10 Ways to Remove Deodorant Stains

Antiperspirant deodorant is a reliable remedy for the smell of sweat, but often he leaves white marks on clothes, from which not so just get rid. Do not rush to throw away a thing or send it to dry cleaning – our experts will tell you 10 effective ways how remove deodorant stains and return clothing from any fabric initial view.

What you need to know when using deodorants

What you need to know when using deodorants

Any antiperspirant deodorant contains aluminum hexahydrate, which has a drying effect on sweating. It is from him that white traces remain on the clothes, which are especially noticeable on dark things. And when the aluminum salts mixed with sweat, yellow spots form on light tissue. More often in total, they arise in the armpits.

Deodorant is based on either alcohol or glycerin. Therefore, to remove the stain, it is necessary to act on it by means, dissolving these substances: alkalis, acids or alcohol-containing liquids. In order not to give hygiene products hopelessly ruin your favorite thing, you should observe a few rules.

Deodorant should be applied only to dry skin – so it absorbs faster and leaves no residue on clothing.

Dress only after the antiperspirant has dried. After spray application wait 3 minutes, ball gels – 5 minutes.

Items stained with deodorant must not be washed in hot water. At water temperatures above 400C spots will fix, and withdraw they will be harder.

Before washing, stained areas of the product should be treated with one of the means below (according to type and color tissue). Chemicals washing powder in the interaction with sweat and deodorant particles contribute to the appearance of yellow spots.

The easiest way to remove the trace of antiperspirant while it is fresh. FROM This task is excellently performed by nylon. Dried stain need rub with a nylon sock, stocking or tights (you can use a torn product, the main thing is that it be clean).

With increased sweating, special gaskets for armpits. They eliminate sweat and particles. deodorant on clothes. So you can prevent it the appearance of white and yellow spots.

How to remove traces by industrial means

To remove traces of deodorant and sweat, there are special funds that can be purchased in the departments of household chemicals or in Online Stores:

  1. Spray for removing stains from sweat and deodorant HG 0.25 L, 350 rub.

  2. Dr. Beckmann – rust and deodorant stain remover, 50 ml, 200 rub

  3. Spray Dr. Beckmann “Deodorant and sweat”, 250 ml, 340 rubles.

They contain oxygen bleach and nonionic Surfactants that effectively remove white traces from dark things and yellow stains with light clothes. You just need to apply the product on contaminated area, wait 30 minutes and wash the product as usual way. Suitable for all kinds of fabric.

If to apply spray HG or Dr. Beckmann after washing clothes on places in contact with the deodorant, this will prevent the appearance of yellow spots from sweat and will not cause trouble with the removal of white traces.

Folk ways to remove stains from colored and dark things

But do not rush to the store for special stain removers. Our experts assure that funds that are sure to be found in each house will help get rid of the stains left after using a deodorant is no worse. They are gentle on fabric fibers and are suitable for processing clothes from silk, wool, synthetics.

Method 1. Baking soda

Ordinary soda has alkaline properties and does an excellent job. with removing stains from antiperspirant, neutralizes unpleasant smell. Need to mix 1 tbsp. soda with the same amount of warm water and apply gruel to the problem area for 1-2 hours. Thereafter rub the fabric thoroughly with your hands and send it to the wash.

By the way! Baking soda can be used as natural deodorant: rub it with clean and dry axillary hollows. From such an antiperspirant will definitely not leave any traces.

Method 2. Laundry soap

Solvent with laundry soap

Using household soap (brown 72%), you can also remove stains from deodorant without a trace. It’s natural, for centuries a proven alkaline agent that copes with many pollution.

The stained area of ​​the product should be moistened and densely soaped. Let the soap work (3-4 hours) and rub it thoroughly with a brush, rinse off.

You can soak dirty clothes for 6-8 hours or overnight in a basin with water and ½ piece of shabby soap. For efficiency, pour in the same 5 tbsp soda. After washing a thing after a while in a washing machine, she It will be not only very clean, but also soft.

Method 3. Ethyl alcohol

If you wet the cotton pad with alcohol or vodka and rub it with white stain, then it will disappear before our eyes. It remains only to wash the thing in washing machine to remove stains.

Instead of ethyl alcohol, you can use eau de toilette or hair spray. They are alcohol-based, therefore Perfectly replace pure ethanol from the pharmacy.

Method 4. Table Vinegar

9% table vinegar is a great alternative to stain removers and expensive detergents. For the convenience of applying to clothing can be poured into a spray bottle. Generously sprinkling vinegar on stain from deodorant, wait 40-60 minutes and send wash a thing in a washing machine.

You can not use vinegar to remove stains from deodorant acid (70-80%). Its use may damage the fabric of the product and serious burns to the skin and mucous membranes.

Method 5. Borax

Sodium tetraborate (borax) perfectly removes stains from antiperspirants. Compound of soda with boric acid and glycerin have powerful cleansing properties – after 20 minutes white no marks on clothes.

Burur can be bought at any pharmacy, it costs no more than 20 rubles per bottle – much cheaper than industrial household appliances chemistry from stains of deodorant and sweat.

Method 6. Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid)

Perfectly removes white marks from antiperspirant deodorants first-aid kit – aspirin. 3-4 tablets need to be crushed, mix with 1 tsp warm water and rub the paste into the pollution. After waiting 30-40 minutes, rub the stain with a toothbrush and wash.

5-6 tablets of acetylsalicylic dissolved in a glass of water Acids can be poured into a spray bottle. Spray solution onto the fabric with traces of deodorant so that it is completely soaked. After 2-3 hours, clothes should be washed.

It is more convenient to grind aspirin tablets with a mortar and pestle. Or you can put them in a plastic bag and roll rolling pin.

Method 7. Micellar water

Micellar water contains special substances (micelles), attracting pollution. In their composition: glycerin, emulsifiers, polaxamers, etc. They work not only when deleting cosmetics on the face, but also when cleaning textiles from stains.

A cotton pad (or cloth) should be moistened with micellar water and put it directly on the soiled area of ​​clothing. In 5 minutes rub, moisten again if necessary. Then wash with laundry soap manually or with powder in the washing the car.

Method 8. Ammonia


Using ammonia or ammonia 10% (of what is sold in a pharmacy, instead of in the store for gardeners), you can also try to remove white marks from clothes. After wetting the cloth with liquid, rub and clean clothes from contamination.

In case of persistent stains, repeat the procedure or drip ammonia directly from the bottle to the stained place and wait for an hour. To increase efficiency from above, you can pour salt.

When cleaning clothes from wool and silk should first test ammonia in an invisible area and only if not there were no changes with the structure of the fabric or color, apply to remove stains.

To combat traces of deodorant on clothes, you can use window cleaner – it contains a considerable proportion ammonia. After processing, the product must be washed.

Method 9. Lemon juice

Strongly stained fabrics can be cleaned with lemon juice or citric acid diluted in water in a ratio of 1: 1. Juice can squeeze directly onto the stained area (or apply a solution to it) and leave for 15-20 minutes. After that, thoroughly soap the thing Laundry soap and wash.

Method 10. Dishwashing liquid

The composition of the liquid for dishes is usually glycerin and others cleaning agents that can help remove stains from antiperspirant. The product must be applied undiluted on pollution and wait for half an hour. After washing on clothes there will be no trace.

Not all of the above methods work equally well. get rid of white marks on clothes, because different deodorants have different composition. Alcohol can remove stains that have not been removed. acids, and alkalis can do much better where they were powerless glycerol. Therefore, do not immediately give up, if it did not help one of the means. Need to try others – some of them necessarily removes dirt left by the deodorant.

How to remove yellow spots from white things

How to remove yellow spots from white things

To get rid of the yellow in the armpit area on white T-shirts or blouses, you need to use bleaching agents properties.

Hydrogen peroxide

You can start the fight with sweat stains with regular peroxide. It sold at any pharmacy. Clothing should be wet with water and applied to axillary region 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. 10-15 after minutes rub the cloth with your hands and send it to the wash.

If there is no peroxide at hand, you can replace it hydroperit tablets: 1 tablet equivalent to 1 tablespoon peroxide hydrogen.

Hydrogen peroxide can remove pollution from dense cotton or linen fabrics, for delicate ones more The following remedy will do.

Salt + Laundry Soap

Laundry soap with salt – a more gentle method for removal yellow spots under the armpits for things made of silk, synthetics, wool.

Mode of application:

  1. soak the product in a basin with water and shabby soap for 3-4 hours;

  2. drain the water and put a salt solution on the armpits 100 g of water 1 tbsp. salt);

  3. leave for another 1-2 hours;

  4. rub the area of ​​contamination with your hands or a brush;

  5. wash in the usual way.

The salt must first be dissolved, so use need hot water.

Hydrogen Peroxide + Soda + Dishwashing Detergent

Complex to remove persistent yellowness and the smell of sweat under the armpits solution for the preparation of which you will need:

  1. 4 tbsp. l hydrogen peroxide;

  2. 1 tsp dishwashing detergents;

  3. 2 tbsp. l baking soda.

Mix the ingredients until a homogeneous slurry and apply on the stained leaving area for 2-3 hours. Then rub with a toothbrush and wash the thing as usual.

Soda ash + hydrogen peroxide

To get rid of persistent dirt from deodorant and sweat on white things can prepare a cleaning mixture of the following components:

  1. 2 tbsp soda ash;

  2. 100 g of hydrogen peroxide.

Mix everything in hot water (60-700C) and soak the thing for 1-2 hours in this solution. Then wash and dry.

To clean white clothing (such as T-shirts or polos) from yellow traces of sweat and deodorant can be used industrial bleaches:

industrial bleaches

  1. “White” (for cotton fabric only);

  2. Bos Plus

  3. Dr. Beckmann “Dazzling Whiteness”;

  4. Heitmann Oxi;

  5. Oxy Crystal;

  6. Synergetic;

  7. “Persol”;

  8. Vanish Oxi Action et al.

Oxygen bleaches are safe for all types of fabric. Use them according to the instructions on the product label.

Expert opinion

To remove white marks from deodorant, you can use industrial stain removers – they do a good job of this type of pollution. But you can use cheap tools at hand, which are available in every home.

Since deodorants have a different basis, a universal method remove stains, no. You may have to try several means that the thing finally became clean.

Our experts advise: in order not to deal with traces antiperspirants in the future, you should always wait for them to dry before putting on things, and in case of contamination, immediately rub capron. These simple measures will greatly facilitate life and eliminate the need to remove stains.

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