11 best trimmer line brands

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Electric trimmers and petrol brushcutters cut the grass by rotating the cord. The two ends of the string provide an easy dissection of the stems and do not dull when hitting stones, as is the case with steel knives. If you choose the wrong cutting element, then the brushcutter will leave gaps. In other situations, there will be an increased load on the engine or the process will have to be stopped frequently to lengthen the broken ends. To make it easier to choose garden tool accessories, we have prepared a rating of the best manufacturers of trimmer line. When compiling the TOP-11, our experts took into account both the characteristics of the products and customer reviews.

How to choose a trimmer line

Before considering the rating of the best manufacturers, let's touch on the criteria for choosing the line for the trimmer itself:

  1. Cord material. When buying a fishing line, you need to be interested in what it is made of. The more plastic the material, the less often the lace will break off. The best ones here are polyamide monofilament and nylon. For especially coarse grass (for example, burdock), a reinforced tooling is used that contains a steel string inside.
  2. Sectional shape. The line is sold in four configurations. Round is considered universal and is used for mowing all types of vegetation. It can also be easily wound onto a spool. The asterisk and the square, due to the pronounced edges, easily cut off rough and overripe grass. The coiled cord makes 50% less noise than other types of line, therefore it is optimal for continuous work.
  3. Diameter. The indicator varies from 1.3 to 5.0 mm. The strength and load on the motor depends on it. 1.3-2.0mm are suitable for trimmers with a power of 0.7-1.0 kW. 2.4 mm is chosen for electric trimmers with a power of 1.4 kW, as well as semi-professional brushcutters. 2.7-5.0mm is a tool for professional garden equipment.

Rating of the best manufacturers of trimmer line

Knowing the specifics of choosing a fishing line, let's move on to the rating of its manufacturers, who have earned a good reputation and have positive reviews from buyers.

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
Rating of the best manufacturers of trimmer line 1 OREGON 5.0
2 Champion 4.9
3 Husqvarna 4.8
4 DDE 4.7
5 Bosch 4.6
6 Rezer 4.5
7 Dolmar 4.4
8 ECHO 4.3
9 Efco 4.2
10 Sturm 4.1
11 PATRIOT 4.0


Rating: 5.0


The first place in the rating is occupied by the American company Oregon, which has been operating since 1947. Now the manufacturer is part of the Blount Inc concern and produces thousands of products for the care of gardens and vegetable gardens. The trimmer line is available in more than 10 individual lines, available in various shapes and diameters. You can buy a reel with a cord length from 30 to 60 m, which ensures long-term operation without changing the spool. For wholesale buyers, the manufacturer offers fishing line in bays of 520 m. Buyers in the reviews like the Techni -280 line, which has an increased temperature threshold and is suitable for cutting dry grass on rocky ground and long-term work.

Our experts put the manufacturer in the first place in the ranking, as it has several interesting lines for trimmer lines, characterized by increased strength. The patented technologies have been applied to the Nyliun Starline and Flexiblade series. The manufacturer added aluminum chips to them, which reduces wear and extends the tool life. There is also a separate Techni-blade series for thorny shrubs, which is equipped with teeth on two ribs. Such a string is capable of cutting through a stem, 2 cm thick.


  • variety of lengths of cutting elements on the spool;
  • there are models for all types of vegetation;
  • the product is conveniently divided by color in order to quickly find out which coil to install on the trimmer;
  • there is a separate Duoline series with a high strength core.


  • high price;
  • long-term storage increases fragility.


Rating: 4.9


The second place in the ranking is occupied by a domestic company established in 2005 and with production facilities in China. Despite the factories in the Celestial Empire, components and raw materials for numerous products are supplied from the USA, India and European countries, which gives good quality and reasonable price. For example, for the manufacture of trimmer fishing line, the manufacturer uses raw materials from France. The range includes trimmer lines in red, green and black. The manufacturer offers the following lines: Round, Twisted Square, Star, Spiral Pro. Buyers in reviews praise the product for bundling it with a special knife, which is convenient for cutting off the lace without additional tools.

We included the manufacturer in the rating due to the presence in the catalog of the extra strong Twisted Square line, produced with a diameter of 4.8 mm. Not all rating participants offer this. The product is optimal for cutting the coarsest grass and even ragweed stems growing up to the waist. Users in the reviews note that the 'sprocket' configuration does not allow caking of the turns due to the air passage, and it is easily fed even during the spool rotation.


  • range of line length in spools from 15 to 168 m;
  • convenient division by color;
  • diameters from 1.3 to 4.8 mm are used;
  • special knife for cutting;
  • there is a coiled cord.


  • emits a loud hum when rotating;
  • when heated, the ends begin to melt.


Rating: 4.8


The third place in the rating belongs to a Swedish manufacturer with a history of several centuries. It all started with the manufacture of weapons, and now the company has focused on gardening equipment and tools. Among the cord for the trimmer, rolls from 12 to 130 m are offered. There are coils of 240 m. Buyers in the reviews like that most types of fishing line have a special coating that prevents the nylon from being welded in the reel from heating. It is easy to feed the cord while mowing. The manufacturer also offers a line with a special shape that resists breaking when exiting the head hole. This technology extends the life of the string. The cutting element is cast in one piece and no fraying is observed at the ends.

According to our experts, the manufacturer deserves a place in the ranking of the best, since it produces more than 20 variants of silent fishing line. During the rotation of such a rig, a sound is emitted with a volume of 7-8 dB, so you can use the trimmer for a long time and without protective headphones. It is the optimal cord for the maintenance of green areas around schools, kindergartens and health centers.


  • long working life;
  • compatibility with any trimmer heads;
  • special shape to prevent kinking;
  • the ends are not separated.


  • high cost of goods;
  • small sizes (12 m) sold without reel – easy to get confused when storing and winding.


Rating: 4.7


The fourth place in the rating is given to the American manufacturer DDE, founded in 1965. Now the brand is the world's leader in the production of electric motor installations, which include trimmers. The company offers high-quality equipment for them, manufactured in the United States. In the manufacturer's catalog you can find products with lengths from 15 to 240 m. The thickness of the offered cord is 2.0-4.0 mm. Most models have reinforcement inside for increased strength. The cord is manufactured from Luran S thermoplastic copolymer. This provides increased resistance to wear despite heat and collisions with obstacles. The owners in the reviews share that the line confidently withstands contact with reinforcement and pieces of concrete.

Our experts liked the manufacturer for its technology that increases the bevel speed, for which it was included in the rating. Each reel proudly states that using this particular cord will add 10% to the cutting speed. Another cord 2.4 mm in diameter is capable of interrupting a burdock up to 5 cm thick, so there is no need to overpay for a thicker fishing line – if necessary, you can clear the summer cottage with this section.


  • cuts nettles well;
  • less than 10 m is spent on five acres of thick grass;
  • the line is resistant to collisions;
  • length range from 15 to 240 m.


  • high price;
  • no 1.3-1.6mm line for low power trimmers.


Rating: 4.6


In fifth place in the ranking is the leading German manufacturer, which has been operating since 1886. Today, this company produces consumer goods, power tools and various equipment. In total, the brand has 5422 patents. The company offers the consumer a trimmer line with a diameter of 1.6, 2.4 and 3.5 mm. The product is produced in small packages of 24-40 m. Most often, a round type of section is used, since it is universal and the most popular. The equipment for electric braces is produced from nylon with the addition of plasticizers to increase softness.

We have included the manufacturer in the rating due to the special shape of the trimmer line. The company often produces rigs not in a reel, but individually, in the form of petals with a metal barrel. In lengths there are products from 23 to 30 cm and are suitable for the Bosch trimmer line. Buyers in the reviews share that such a cord does not deform, maintains the integrity of the ends, and wears out much more slowly than other options. If you bend such a nylon string with your hands, then it will not break.


  • fits tightly on the brushcutter;
  • good petal length 23-30 cm;
  • increased strength and ductility;
  • good aerodynamics of the line reduces consumption on petrol trimmers.


  • high price;
  • a small range of types of fishing line;
  • not applicable to all trimmers.


Rating: 4.5


Our rating is continued by a domestic manufacturer offering three main lines of line for brushcutters: General with a star-shaped cross-section, Ultra-Pro, which is thinner and less noise, and Twistop, which is made with an ellipse. The last series with an elliptical section is especially popular with buyers in reviews, since it is suitable for different types of vegetation, but is more durable than a circle. The company produces only the most popular line diameters of 2.4-3.0 mm. The buyer can choose a reel with a winding from 15 to 114 m, depending on the size of the served area.

The main advantage for which the manufacturer got into the rating of the best is the price of trimmer line. The cost of goods is an order of magnitude lower than that of competitors, so such a cord is more readily bought for caring for a summer cottage or a nearby territory. But the budget has affected the strength of the string, so it is not suitable for professional activities. Another advantage of the manufacturer is the presence of a heptagonal cord model. Thanks to its multiple ribs, it cuts grass faster, which increases productivity.


  • cuts tough, dry grass;
  • attractive cost;
  • made of nylon;
  • packages with a thread length from 15 to 114 m.


  • wears out quickly;
  • increased fragility;
  • cannot be used on areas with stones.


Rating: 4.4


In seventh place in the ranking is the Dolmar brand. Its trimmer line is an original consumable item for Makita electric and brushcutters. The manufacturer himself is located in Germany and supplies equipment for an elite company. High-strength nylon is used as a basis for manufacturing. It uses patented technologies that increase the strength and elasticity of the string. Buyers in the reviews are pleased that they can buy a 3.5 m piece of cord, which is practical for a small garden area and helps to save money. For spacious green areas, there are hanks of 100 m.

The “calling card” of this manufacturer is a line with a twisted square, for which the brand is placed in the rating. The twisted structure effectively reduces the spinning noise on the spindle, and the edges provide an easy cut of the stems. Since the square is twisted, the load from the collision with the stems is evenly distributed over the lace and the rig lasts a long time. This famous product is sold in blue, and a measuring scale is provided on the box to accurately set the ends from the spool according to the instructions.


  • excellent flexibility;
  • long service life;
  • not afraid of collision with stones and iron rods;
  • thick section 2.4-3.0 mm copes with stiff stems.


  • high price;
  • difficult to tuck into Makita trimmers.


Rating: 4.3


We gave the eighth place in the rating to a Japanese manufacturer of garden equipment and consumables, which began its activities in 1947. Since 2000, the company has been actively engaged in the production of brushcutters with an easy engine start. To them, the manufacturer offers several lines of lines: Cross Line and Fire in red, Round Line with a yellow tint and Titanium Power with a silver overflow. All products are not sealed in mica, but in durable plastic cases, which simplify storage of leftovers and transportation.

The manufacturer does not lag behind the global trends for improvement and also offers a line with a cross-section in the form of a twisted square. In order not to merge with competitors, it is produced in black and it is called Black Diamond. Buyers in the reviews share that it is great for cutting reeds and reeds. This product from the rating is useful for those who have a garden plot facing a river or lake. The second version of the twisted line is the Silent Spiral Line, which has rounded corners. This significantly reduces noise during rotation.


  • confidently mows any vegetation;
  • low consumption for fractures and abrasion;
  • produced in skeins from 10 to 324 m.


  • high price;
  • a thick section of 3.0-4.0 mm loads the spool, so it unwinds longer;
  • slightly shaggy around the edges.


Rating: 4.2


The ninth place in the ranking belongs to the Italian manufacturer specializing in gardening and gardening equipment. The brand's brushcutters are in great demand, and the developers are constantly experimenting with new technologies for trimmer lines. Now the concern has several factories in Europe, so the inscription Made in France and others can be found on the packaging with the cord. All of this will be original products that meet the ISO certificate received by the manufacturer back in 2001. The assortment is not divided into rulers by name, but there are all types of sections (square, circle and star). For owners of small areas, you can buy a piece on a reel, 8 m long. The maximum length of a cord on a bobbin is 242 m.

We have added the manufacturer to the rating due to the optimal ratio of product price and cut quality. Most of all the company produces line with a cross section 'star', which is distinguished by high performance. Some users share in the reviews that it is so versatile that they do not have to put knives on the trimmer.


  • fits any trimmer;
  • increased string softness;
  • there are diameters from 1.6 to 3.3 mm.


  • blister packaging is inconvenient for storing excess pieces;
  • the edges unfold.


Rating: 4.1


In our top ten, there is another manufacturer that has been operating in Germany since the beginning of the 21st century. Now its industrial facilities are located in China, which reduced the cost of production due to cheaper labor. The company produces attractive trimmer line in bold colors – instead of the traditional red and yellow, the brand supplies light green and orange laces. The equipment is produced both in coils and turns, and cut into strips for different trimmer models. Available in diameters from 1.6 to 4.0 mm. Buyers in the reviews praise the heptagonal cord, which is characterized by increased performance.

Our experts have added the manufacturer to the rating due to the presence of an extra strong GT3535-2.4-S cord, which is produced with the additional inscription Metal Power. Steel core inside a nylon braid increases the strength of the cutting element and extends its life by 50% compared to other models. Also in the manufacturer's catalog you can find spools that can hold 490-775 m of trimmer line, which is beneficial to owners of spacious gardens or utilities.


  • attractive cost;
  • there are both short (10-15 m) and very long sections (490-775 m), which helps to save money;
  • in the catalog all diameters for different growths.


  • no division into series (only long numbers);
  • often the line is sold without packaging at all (wound on a cardboard loop).


Rating: 4.0


Our rating is completed by an American manufacturer whose products have long been produced at factories in China. The assortment of lines is presented in several series: Roundline in yellow, Starline in green, Standart in light green and black Profiline, which is a twisted square. The company has focused on the most common diameters from 1.6 to 3.0 mm, so a thicker cord cannot be found. According to the reviews, it can be seen that the line from this manufacturer is easily tucked into the spool and fits different trimmers. But the cords are sold only in lengths of 15 m and only a few copies are 60 m, so the products are more suitable for domestic use.

The pride of the manufacturer is the Duoline two-tone line. It is pink-white in color because it is made of polyamide and is additionally reinforced with polymer. This technology provides increased strength, for which the product got into the rating. Buyers in the reviews share that it is even difficult to cut it with a knife, which indicates its strength, but it makes it a little difficult to install it in the trimmer.


  • easily mows weeds;
  • soft and elastic;
  • affordable price;
  • diameters from 1.6 to 3.0 mm for any need.


  • difficult to cut with a trimmer knife;
  • almost all of the cord is supplied in 15m spools – there are not many large coils.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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