11 best remedies for warts

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

At the very beginning of the review drugs for warts must be warned: only after receiving a dermatologist can you accurately diagnose, and find out if the formation is suspicious of malignancy. Not any elevation above the surface of the skin may be a wart, then there is a benign tumor and epidermal derivative. IN some cases (old age, pain, discoloration, bleeding) we are talking about malignant neoplasms of the skin, among which basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or melanoma.

Attention! Any attempts on their own, without consult a doctor, remove a disturbing person unusual “pseudo-wart” can lead to an outbreak of metastasis and generalization of the malignant process, which will significantly reduce lifetime.

Therefore, this rating is intended for those people who have there really are ordinary, or vulgar warts, which are most often found on arms and legs, in color not differ from neighboring skin areas, and have a rough surface. Additionally, there are such varieties of warts, such as flat and senile. Separate formations are condylomas. It makes no sense to fight senile and flat warts, since in the first case they will appear again, and in the second in case of their localization often includes a person, and this should be addressed specialist – dermatocosmetologist.

In the same case, if we are talking about ordinary warts, then they can be removed independently at home, without resorting to laser technology, surgical excision and electrocoagulation. This wart remedy rating includes local cauterizing agents, skin softeners, and facilitating subsequent removal – keratolytics. Also reviewed low temperature wart removers, and some antiviral and immunotropic drugs aimed to suppress a viral infection.

In this rating of drugs to remove warts hands “includes prices for each position. The price will be average for pharmacies of all forms of ownership, and relevant for the end of 2018. Opens a list of cauterizing and mummifying drugs activity against warts.

Rating of the best remedies for warts

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best cauterizing (coagulating) remedies for warts 1 Collomac 272 rub
2 Verrucacid 203 rub
3 Solcoderm 954 rub
4 Kondilin 660 rub
5 Lapis pencil 123 rub
Do-it-yourself cryodestruction of warts 1 Cryopharma and Wartner Cryo 849 rub
The best keratolytics from warts 1 Wartox – cream-paste 182 rub
2 Salipod 92 rub
3 Salicylic acid 19 rub
The best antiviral and immune remedies for warts 1 Oxolinic ointment (dioxotetrahydroxytetrahydronaphthalene) 30 rub
2 Isoprinosine (Groprinosin, Normomed) 585 rub

The best cauterizing (coagulating) remedies for warts

Most often, cauterizing agents are active acids, intense oxidizing agents, the purpose of which is local necrosis, i.e. tissue necrosis. Why are never used alkalis, which are also capable of causing cell death? The thing is, that acids have a drying effect and cause protein denaturation, while limiting the necrosis zone. They coagulate proteins. In the case of alkali, the opposite occurs. process: in the depths of tissues saponification of fats begins, since alkali dissolves fat. If you try to reduce it yourself wart with caustic potassium, then get a loose zone nothing limited necrosis that will spread deep into side.

Therefore, in no case can be applied in the form self-treatment concentrated alkaline solutions for information warts.

What are the modern pharmaceutical products industry that are cauterizing?


Rating: 4.9


Collomac is salicylic and lactic acid, which are rather weak in terms of chemistry, as well as polydocanol. But their the joint action on proteins is quite strong. Together they produce keratolytic effect, destroy keratinized cells epithelium, loosen the wart and contribute to chemical the destruction of this formation. As for polydocanol, he causes microthrombosis, or sclerosis of a suitable wart blood vessels and also has a light painkiller act.

It is necessary to apply Collomac naturally, only externally, using special brush attached to the packaging brush, which integrated in the bottle cap. One must be dripped onto the wart a drop of solution twice a day. In case of common lesions, when you need to apply the drug to large areas of the skin, for one once you can not spend more than 1 ml of solution, or 10% of the entire package. If the product is used in children, it can only be applied on one wart. In addition to warts, this drug is indicated for for the treatment of chronic corns, softening of rough sections of the epidermis on the skin of the feet. Usually the course of use of this tool does not last longer than 1 week. This product is released by the Egyptian company Henry Poppy, and 10 ml of solution in a bottle with a lid will cost 350 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Slight redness usually occurs during treatment. areas of edema on healthy skin around the wart. She usually disappears after two days, and do not be afraid. This is a normal occurrence. Collomac’s treatment is painless, and after a few days a dark brown scab appears on the wart. In no case You can not remove it, the scab should fall off on its own. In addition to these minor unpleasant symptoms, intolerance is possible salicylates, the interaction of acid with some other drugs, for example derivatives sulfonylureas, which are used for diabetes. Also a relative disadvantage is the need to wait until the solution dries up, you can not use the drug in children under 1 year old, and, most the main thing – you need to apply the tool only on simple warts, and it is forbidden to apply Collomac on birthmarks, education in genital area, face, or covered with hairs.


Rating: 4.8


This is a domestic wart control agent, which has very simple composition: aromatic alcohol phenol and metacresol. Together, these two active chemicals cauterize, coagulate the skin, and exhibit an antiseptic effect. Shown Verrucacid not only with conventional warts located on the skin hands and feet, but also in the presence of papillomas, dry corns, keratitis and genital warts.

This medication must be applied once with a thin wooden stick on small warts and papillomas, the size of which is not exceeds 2 mm. If the formations are larger, then you need lubricate them several times, usually 3 to 4, repeating application after each drying. Usually for the complete reduction of warts on hands and soles it is necessary to apply Verrukacid from 7 to 10 times with an interval of 3 minutes. In order not to cause burns to others normal skin areas, it is necessary to lubricate the circumference wart with zinc paste, for prevention. Concerning genital warts, it is recommended that their procedure Verrucacid removal was performed by a dermatovenerologist or urologist. As in the previous case, a scab appears on the warts, which disappears independently on average, after a week.

If, after his falling away, it turned out that the education had left not until the end, you can re-process. If necessary the number of such repeated procedures can be up to 4 or 5. The drug this is produced by the domestic pharmaceutical company Retinoids, and it is produced in a 2 ml bottle, and its cost is 240 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantage of Verrucacid is a rather rude action, since the ingredients are not any specific and dermatotropic. But, despite their high overall activity, the effect may not develop right away, and in a pinch, you can treat up to 5 courses, which will take a total time longer months. Verrucacid is contraindicated in the presence of formations on mucous membranes and border of lips, in children under the age of seven, and there is a restriction on the area of ​​the lesion. Do not apply it on skin with a total area of ​​more than 20 square centimeters in avoid systemic resorption. On the other hand, the advantage is ease of use and low price.


Rating: 4.8


The real “hellish mixture” for warts is Solcoderm. is he contains nitric copper, strong nitric and acetic, and also lactic and oxalic acids. It is available in liquid form. One packaging – just one ampoule with a volume of 0.2 milliliters, almost 2-3 drops. Such a small volume is dictated by security considerations. Very strong acids can cause serious burns, especially in the mouth and eyes, and in Household may cause damage to property.

With Solcoderm, drying and necrosis quickly develop affected tissue. At the very beginning, when applied to the skin, it discolors, and then turns pale or yellow. it a characteristic sign of drying and mummification. The fabric is already considered dead, and then she can only lose water, and get a dark brown color. The resulting scab after a few days in itself peels off painlessly.

Solcoderm is applied to ordinary and plantar warts, can be used if the patient has gabled genital warts, with certain types of nevus, but with mandatory its confirmation of good quality. If carried out ineptly mixing the warts, there may be overdose effects, and damage to the deep layers of the fabric, so Solcoderm is applied owed either by a doctor, or directly under medical supervision, with pre-treatment of the skin with ethyl alcohol or ether. First you need to remove the stratum corneum on the warts, if he is. To improve epidermal necrotization, preferably after applying Solcoderm and drying it up to 3 times a day treat these areas with 70% ethanol.

Valeant company produces Solkoderm, and it costs so little an ampoule of 955 rubles, which makes it one of the most expensive in the wide pharmacy sale. If the amount was 2 ml (total 2 cubic meters. cm), then this ampoule would cost about 10 thousand rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Solcoderm is the speed of action, high activity, and side effects can be attributed slightly short-term burning, and, possibly, subsequent scar formation. The disadvantage of Solcoderm is its extremely high cost, given the extremely small amount of packaging, and low cost source components that are produced in tens of tons per chemical plants. The inconvenience will be the need to engage in medical staff process, the subsequent use of strong ethyl alcohol, as well as chemical instability of the solution. This the fact means that one ampoule is only for processing one wart, and only once. It is certainly very expensive. IN for the rest, this tool is very effective, and if the patient is a single and small wart, then Solcoderm – It’s a great choice. Of course, if there is a thousand rubles for “one-time” procedure.


Rating: 4.7


As follows from the name of this drug manufactured by the company Yamanouchi, it is intended to eliminate genital warts. AND, although condylomas are not exactly warts, they must be included in rating at least one tool specially created for information genital warts. Condylinum contains podophyllotoxin which does not only cauterizing and mummifying action, as in the past case, but also the so-called anti-mitotic. In illiterate written articles on the Internet sometimes write “anti-mycotic”, that is antifungal, but fungi have nothing to do with it. Antimitotic – means “preventing mitosis”, is division and cell reproduction. That is why Kondilin costs significantly more expensive than its predecessors, because in addition to chemical destruction, it “prohibits” cell division, and prevents relapses.

You should know that Condilin is specifically designed to treat only genital warts, and it should not be applied to warts, this unlikely to bring about any desired effect. Special the applicators that are applied to the packaging are plastic ring on a long handle. It needs to be dipped in solution and then put on a condyloma, thus, smearing it from all sides. Apply Condilin in this way for 3 days, morning and evening, After 12 hours. Then take a break at 4 days, and then continue again. In this case, the course should not exceed 1 month. The cost of one package of Condilin with a volume of 3.5 ml the content of the active component in 0.5% is an average of 3000 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Kondilin is a powerful modern remedy that is enough for a long time. But it is advisable to apply it exactly to condylomas, since the drug is quite allergic. Of the side effects noted itching, burning, small sores, inflammatory signs, swelling, redness and soreness. Therefore, it is desirable to conduct treatment under the supervision of a doctor. Before you start to apply the drug, smear the surrounding healthy tissues around (e.g. penile head), zinc ointment, or petroleum jelly.

Lapis pencil

Rating: 4.6


Lapis is silver nitrate, which also refers to cauterizing compounds. Lapis pencil is used not only in medicine, but also in jewelry: its application to metal allows distinguish between gold and fake. He’s almost forgotten by modern medicine, but in vain. In addition to the bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, the lapis pencil is still very cauterizing and necrotic epidermis. If there are small warts on the hands or feet, then if you immediately use a lapis pencil, you can get rid from them without any expensive drugs. Silver nitrate has a bactericidal effect, and does not allow to develop in warts human papillomavirus (HPV).

How to use a lapis pencil to reduce warts? For you need to wet his tip in cold water, and grate wart once or twice a day. To each pencil instructions are applied and course duration should be determined treatment based on this instruction. It is released by Ignacamph LLC, Russia, the city of Manturovo. One pencil costs 145 rubles, which is quite inexpensively.

Advantages and disadvantages

Lapis pencil is an inexpensive first-line drug, which can reduce ordinary vulgar warts right after they appearances, and this will be a very effective means. Perhaps only hypersensitivity to silver does not allow its use. Contraindication will be the presence of warts near the mucous membranes. shells, red border of lips, and eye area, Other than that, in no in case you cannot lubricate healthy skin with a pencil since it can cause a chemical burn, even if not expressed.

Do-it-yourself cryodestruction of warts

The use of cauterizing drugs is not entirely safe. There is a completely different direction of the destruction of warts, and namely, with the help of ultra-low temperatures. Usually for this liquid nitrogen is used. No preparation is required, you can do everything yourself, because the special technique of movements for this not provided. Instant freeze warts right away anesthetizes, or, in extreme cases, causes only a sensation slight discomfort.

Cold instantly coagulates blood vessels, and therefore bleeding with such removal methods do not occur. If applied correctly liquid nitrogen, then cryodestruction does not cause the development of scar tissue. What modern drugs are sold in pharmacies for information warts with severe cold? This choice is small. On the in the modern domestic market these are two western drugs: Cryopharma and Wartner Cryo. Consider them. Since the drugs are very similar, it does not make sense to study them separately. The whole difference is that Wartner Cryo has a 15 ml larger cylinder, has a different name and made in ireland. Their price is about the same: more than 900, but less than 1000 rubles for the end of 2018.

Cryopharma and Wartner Cryo – European quality cryodestruction

Rating: 4.8


Cryopharma is nitrogen in a 35 ml aerosol can, which is produced by Pharma Spray, the Netherlands. This drug able to remove small and medium warts, including old ones and plantar. The active substance is liquid nitrogen, which ejected from a cylinder under pressure at a temperature of minus 196 degrees. You should carefully study the instructions: to the can a special applicator is applied, which must be worn on spray can, and then attach tightly to the wart, and after that click on the balloon. A sign of proper application is a light burning, and complete whitening of the wart after exposure to nitrogen.

Typically, cooling duration varies by size. warts. In the case of small formations – this is 10 seconds, in the case of plantar, which are covered with a thick layer of keratinized epidermis, exposure time can be up to 40 seconds. Most often enough once. If the wart is old, or has too much keratinized surface, it may take two, or even three cryotherapy session. In the event that after 3 sessions did not happen removal of the wart, then specialist advice is required. Average the cost of one cylinder is 950 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The general advantages of cryodestruction have been described in the introduction to to this section. The drugs are really very convenient, the applicator (Wartner Cryo is also available with an applicator) cover the wart, and does not cause nitrogen leakage. However not always immediately you can remove the wart correctly. In some cases, not manages to process hard-to-reach localization, such as a wart on the back of the armpit. Large wart should removed in several steps, and one bottle is enough for only 12 warts, and this provided that they are not large. Also pretty it is difficult to control the depth of penetration: if cold damaged tissue deeper than necessary, then possible development scar.

Quite often within a few days after the procedure there is a slight soreness, burning and flushing of the skin. In contrast from a chemical scab, when freezing with cold, there are more long healing, which can last even up to a month. Finally, cryodestruction is an “inaccurate” treatment and can be compared with shooting in squares. If applying the same solcoderm can be performed very accurately, then spray liquid nitrogen under pressure with such accuracy will never work, and the cooling area will be much more than a wart. Almost always with healthy areas are also affected by cryodestruction.

The best keratolytics from warts

Keratolytic drugs often come to the aid of both the first and the second group of funds. If the wart is covered large and thick a layer of solid horn mass, then it gives in poorly and Chemical etching, and may not freeze immediately. Therefore, before applying cryodestruction or chemical necrosis, in a number of cases it is necessary to cleanse the layers, as dense plantar warts and neoplasms of a different localization, covered with a thick stratum corneum. For this, the group is used. keratolytics.

Wartox – cream-paste

Rating: 4.9

Wartox - cream-paste

Vartoks is a cream-paste, a cross between liquid and thick. He can easily cope with small warts. and tongs, and does not require the use of aggressive chemical methods or cryodestruction methods. Its action is that urea, or urea, intensely softens the skin, removes horny layers, and glycyrrhizic acid, which is found in the licorice root, contributes to the inhibition of the human papillomavirus.

This paste is used in some cases in conjunction with steaming the wart in hot water, after which it delicately processed with a pumice stone or foot scraper. After the wart became soft and the stratum corneum decreased significantly, you should take a cotton pad, apply cream paste on it, and perform application on a softened and steamed wart. Thereafter the affected area must be sealed with a band-aid, and avoid accidental ingress of water. The duration of the ointment is one day. After of this, the remnants of the paste are washed off, and everything is repeated again. Usually after a few sessions, but no more than five, the wart disappears. Between applying Wartox cream paste, you can also use folk means, for example application of a clove of garlic, or alternate this paste with the application of a special keratolytic patch. Tuba with 20g of cream paste costs 270 rubles, produced by Green Dubrava CJSC, Russia.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Wartox cream paste is its cheapness and widespread accessibility, but the disadvantage is quite long the process of eliminating warts, the need to keep your hand dry. And if the wart is on the body, then it is necessary during treatment periodically refrain from water procedures. Minus Additionally, it is necessary to treat the wart or special scraper, or pumice. If it’s not enough to steam it, it can damage the formation, cause bleeding, or even infection, therefore, at the first application it is necessary to show special care, take your time, steam out the wart as possible better, and before using the scraper, use an antiseptic: hydrogen peroxide, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, or even regular cologne.


Rating: 4.8


If you go to the pharmacy and ask for a plantar patch warts, then, most likely, you will be offered exactly Salipod. it products of the domestic company Veropharm, which is represented very widely in pharmacies, and is inexpensive. So, a patch of 60 square centimeters (610) costs, on average, only 80 rubles. It includes an effective keratolytic – salicylic acid that intensely softens the keratinous surface and prevents the propagation of fungi and microorganisms on it. Additional components are sulfur, which dries and prevents the emergence of weeping corns. Additional rosin, lanolin and organic rubber are the ingredients. They soften the skin, disinfect and stimulate the formation of a new fabric, and rubber provides elasticity and adhesion of the patch to skin.

Salipoda application scheme for plantar warts and various types of cornified corns, including rod calluses, exactly such the same as when applying the Wartox cream paste described above. First you need to steam the corn or wart, carefully after disinfect it with a pumice stone or a special scraper, and then fix the adhesive patch on the affected area for 24 hours. After This place is again processed, and everything is repeated anew.

Advantages and disadvantages

In that case, if you combine the use of Salipoda with the subsequent applying a cauterizing drug, for example, Solcoderm, or You can achieve a double effect: and the removal of the wart, and less spending expensive Solkoderma due to the fact that the wart will pre-prepared. Therefore, despite the fact that Solcoderm – this tool is for “once”, then the use of Salipoda will allow reduce Solkoderm not one, but two or even three warts.

Salicylic acid

Rating: 4.8

Salicylic acid

Finally, to soften the warts, you can use salicylic acid. However, its concentration should be high, no less than 10%. At the same time, in pharmacies you can find acid rather weak concentration, which does not exceed 1 or 2%. But if you can find a suitable product, then it can be applied to wart once a day and treat this place before by applying exactly the same as in the case of Salipoda and cream-paste Wartox. This cheap way is suitable for small warts, since salicylic acid, used alone, has a larger the risk of burns does not contribute to the improvement of skin trophism and healing, and if applied, then on very small areas. Perhaps this is the cheapest of all means, because to purchase a bottle of salicylic acid with a strength of 10 to 60% is possible for the amount not exceeding 50 rubles, and it lasts for a long time.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of using salicylic acid can be called simplicity and cheapness, but do not save on your health, and for softening and reducing small warts, it’s better use special medications, such as Wartox paste, or Salipod. There are special contraindications. So, salicylic acid is contraindicated in the presence of severe chronic diseases skin, with psoriasis, with decompensated diabetes mellitus and with suspected malignant degeneration of the wart.

The best antiviral and immune remedies for warts

Finally, in conclusion, the rating of drugs for information warts, you need to consider drugs that affect not only locally, but also produce a systemic effect. It’s about a group antiviral and immunomodulating drugs. They are appropriate apply in the treatment of warts when in the body there is a persistence of the human papillomavirus against a low immune response. They are indicated for various immunodeficiencies, and other pathological conditions.

It does not make sense to prescribe immunomodulating and antiviral therapy to a person who has only one vulgar wart, which is likely to be managed in the home. But in the event that there is a recurrent condylomatosis with damage to the anogenital zone, with the presence of herpetic infections in the body, such remedies will are shown.

By themselves, they do not treat warts, and after taking pills or injections, these formations do not dissolve and do not fall off. But immune medications prevent relapse, or the formation of warts in new places. Consider tableted and topical preparations, and the most famous of them is ordinary oxolin ointment.

Oxolinic ointment (dioxotetrahydroxytetrahydronaphthalene)

Rating: 4.9

Oxolinic ointment

We are all used to the fact that oxolinic ointment is available for lubrication. nasal passages as a means of prevention during an epidemic flu. But for the antiviral effect on warts is necessary a completely different ointment, with a concentration of 6 times stronger, or 3%. if you managed to buy such an ointment, then she needs to lubricate the warts from one to 3 times a day for a long time, which may make a period from a month to two months. Option is possible lubricating the wart with ointment at night, followed by applying Waxed paper under a bandage so that the ointment lasts a long time time. This tool helps to significantly reduce activity. herpes viruses, papillomaviruses, and also contagious mollusk. The Tula Pharmaceutical Factory produces oxolinic ointment, and a tube weighing 10 g with a concentration of 3% costs 340 rubles. It is significantly more expensive than regular 0.25% nasal ointment, which costs 20-30 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of oxolinic ointment is its chemical inertness, the ability to combine antiviral treatment with application keratolytic drugs, and also use as preliminary therapy before cryodestruction. So if the patient noticed that chemical wart removal or destruction by liquid nitrogen causes a relapse (which indicates activity virus), the preliminary use of oxolinic ointment may significantly reduce the ability of a wart to relapse. The disadvantage is a rather uncomfortable and long course, more designed to take the virus under conditions of immunodeficiency starving. “Therefore, if a person wants a quick effect, then this the method does not suit him.

Isoprinosine (Groprinosin, Normomed)

Rating: 4.8


Isoprinosine is a strong immunostimulant and is used. with many viral diseases, as in acute, because chronic form. The first include influenza, measles, chickenpox, monocytic tonsillitis (or infectious mononucleosis). And among chronic viral conditions is papillomavirus infection, which is most often happens to cause a wart. The drug is available in tablets of 500 mg, and the immunostimulating effect is associated with expression receptors in the T-helper population, and with increased activity cytotoxic lymphocytes. It is necessary to use the drug for 6-8 tablets per day for an adult, at an existing dosage of 50 mg per a kilogram of body weight per day, if divided into 3 doses. The duration of treatment is from 1 to 2 weeks. Pack of 30 tablets which is unlikely to last an adult for a week, quite expensive – 1100 rubles. Launches her company Luzomedikamenta Portugal.

This medicine should be prescribed by a doctor based on low immunological indicators, and usually one or two warts absolutely not enough to spend in vain 1000 rubles. Therefore, the administration of isoprinosine will be justified only in the case of high virus activity according to test results, for example, determining antibodies in blood plasma and performing PCR on human papillomavirus.

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantage of this tool, as mentioned above, is the inability to cope with warts without local treatment. All immune agents have a preventive focus. Isoprinosine can “hide” against a background of high viral activity in the body, and this will avoid relapse and the appearance of new warts to replace the old ones. Relative the downside is the high price, and the upside is the ability to influence immunity in a systemic way and develop the body’s stability is not only to human papillomavirus, but also increase resistance during the flu epidemic and adenovirus infection.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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