10 tallest bridges in the world

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From the beginning of the development of civilization to the present day, bridges have played an important role both in the economy of states and in everyday human life. Many modern bridges can be called masterpieces of architectural and engineering thought without exaggeration. The development of technologies and the emergence of new, more durable materials allowed starting from the 19th century the construction of truly large-scale structures, which the designers of past centuries never dreamed of. Some of them are wide highways that allow efficiently distributing traffic flows, others are very long, and still others may well compete in height with the skyscrapers of world megacities or the Eiffel Tower. We will tell you about the latter in this collection. It is worth noting that the numbers indicated in the article mean the height of the structure as a whole. So what are the tallest bridges in the world?

Rating of the tallest bridges in the world

Nomination a place Bridge Height, m.
Rating of the tallest bridges in the world 10 Jiujiang Fuyin 244
9 Zhongxian Huyu 247.5
8 Big Belt 254
7 Jingui 265
6 Li Sungxing 270
5 Akashi Kaikyo 282
4 Stonecutters 298
3 Sutun 306
2 Russian bridge 321
1 Viaduct Millau 341

10th place – Jiujiang Fuyin

Rating: 4.1

Jiujiang Fuyin Bridge

The Chinese cable-stayed bridge Jiujiang Fuyin, which connects the banks of the Yangtze River, has a height of 244 meters. Its construction lasted from 2009 to 2013, and at the time of its grand opening, it was considered one of the tallest in the world. Jiujiang Fuyin is designed for six-lane traffic, and there are wide cycling and pedestrian lanes. The total length of the bridge reaches almost one and a half kilometers, and the length of the longest span is 800 meters. When viewed from the side, the structure does not seem massive, but in reality the load on the supports and steel strings with an elastic core holding the floor slabs is simply colossal.

9th place – Zhongxian Huyu

Rating: 4.2

Zhongxian Huyu Bridge

The Zhongxian Huyu Bridge, like the previous one, provides traffic across the Chinese Yangtze River. It is located in Zhong Chongqi County, near the world's largest hydroelectric power station, Three Gorges. This facility has been under construction for four years and was commissioned in 2009. Initially, after the opening, the bridge was relatively low, but after the construction of the dam, the water level in the river dropped significantly. As a result, the height of the Zhongxian Huyu bridge structure is now 247.5 meters. The total length of the highway running through the bridge is more than two kilometers. Almost half a kilometer long spans are held by a cable system. From a distance, their supports resemble tuning forks standing vertically in the water.

8th place – Big Belt

Rating: 4.3

Great Belt Bridge

The bridge is 254 meters high and is located in Denmark, it crosses a strait called the Great Belt. The construction of this most important part of the transport artery, connecting the islands of Funen and Zeeland, took a whole ten years and cost the state about 21 billion crowns. Opened in 1998, the bridge reduced crossing times by almost an hour and significantly increased freight and passenger traffic. More than 27,500 vehicles pass through the Great Belt every day. From the point of view of architecture, the structure has a design that is not quite standard for cable-stayed bridges. Its total length is almost seven kilometers, in addition, it is one of the three bridges with the longest span in the world.

7th place – Jingui

Rating: 4.4

jingui bridge

Jingui, which is 265 meters high, is one of the tallest cable-stayed bridges in China. It, like the two previous ones in our rating, was erected on the main river of the country, the Yangtze, and connected the Yuen and Hubei provinces. Operation of the bridge began in 2010 and took almost seven years to build. The total length reaches almost five and a half kilometers, the central span is about half a kilometer in length. The bridge is crossed by a six-lane highway, in addition, a spacious pedestrian zone is provided, which occupies a quarter of the entire width of the structure.

6th place – Li Sungxing

Rating: 4.5

Li Songxing Bridge

The project for the tallest and most impressive bridge in South Korea was completed in 2012. Its construction lasted five years, as a result, the structure, crossing the sea harbor, served to unite the cities of Yeosu and Gwangyang. This suspension bridge is 270 meters high and about 27 meters wide. The total length of the highway passing through the bridge exceeds two kilometers. Li Sungxing got its name in honor of the famous Korean general of the 16th century, who distinguished himself in the battles for the independence of the state from feudal Japan and was revered as a national hero. This bridge has significantly reduced the travel time between major shopping centers, which has a positive impact on the region's economy. In addition, the Li Sungxing Bridge is a real gem of the harbor, especially at night.

5th place – Akashi-Kaikyo

Rating: 4.6

Akashi-Kaikyo bridge

This 282 meter high bridge crosses the Akashi Strait and connects two major Japanese cities – Kobe and Awaji. Construction of Asaki-Kaikyo began shortly after the tragedy of the 80s, when a severe storm led to the flooding of two ferries and 168 people died on the crossing. The bridge was completed and put into operation in 1998. The length of the central span reaches one kilometer, and the total length of the structure is about four kilometers. In addition to being the largest bridge in Asia, it is also the longest and tallest suspension bridge in the world. When erecting the bridge, architects and engineers took into account the location subject to natural elements. As a result, the suspension line is able to withstand not only the rapid currents and powerful storms that often occur in this region, but even withstand earthquakes of magnitude up to 8 and a half points. This is largely due to the dynamic vibration damping technologies used in the bridge design.

4th place – Stonecutters

Rating: 4.7

Stonecutters Bridge

The Hong Kong Stonecutters Bridge rises above the Rambler Channel, between the Tsing-I and Stonecutters Islands (from the latter, in fact, its name comes from). The Stonecutters Bridge is a part of the highway connecting the central part of the metropolis and Lantau Island with the Chek-Lap-Kok airport located on it. The height of the cable-stayed structure is 298 meters. The construction was completed in 2009 and cost the city authorities $ 356 million. The length of Stonecutters is more than one and a half kilometers, the highway passing along it is characterized by colossal congestion, since the traffic flow practically does not dry out even at night.

3rd place – Sutun

Rating: 4.8

Sutun bridge

As you might expect, one of the three highest bridges on the planet is the creation of the architects of the Celestial Empire. This grandiose structure was intended to improve transport links between the two Chinese provinces, connecting the large cities of Suzhou and Nantong, located on opposite banks of the Yangtze River. The bridge has a height of 306 meters, and the total length of its spans is over eight kilometers. The longest span extends over a kilometer. The construction took five years and required an investment of $ 1.7 billion. Sutun was officially opened in 2008. Its name is formed by combining the names of the cities connected by the bridge.

2nd place – Russian bridge

Rating: 4.9

Russian bridge

The record holder in height in the Russian Federation and the second in the whole world, he is located in Vladivostok, above the Eastern Bosphorus. This cable-stayed bridge connects Cape Novosilsky and the Nazimov Peninsula, being the most important part of the region's infrastructure. The length of all spans extends over a distance of over three kilometers, and the height of the structure is 321 meters. It also has the longest span of all cable-stayed bridges – over 1100 meters. The construction lasted for four years and ended in 2012. Before that, the strait could only be crossed by ferry, and in difficult weather conditions, transport links were interrupted. The total cost of the project exceeded a billion dollars, but this highway, almost 30 meters wide, contributed to the development of infrastructure and significantly expanded the economic potential of the region. Russian bridge is considered one of the most complex structures in the history of not only Russian, but also world bridge construction.

1st place – Viaduct Millau

Rating: 5.0

Viaduct Millau

This bridge is an important part of the expressway from Paris to Béziers. The ingenious creation of French engineers has a height of 341 meters, significantly surpassing the symbol of Paris – the famous Eiffel Tower. Moreover, the viaduct holds another height record, since its roadbed is located at a dizzying height of 270 meters. In length, however, the bridge is only two and a half kilometers. The official opening of the architectural and engineering masterpiece took place in 2004. The cost of the Millau viaduct was estimated at 400 million euros, in order to offset such impressive expenses, the French authorities decided to make the journey toll. Ultimately, the bridge paid for itself already in the first ten years of its operation. The unique structure stretching across the Tarn Valley is one of the main attractions of France. The viaduct looks especially impressive in dense fog, which creates the illusion that the whole structure simply froze in the air.

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