11 most famous thermal springs in Russia

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The water that rises from the interior of the earth is usually warmer than the earth's surface – after all, the earth is hot inside, and the temperature rises with depth. Springs, the temperature of which does not fall below 20 degrees all year round, are called thermal springs. The heated water of such springs has medicinal and recreational properties, there is a branch of medicine that studies water treatment – balneology. Many people like to relax, swimming in warm mineral water – thermal spas are created for them. About them – thermal springs and resorts – and will be discussed in this article.

Review of the most famous thermal springs in Russia

Nomination a place name rating
Rating of the most famous thermal springs in Russia 1 Thermal springs of Krasnodar Territory 5.0
2 Suvorov sources 4.9
3 Thermal complex “Geduko” 4.8
4 Belovsky thermal complex 4.7
5 Thermal springs of Aushiger 4.6
6 Sources “Pearls of the Caucasus” 4.5
7 Thermal complex “Valley of Geysers” 4.4
8 Goudzhekit 4.3
9 Khakus 4.2
10 Dzelinda thermal springs 4.1
11 Apachinskie springs 4.0

Thermal springs of Krasnodar Territory

Rating: 5.0

Mostovskoy district

Krasnodar Territory is the most popular place among lovers of thermal springs. Tourists love to visit this region – it is always warm here, even in winter there are no noticeable frosts, you can swim in the sea. On the territory of the region there are many resorts, thermal complexes and recreation centers – a separate article would be required to list all of them.

The Mostovskoy district of the Krasnodar Territory is especially rich in thermal springs. Here water with a temperature of up to 80 degrees, rich in minerals, beats from the ground, rising from a depth of more than two kilometers. In the Mostovsky district there are recreation centers Rasputin, Aqua-Vita, Izumrud, Staraya Melnitsa, Khutorok, Anastasia, Zhen-Shen and others, and the Coral Family health complex. In the village of Yaroslavskaya there is a SPA-resort Silicon Therms, where the healing effect of the spring is complemented by pearl baths, body wraps, and salt procedures.

In summer, the weather in the region is too hot for swimming in the thermal waters. Therefore, many tourists come in winter and swim against the background of snow, which, however, is quite rare here.

Suvorov sources

Rating: 4.9

Suvorov sources

The Stavropol Territory is also known for the hot springs a little less than Krasnodar. This region is especially popular among vacationers – the resort region of the Caucasian Mineral Waters is located here. Suvorov hot springs are located near the towns of KMV, in the village of Suvorovskaya. The outlet of water here is not natural: the well from which water flows “Suvorovskaya No. 1” was drilled in 1959.

Mineral water “Suvorovskaya No. 1” is characterized by high temperature, richness of elemental composition, low mineralization and alkalinity. Outwardly, it is used to treat nervous diseases, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, endocrine disorders, sexual diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and others. Also, water is used both inside and as bath water.

In the village, there are swimming pools filled with mineral water from a spring. People come here to rest from all over Russia, as well as from the CIS countries and other states.

Thermal complex “Geduko”

Rating: 4.8

Thermal complex

The Caucasus is a fertile land for vacationers. The warm climate and high mountains attract people looking for a good vacation. There are also thermal springs here. One of the most popular thermal complexes, Geduko, is located in Kabardino-Balkaria, not far from Elbrus. The name means “valley of forest chickens” – earlier pheasants and black grouse were abundant here. The thermal complex consists of two springs. Water from them enhances blood supply, relieves inflammation and pain, treats diseases of the vessels, nervous system, musculoskeletal system and genital diseases.

The complex includes swimming pools, individual bathing cabins, water attractions and sports grounds. The contrast of cold pool water and hot spring water has a healing power. Also, visitors are offered SPA procedures.

The thermal complex is visited both for one day and for long-term tours. For those who stay for a long time, there is a hotel on the territory of the organization. There is also a cafe, but the menu is limited.

Belovsky thermal complex

Rating: 4.7

Belovsky thermal complex

In addition to Suvorov, there is another popular thermal spring in the Stavropol Territory, which is part of the Belovsky thermal complex. It takes its name from the Belovsky farm, on the outskirts of which it is located. The farm is located 80 kilometers from Stavropol.

Spring water is rich in silicic acid, which has a rejuvenating and wound healing effect. In addition, sodium, potassium, calcium, zinc, bromine and iodine are dissolved in water. These elements help with insufficient thyroid function and mild diabetes. There are medical professionals on the territory of the complex advising visitors on how to relax with the greatest benefit.

The complex has three swimming pools: warm, hot (42 degrees) and cold. Visitors spend most of their time in the first one, which also has a Charcot shower. People stay in a hot pool for a short time, after which they plunge into a cold one.

Tourists who want to stay for more than one day stay at a hotel within the complex. They dine in nearby cafes and restaurants.

Thermal springs of Aushiger

Rating: 4.6

Thermal springs of Aushiger

Aushiger is a village in Kabardino-Balkaria, 25 kilometers from Nalchik. The second most popular thermal springs in the republic are located here. Like many other thermal springs in the South of Russia, they were discovered by accident – in the 50s a well was drilled here in order to search for oil. There was no oil here, but warm mineral water was found together.

The water temperature here is about 50 degrees. The water is slightly alkaline and slightly mineralized, sodium chloride, contains calcium and potassium. Bathing in it helps in the treatment of skin and genital diseases, diseases of the nervous system, arthritis and osteochondrosis. Medicinal table water, used internally for gastritis, liver diseases, intestines, diabetes and obesity, gout.

From the sources, water is piped to the pool. It is not recommended to swim in it for more than 20 minutes – because of the high temperature, the heart can be stressed. After 20 minutes of bathing, you need 20 minutes of rest. Do not swim with metal jewelry on your body – metals, except for gold and platinum, turn black in the water of the springs.

Around there are cafes and shops, rooms for accommodation, parking for cars. Tourists arrive every day, on some days there are more than 500 people.

Sources “Pearls of the Caucasus”

Rating: 4.5


Thermal springs “Pearls of the Caucasus” are the most popular in Karachay-Cherkessia, another Caucasian republic. The health complex is located a short distance from Cherkessk, the capital of the KChR. On its territory there are eight swimming pools with water temperatures ranging from 20 to 43 degrees.

Both those who are being treated for various diseases and healthy people swim in the pools of the “Pearl of the Caucasus”. Being in warm mineral water helps to burn fat, strengthens muscles and joints, and has a general healing effect.

The wellness complex has separate swimming pools for men and women, a bathhouse, a hammam. You can eat here in a cafe. It is also planned to create a mud bath with massage and treatment with leeches, a hotel and a restaurant, a zoo with exotic birds and animals, a pond with fish that can be caught. Tourists can settle in any of the KMV cities, which are located approximately 1.5 hours away by bus.

Thermal complex “Valley of Geysers”

Rating: 4.4

Thermal complex Valley of Geysers

Another popular source in the Stavropol Territory is located in the village of Kazminskoye. Discovered Kazminskie keys in 1984. A thermal complex was built in the place of their exit, which was named “Valley of Geysers”. There are no real geysers here, but the springs gushing out of the ground are a bit like them.

Spring water is recognized as medicinal. The composition of the waters is similar to that of the waters of the Belovsky thermal complex: it also contains sodium and potassium, calcium, zinc, iodine, bromine. The iodine in water helps in the treatment of iodine deficiency and insufficient thyroid function. A large amount of silicic acid promotes wound healing, as well as the restoration of the heart and blood vessels, bones and muscles.

The complex has five swimming pools with different temperatures. The complex itself is designed for 300 people, 150 men and women each. For those who wish to stay longer, there is a hotel and a cafe. A playground is equipped for children, when children swim, they are carefully looked after.


Rating: 4.3

Goudzhekit hot spring

You can have a rest in Russia not only in the Caucasus and Krasnodar Territory. Many tourists are attracted by the cleanest lake in the world – Baikal. Those who arrived in Buryatia, bathed in Baikal or took photos of beautiful places near the lake, can also visit the hot spring Goudzhekit, which is located 25 kilometers from Severobaikalsk. Another name for the place is “Sunny”. It originated from the name of the village located here.

The source was discovered while drilling in 1989. From it flows water with a temperature of 50 degrees, containing fluorides and bicarbonates, sodium, potassium, iron and iodine. The spring water is used for bathing and drinking, it treats nervous and endocrine diseases, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, genitourinary system, skin, muscles and bones.

The resort has several outdoor pools. You can swim in hot water both in summer and in winter. Nearby lie the mountains of the Baikal ridge, there is a ski resort – you can go in for an active vacation, walk in the mountains and go skiing.


Rating: 4.2


Khakusy is another resort with hot springs in the Severobaikalsk region of Buryatia. The name, according to various versions, comes either from “haku” – “hot” in Evenk, or from “akusha”, which means “heat”. Hot springs come to the surface in a pine forest, next to it lies a 4 km long sandy strip.

Two sources emerge from the ground. Their temperature reaches 47 degrees, the waters contain a lot of silicic acid, bicarbonates and sodium sulfates. When combined, the water streams from the springs form the Goryachy stream, which flows into Lake Baikal. The water from the stream is piped to the pools and bathrooms of the resort.

Bathing is used here to treat arthritis and osteochondrosis, diseases of muscles and bones, skin, nervous system, heart and blood vessels, endocrine glands, genitals. You can swim for 10-12 minutes for adults and 8-10 minutes for children, both in summer and winter. After swimming for several days, visitors to the resort can clearly feel the healing effects of the thermal water.

Dzelinda thermal springs

Rating: 4.1

Dzelinda thermal springs

In addition to Goudzhekit and Khakusa, the Dzelinda spring is also popular among the thermal springs of Buryatia. It comes to the surface near the mouth of the Dzelinda River, which flows into the Upper Angara from the right side. In Evenk, the name of the key means “taimen”.

Source temperature 45-50 degrees. The water contains sodium bicarbonates and sulphates, as well as fluorine, radon and, in a small concentration, hydrogen sulfide. The reaction of water is alkaline and contains silicic acid, which determines the beneficial properties. Bathing in it is indicated for nervous diseases / diseases of bones and muscles, diseases of the skin and reproductive system. It is not recommended to swim in a vein in the presence of acute inflammation, glaucoma, heart failure, infectious and especially cancer diseases.

The camp site has hotel rooms and houses of various amenities, a parking lot, a sauna, a bar and billiards. Also, tourists stay outside the recreation center in tents. Outside the recreation center, there are three thermal baths, in which you can also swim, and a cold bath in the nearby river.

Apachinskie springs

Rating: 4.0

Apachinskie springs

Apachinsky springs are the most popular thermal springs in Kamchatka. They are located in the Kamchatka Territory, in the Ust-Bolsheretsky District, 15 kilometers from the village of Apacha, from which they take the name, in the valley of the Shikovaya River. The temperature of the water flowing from the 13 griffins of the Apachinsky springs varies from 55 to 72 degrees. A warm stream is formed in which you can swim both in summer and in winter. The water of the Apachinsky Springs contains mainly sodium bicarbonates and chlorides, as well as salts of iron, boron, lithium and aluminum and silicic acid. Mineralization – 0.7-0.8 g / l, silicic acid – up to 110 mg / l.

The keys were first discovered by the exiled doctor Benedict Ivanovich Dybowski in 1879. Even before the Great Patriotic War, a rest house was built near the springs, where local fishermen recuperated. Now a hotel complex is installed next to them. It is believed that bathing here cures diseases of the nervous system, muscles, joints and bones, blood vessels and some others.

In addition to Apachinsky, Dachnye and Malkinsky springs are also popular among Kamchatka springs. Where the Dacha hot springs come to the surface, the largest in Russia Mutnovskaya geothermal power plant has been built, providing more than 20% of the energy needs of the Kamchatka Territory.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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