12 best beaches in Pattaya

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Pattaya – one of the most popular resorts among Russians tourists. This town is universal, because it can provide relaxation for every taste and budget. Central Pattaya is attractive for its plenty of entertainment and nightlife, however it is noisy, dirty and very crowded. Therefore, more and more tourists prefer more remote areas of northern and southern Pattaya where you can relax from the bustle of the city and truly enjoy paradise relaxation in the shade of palm alleys.

Where is better to stay for a tourist in Pattaya

Different areas of the city are markedly different from each other. Geographically, Pattaya can be divided into three conventional parts:

  1. North Pattaya is a quiet place in which concentrated a large number of condominiums, where Both foreign tourists and Thais themselves live. Northern part consists of the districts of Naklua and Wongamat. Entertaining the infrastructure is concentrated closer to North Street. and includes shops, cafes, restaurants and shopping centers.
  2. The city center stands out for its mass entertainment – bars, clubs, restaurants, shopping centers.
  3. The south side, including the Jomtien and Pratamnak districts, attracts primarily by the clear sea, an abundance of entertainment and measured silence.

We believe that it is better to choose hotels located along the south or the northern part of the resort. It’s more calm, and loud music and cheerful youth will not interfere with sleep at night. In fact, Pattaya is a small town and, if desired, in just 10 minutes, easy access to the epicenter of entertainment.

Hotels are concentrated mainly near popular beaches, so you can choose a place to live focusing on your favorite beach area. Our experts ranked the best beaches in Pattaya, relying on numerous reviews of tourists and travelers.

Rating of the best beaches of Pattaya

Nomination a place beach rating
Rating of the best beaches of Pattaya 1 Koh Lan Island 5.0
2 Bang Saray 4.9
3 Cozy Beach 4.8
4 Jomtien 4.7
5 Dongtan 4.6
6 Crescent beach 4.5
7 Pratamnak 4.4
8 Wongamat 4.3
9 Beach Dancing Girl 4.2
10 Ban Ampur 4.1
11 Najomtien 4.0
12 Military beach 3.9

Koh Lan Island

Rating: 5.0

Koh Lan Island

Opens our ranking of the small coral island of Ko Lan (Koh Larn), which is 9 km from Pattaya and is considered truly a paradise. Despite the fact that the island is not so large – only 4 km in length, it has 5 main beaches and a few additional, comfortably hidden in the bays. Tourists note that the beaches are very clean, and the surrounding landscape – very beautiful. The only drawback of the Ko Lan island is the large number of vacationers.

The beaches on the island are privately owned, so in order to to sunbathe on them, you have to rent a sunbed. Apparently for this reason. and prices for services and goods are higher than on the mainland.

You can stay at Koh Lan in comfortable hotels. True, most of them are concentrated on the eastern side of the island, where there are no beaches. But this is not a problem: between the beaches ply taxi and minibuses, and lovers of high-speed driving for free movements can rent a bike. Get on the island itself with mainland can be on scheduled boats or liners.

There are virtually no bright sights on the island. Here They go mainly for beach vacations. The only thing you can see temple, see Buddha statues or visit an observation deck with views on the islet itself or nearby Pattaya. There are also traditional water activities – diving, banana riding, jet skis. In principle, even despite the large number tourists, Ko Lan can be considered the cleanest place to swim in Pattaya.

Bang Saray

Rating: 4.9

Bang Saray Beach

Beach in a quiet virgin place Bang Saray, located at 15 km from the center of Pattaya, where there are no high-rise hotels and package tourists, takes the second step in our ranking. This is the same a place where you can enjoy a measured rest away from civilization.

Bang Saray Beach itself is not like the rest of Pattaya’s beaches. His the infrastructure is not developed enough, the beach is not so crowded and even not equipped with sunbeds. Although at the moment it is being built here many condominiums, which gives hope for the development of this part resort in the near future.

The beach, although it leaves a good impression, is not suitable for everyone. There is practically no entertainment, but there is a wide strip of clean yellow sand (about 3 km in length), a shady palm alley and clear, clear water. The beach is almost always calm therefore, lovers to jump in the waves have nothing to do here, but families with children have such a rest – in clean, calm water with gentle by descent – you will definitely like it.

However, the lack of infrastructure familiar to Pattaya does not says there’s nothing at all on Bang Saray. Along the beach there Hotels, Thai restaurants, bistros and cafes. Also directly on on the beach there are many Thai mashinnits where you can get a mat and picnic table for free on condition of order any food. Travelers note that the food is prepared deliciously, but the conditions in which this food is prepared do not always correspond minimum sanitary standards.

At the back of the beach there is a park created in honor of 60th anniversary of Queen Sirikit, where you can take a walk and feast on freshly prepared seafood. You can also rent here. boat and go fishing or take a closer look at the coral reefs. IN overall, the beach is good for a measured family vacation away from civilization.

Cozy Beach

Rating: 4.8

Cozy Beach

Small beach Cozy beach, located in a fairly separate parts of Cape Pratamnak, occupies the third step in our ranking. Cozy Beach looks more like a closed bay: it is very small and it can be easily passed by bag in 5-10 minutes. Main descent to the beach is a steep staircase, but, according to many tourists, this rather a disadvantage than an advantage. The length of the beach is 400 meters, width at high tide – 12-15 m. Attractive place before total for couples with children, the main age of tourists is 35 +.

The sand is mostly small, yellow, but appears closer to the water shell rock, and the sand becomes harder, large the stones. The entrance to the water is gentle, although in some places there are places with muddy bottoms and sharp stones. Due to the ebb and flow the water in the afternoon becomes cloudy and to reach depth, you need to overcome some distance. It creates inconvenience, although it does not scare Russian tourists, who are always here lot.

On the beach there are a number of sun loungers under the umbrellas, although in order to there is also a place to spread the rug. More on the beach There are small cafes with cool drinks and snacks. There are also VIP-oriented restaurants. Can rent jet skis and boats. To more significant sights have to get by car, because Cozy Beach itself It is isolated, although it is located not far from the center of Pattaya. Going on vacation in Cozi Beach is best from November to April. Book a hotel preferably two months earlier.

Jomtien Beach

Rating: 4.7

Jomtien Beach

The famous Jomtien beach is located on the fourth step rating. This is one of the largest beaches in the south. parts of Pattaya. Jomtien Beach line stretches over 6 km, width the beach strip is 15-30 m, the coastal zone is covered with fine sand. IN Compared to the beaches located in the central part of the resort, here you can relax more calmly, measuredly and safely.

In 2017-2018 reconstruction was carried out on the embankment, in which was invested 600 million baht. Many vacationers say which became much better: the sand was cleaned, palm trees planted, increased coastline. The beach is constantly cleaned, for smoking are equipped with special areas. But, nevertheless, everything is here there is also garbage, stray dogs and numerous merchants walk. The boats that transport the same inconvenience tourists to nearby islands. The rest is the impression of the beach Jomtien is positive. Many vacationers especially emphasize beautiful sunsets, romantic surf noise, golden sandy shore and the lack of crowds of vacationers.

Exporters and wintering people prefer to live in the vicinity Jomtien, because there is everything for a comfortable stay: transport accessibility, developed infrastructure, shops and Hotels By the way, the service sector is focused on Russian tourists – signs, names of dishes in restaurants – everything is duplicated into Russian, and at the tour desk there is a Russian-speaking staff.

The beach offers a wide selection of entertainment. There is conditions for skiting, surfing, you can rent a “banana” or a boat. There is also a large selection in Jemtien food outlets where mostly Thai and European the kitchen.

Dongtan Beach

Rating: 4.6

Dongtan Beach

Dongtan, located between the beaches of Pratumnak and Jomtien, occupies the fifth position in our ranking. It is in the distance from large popular hotels, so it’s almost always quiet here and calmly. Dongtan is most often offered as a great place to measured relaxation with children, although they say that here you can to meet holidaymakers however mainly on the southern part of the beach.

Conventionally, Dongtan is divided into 3 parts: northern, southern, central. For a comfortable stay, the central the part where there is a rental of beach equipment, umbrellas and deck chairs. Lovers of active pastime will be offered water entertainment – boat riding, banana, aquabike, windsurfing. There is also a volleyball court on the beach. Beside The hotel has a water park.

The smallest and least well-maintained is the north side, which began to adapt to rest much later than the rest. There are no cafes and restaurants, sun loungers and umbrellas.

Tourists in their reviews often say unflattering about cleanliness beaches of central Pattaya, but many distinguish Dongtan as one of the cleanest places to swim. Also here are good conditions for diving, boating or jet skiing. AND shopping lovers will definitely appreciate the fact that next to Dongtan is the most famous “island” of shops in the city. No less a pleasant attraction is the beautiful promenade along which You can take a walk in a sultry afternoon or in a secluded evening.

Crescent beach

Rating: 4.5

Crescent beach

Crescent beach is often forgotten and not always mentioned in tourist guides, but, nevertheless, it is here that you can really relax. At the sixth step of our rating, we put the so-called crescent beach, which is worthy of to come here with your closest friends and family. Despite at its own some alienation and lack of a number of popular for Pattaya entertainment, about this place you can meet mainly positive reviews. Located Crescent beach in the north Pattaya, between the beaches of Naklua and Palm Beach.

Infrastructure on Crescent beach is poorly developed, but close to the crescent beach there are several interesting places that certainly worth a look. For about 500 baht you can visit Temple of Truth is the only temple in Thailand made from wood and something reminiscent of a magic tower. A snack after the roast You can relax in small restaurants in Thai and European the kitchen.


Rating: 4.4


On the seventh line of the ranking is located popular among Russian tourists, surrounded by green Pratamnak beach, located between Jomtien and Central Pattaya. One half of the beach is clean and equipped, while the second is almost abandoned. IN the length of the beach stretches for 500 m, the width of the sand is 20-40 m

The calm atmosphere of these places is especially pleasant for vacationers with children. The audience here is mostly respectable and quiet, however many complain that often in the Pratamnak area robbery attacks, so in the dark you need to be be careful.

The sand is small and clean, but at the same time, with the surf on the shore can take out garbage, which, in principle, affects many Pattaya beaches. Near private areas assigned to hotels, the situation is better, water launches are specially equipped, and on the beach are provided chaise lounges and umbrellas. There is free wifi throughout, though just enough speed to view the news feed in social networks. Nearby are many restaurants, cafes and shops.

The complex mountainous terrain of the area limits the possibilities for transportation, so there is no public transport, but for exploration of attractions will have to overcome all distance on foot. You can get to the area by motorcycle taxi, tuk tukah and songteo.

Regarding sights, from Pratanmak Hill a magical view of the sea opens – Pattaya Bay, Laem Port and Koh Lan island, as well as the tropics. Climbing to the observation deck and dropping 10 baht into the binocular coin acceptor, you can admire the surroundings of Pratumnak at sunset. Also on the hill is Chinese garden and buddha statue.

Wongamat Beach

Rating: 4.3

Wongamat Beach

The main beach of the north of Pattaya is Wongamat, which is more clean and calm compared to Pattaya Beach in our ranking becomes the eighth position of the rating. It stands here in high season calm, the atmosphere is quite calm and great for secluded relaxation. Wongamat is located off the track, but from here it is easy to get to the center of nightlife, get to shops, restaurants and attractions, concentrated in the central part of the city.

The beach area is divided into several parts. In the southern part there is only a small landscaped area for swimming, the rest the territory is covered with large boulders. By the way, against their background you can make some great selfies. The northern part is also larger suitable for secluded relaxation. The coastal zone is built up with expensive hotels, each of which has its own access to the beach, so all loungers here belong to hotels and are not for rent. Beach entertainment is only in the center where you can ride a banana, jet ski, water skiing or playing beach volleyball.

In the evening, Wongamat is quite deserted. Night life concentrated in the restaurant Rim Talay Seafood, where sometimes discos are held. On the beach itself you can find many trays, cafes, restaurants serving ice cream, cold drinks and various snacks, merchants often go here, offering a variety of products. The most interesting attraction look at which all the tourists from Pattaya come together, is Temple of Truth. Also near the beach there is an Orthodox church.

Not everyone knows that there is a promenade on Wongamat Beach, which is a pedestrian zone stretching along the entire coast. In general, the beach makes a good impression, many tourists note the cleanliness of the sand, however, in some reviews there is information that in the area of ​​fishing boats, in the left parts of the beach, carries rats ashore, although elsewhere on the beach this is not observed.

Beach Dancing Girl

Rating: 4.2

Dancing Girl's Beach

Dancing Girl’s Beach, named after a beautiful legend about a love story, in our ranking it becomes ninth place. In fact, these are two beaches that are demarcated between a small cape decorated with sculptures. West side The beach is called Nangram Beach, and the east is Nangrong Beach.

The first beach has water activities. Also for rent umbrellas and deckchairs are traditionally given up, although there is a thick scuffle, starting behind a strip of sand, creates enough shadow where you can hide from the heat of the day.

The eastern part is several times longer than the western, and green a cape with hills creates a pleasant atmosphere. There is a hotel with bungalow to stay overnight. By the way, the infrastructure is here same as on the west side – restaurants, souvenir shops, toilets.

Entrance to the beach is free, you will have to pay for the entry of one car 20 baht, you do not need to pay for a bike. One of the disadvantages of the beach tourists note that you can only get to it on a personal car or taxi.

Ban Ampur

Rating: 4.1

Ban Ampur

Secluded Ban Amur Beach in the south of Pattaya, located approximately 15 km from the center and a few km from Jomtien, in our ranking accounts for the tenth position. It is impossible to get here through travel agencies, because there are practically no housing and chain hotels nearby. The probability of hearing Russian speech is almost minimal, there are practically no foreigners on the beach. The beach is chosen Thais who come here on weekends and on weekdays Ban Cupid is practically empty. It is often quiet, calm and comfortable here. Not roar of motors from boats, obsessive merchants and massage salons.

On the beach is one of the best playgrounds in the city, therefore, tourists with children often come here. Any resort there is no entertainment on Ban Amur. In the center of the landscape is the wind generators, near which sheltered a spacious car parking, toilets and gazebo. Not far on the coast are located restaurants, shops and cafes, as well as shops.

But as for swimming in the sea, many travelers do not satisfied with the quality of the cleanliness of sand and water. Nearby fishing port and at high tide ashore garbage that almost no one removes. But nonetheless it is still cleaner than on the central beach of Pattaya. Get to Ban Amur can be on a tuk-tuk before turning around Sukhomvit, and then walk or get to your destination by motorcycle taxi.

Najomtien Beach

Rating: 4.0


The beach in the south of Pattaya, stretching for 3 km, and being continuation of the longest Jomtien, takes the penultimate step in the ranking. Na Jomtien is considered the outskirts and not quite refers to Pattaya, so get here on public transport will take quite a while. But currently experiencing construction boom. The coastline is gradually being built up direct cottage villages, hotels and condominiums access to the sea.

These areas have all the necessary equipment, and safe places for swimming is protected by buoys and pontoons. On the beach traditionally working macau-shops and cafes, massage parlors, shops. Na-Jomtien is also famous for its marine restaurants. the kitchen. The water here is cleaner than on other beaches. By the way the location is ideal for families with children away from noisy city and evening life.

Military beach

Rating: 3.9

Military Beach

The twelfth and last step in the ranking is so called a military beach, which is located in a closed area military base, 20 km south of Pattaya itself. Book a trip to this beach, also called the local Blue Lagoon, is possible in travel agencies of Pattaya.

The military beach is 500 meters long and 30 meters wide. Beach located in a secluded place – on three sides it is surrounded by hills, laden with dense tropics. They just form the lagoon, which protected from the winds. A clear blue water and clean sand like times and attract tourists tired of dirty and noisy beaches here central Pattaya.

The beach is very clean and tidy. It is cleaned regularly cadets. There are swings on the trees in the surrounding area equipped with flower beds. Sun beds and bedspreads are for rent. There are also various water activities. You can ride water skiing, banana, take diving lessons, play beach volleyball.

On the beach there are several small cafes and restaurants, and also shops. But the entertainment venues working in no night on a military beach. After 16.00 the beach begins empty. You can stay overnight in one of 15 small houses, two families, with two separate entrances.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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