10 tallest buildings in St. Petersburg

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The northern capital of Russia does not at all seek to take an active participation in the fashion race of high-rise buildings. While around new skyscrapers are growing in the cities in megacities St. Petersburg still retains its unique historical appearance. The city on the Neva still dominates the architecture of the XVII-XIX centuries: baroque, classicism and Russian modern. Historical past most reflected in majestic palaces, embankments and ancient bridges. The central part remains closed to contemporary architectural studies that could ruin thoughtful urban landscape. But in other areas modern priorities and population growth take their toll, forcing to resort to high-rise construction methods. We suggest you find out which of St. Petersburg’s buildings are the tallest.

Overview of the tallest buildings in St. Petersburg

Nomination a place Building Height
The tallest buildings in St. Petersburg: top 10 10 Tower TsNII RTK 104.6 M.
9 Building on Commandant Avenue 105 M.
8 LCD “London Park” 106 M.
7 Building on Bogatyrsky Avenue 108 M.
6 Gazprom Arena Stadium 110 M.
5 BC “Atlantic City” 110 M.
4 Peter and Paul Cathedral 122.5 M.
3 LCD “Prince Alexander Nevsky” 126 M.
2 Leader tower 145.5 M.
1 Lakhta Center 462 meters

10th place – Tower TsNII RTK

Rating: 4.1


Central Research Institute of Robotics and technical cybernetics has been operating since 1985; construction was carried out for twelve years. This complex designed to create innovative developments, primarily space-related queue as well as trials of various equipment and instruments of spacecraft. After a short time after the start of work, the largest Russian scientific center became known for his inventions. Management systems were created here soft landing engines, manipulators for new underwater devices, gamma altimeters and more. In architectural terms the tower of the testing laboratory stands out most of all, reminiscent of either a futuristic missile or a ship some extraterrestrial race. The height of the scientific tower, taking into account the antenna is 104.6 meters. This building is made in the style of Soviet postmodern, very popular among architects “space era” of the USSR.

9th place – Building on Komendantsky Prospekt

Rating: 4.2

Building on Commandant Avenue

The residential complex located in the Primorsky district has a height 105 meters. The construction was built in 2009, it consists of two houses under the numbers 13 and 17, standing on the Commandant Avenue, not far from the metro station of the same name. The complex has 25 floors, inside it are comfortable apartments of modern layout. Big building in its own way the architecture as a whole could be called completely typical if It would not be a high arch, combining two houses in the upper part, as well as decorative spire on the roof. These two elements add to the facade. catchy look.

8th place – LCD “London Park”

Rating: 4.3


The residential complex is located in the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg, on Prospekt Enlightenment. It consists of two high-rise twin buildings, each of which has a height of almost 106 meters. The 31-story complex has already become the architectural dominant of the north parts of the city, especially considering the fact that the area is built on most of the same Soviet structures. First the development company planned to make the house 45-story, however due to problems with finances and protests of citizens subsequently high decided to lower. “London Park” created as part of the club concept quarter, it is planned to equip its own Infrastructure: shopping and entertainment center, fitness center with pool, as well as schools, kindergarten and playground. Besides there is also a multi-level guarded parking for more than two thousands of places. Dwellings in homes are sold free layout, including an optional perspective associations in multilevel apartments.

7th place – Building on Bogatyrsky Avenue

Rating: 4.4

Building on Bogatyrsky Prospekt

The residential complex is located in Primorsky district, at number 2 on Bogatyrsky Avenue. The 24-story building has a height of 108 meters, at the time of commissioning it was the tallest residential building in St. Petersburg and remained so for nine more years old. The house was erected using monolithic-brick technology, using reinforced concrete and pile foundation. External walls are trimmed with front a brick. An unusual architectural solution is a corner tower with a dome and a high spire on the roof. The building blends in seamlessly with general style of the surrounding buildings of the sleeping area. With his the upper floors offer a view of both the Petrograd side and to the central city part. Lower floors overlooking the avenue mostly occupied by shops and restaurants.

6th place – Gazprom Arena Stadium

Rating: 4.5


New St. Petersburg stadium, erected on the site where before was the famous Kirov stadium, represents the only sports facility in the country with a sliding roof and roll-out field. It has nine floors connected four staircase and elevator blocks. Stadium height taking into account pylons is 110 meters, and its total area is 287 thousand square meters. An architect from Japan Kisho Kurokawa. The construction of the building lasted nine years: from 2007 to 2016. According to the estimates of the builder, about 480 thousand cubic meters of concrete and 32 thousand tons of steel. Expenses the construction has repeatedly become an occasion for scandals, since many times exceeded the amount originally indicated in project. According to various sources, the cost of the stadium totaled from 40 to 540 billion rubles. Thus Gazprom Arena can be considered one of the three most expensive football arenas around the world. In 2018, the stadium hosted soccer world cup, in 2020 European championship, and the league final is scheduled for 2021 UEFA

5th place – BC “Atlantic City”

Rating: 4.6


The business center “Atlantic City” was built in 2009, he located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, next to the park named after 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg. The complex includes a 27-story a skyscraper 110 meters high and a three-story gallery with a large the number of shops, boutiques from world brands, restaurants, Also inside are a cinema, a beauty salon and a fitness center. The tower is occupied by office premises, and on the upper floors there are class “A” offices with panoramic views of St. Petersburg. The skyscraper has a modern all-glass streamlined facade forms, the latter is extremely important given the frequent storm winds with side of the bay.

4th place – Peter and Paul Cathedral

Rating: 4.7

Peter and Paul Cathedral

The cathedral, named for the apostles Peter and Paul, is the central part of the architectural ensemble of the Peter and Paul Fortress and one of the main symbols of St. Petersburg. Construction height reaches 122.5 meters. The cathedral was erected by decree of Emperor Peter First, construction continued for twenty years – from 1712 to 1732. In addition to religious destiny, he was also designed to become the embodiment of the greatness of the young capital at that time, surpassing in height the Menshikov Tower and the bell tower of Ivan the Great. Italian authorship project Domenico Trezzini strongly differed from classical Russian churches. Until 1952, the Cathedral remained the tallest structure throughout the country. Also he three hundred years was the tallest building in St. Petersburg. At present time this monument of the epoch of Russian baroque plays the role of Orthodox Church and the Grand Ducal Tomb of the Tsar’s House Romanovs, and in the fortress is located the state historical a museum. A unique feature of the cathedral – located at the top long spire angel vane with wings over three meters and weighing about 250 kilograms.

3rd place – LCD “Prince Alexander Nevsky”

Rating: 4.8


The highest residential building in the northern capital is located on Avenue Obukhov Defense in the historic district. The building has 37 floors, and its height reaches 126 meters. The construction was carried out throughout four years and ended in 2012. To implement the project involved specialists in the field of geology, which allowed to create sustainable construction, even taking into account typical for St. Petersburg soil problems. The house was named after the prince of ancient Russia, traditionally considered the patron saint of the city. Monolithic brick the building consists of three sections, the top of the central one is decorated trellised dome with a spire. Residential Areas Presented modern apartments of various sizes and configurations: from compact studios to duplex apartments with an area of ​​over 150 square meters. The apartments have large panoramic windows. The building is equipped with 17 noiseless elevators, under it is located car parking for about 200 places. Infrastructure It includes a fitness center, shops and a playground. From the top floors of a residential skyscraper visible Vasilievsky Island and Peter-Pavel’s Fortress.

2nd place – Leader Tower

Rating: 4.9


Skyscraper of the business center “Leader Tower” with a height of 145.5 meters located in the Moscow region, on the Constitution Square, it unofficial name – tower “Constitution”. Construction has 42 floors, and the area of ​​internal premises is almost 53 thousand square meters. Construction began in 2009 years, but was interrupted by order of the city architectural committee motivated by the fact that a skyscraper negatively affect the appearance of the city and reduce its tourist attractiveness. The developer challenged the decision through arbitration court, and as a result, “Leader Tower” was completed in 2013. Tower stands between two identical eight-story buildings of the complex. Outer the media facade allows the use of the entire glazing surface in as a huge screen for broadcasting advertising images or clips. In the building, in addition to offices, there are art gallery, spa, fitness room and panoramic restaurant on the 40th floor. There is also an observation deck from which you can admire the center cities or Pulkovo heights.

1st place – Lakhta Center

Rating: 5.0


The Lakhta Center skyscraper is the tallest building in St. Petersburg, Russia and even all of Europe. Giant 87-story building rises above the surface of the earth at an impressive 462 meters. The business center owned by Gazprom, in addition to the tower, includes multi-purpose building, both of them are in the Primorsky district cities. The total area of ​​the interior is approximately 400 thousand square meters. The author of the concept project is British architecture company Robert Matthew Johnson Marshal, The final project was created by the Russian company Gorproekt. The biggest challenge for builders was creating sustainable foundation capable of providing reliable support. To this end used more than 250 piles submerged to a depth of 82 meter. The construction of the Lakhta Center cost 120 billion rubles. The design of the skyscraper symbolizes the fluidity, energy of the water, and the buildings next to it resemble floating ships in shape. Thanks the use of cold-formed glazing the facade of the tower turned out completely smooth, like the surface of a wave. Top part It is a 117-meter spire weighing more than two thousand tons. The interior is reserved for offices, in addition, provided exhibition spaces, sports complex, medical center, planetarium and high-rise revolving restaurant. Just like the facade, the interior of the structure is made in a futuristic style. For Moving there are 40 high-speed elevators. At an altitude of 360 meters there is an observation platform equipped with telescopes with interactive by card.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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