10 tallest buildings in New York (USA)

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Until the end of the 19th century, even the largest cities were mostly from low buildings with no more than six floors. But with the invention of new technologies and materials of construction, powerful water pumps and safe, fast elevators the situation is dramatic has changed. The world’s first skyscraper was built in 1885 in American city of Chicago. It was a 42 meter insurance building company. After that, high-rise buildings began to appear one after to others throughout the United States, and then to other metropolitan areas of the world. For a long time, New York was a leader in the number of highest skyscrapers, but the situation has changed dramatically after the construction boomers in big cities in Asia such as Hong Kong. However that Regarding the recognizability and originality of architecture, “Big apple “is still in first place. To date, the American metropolis is decorated with almost six and a half thousand high-rises, of which more than 80 exceed the mark of 200 meters. And which are these giants the highest?

Rating of tallest buildings in New York (USA)

Nomination a place Building Height
Rating of tallest buildings in New York (USA) 10 Hudson Yards 35 308 meters
9 New York Times Building 319 meters
8 Chrysler Building 319 meters
7 53W53 320 meters
6 World Trade Center 3 329 meters
5 Bank of America Tower 366 meters
4 Hudson Yards 30 395 meters
3 Park Avenue 432 426 meters
2 Empire State Building 443 meters
1 World Trade Center 1 541 meters

10th place – Hudson Yards 35

Rating: 4.1


A multifunctional 72-story skyscraper located in western Manhattan, opened in March 2019. Building 308 meters high consists mostly of a hotel and residential premises. The first floor serves as the lobby, above it are retail stores, hereinafter referred to as office premises occupying six floors. There is also a medical center specializing in orthopedic surgery. Equinox Hotel has more than two hundred spacious rooms. Also to residents modern facilities such as a gym are available hall, huge SPA-salon, yoga center and much more.

The main architect of the building is David Childs, representing the architectural firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. The initial project involved the construction of a 270-meter facilities, but during a subsequent redesign it was decided increase the height of the skyscraper.

9th place – New York Times Building

Rating: 4.2


This 52-story building, called by the residents of the Times Tower, located on Eighth Avenue, in western Manhattan, close to Bryant Park and the world famous Times Square square. The skyscraper has a height of 319 meters, and since the end of the XIX century serves the residence of the main city newspaper, The New York Times. Edition popular thanks to its current topics, thorough journalistic investigations and well-deserved reputation of the source reliable news. Newspaper office access restricted visitors, with the exception of the first floor, where there are several cafes and restaurants.

The skyscraper project was created under the leadership of the Italian architect Renzo Piano, in collaboration with the bureau FXFOWLE Architects. Its design has an original feature: external the walls rise above the roof level by almost three dozen meters, giving the top of the building a distinctive look. During construction energy-saving materials and special technologies for counteracting heat in the summer. Displacements between the floors of the building is provided by more than three dozen elevators.

8th place – Chrysler Building

Rating: 4.3

Chrysler Building.jpg

At the time of its opening in 1930, Chrysler Building was the most the tallest building in the world. Making this magnificent the construction was commissioned by Walter Chrysler, founder of a large automobile corporation. He embarked on the implementation of an ambitious project talented architect William Van Helen. He managed to design a real 77-story masterpiece in the art deco style. Although the walls structures, like many other high-rise buildings, were erected made of concrete, steel and stone, it impresses with its visual lightness and elegance.

One of the goals of the project was to establish a new altitude record. However, by the end of construction, the Chrysler Building was losing on this indicator of its competitor, the building of the trust bank (now it called Trump Building). Decisive factor the winner, was the installation of an almost 40-meter spire at the top building. The total height of the skyscraper is 319 meters. By According to the polls, he is among the most beautiful high-rise constructions not only in the USA, but also in the whole world. Inside Chrysler Building offices rented by large American companies.

7th place – 53W53

Rating: 4.4


Tower 53W53 is located on 53rd West Street, in the central parts of manhattan. The 77-story building adjoins the Museum of Modern art. The building project began to be developed back in 2006, but the tower opened only in August 2018. Project author French architect Jean Nouvel originally presented the floor plan 381 meters high, but subsequently it was decided to reduce the height because of fears that it will overshadow the Central a park. As a result, the skyscraper has a height of 320 meters, it contains cutting-edge residential complex, as well as galleries and private a restaurant. The upper floors offer spectacular views of the New York Central Park, a number of inhabitants are also available luxury amenities: swimming pools, gyms, private theater, tasting cellar and the like.

6th place – World Trade Center 3

Rating: 4.5

World Trade Center 3.jpg

The new building of the New York World Trade Center was open 13 years after the destruction of the twin towers as a result the terrorist act of 2011. Construction lasted from 2010 to 2018 and cost about 3.8 billion dollars. is he located in the place where the Marriott Hotel used to be. Building 329 meters high filled a gap in urban architecture ensemble. According to Patrick Foy, Executive Director New York Port Authority, this skyscraper can be considered one of the safest high-rise business centers in the USA. Strength parameters of reinforced concrete that forms the basis of the frame facilities far exceed building codes.

The project was created by a British architect named Richard Rogers, he is considered one of the founders of the hi-tech fashion style. Minimalist interior of an 80-story skyscraper revitalizes panoramic terraces. Most of the interior is occupied by offices and trading floors. The building is served by 37 elevators.

5th place – Bank of America Tower

Rating: 4.6

Bank of America Tower.jpg

Bank of America Tower is located on Sixth Avenue, not far from Bryant Park. The building is 366 meters high and has been operating since 2009, architects Gensler and Fox from the bureau worked on his project Cookfox The main features of the skyscraper are high environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. On demand management of the bank, during construction a large the amount of recycled materials, and between the floors were special insulating glass installed, allowing reduce heat loss in the cold season. Also in the building there is a rainwater treatment system and automatic light control, and double-glazed windows are made of special glass, providing perfect natural daylight.

For its environmental friendliness and rationality, the construction was awarded LEED Platinum Certificate. The tower is powered for the most part due to their own generators. 54 story The skyscraper has three escalators and 53 elevators.

4th place – Hudson Yards 30

Rating: 4.7


Hudson Yards Skyscraper is located in the western part of the island. Manhattan It is a multifunctional building, used by large American companies such as Warner Media, DNB Bank and others. Developed this project Architectural firm Kohn Pederson Fox. Initial plan provided for the construction of a 408-meter building, but in the end it was a decision was made to reduce the height to 395 meters. Inside work 59 elevators providing high-speed movement. At the last, 101st the floor has a triangular observation deck, one of the most high in the entire western hemisphere.

3rd place – Park Avenue 432

Rating: 4.8

Park Avenue 432 1.jpg

The skyscraper next door to Central Park New York is the tallest residential building in the world. 426 meters high construction from afar it seems very light and even fragile, the ratio of height to width is an impressive 15 to 1. For construction Park Avenue 432 had to tear down the hotel earlier on this place Drake The author of the project was the Uruguayan architect Rafael Vignoli. He was inspired by the square, because he considered that this the geometric shape fits perfectly into the image of Manhattan. The building has 85 floors of perfectly square shape, as well as square panoramic windows with incredible views to the whole central part of New York. Project Implementation Cost amounted to about 1.25 billion dollars.

Inside the skyscraper are luxury residential apartments, The design was done by designer Deborah Burke. The owners of apartments have access to all imaginable amenities: SPA, fitness centers, saunas, billiards, children’s rooms, cinemas, 23 meter pool and so on. The comfort is monitored by a huge number of staff, many of the services are available around the clock. For residents of the city, this skyscraper became the first the turn is a symbol of sky-high prices, since the cost of housing in it starts at a few million dollars and ends at mark at 95 million dollars for a penthouse.

2nd place – Empire State Building

Rating: 4.9

Empire State Building.png

443 meter high building embodying the best in style Art Deco, is one of the main symbols of New York and pride its inhabitants. The construction of the Empire State Building ended in 1931 until 1970, it was the tallest building in the world. The project was developed by the architectural firm Shreve, Lamb and Harmon. what curious, as conceived by architects, the characteristic spire of a skyscraper was supposed to serve for parking airships, but this extremely the original engineering idea was never realized in a life.

The 103-story office building has been listed as Seven Wonders modern world, it is also considered one of the main American architectural achievements. One of his brightest Features is the top lighting system, functioning since 1964. The color scheme of the backlight is usually set according to weekdays or holidays events. The construction has two viewing platforms: on the 86th and 102nd floors from where tourists can enjoy panoramic views of town. Due to its “photogenicity” Empire State Building became famous in cinema, as the most often filmed skyscraper.

1st place – World Trade Center 1

Rating: 5.0

World Trade Center 1.jpg

The tallest building in New York and all of the United States was designed by architect David Childs and built with 2006 to 2014. When developing it, the engineers tried to take into account all the weak points of the World Trade destroyed during the terrorist attack center, and now the tower is considered the safest office building in the world. During construction, high-strength concrete was used, repeatedly exceeding standard standards in reliability. Base towers made without windows in order to strengthen the structure, it is capable of withstand the simultaneous explosion of several mined cars. Ventilation is equipped with special filters like precaution in case of chemical or biological attack.

World Trade Center 1 has 104 floors and its height is 541 meters. Underground lobbies connect the building directly with the metro and railway lines PATH On the upper floors are restaurants and viewing platforms. A distinctive feature of the structure is glazing bluish tint, with a reflective surface. Top part The skyscraper is decorated with a 124-meter spire.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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