11 best LED strip manufacturers

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

LED Strip Light – a solution not only for visual emphasis on anything, but also for full illumination of the room. Unlike traditional lamps, it consumes a minimum of energy, but at the same time provides a bright light – which, moreover, can be customized.

Especially for those who want to make the room brighter, we made a rating of the 11 best LED strips – from simple to multifunctional, from budget to premium.

How to choose an LED strip

When choosing an LED strip, you should pay attention to following parameters:

  1. Color (one-color “white”, color, RGB);
  2. Brightness and power;
  3. Type of power supply;
  4. Availability of protection.

The color of the LED strip is one of the most important parameters that determine the scope of the device. There are white, color and RGB ribbons. The first ones shine like conventional lamp and therefore suitable for creating basic lighting in room – or accent in the closet, in the kitchen and so on.

Colored LED strips painted in appropriate color and only they shine. So, in the market you can find red ones, blue, yellow, green devices. In principle, the assortment of color LED strip is limited by nothing but fantasy manufacturers or sellers. Such devices are also suitable for creating basic or accent lighting.

RGB tapes are equipped with LEDs in three colors – red, green and blue. The controller of such devices allows adjust the intensity of the glow of each of them. Thereby RGB tapes can glow with absolutely any color and shade (in the best models support up to 16 million shades), including including dynamically changing it in the process.

RGB tapes are mainly used to create accent lighting and for decorative purposes. However, in terms of brightness, they practically in no way inferior to monochrome analogues, so that Suitable for basic lighting.

The brightness and power of LED strips directly depend on LEDs used, as well as their number. However, these two parameters determine the scope of the device. So, LED strips with a power of up to 10 W / m are only suitable for local or accent lighting – for example, cabinet lighting or desktop in the kitchen. For main lighting it is desirable use devices with a power of 14 W / m – only they provide sufficient brightness.

The type of power supply determines the ease of connection. devices. The vast majority of LED strips work from 12 Volt. And finding a suitable power supply for them is not difficult will make up.

If the selected LED strip requires 5 volts or some more exotic stress, it’s worth a look some other model.

When choosing an LED strip, you should pay attention to power consumption per meter. Then multiply it by the length tape – and you get the necessary power supply.

Suppose you have selected an SMD 5050 LED strip with 120 diodes per meter. Its power consumption is 25 W per meter, consumed voltage – 12 volts. The length of the tape is 5 meters. Accordingly, you a 25 W × 5 m = 125 W power supply is required.

The presence of protection is very important for LED strips used as accent lighting or outdoors. So if planned install the unit under the kitchen counter for decoration or hang on the balcony – it is advisable to choose models with moisture protection IP65 or even IP67. Such LED strips are not afraid of falling water.

But to illuminate the cabinet or the main lighting in the room protection, in fact, is not required. Drops of water will still not fall on such a tape. So you can save.

Types of LED Strips

In addition to technical characteristics, LED strips differ and by the type of LEDs used. Most common three type:

  1. SMD 3528;
  2. SMD 5050;
  3. SMD 5630.

The numbers in the LED marking indicate its physical size in millimeters. So, in 3528 it is 35 mm wide and 28 mm long. And at 5050 – 50 millimeters respectively.

They differ not only in size but also in intensity glow. So:

  1. SMD 3528 – about 5 Lumens each;
  2. SMD 5050 – about 10 Lumens each;
  3. SMD 5630 – about 18 Lumens each.

You should choose based on your needs. If you want to bright lighting, but not enough space – you can take the SMD 5050 or SMD 5630. If there is a lot of space, and decorative or accent lighting is required – SMD 3528 is also suitable.

Rating of the best manufacturers of LED strips

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
Rating of the best manufacturers of LED strips 1 Osram 4.9
2 Cree 4.9
3 Geniled 4.8
4 Sveteco 4.7
5 Joliet technology 4.7
6 Gauss 4.7
7 Navigator 4.6
8 Ledcraft 4.6
9 Elektrostandard 4.5
10 Feron 4.4
11 Jazzway 4.4


Rating: 4.9


Why he is: Many high-end solutions, including professional led strip.

German company Osram – one of the market leaders lighting in general and LED equipment in particular. AND its solutions are not only of high quality, but also multifunctionality. For example, focused on a wide Consumer solutions are usually multi-color (RGB) but vibrant.

But the company launches its best solutions in the LinearLight series Flex These are professional LED strips that focused mainly on industrial applications. They performed in various versions, support warm, cold and neutral white glow, they are optimal power consumption.

For domestic use, the company launches the flagship series. Value Flex. They have a minimum power consumption of 4-5 Watts per meter, but provide powerful light output of up to 80 Lumen per watt – even a meter tape can replace a conventional lamp incandescent.


  • High quality tapes;
  • Five year warranty;
  • A wide range of accessories – controllers, channels, diffusers, extension cords and other necessary devices.


  • Quite a lot of 24 Volt solutions;
  • It is difficult to find short-length packaging on the free market.


Rating: 4.9


Why is it: Heavy duty LEDs.

Cree is primarily a manufacturer directly LEDs. But she also releases tapes. And these devices retain the main advantage – ultra-high brightness.

LEDs of the Cree Xlamp series, similar to other models in energy rating provide brightness of approximately 80-100 Lumen per watt. Due to this, tapes based on them may well used as the main light source in indoors. In addition, a heat removal system has been developed – The basis for the devices uses a flexible aluminum radiator. Thanks to this, the tapes work for a long time and maintain operational qualities even after five years.

Another important advantage of Cree LED strips is the high color rendering level of more than 90 units. Thanks this light does not distort natural shades, is safe for the eyes and does not creates the feeling of “twilight”. Tapes can also be used in shop window lighting.


  • High brightness with “standard” power consumption;
  • Excellent color rendering
  • A fairly wide range.


  • Difficult to find on sale;
  • No branded accessories to install.


Rating: 4.8


Why he: There are models with excellent protection against moisture.

If you want to install LED strip in the kitchen, in the bathroom a room or similar room with high humidity, then It is recommended to pay attention to the models from the company Geniled. IN Unlike other manufacturers in the ranking, waterproof decisions from this are made with epoxy resin insulation (and not silicone), it guarantees excellent strength properties and resistance to aggressive external environment. All this is supplemented. waterproof power supplies, controllers and others peripheral devices.

Of course, in the assortment of the company Geniled are not only waterproof LED strips, but also quite standard solutions. And even they also differ from devices from other manufacturers. So, thanks to the special geometry, the cutting of the tape will be maximally simple and safe, and connecting the plugs and the power supply does not require effort or some special knowledge.


  • Ease of cutting;
  • A wide range of solutions;
  • Superior moisture protection for the respective models.


  • The vast majority of tapes are performed on SMD3528 LEDs, solutions on larger light sources are extremely few;
  • Relatively high price.


Rating: 4.7


Why is it: Relatively low price, minimal heating tapes.

Sveteco LED strips are recommended for use in solutions requiring continuous lighting (backlight). They are suitable for installation in residential premises in as the main light source. This is due to the fact that these devices are minimally heated during operation.

So, according to the manufacturer, LED strip in the process works do not heat up to a temperature above +30 degrees on a scale Celsius. This eliminates the need for radiators, and the risk burnout due to the melting of conductors becomes minimal. Tapes can shine for hours – and at the same time their operational period it will still be more than one year.

In addition, Sveteco LED strips are different low price. At the same time, the operational characteristics are few inferior to other models – devices provide brightness up to 200-300 lumens per meter.


  • Lack of an overheat thanks to what is not required radiator;
  • Relatively low price;
  • There are solutions on a variety of LEDs.


  • Difficult to find on sale;
  • No RGB tapes.

Joliet technology

Rating: 4.7


Why he: The highest quality LED strip.

The European company Joliet Technology is little known in the domestic LED strip market – but primarily because of the relatively high price of such equipment. However the high cost of devices is perfectly explained by their quality.

So, the company uses high-end LEDs, which provide uniform flicker-free and accurate preservation of color temperature. Advanced multi-layer the substrate simultaneously acts as a radiator, and heat dissipating. Thus, LED strips from the company Joliet Technology is not only practical, but also durable.

However, on the shelves they are found extremely seldom. You will have to order such tapes directly from Europe, often – directly from the manufacturer, which means to buy a few meters for one room it will be difficult and not always advisable.


  • High durability of LED strips;
  • Superior performance and technical specifications;
  • The production uses the most modern technology.


  • High price;
  • Rarely found in the domestic market.


Rating: 4.7


Why he: High build quality, reliability and durability, a wide range of.

German company Gauss – one of the largest “players” in the market modern lighting equipment. Her products are different high quality, which is due to a lot of neat and reliable assembly.

Gauss is so confident in the quality of its solutions that gives them a 3-5 year guarantee – this is one of the largest indicators in the ranking. Thanks to accurate, precise assembly and the worked-out substrate-radiator tapes serve for a long time and retain quality of work during the entire operation period.

The assortment of the company presents a variety of models LED strips – monochrome, RGB, for domestic use, professional. Also there are necessary controllers, blocks power supply, channels, diffusers and any other necessary equipment. Thanks to this, get everything you need for lighting, it is possible in a single store and from one manufacturer.


  • High quality LED strip;
  • A large assortment;
  • For sale there are power supplies, controllers and other necessary equipment.


  • Relatively high price.

Rating: 4.6


Why is it: A good combination of price and quality.

Russian-Chinese brand Navigator exists on the market Lighting equipment is relatively short – about 8-10 years. But during this time he already managed to gain a foothold. This is due to the first high quality product line at its relatively low the price.

So, in terms of reliability and durability Navigator is capable of competing with solutions from more premium manufacturers in the ranking (such as Gauss or Osram). Quality control – from the actual LEDs to assembly directly tapes – a lot of attention is paid. Thanks This device works for a long time and maintain their operational characteristics for a long time.

At the same time, the price of LED strips is quite adequate. AND their assortment is very large – the company produces monochrome RGB solutions, as well as specialized solutions designed for accent lighting of certain zones and premises.


  • Adequate combination of price and quality;
  • A large assortment;
  • Easy accessibility – available in almost all stores.


  • Few related devices (power supplies, controllers, etc.) Further);
  • The comparative high cost of some configurations.


Rating: 4.6


Why is it: Large assortment and low prices.

The Russian company LEDcraft is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of LED equipment. And her products differs in good quality while maintaining a low price. So, Its main advantage is cheap protected LED strips.

In particular, LEDcraft’s waterproof LED strip silicone shell (degree IP65, suitable for kitchen, bathroom rooms and rooms with high humidity) are 1.5-2 times cheaper than competitors. IP67 Protected Models – Drenched epoxy resin and placed in a silicone tube suitable for outdoor use – also 1.2-1.5 times.

At the same time, the build quality remains quite high. Ribbons suitable for temporary and permanent lighting, and thanks to a large assortment of more than 100 models can be find the right solution for any situation.


  • Large assortment (there are models for 12 V, 220 V, RGB, smart tapes);
  • Low price – cheaper than most manufacturers;
  • Adequate quality.


  • The high cost of RGB and smart tapes;
  • Small range of power supplies, adapters and others accessories;
  • Build quality varies between batches.


Rating: 4.5


Why he: One of the largest and oldest manufacturers LED strip.

Chinese company Elektrostandard – the current standard in the market LED equipment. The LED tapes she develops are different top quality. In addition, she regularly uses the latest technology in production, so the assortment is often replenished completely unique solutions.

So, it was she who was one of the first to launch the so-called “flexible neon” – 220 V LED strip, simulating neon lamps. And now she offers the widest range devices that differ in color, brightness and other technical specifications.

The company’s assortment includes dozens of models of various LED strip. There are both monochrome and RGB, as well as unique “multicolor” providing completely unusual multicolor glow. Build quality is always high, and the price is quite adequate.


  • Many unique solutions;
  • Always high build quality;
  • Adequate price.


  • Few accessories – usually power supplies and controllers are sold together with a tape in a set;
  • Most models do not have a reinforced radiator, so they don’t designed for long-term (more than a few hours in a row) glow.


Rating: 4.4


Why is it: Low price, adequate quality.

The products of the Chinese company Feron are very low at the price. In fact, its LED strip is one of the cheapest in rating, a model about five meters long without protection can purchase for 700-800 rubles. But at the same time in quality and others operational characteristics they differ little from more expensive configurations.

Like many other Chinese manufacturers, Feron offers a fairly wide range of unusual solutions. Into him includes, for example, “flexible neon”, dyuralight garlands, 220-volt configurations and much, much more. But, of course, the main part of the assortment is represented by 12-volt solutions.

Among the 12-volt solutions, many ready-made solutions are presented configurations based on RGB tapes. They are suitable for use in at home – as both main and accent lighting. The kits include not only CD tapes, but also controllers, remotes and more.


  • Many kits for quick deployment lighting;
  • A large number of non-standard solutions (“flexible neon”, duralight);
  • Adequate quality.


  • Not always worked out radiators;
  • Build quality varies by lot.


Rating: 4.4


Why he: Products are certified, which guarantees high quality.

Jazzway is another of the young Chinese brands. Company was originally focused on the production of diabetes products, thanks why her decisions are reliable and high quality. At this price is more than adequate, even lower than some others Chinese manufacturers in the ranking.

But the range of the company is quite wide. It does not include only standard LED strips, but also relatively unusual solutions – for example, RGB LED mains voltage that protrude modern replacement for dyuralayt (and at the same time offer multicolor glow). The company also produces “flexible neon”, ready-made kits for quick installation, power supplies and controllers. You can also get aluminum profiles from her, which are suitable for installing device-oriented long operating time – and acting as a radiator for high temperature.


  • A wide range of;
  • Low price;
  • There are ready-made kits for quick installation.


  • Not always uniform quality;
  • Controllers do not provide full color RGB, often limited to 20 shades.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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