11 best rock bands of all time

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Rock music appeared in the 50s of the last century and later a relatively short time has become one of the most popular genres. A huge number of rock bands appeared, but only units of them managed to become true legends, with huge Album runs and millions of dedicated fans around the world. We present you our selection of eleven most significant and popular rock bands for the entire existence of the genre.

Rating of the best rock bands of all time

Nomination a place rock band rating
Rating of the best rock bands of all time 1 The beatles 5.0
2 Nirvana 4.9
3 Queen 4.8
4 Led zeppelin 4.7
5 Pink floyd 4.6
6 The rolling stones 4.5
7 AC / DC 4.5
8 Metallica 4.5
9 Aerosmith 4.4
10 U2 4.3
11 Kiss 4.3

The beatles

Rating: 5.0

The Beatles1.jpg

Both musicologists and ordinary rock connoisseurs are sure that the Beatles are one of the greatest music groups in history. Success four young performers was just phenomenal, no one has yet was just as popular on both sides of the ocean and didn’t so strong influence on the development of musical art. The group can be called with full confidence the icon of their time.

The Beatles formed in 1960 at the initiative of a young and ambitious liverpool musician john lennon. Initial the composition of the group changed after Lennon met Paul McCartney. About a year later, they were joined by 15-year-old George Harrison, and over time, the group replenished with a drummer named Ringo Starr. With the popularity of the Beatles moved to London, where in February 1963 recorded their debut album in amazing short term – in just one day. A year later, their second the album, after which the Beatles came up with stunning success, nicknamed Beatlemania. Musicians gathered huge stadiums, and sales of their discs broke all records. News about the group flashed in the largest newspapers in different countries, and adolescents imitated team members in hairstyles and dressing style. In 1965 released the album “Help!” containing the famous “Yesterday”. In the same the Beatles were awarded the Order of the British Empire for their contribution to culture of the country.

During its existence, the group published 13 studio albums and gave almost a half thousand concerts around the world.


Rating: 4.9


A cult and recognizable group, a true symbol of rebellious youth spirit of the 90s. Thanks to the creativity of this group there was a huge surge in the popularity of the grunge style before which was held in high esteem only in a relatively narrow circle of fans hardcore punk.

Nirvana was formed in 1988 in the American city of Seattle. The first full album titled “Bleach” was released a year later, after which the group went on a tour of the country, visiting with concerts of 26 cities. Even then, the public is extremely supportive took the group’s songs. But real glory was yet to come.

The most successful album “Nevermind”, which included the corrosive and unforgettable “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, musicians recorded two months in Los Angeles. The initial circulation was 250,000 copies, but eventually surging wild frenzy led to million copies. Also due to the influence of Nirvana occurred evolution in fashion, grunge has become a sought after style in clothing and design.

Although their work was accompanied by absolute success, the lead singer of the group, Kurt Cobain suffered from depression and drug addiction, which led to his tragic death in April 1994, after which the group broke up. But despite a relatively short stay at musical Olympus, Nirvana is still a landmark rock band.


Rating: 4.8


Queen is known for its catchy compositions and original style. They were also one of the first to release clips from installation and special effects. Freddie Mercury’s talented vocals and mix rock with glam and jazz made the band’s work especially bright.

The foundation for future success was laid back in his student years with the creation of the collective, then called 1984, in honor of George Orwell’s famous dystopian novel. Played in it Tim Staffell and Brian May, Art College Students His first The beginning musicians gave a concert in 1964.

1970 was a turning point when he joined the group Farukh Bulsara, who proposed the new name Queen, and he took stage name Freddie Mercury. The team gradually recruited popularity, but world fame came only after the third studio album “Sheer Heart Attack”. Soon after that came out single “Bohemian Rhapsody”, immediately climbed to the top music charts. By the time the famous “We Are The Champions “and” We Will Rock You “the number of fans of the group in the millions.

Despite the illness and death of Freddie Mercury, the main star Queen, the collective continues to this day concert activity.

Led zeppelin

Rating: 4.7

Led Zeppelin.jpg

British band Led Zeppelin is famous for its unique diverse sound and mixing styles. She had a considerable influence on the further development of heavy metal, hard rock, and contemporary music art in general. Certificate the success of the group is the circulation of albums, which makes more than 300 million copies. Led Zeppelin were recognized the best band of the 70s and are on the list of the hundred greatest artists hard rock.

The creative team was formed in 1968 in London, at the peak hippie movement popularity. Musicians drew no inspiration only in rock and roll and similar genres, but even in folk ballads and eastern tunes. Debut album, which was called Led Zeppelin, was recorded in just 36 hours. The second album was created already on the road during a tour of the USA and the UK. Became a landmark their fourth album, which is still on the list of best rock music of all time. He contained including famous songs like “Black Dog” and “Stairway to Heaven”.

After the death of drummer John Bonham in 1980, the band announced the cessation of activities, recording the last farewell album “Coda”.

Pink floyd

Rating: 4.6

Pink Floyd.jpg

The true legends of psychedelic rock, which also appeared in styles of art rock and progressive rock. Pink Floyd are known as their unforgettable musical style and use to use modern equipment during performances. The concerts were accompanied by laser shows, animations and videos. Separate theme – lyrics containing powerful semantic content, more often all raising acute social problems.

The group was created in 1965 by Sid Barrett, Roger Waters, Rick Wright and Nick Mason, who were then students. Title Pink Floyd was a reference to the names of two idols of Barrett: blues musicians Kick Anderson and Floyd Councilville. Sid Barrett stood out among the members of the group as a talented guitarist, composer and author of texts. Their first album, entitled “The Piper At The Gate of Dawn “was filled with freaky fantastic compositions inspired by Barrett’s experiments with LSD. However soon due to worsening mental state he had to leave a group.

In 1971, the album “Meddle” was released, containing the cult composition “Echoes”. Two years later, Pink Floyd recorded “The Dark Side Of The Moon “, which for more than 15 years was part of the American rating of two hundred best albums.

Album “Delicate Sound of Thunder” became famous in a special way – it was the first rock music that sounded in space, on board the Soviet Union TM-7.

Currently, the band members are focusing on solo projects.

The rolling stones

Rating: 4.5

The Rolling Stones1.jpg

Many fans and critics are sure that the work of this the legendary team will not lose relevance for dozens more years old. The Rolling Stones deservedly called rock and roll veterans and considered an essential part of world music history. Success band speaks for itself – world circulation of sold albums in the hundreds of millions.

It all started in the 1960s with the hobbies of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards American Blues. Soon, friends moved to London, where founded the group, borrowing the name from one of the songs Muddy Waters. The Rolling Stones began by rethinking the classic blues tunes in rock processing, but gradually created their own unique style.

The release of their debut album and the ensuing tour were marked by mass hysteria fans of the group. Riots at concerts and riotous The behavior of fans has become commonplace. And with the growth of fame and the release of a number of new albums the number of loyal fans only grew up. The most successful album is “Exile on Main St”, released in 1972. But most of all the group was singles glorified, such as “Paint It Black” and “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”.

1993 was an important milestone in the history of The Rolling Stones – since a permanent “ageless” team has been formed, in which included Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Charlie Watts. Four musicians continued to conquer the audience with their unique charisma.

Currently, despite the fact that the members of the group are already in favor 70, they still gather full stadiums of listeners on their concerts.


Rating: 4.5


The influence of the Australian band AC / DC on the genre of rock music is difficult to overestimate, her energetic compositions served as a source inspiration for many new bands and musicians, performing punk rock, alternative rock, metal, grunge and others styles.

The name for the group created in 1973 was invented by its first participants, Malcolm and Angus Yangi. The brothers saw the inscription AC / DC, denoting alternating and direct current, on a sewing machine and decided that such an acronym perfectly conveys the crude energy of the living performances at rock concerts.

Fame came after participating in a television show “Countdown”, broadcast across Australia. Even then, the musicians were known for their powerful shows and provocative lyrics. Gradually, the group managed to succeed on the British stage, and Highway To Hell Releases AC / DC To World music charts.

In 1980, “Back in Black” was released containing the hits “Back in Black “and” You Shook Me All Night Long “, and called by critics a significant milestone in the history of hard rock. In 2002, the group awarded a place of honor in the New York Hall of Fame rock and roll.

AC / DC is still the most popular rock band at home, and one of the most recognizable in the world.


Rating: 4.5


For many, Metallica is a living symbol of modern hard rock, their music and logo are known around the world. Albums groups are published in millions of copies, and the adoration of countless many fans sometimes reaches almost religious level.

Created a team in 1981 by Los Angeles beginners musicians James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. Metallica’s path to the present fame began with moving to San Francisco and recording in 1983 debut album “Kill‘ Em All “.

The next milestone in the development of the group was the release of a disc under called … And Justice for All, which went platinum and brought their first Grammy Award. But the fifth effect had the greatest effect. 1991 album – “The Black Album”, which included the song “The Unforgiven “,” Nothing Else Matters “,” Sad But True “and others masterpieces of rock lyrics. The group has grown from very popular to cult, and apparently, this status will remain for her decades.


Rating: 4.4


Famous icons of world rock keep on stage for now half a century, having sold over 150 million albums during this time and having received a considerable number of prestigious music awards.

The group started in 1970 in the American city of Boston, by the initiative of old friends Steve Tyler and Joe Perry. They collected a new team which, in addition to themselves, includes Ray Tabano and Joey Kramer

The first album titled “Aerosmith” was not very warm received by critics, but the audience liked, laying the foundation for further development. The next disc “Get Your Wings” became multi-platinum, and brought real world fame.

After the sixth collection, the group broke up for five whole years and only thanks to the efforts of manager Tim Collins was able to again to reunite. Their most iconic hits Aerosmith released in 1990s. Among them, the songs “Crazy” and “Cryin’ “, which were filmed, and of course, the immortal “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, which became the soundtrack of the blockbuster “Armageddon”.


Rating: 4.3


Irish rock band takes an honorable 22nd place in the list of hundreds greatest artists of all time compiled by Rolling Magazine Stone Also, during their activity, they managed to sell over 170 million albums and receive twenty-two Grammy Awards.

The initiator of the creation of the musical collective was the 14-year-old Larry Mullen, who in 1976 brought together several talented teenagers including Paul David Hewson, who took stage name Bono. The group was first called Feedback, then The Hype, and only in 1978, the mysterious U2 was chosen for it. The name may be associated with an American bomber. Lockheed U-2, and with the slang friendly “you too” (you too).

The album “War”, released in 1983 year. The song New Year’s Day soon became a recognizable hit in many countries of the world. And the fifth album “The Joshua Tree” led to that the photos of the band’s members graced the cover of Time magazine. FROM since then U2 has consistently gathered fan stadiums on its performances. In addition to concert activities and recording albums, the group also participated in the creation of soundtracks for a number of Hollywood blockbusters.


Rating: 4.3


Kiss is known for its original and vibrant theatrical performances, bright makeup on their faces, extravagant costumes and no less extravagant manner performances. In addition to hard and glam rock, musicians experimented with grunge, art rock and other styles.

The group formed in 1973 under the name Wicked Lester, but over time, the team was reorganized. Paul Stanley entered it, Jim Simmons, Ace Freilly and Peter Criss. From the very beginning was invented the concept of theatricalization of performances, the use of makeup, stage outfits and thick-soled shoes.

The first Kiss album was released in 1974. Since then the group shocked the audience with more and more spectacular and unusual concerts using various kinds of special effects.

The highlight of Kiss was the song “I Was Made For Lovin’ You, ” included in the album “Dynasty”. In 1989, after Hot in the Shade “the world heard the famous ballad” Forever “.

At the moment, the musicians are preparing to leave. It was announced that the members of the group will end their career at the end of the last round “One Last Kiss: End of the Road World.”

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