10 tallest buildings in Novosibirsk

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Novosibirsk is one of the largest Russian cities. By he takes third place in the population, second only to Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is the center of Siberia and is distinguished by its impressive history and amazing architecture.

And it’s best to admire it from above. View of Novosibirsk, worth just rise, dizzying opens. Beautiful town, combining modernity and tradition, lively and comfortable. And for those who really loves this harsh but so wonderful land we made a rating of the 10 tallest buildings in Novosibirsk.

Rating of the tallest buildings in Novosibirsk

Nomination a place Building Height
Rating of the tallest buildings in Novosibirsk 10 business center “Cobra” 84 METERS
9 residential complex “Upper Town” 84.3 METERS
8 residential complex “Olympus” 84.5 METERS
7 Business Center “City Center” 84.6 METERS
6 residential complex “Eden” 85 METERS
5 residential complex “Zakamensky” 85.7 METERS
4 residential complex “Constellation” 86 METERS
3 apartment building on the Communist 87 METERS
2 residential complex “Gagarinsky” 98 METERS
1 residential complex “Kvarsis” 102 METERS

10th place: business center “Cobra”

Rating: 4.1

Height: 84 meters

business center

The business center “Cobra” was opened in Novosibirsk in 2009 and today is one of the largest in the city. The building is made in classic “business” style, that is, is a high-rise of glass and concrete with many rounded corners.

Business Center “Cobra” leases offices for organizations. There is practically no retail space, restaurants and cafes – only on the ground floor there is a small coffee shop with drinks, sandwiches and desserts specifically for company employees.

The building is 25-storey, but almost everything is occupied by office areas. Free areas are rented here, then You can open both a back office and a customer service center. But admiring Novosibirsk itself from this business center will not work – observation platforms, as well as other cultural and entertainment establishments are absent. However, the owners and employees of the offices not too happy with the Cobra, so this building is better admire the outside.

9th place: residential complex “Upper Town”

Rating: 4.2

Height: 84.3 meters.

residential complex

26-storey residential complex “Upper Town”, consisting of three skyscrapers named after the great people of the past can cause a nervous tic among fans of modern urbanism. These are exactly those buildings that, with a bit of evil irony, are called human beings. Three cylindrical multi-story skyscrapers for more than 100 apartments each, with underground parking and closed courtyards.

And even apartments here do not differ at a low price! For housing It is proposed to pay from 3.6 million rubles. The buildings themselves are introduced in operation in 2013 – and at the time of writing the article they are all still available for purchase apartments in the primary market.

Residents of the “Upper City” are also not very happy. Parking there are not enough places, insulation in apartments is weak, some rooms – too narrow. But, what is most annoying, the height of the building is not used in no way – there are no observation platforms or cafes on upper floors. Only apartments.

8th place: residential complex “Olympus”

Rating: 4.3

Height: 84.5 meters.

residential complex

26-storey LCD Olympus with a maximum height of 84.5 meters – one from attempts to create a “universal house” in Novosibirsk. The first the level of the complex is reserved for common areas. By the idea of ​​the builder was to accommodate sports there, medical and entertainment facilities.

But once good intentions came across a question of protection house territory. Moreover, it is implemented on an impressive madness level. How do you like the fence of the playground with a spike? The child certainly will not run away.

As a result, a fabric store is located on the ground floor of Olympus. Indeed, what else do residents of a complex of 219 apartments need? You can get food, entertainment and medicine to other areas. go. With improvement on the territory of Olympus, everything is also very badly. In general, the only thing that can impress a house is height.

7th place: City Center Business Center

Rating: 4.4

Height: 84.6 meters.

business center

City Center Business Center is another example of how unsuccessful implementation ruined the right approach. It was originally planned that the offices of the largest companies in the city will be located here. Still, the building is located in the very center of Novosibirsk, next to square and recreation area.

But in practice, builders apparently saved on ventilation. And then, in 2019, they allowed to open a hookah room at 12 floor. As a result, being in a business center for a long time is simply impossible. In addition, a “traditionally Russian” security system with concierge, letting only on the passport.

Again, the misuse of height is evident. Last floors are occupied by office premises. This, of course, is very cool, but City Center is located in a really beautiful area of ​​Novosibirsk, and if you open a cafe or restaurant there, the townspeople would appear A place for a romantic date. And so … only in hookah at 12 floor. According to the passport.

6th place: residential complex “Eden”, 85 meters

Rating: 4.5

Height: 85 meters.

residential complex

LCD “Eden” belongs to the category of elite real estate. Despite huge height, it has only 20 floors – ceilings in apartments will not be forced to bend nervously when passing by the chandelier. Housing – huge, from 100 square meters. m. area.

“Eden” is located in the Kalinin district and is surrounded by pine forests. And this is the first in the ranking of LCDs where they correctly disposed tall! On the roof of a high-rise building – public space with a viewing platform where you can sit with friends while enjoying Fresh, clean air and great views.

In “Eden” implemented and excellent own infrastructure. There is a concierge service (it’s a little better than just a security guard at entrance), and laundry, and SPA-salon, and even winter gardens, where too you can have a good time … In general, this is a place to relax, not for trying to survive in Novosibirsk.

However, there is one important “but.” For an apartment in Eden will have give at least 12 million rubles. In general, pleasure pleasant, but by no means cheap.

5th place: residential complex “Zakamensky”

Rating: 4.6

Height: 84.7 meters.

residential complex

Zakamensky is known to Novosibirsk as one of the most long construction projects in the history of the city. The house began to be built in 2008, selling a lot of apartments at the “foundation pit” level. By As of 2019, it has not yet been commissioned. Tenants who planned to move in five years ago, actively suing so developer, attract deputies and authorities. That’s just Zakamensky is expensive, and Novosibirsk just doesn’t have that much of money.

Much more interesting is the situation with the developer. In 2013 the company “Neograd”, which began to build this LCD, was person involved in criminal prosecution. She stole about 1 billion rubles contributed by residents to share in construction “Zakamensky.” As a result, the head of the company “Neograd” in 2018 sentenced to almost 5 years in prison … but to property owners this is not easier.

In the Zakamensky microdistrict, part of the houses has already been commissioned in operation. But about 40% of the property is in non-residential condition. They are still trying to build them little by little, and social Networks are full of questions: “Well, when will they begin to distribute keys ?!”.

4th place: residential complex “Constellation”

Rating: 4.7

Height: 86 meters.

residential complex

LCD “Constellation”, although it is a classic “humane” may seem like a good option for undemanding Novosibirsk. Real estate price – average, about 70 thousand rubles per sq.m., or about 3-4 million rubles per apartment. There are also shops nearby, and clinics, and kindergartens in the amount of as many as 4 pieces, and even 3 schools! In general, everything you need is undemanding to the city dweller.

And, again, in the pursuit of profit, the developer deprived residents public spaces. No common roof. No shared terraces and other survey points. Want to admire Novosibirsk? Buy apartment on the top level. She’s big, dear, but with a summer terrace where you can take friends.

24-story buildings offer a relatively high standard comfort and convenience. Ceilings – three meters, elevators – high-speed and silent There are concierges. Residents of the “Constellation” are also happy.

3rd place: residential building on the Communist

Rating: 4.8

Height: 87 meters.

residential building on the Communist

Residential building on the Communist opens the top three ranking leaders the tallest buildings in Novosibirsk, and he does not even have a name. Formal, anyway. This is largely due to the fact that the facility was commissioned back in 2003, when it was not yet it was such a mania to come up with original naming for housing estates. Home – and home. Everyone is happy. But unofficially the house is called … “Siberian Betman.”

21-story high-rise building in which extra meters are occupied by two non-residential technical “turrets” – one of the most recognizable buildings Novosibirsk The developer decided to take a chance – and therefore the structure It resembles a castle, and for some reason it is painted in dark blue. it helps him stand out from the rest of the buildings.

This house has not only apartments, but quite a lot organizations. Of course, without a store with an incredibly provincial the name “World of bags” was not enough – but there are more interesting offers. For example, a hostel. So this house can be interesting for tourists – it’s much nicer to live in a more or less pretty blue “tower” than in a typical high-rise building.

2nd place: residential complex “Gagarinsky”

Rating: 4.9

Height: 98 meters.

residential complex

Gagarinsky is one of the youngest residential complexes in Novosibirsk. is he was commissioned in 2016 and still not yet to the end sold out. However, nothing surprising – the apartments are here cheapness do not differ.

Two 25-story towers of “Gagarinsky” were erected so quickly what panoramas google maps still show in their place wasteland. This may somewhat push away those who want to see one of the most modern buildings of the city. So here is used high-tech air ventilation system that helps keep warm in the cold season – and for frosty Novosibirsk is very important.

As in most of the two Novosibirsk “towers”, in the “Gagarinsky” do not know how to handle height. Public spaces and overview there are no points. But there is a panoramic glazing that will help admire the city from the window of your own apartment.

1st place: residential complex “Kvarsis”

Rating: 5.0

Height: 102 meters.

residential complex

Sorry, urbanists, but we lost everything. The highest building Novosibirsk is an exemplary “human anthill.” In residential Quarsis complex, which looks both monumental and sadly, 260 apartments. Of course, part of them are two-level, elite, proudly called “penthouses.”

There is also an underground parking, and two-story at once. And all Necessary infrastructure within walking distance. And three meters the ceilings. But all this is overshadowed by the lack of public spaces, some kind of entertainment infrastructure, as well general despondency from the design of the residential complex.

Apparently, the development company “Kvarsis” decided not to hire an architect. LCD on the street Shamshins family looks incredible boring. Compared to him, even the “Siberian Batman” is a masterpiece avant-garde with its turrets and blue. 102 meter 25-storey residential complex “Kvarsis” is not the place where you want to live. Even despite the presence of penthouses.

But the apartments in it were cheap – from 3 million to 12 million for that the most penthouse.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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