11 best sites for finding cheap flights

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Traveling, especially unplanned travel, is a rather expensive undertaking. And often the lion's share of the cost of the trip is taken by air tickets. Carriers and airports set completely inhuman tariffs, which makes it impossible for most people to simply 'jump off the spot and fly somewhere'.

However, there are ways to save money on travel. And this is not only the use of exclusively low-cost airlines. Even large companies often offer flights at ridiculous prices. The main thing is not to miss this moment.

And special services will help in finding cheap air tickets. The sites collect information about fares and special offers, so you can find very low-cost flights. Especially for people who want to travel inexpensively and comfortably, we have compiled a rating of the 11 best sites for finding cheap flights – with a user-friendly interface and messages about promotions.

Rating of the best sites for finding cheap flights

Nomination a place site name rating
Rating of the best sites for finding cheap flights 1 Skyscanner 5.0
2 Aviasales 4.9
3 Momondo.ru 4.8
4 AnyWayAnyDay.com 4.7
5 Ozon.Travel 4.6
6 Bravofly.com 4.5
7 Kayak.ru 4.4
8 Trip.ru 4.3
9 Expedia 4.2
10 Avia.yandex.ru 4.1
11 Kupibilet.ru 4.0


Rating: 5.0


Why him: Convenient direct flight search interface and special offers for 'surprise' travel.

The Skyscanner cheap flights search site will especially appeal to people who would like to fly 'somewhere on vacation', but do not know where. A special section with increased discounts will help you choose a place that you can visit with a minimum of funds. In addition, he has a section with tickets for the so-called 'weekend tours' – for those who like to spend weekends in other cities and countries, but are not ready to spend kilos of money on travel.

Another important advantage of the site is the ability to choose direct flights even before the ticket search is carried out. This will especially appeal to residents of the regions whose local airports operate international routes every few days, and do not want to spend a lot of time on transfers at transport hubs.

In addition to the actual routes, Skyscanner also offers hotel and car rental bookings.


  • Special sections with increased discounts;
  • Convenient applications for mobile OS;
  • The ability to select only direct flights even before the launch of the search engine.


  • Insufficiently transparent flight conditions (for example, it is impossible to find out whether baggage is included in the ticket price or not on the website);
  • Slow transitions from SkyScanner pages to sellers directly;
  • Inconvenient search interface for hotels in some regions.


Rating: 4.9


Why him: The ability to find out the average price for a ticket before it is issued.

The website for finding cheap flights Aviasales is well suited for planning trips 3-4 weeks before their start. Thanks to the unique interface of the platform, you can find out the prices for flights even before searching for tickets and, if necessary, adjust the departure date by moving it a couple of days later or earlier, but at the same time saving significantly.

In addition, unlike the previous website in the ranking, Aviasales shows more transparent and understandable information about flights. You can see not only the flight time and the number of transfers, but also the amount of luggage.

But the main thing is that the site looks for tickets not only on the services for their sale, but also directly in the carriers' bases. This can lead to significant savings on a number of routes, especially if you book several months in advance. There are also price change notifications for selected destinations that will help you purchase tickets during promotions or similar discount periods.


  • Search for air tickets on the websites of carriers directly for additional savings;
  • Transparent and clear display of information about the selected route;
  • The ability to see the average ticket price before searching.


  • Inconvenient and intrusive advertising of a hotel booking service;
  • There is little information for travelers on the Aviasales website itself;
  • Lots of unnecessary and even annoying emails from Aviasales.


Rating: 4.8


Why him: Ability to customize the route in detail.

The website for finding cheap flights momondo.ru offers a convenient route builder that will help you book the perfect flight for the needs of the passenger. For example, if you do not like the departure time presented by the service, the carrier or the conditions, you can always choose any other ticket.

In addition, it offers a rather interesting feature for experienced tourists – the ability to choose the continent of arrival. Instead of specifying a country or a specific city, you can choose the mainland you want to visit – and the site will show you the cheapest air tickets in this direction.

Momondo will also show the popular tourist destinations this season – countries and cities. This will also help with choosing a place to stay. Otherwise, it is similar to other platforms for finding cheap flights in the ranking – it mainly aggregates offers from sellers, suggests optimal routes, and much more.


  • Route constructor with the ability to independently select tickets for each of the segments;
  • Interesting offers for experienced tourists, 'Where to go' tips;
  • Convenient selection interface.


  • Low information content of cards indicating routes and directions;
  • Slow transitions from Momondo pages to seller sites;
  • Aggressive promotion of its own ticket sales service eDreams.


Rating: 4.7


Why him: A powerful search engine that allows you to find tickets for any type of transport.

AnyWayAnyDay.com is not just a website for finding cheap flights. It is a powerful search engine that allows you to find the perfect route. Using AnyWayAnyDay, you can choose the ideal options – perfect for both the flight time and additional carrier services.

On the same site you can book trips to other types of public transport. For example, if your route runs through Europe, you can buy train tickets here. Or immediately arrange a transfer from the airport to the hotel – which will be much more profitable than using the services of local taxi drivers. And, of course, the hotel booking service is also presented here. And finally, when buying a ticket, you can immediately get insured.

All in all, AnyWayAnyDay is a powerful travel planning tool. You can take all the necessary tickets, book accommodation and arrange a transfer to the hotel.


  • The ability to book not only an air ticket, but also additional necessary transport;
  • Detailed information about the flight is already in the ticket cards;
  • Convenient and modern interface, minimum of intrusive advertising offers.


  • Doesn't look through the websites of small airlines, which is why he may miss some promotional periods;
  • There is a small commission for ticket issuance;
  • Slight freezes when buying a ticket.


Rating: 4.6


Why him: The ability to purchase tickets in installments, a separate page with special offers.

The site for finding cheap air tickets Ozon.Travel is the only seller in the ranking where you can buy tickets in installments. It is, however, offered by platform partners, so approval is not guaranteed. In addition, these same partners take a large commission for their services, so this is not a very 'fair' installment plan. Nevertheless, this is the best option when an urgent trip is required, and there is simply no money for it.

The second important advantage of 'Ozone.Travel' is the availability of a page with special offers. It is regularly updated and you can buy the desired air tickets with huge discounts on it. And for the time remaining before departure – prepare for the trip.

But the mechanism of searching for tickets on the service itself will take some getting used to. It is not even very convenient – when making a round-trip route, you need to make a lot of additional and non-obvious clicks.


  • Possibility of purchasing plane tickets by installments or with payment by installments;
  • A separate page with special offers from carrier airlines;
  • Detailed information about the flight directly on the ticket card.


  • Inconvenient route entry, especially if a round-trip flight is required;
  • Inconvenient, non-obvious search results page;
  • Imposing additional services such as flight and health insurance.


Rating: 4.5


Why him: A foreign service, ideal for purchasing tickets to Europe or the USA.

Bravofly is a completely foreign service, so it is ideal for purchasing and booking flights to European and American countries. It has partnered with local carriers to offer the most cost effective options for some routes. So, here it is best to look for air transport to US cities.

An interesting feature of the service is thematic offers. So, here you can pick up trips to romantic places, beach resorts, inspirational, crazy, relaxing routes. Moreover, unlike similar offers from other booking services, countries or cities are not simply described here – the necessary flight is completely selected here.

It should be noted that the service is focused exclusively on the English-speaking audience. There is no Russian interface here. In addition, he does not cooperate with carriers in Russia and the CIS countries, so he does not offer special prices for such flights.


  • The lowest prices for flights within the USA and Europe;
  • Interesting travel offers;
  • When issuing a ticket, you can give special instructions to the carrier – without direct contact with the airline.


  • There are no special offers for domestic routes in Russia;
  • There are no special offers for routes to the near abroad;
  • English only in the interface.


Rating: 4.4


Why him: The ability to purchase tours (tickets and hotel) at once, convenient preset filtering.

The site for finding cheap flights Kayak.ru is suitable for those tourists who want to spend a minimum of time searching for a reservation and at the same time get a comfortable flight. Here, the search results show a minimum of options thanks to the preset filtration – without transfers or with 1 transfer. No, if you want, you can turn off this function – if you suddenly want to spend more money and at the same time visit several airports along the way.

But this is not the only advantage of this service. So called 'tours' can also be booked here. That is, simultaneously, within the framework of a single request, purchase both the necessary air tickets and a hotel room. This will help in planning your trip budget and organizing it.

However, the service only looks at ticket sellers. On some routes, it may be more beneficial to check the prices directly from the carriers first.


  • Sophisticated automatic filtering of search results;
  • Possibility of simultaneous booking of air transport and hotel rooms;
  • Convenient and intuitive site interface.


  • Doesn't browse websites of some airlines, only sellers;
  • Non-transparent information about the flight in the offer card;
  • There is no separate page for special offers.


Rating: 4.3


Why him: Convenient timing of departure and arrival.

One of the main features of this platform is the most convenient choice of departure and arrival times. Flights are not divided into dozens of different offers, but are grouped into one. And therefore, you can choose a convenient time of departure and arrival, while having complete information about the cost.

According to representatives of Trip.ru itself, they are constantly negotiating with air carriers to provide the best pricing policy. Indeed, some domestic Russian routes from companies such as Utair or S7 Airlines are cheaper than other platforms in the ranking.

Like most of its competitors, Trip.ru has additional services, such as hotel reservations or car rental at points of arrival. It is also quite useful when planning your travels. Moreover, the hotel booking service is distinguished by increased convenience compared to competitors.


  • Special price offers from some domestic Russian air carriers;
  • Convenient display of air tickets in the list with a simple choice of departure / arrival time;
  • Multifunctional hotel booking system.


  • The selection system is extremely non-standard and requires getting used to;
  • International flight data is collected from sellers, not carriers themselves, which may result in a higher price than the carrier.


Rating: 4.2


Why him: A platform for booking not only air tickets, but in general everything that may be required on a trip.

On the Expedia travel platform, you can book not only cheap flights, but also everything you need to travel. For example, a hotel room, a rental car, a yacht cruise, tickets to any event or various venues, and even rent an apartment! At the same time, the site offers to buy all this in 'packages', with which you can additionally save.

So, you can simultaneously book a cheap air ticket, a room in the desired hotel and a rental car to travel around the city. Or one of these. Or a separate hotel and a car, for example – why not? Savings when booking a package can be up to 20-30%, which is very pleasant for long trips.

Expedia also offers special rates for community members, provides travel tips, and has handy mobile apps.


  • Own rating of flight comfort;
  • Possibility of simultaneous booking of air transport, hotel and car for increased savings;
  • Convenient mobile applications.


  • High prices for domestic flights and flights to the near abroad;
  • There is no Russian language in the interface;
  • There are few options for routes in Russia and the CIS countries.


Rating: 4.1


Why him: A cheap flight aggregator from Yandex, a handy price tracking tool.

The aggregator of cheap air tickets 'Yandex.Air tickets' offers really the best prices for domestic flights and routes to the near abroad. The site works directly with airlines, so that the cost of the route does not include commission fees of sellers and other intermediaries. In some areas, this platform offers better prices than its competitors in the ranking.

But the main advantage of the site is a convenient tool for choosing the time with the cheapest flights. This is important when it comes to vacation – you can save up to 50% of the cost if you go a day or two earlier or later. The prices for airline services are displayed in a convenient chart, from which it is immediately clear which day it is worth flying.

In addition, a variety of special offers are published on the main page of the site, which are grouped not only by prices, but also by the specifics of the direction.


  • Convenient grouping of special offers on the main page of the site;
  • The lowest prices for air tickets to some destinations;
  • Convenient demonstration of the features of air tickets in the search results.


  • Few partners, which is why the number of flight options is also limited;
  • Non-standard arrangement of filters, because of which you will have to get used to the site interface;
  • Comparatively slow search.


Rating: 4.0


Why it is: Convenient and simple interface, fast search, mobile applications.

Quite a standard site for finding flights at a low price, which, at the same time, boasts a simple and pleasant interface, as well as a unique technology of 'smart routes'.

Smart Route technology is the perfect solution for travelers flying to rare destinations. Thanks to her, the site neatly joins the flight segments, sending the tourist to a variety of airports – so that he gets to his destination on time, safely and accurately.

The site interface is not only lightweight, but also understandable. You can clearly, at a glance, understand what time the flight departs, when it arrives and whether there is luggage on the route. Like its competitors, the kupibilet.ru website offers the opportunity to book not only an air ticket, but also a hotel room at the destination.

The site also has mobile applications that will appeal to those who travel frequently.


  • Smart routes to help you get to remote or rare places;
  • Light, beautiful and intuitive website interface;
  • Convenient mobile applications.


  • Search for air tickets mainly on the websites of intermediary sellers;
  • A minimum of additional functions, especially in comparison with competitors in the ranking;
  • The hotel search service uses the Booking.com API.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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