10 tallest waterfalls in the world

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Our team of journalists, like most people on the planet, believes that waterfalls are the best proof of the power and beauty of nature. Billions of liters of water alone, falling from the edge of rocks, making a huge noise, can bewitch any person. But we believe that this is not enough, because to attract a large number of tourists, the waterfall must have some distinctive features, for example, it can be the strongest or the largest waterfall in the world.

Our journalists analyzed a lot of information, from which it became known that the most powerful is 'Iguazu' (a complex that includes 275 different waterfalls). But in order to find out where the highest waterfalls in the world are, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the 'Top 10 highest waterfalls in the world' rating.

Rating of the highest waterfalls in the world

Nomination a place Waterfall Height
Rating of the TOP-10 highest waterfalls in the world 10 Brown Falls, Fiordland, New Zealand 836 meters away
9 James Bruce, British Columbia, Canada 840 meters away
8 Puukaoku, Hawaii, United States of America 840 meters away
7 Balaifossen, Horda Land, Norway 850 meters
6 Winnufossen, Møre og Rumsdal, Norway 860 meters away
5 Yumbilla Amazonas, Peru 896 meters away
4 Oloupena, Molokai, Hawaii 900 meters
3 Three sisters, Aykuchi, Peru 914 meters away
2 Tugela, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 950 meters away
1 Kerepakupai Meru, Canaima, Venezuela 979 meters away

10th place: Brown Falls, Fiordland, New Zealand

Rating: 4.1

Brown Falls, Fiordland, New Zealand

The waterfall received this name in 1940 from its discoverer, aerial photographer Victor Carlil Brown (he also discovered the lake of the same name). Brown Falls feeds on the waters of a mountain lake and for several years many have been interested in the question of whether it can rightfully be considered the highest in New Zealand.

After examining a topographic map called NZMapped GPS (taken directly from the Land Information New Zealand), we can assume that its height is approximately 836 meters, although other sources indicate about 619 meters. Why is this so? It may depend on the fact that:

  1. the first two hundred meters of water merge at an angle, and then there is a steep cascade;
  2. the lower part makes its way through dense thickets, hiding the path of the water from a large number of casual tourists.

The waterfall is 12 meters wide. Average water discharge is 3 cubic meters every second. When the maximum level is reached, the water consumption reaches 14 cubic meters per second.

9th place: James Bruce, British Columbia, Canada

Rating: 4.2

James Bruce, British Columbia, Canada

Located in the Canadian Provincial Park, named after Princess Louise Maran. The waterfall is about 840 meters high and 5 meters wide. It is considered the only high waterfall that is located in North America, and the ninth among all existing options. It receives food from river waters and streams arising from a number of streams flowing down from the snowy plains (most of them dry up completely in the middle of summer).

High water is recorded only twice: during a very rainy winter and in spring, when the snow begins to melt. It has several parallel streams coming from the snow field: one is constant throughout the year, and the second dries up completely in late June – early July.

The path of the waterfall is like this:

  1. the formation of a stream as a result of melting snow plains;
  2. direction to Wicklow Creek (Alaska);
  3. confluence with the bay;
  4. creating a new waterfall called the 'Chatbox'.

Its main feature is that at first glance it seems just a small trickle due to its small width. However, the height of the fall is very high.

8th place: Puukaoku, Hawaii, United States of America

Rating: 4.3

Puukaoku, Hawaii

Located on one of the Hawaiian islands called Molokai. Among the highest waterfalls in the world, Puukaoku is distinguished by the fact that the water does not merge in free fall, but flows down the basalt rocks, which have an almost vertical slope. It is most attractive during heavy rains, which are recorded on the island from November to March.

While on the ground, you won't be able to get close to him. Although a large number of travel companies are happy to provide boats and yachts. You can view it in all its glory from a bird's eye view, using such flying machines as:

  1. Balloon;
  2. tourist planes;
  3. hang gliders.

Due to the fact that Puukaoku has formed the deepest crack in the porous basaltic rock of the volcanoes, it is difficult to see it in detail. Experienced guides who know a lot of interesting facts about him can help in this, and most importantly, they know which side is better to fly up or swim to the object in order to take many incredible photos. Thanks to the constant strong wind and spray of water, which turns into a real 'mist spray', viewers have an excellent opportunity to observe a rare natural phenomenon.

We found that Pukaoku, which is 840 meters high (like James Bruce's), is the least explored and most underrated, although it rightfully claims to be the most beautiful waterfall in the world. The photos are truly mesmerizing, forcing you to quickly pack your suitcase and fly to the Hawaiian island as soon as possible.

7th place: Balayfossen, Horda Land, Norway

Rating: 4.4


A waterfall called Balayfossen is located in the vicinity of the city of Osa, in Norway. It is rightfully considered the seventh highest waterfall in the world, the second in Europe. Its height is about 850 meters, width – 6 meters. It has three levels, the longest is 450 meters. The sources come from the Bala brook flowing from the mountain lake. High water is observed in the spring, when the water level in the river rises.

Our journalists found out the peculiarity, which is that this waterfall is 'seasonal'. The capacity of the spillway directly depends on the melting of the snow cover located on the surface of the mountain. That is why the appearance and speed of the current can change several times a year. In summer, you can observe an amazing phenomenon – the squeezing of the waterfall to a narrow stream, while its normal width is 6.2 meters.

6th place: Winnufossen, Mere og Rumsdal, Norway

Rating: 4.5


If you choose the highest waterfalls in the world, then Winnufossen is considered the highest waterfall not only in Norway, but throughout Europe. Located in the municipality of Sanndal, near the village of Sanndal Sora, it flows into a river called Dreva. The water flows out in a cascade, the largest step of which reaches 420 meters, and the full height is 860 meters.

Our employees emphasize that this is a glacial waterfall, which is attractive to many tourists. As Winnufossen splits into several intertwining streams, he seems to embrace the trees adjacent to him. The main feature is that there are a large number of attractions nearby, namely:

  1. a park called Dovrefjell National Park (39 kilometers away);
  2. troll ladder;
  3. a church located in the city of Lomu; to get to it, you will have to overcome 92 kilometers;
  4. incredible architectural structures. To see them with your own eyes, you need to overcome approximately 49 kilometers.

In addition, a fantastic combination of flowing crystal clear water and lush greenery will impress any visitor.

5th place: Yumbilla Amazonas, Peru

Rating: 4.6

Yumbilla Amazonas

A waterfall called Yumbilla is located in the country of Peru, Amazonas region. Its height is about 896 meters and boasts a cascade with four different tiers. For a long time he was famous only for those who live in the local village, but they did not attach much importance to him.

We were able to find information that researchers showed an interest in Yumbilia only a few years ago. After that, the Ministry of Tourism of Peru decided to organize three-day tourist trips to several waterfalls located in the country, namely:

  1. Gosta – is distinguished by an impressive pair of cascades falling from a height of 770 meters);
  2. Chinata.

As in the case of other highest waterfalls in the world, the water level in Yumbilia Amazonas directly depends on the weather conditions and the season. Its width increases significantly during rain, and its narrowing is recorded during severe droughts against the background of high air temperatures.

The Peruvian Ministry of Tourism is trying to facilitate the influx of visitors so that as many tourists as possible can enjoy the beauty of natural attractions. Surrounded by lush tropics, remote mountainous plains, one of the largest waterfalls in the world awaits fans of beautiful nature (from the editor: do not forget to order the accompaniment of local guides).

4th place: Oloupena, Molokai, Hawaii

Rating: 4.7

Oloupena, Molokai, Hawaii

Olo'upena is located in the United States of America, on a Hawaiian island called Molokai. It is located not far from the ocean coastline, as a result of which it can be perfectly seen when sailing on the ocean or being in the air. Oloupen's height is 900 meters and its width is 4 meters. This is the fourth highest waterfall in the world on Earth.

Among its distinctive features, we highlight the following:

  1. the opportunity to view the area while swimming on a motor ship, since a large number of travel companies offer ocean tours;
  2. frequent occurrence of an interesting phenomenon (subject to windy weather). It consists in the fact that the wind catches splashes of water, scattering them through the air. However, there is one drawback – few have managed to contemplate such extraordinary beauty, since most often motor ships, helicopters do not risk carrying tourists.

By the way, we did our research and found out that according to topographic maps, the difference between the point of impact and the surface of the earth is approximately 890 meters. The cascade does not flow in free fall, for most of the way it flows down vertically located rocks. Olo'upena is quite narrow, deeply sealed into rocks inaccessible to the eye. That is why it is rare to see it, and even more so to capture it in the picture.

3rd place: Three sisters, Aikuchi, Peru

Rating: 4.8

Three sisters, Aykuchi, Peru

Incredibly beautiful, mysterious, fantastic Three Sisters waterfall, which amazes with its height – 914 meters. This name was given due to the fact that it has three different levels that interrupt the flow. The first two tiers fall into the main, natural sediment basin, and the third (hidden in the depths of the rocks) flows out of the basin, flowing into a river called Kutivireni.

The Three Sisters Falls are surrounded by lush tropics with high humidity, so it can only be seen while flying by plane, hang glider or hot air balloon. Although there are paths on the ground that lead directly to the rock, because of the dense thicket it is impossible to get closer.

2nd place: Tugela, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Rating: 4.9

Tugela, KwaZulu-Natal

This is the second highest waterfall in the world. Consists of five freely flowing cascades, the largest boasts a length of 411 meters. The Tugela falls in a narrow trickle directly from the eastern cliff of the famous Dragon Mountains, located in the Royal National Park 'Natal', KwaZulu province. It can be viewed in detail only after a heavy downpour or at sunset, when it is illuminated by brilliant sunlight. It takes its source from the Tugela River, which flows in the city of Mont-Aux-Sources. By the way, an interesting fact is that the water is so clean that it is completely safe to drink.

There are two main paths leading to the cliff, distinguished by an impressive appearance:

  1. The first one begins at the Guardian's parking lot in Whitsishoek. The peculiarity of this route is that thin air prevails here, so only people with good physical fitness, healthy hearts, blood vessels, and lungs can overcome it.
  2. The second one begins in the Royal National Park. A gently sloping, short walk through beautiful places including the Tugela.

The height of the five-stage Tugela waterfall is approximately 950 meters. You can reach it through the top of the Amphitheater. This route is a famous tourist route.

1st place: Kerepakupai-meru, Canaima, Venezuela

Rating: 5.0


The majestic, most powerful and longest waterfall in the world (979 meters) Kerepakupai-meru (known as Angel). It was named after the famous pilot James Angela, who discovered it in 1935. This 'Wonder of the World' is located in the tropics, on the territory of the famous National Park in the province of Canaima, Venezuela. Water flows down from the top of Mount Auyan-Tepui ('Devil's Mountain'). The descent is so powerful that before the cascades reach the surface of the earth, the water is divided into several fine particles and forms a fog that can be felt for tens of kilometers. Upon reaching the land, it flows into the Kerep River.

Tourists can order a comprehensive tour, which includes a flight over cities (Caracas, Bolivar, Canaima), a walk through the national park. There are several ways to get there:

  1. hang glider, balloon, airplane;
  2. boat, motor ship, boat.

Personally, let's add: if you have a desire to contemplate this incredible sight with your own eyes, keep in mind that thick clouds often hide its top. Therefore, you should be a real lucky person who will be able to enjoy beauty.


We really hope that you will like our material 'Top 10 tallest waterfalls in the world'. Our employees tried to convey the impressions of the beauty of nature in as much detail as possible with the help of words and photographs.

It should be noted that the rating includes the most famous sights of our planet. In addition to them, there are also a large number of other, less well-known objects that also amaze with their unusualness, fantasy and beauty.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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