
  • the presence of outlets in places of eating;
  • 5 screens for sports broadcasts;
  • original serving of dishes.


  • Low light;
  • long serving dishes.


Rating: 4.0


It offers guests a wide selection of natural Czech beer, for which won the attention of our experts. Located in the heart Anapa, on the street Gorky, d.2G. Proximity to entertainment objects obliges the institution to satisfy the most demanding visitors. The cafe is presented in the best Czech traditions. Interior thought out to the smallest detail – paving stones in the entrance area, wooden furniture, a lot of stained beams, spot light. Drinks presented mostly Czech. The menu has a large selection of Belgian and German beer.

Visitors to the cafe in the reviews thank the staff for caring attitude and attention. On cool evenings on the summer terrace heating burners turn on, waiters kindly offer plaids. The menu is expanded with children’s dishes. Hunting equipment The walls give a special charm to the institution. The cafe has Wi-Fi, under foam beer broadcast sports matches. Arranged delivery food and coffee to go.


  • stylized interior;
  • wide selection of beer drinks;
  • children’s menu;
  • heated summer terrace;
  • courteous staff;
  • delicious dishes.


  • lack of parking;
  • high prices.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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