10 tallest trees in the world

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In total, there are more than 60 thousand different types of trees. But only one of them boasts extraordinary height – it is an evergreen sequoia. Representatives genus sequoias belong to conifers of the cypress family, their natural habitat is in the pacific coast of the united states of america. Only there in the national California parks, you can see the tallest trees in the world. For a long time, the measurement of such giants was a laborious process, but with the invention of laser rangefinders, figure out the exact the growth of each potential champion and identify among them leaders was not difficult.

The exact location of most of the tallest trees, listed on our list is not advertised, and you are unlikely to find them on any of the tourist maps. The fact is that similar giants, in spite of their apparent power, need careful handling, because their root system holds enormous weight, and In addition, it must ensure the delivery of nutrients to significant height. If trees besiege crowds of tourists, it can destroy the ecosystem that surrounds them, which will shorten the term the life of these relics. Curious fact: to each of the highest in the world of trees was given its own name to emphasize them uniqueness.

Rating of the tallest trees in the world

Nomination a place name Height
Rating of the tallest trees in the world 10 Mendosino 112.2 m.
9 Paradox 112.56 M.
8 Rockefeller 112.6 M.
7 Laurelin 112.62 M.
6 Orion 112.63 M.
5 National Geographic Society 112.71 M.
4 Giant stratosphere 113.11 M.
3 Icarus 113.14 M.
2 Helios 114.58 M.
1 Hyperion 115.61 M.

10th place – Mendosino

Rating: 4.1


This giant has a height of 112.2 meters, and the diameter of its trunk is 4.19 meters. Sequoia Mendosino for six years, from 1996 to 2000, bore the title of the tallest tree in the world. However this hasn’t been officially announced anywhere to avoid excursion hype, as previous record holders already suffered from excessive attention from tourists. Is growing tree in the Montgomery Woods Nature Reserve, which is located in the northern part of the California coast, county Mendoshino (therefore, he was given such a name). According to the results scientific research, redwood age is at least a thousand years, which is quite a lot even by the standards of this long-living kind of trees.

9th place – Paradox

Rating: 4.2


Sequoia called Paradox reaches 390 centimeters in diameter, and its height is 112.56 meters. Between 1995 and 1996 was the tallest tree. The paradox is on California State Park Redwoods Humboldt, in the Rockefeller Forest. This forest is the largest in the world of all forests with old-fashioned sequoias. It is considered unique due to its ecosystem preserved in unchanged condition for many centuries.

8th place – Rockefeller

Rating: 4.3


Sequoia Rockefeller, like the previous one, grows in the forest Rockefeller Forest. The tree reaches a height of 112.6 meters, and it thickness is about four meters. Researchers have not yet arrived at agreement on what the exact diameter of the barrel is, since sequoia has too tuberous base. First discovered her in 1957, and she got her name in 1991, named billionaire and philanthropist John Rockefeller, who donated the reserve is two million dollars. At that time it was a record holder in height. Of all the world’s tallest trees, Rockefeller sequoia considered the most beautiful.

7th place – Laurelin

Rating: 4.4


The Laurelin Tree is located in the Humboldt Redwoods Park, its height is 112.62 meters, and the trunk has a diameter of 454 centimeter. A tree, like others like it, is simultaneously is a real ecosystem inhabited by insects, birds nest, and lichen grows on the surface. Famous sequoia is a real long-liver, it exists, according to research scientists for over 1600 years. The tree owes its name to works world famous english writer J.R.R. Tolkien – in of the Lord of the Rings universe Laurelin is one of giant trees created at the beginning of time.

6th place – Orion

Rating: 4.5


Sequoia Orion grows in California’s Redwood National Park, located in San Mateo County. Being 112.63 meters high, she surpasses Laurelin by just a centimeter. The tree has a diameter trunk 4.33 meters. Sequoia received the name in honor ancient Greek mythological character who possessed extraordinary beauty and huge growth. According to estimates researchers, the age of Orion is about one and a half thousand years.

5th place – National Geographic Society

Rating: 4.6

National Geographic Society

The tree got its name from the National Geographic Society, one of the most significant scientific organizations in the United States. It also belongs to the genus sequoia, and is located in the national park Redwood, near the Redwood Creek River. The height of the giant is 112.71 meters, and its trunk reaches 439 centimeters in girth. Before 1995 National Geographic Society was considered the highest tree of the planet.

4th place – Giant stratosphere

Rating: 4.7

Sequoia Giant of the stratosphere

Sequoia with the appropriate name Giant stratosphere rushes up in the Humboldt Park in the Rockefeller Forest. IN the period from 2000 to 2010 the tree added as much as 70 centimeters up. Currently, its height is 113.11 meters and its diameter The giant’s trunk is an impressive 5.18 meters. Interesting that sequoia was entered in 2004 in the Guinness Book of Records. However after the discoverer of this tree naturalist Chris Atkins discovered higher specimens, Giant stratosphere lost the palm.

3rd place – Icarus

Rating: 4.8


A tree with a height of 113.14 meters and a diameter of 3.78 meters, was first discovered relatively recently – only in 2006 year. Located in the territory of Redwood Park, near a tributary of the river Redwood Creek. It has a distinctive feature in the form of a forked top part. Icarus owes his name singed by the sun’s rays the top. According to an ancient Greek legend, Icarus with wings, created by his father Daedalus, soared to great heights, but at this burned his wings. This sequoia, unlike many others high representatives of its kind, growing on a steep slope.

2nd place – Helios

Rating: 4.9


Record holder named Helios also grows up in California Redwood Park. It rises above the surface of the earth by 114.58 meters, and the diameter of its trunk is 496 centimeters. In 2006 year for several months Helios wore the title of tallest tree in the world, but another was soon discovered a giant sequoia that surpassed him by more than a meter. Name Helios borrowed from ancient Greek mythology, it belongs to the god of the sun.

1st place – Hyperion

Rating: 5.0


Sequoia Hyperion was discovered in 2006 on the territory of all of the same Redwood State Park. Details they didn’t disclose his location so that avoid the impact of tourism. Tree with a total area of ​​502 square meters has a height of 115.61 meters and 484 centimeters in girth. Scientists managed to determine his age, which is about 700-800 years, which is quite a bit for a kind of tree living several thousand years. In ancient Greek legends, where the name came from the highest sequoia on the planet, Hyperion is the father of God Helios. According to experts, the gigantic tree is no longer will grow in height as its top has undergone significant damage caused by woodpeckers. So probably in In the coming years, he will concede superiority to Helios.

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