10 tallest basketball players in the world

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Basketball is traditionally considered a game for tall athletes. Growth gives a considerable advantage, especially considering the fact that the basket is located a little over a meter above the ground. Exactly therefore, scouts and coaches when looking for fresh talent in the first turn turn their attention to tall guys. Only units managed to break into professional basketball and achieve success, while being small in height, such as Tyrone Curtis Bogz, an NBA player with a height of just 160 centimeters. In general, professional leagues for the most part consist of players above 190 centimeters, and the growth of attackers and center usually fluctuates in area of ​​two meters. But, although almost all basketball players are very tall, among them also have their own champions, which can be called real giants.

Rating of the highest basketball players in the world

Nomination a place Basketball player Growth
10 tallest basketball players in the world 10 Mark Eaton 224 cm.
9 Pavel Podkolzin 226 cm.
8 Chuck Nevitt 226 cm.
7 Yao Ming 229 cm.
6 Sean Bradley 229 cm.
5 Slavko Vranesh 230 cm
4 Manute Bol 231 cm.
3 Gheorghe Mureshan 231 cm.
2 Sun Minmin 236 cm.
1 Alexander Sizonenko 245 cm.

Mark Eaton

Rating: 4.1

Mark Eaton

Mark Eaton was on the team at Utah Jazz Professional Club, belonging to the National Basketball Association. His height reaches 224 centimeters, which played an important role in his becoming one of the best defense players. Mark set several records regarding the number of block shots per season.

Interestingly, in his student years, Mark Eaton was fond of classes water polo and was not particularly interested in basketball, especially not planned to deal with it professionally. All his achievements on that moment boiled down to rare performances for the university team. He was educated in Phoenix as a technical car service specialist and worked for several years auto mechanic. Nevertheless, in 1982, the coach became interested in him. Utah Jazz team, deciding that Mark’s tall stature provides good potential.

Pavel Podkolzin

Rating: 4.2

Pavel Podkolzin

Pavel is famous not so much for his basketball career as the fact that he was included in the Guinness Book of Records in 2017 as the tallest resident of Russia with a growth rate of 226 centimeters. Before sixteen years old a native of Novosibirsk performed in the local Sibirtelecom-Lokomotiv team, then he left for Italy and signed a contract for several years with the Italian club Varese. Already at this time, the growth of a basketball player was 2 meters 26 centimeters. The next step was the signing of an agreement with by the American Dallas Mavericks, after Paul was chosen on draft of the National Basketball Association. Athlete spent in the team two seasons, playing in Texas, but failed to justify hopes of trainers assigned to his complex. As a result, Podsled returned home and joined the Moscow basketball club Khimki

Chuck Nevitt

Rating: 4.3

Chuck Nevitt

American athlete began his career with a game for North Carolina University Team. He was spotted representatives of the Houston Rockets club during the 1982 draft. It is worth noting that it was difficult not to notice Nevitt, given that he reached 226 centimeters in height. Due to its growth and Chuck Nevitt successfully spent nine seasons in the NBA, replacing five American teams also played for the Italian club “Fulgor Libertas Forlì.” He participated in 16 playoff competitions, earned about a million dollars and received the NBA champion title. FROM 1993 Nevitt ended his sports career by moving to IT sphere.

Yao Ming

Rating: 4.4

Yao Ming

Yao Ming grew up in a family of professional athletes: both his father and mother played basketball, while both were tall. Yao Ming himself had a growth of 165 centimeters already in ten age. He started playing sports in his teens, speaking for the Shanghai Sharks team. In the fifth year of the team game he managed to win the title of Chinese basketball champion associations. In 2002, Yao Ming joined the American club “Houston Rockets”, where he became the center and many times participated in demonstration matches. The basketball player was the highest on the team, 229 centimeters of growth gave him a considerable advantage.

During the Olympic Games, Yao Ming was entrusted with carrying the flag home country, which made him even more famous. However, since 2008 years old athlete has health problems that required surgical intervention and in the end he had to quit professional sports. Despite this, he is still one of the richest and most popular people in China, takes President of the Chinese Basketball Association, has contracts with a number of large companies and even bought out the Shanghai Sharks club, with which began his basketball career. Yao Ming, in addition to his sports success, different original facial expressions, as a result why the photo of his laughing face served as a prototype for the famous Internet meme.

Sean Bradley

Rating: 4.5

Sean Bradley

American and German basketball players boast growth in 229 centimeters. He started playing basketball for the middle team school, followed by Brigham Young University team. Bradley considered the most talented of all college college basketball players Utah. But as a member of the Mormon Church, after graduation, he went on a two-year mission to Australia, doing so a break in sports. Upon returning home, Sean immediately spotted on the draft and accepted into the team for Philadelphia Seventi Sixers. ”

Taking part in serious games, Sean Bradley became famous for his the ability to set brilliant block shots. But despite this, soon the club sold it to the New Jersey Nets, and in 1997, after a change club management, the basketball player has already moved to the “Dallas Mavericks”. There he became one of the best in block shots, taking on this indicator first place in the league. Bradley also participated in Turkish Eurobasket 2001.

Slavko Vranesh

Rating: 4.6

Slavko Vranesh

Basketball player from Montenegro, has a height of 230 centimeters. Slavko Vranesh started playing basketball as a teenager, athletic He began his career playing for the Serbian club Zheleznik. In seasons 2000-2001 played in the teams of the Turkish clubs “Tofash” and “Ephesus Pilsen”, after which he returned home to Montenegro. A year later, he was chosen on the NBA draft and ranked as the American New York Knicks. Later Vranesh signs a short-term contract with Portland Trail Club Blazers “, where he played only one match, after which his career at the National Basketball Association. Long time the basketball player played for the Belgrade teams Crvena Zvezda and Partizan, and since 2013 moved to Metalaz.

Manute Bol

Rating: 4.7


African giant was born in Sudan, in the family of the leader of the tribe dinka. Tall stature was the norm for his compatriots, and father and Manute Bol’s mother reached two meters in height. Future basketball player spent his childhood in the village, caring for family herds. Having left for the big city, he began to play for Sudanese team, this continued until he was noticed by a coach from the United States. IN America Manute first had a tight time due to problems with English, so having no chance to break into the first league, he played for the University of Bridgeport. But then the basketball player’s career went up: he joined the Washington Bullets and proved himself as an excellent defender, much contributed to his growth 231 centimeter and excellent physical condition. Total for your stay in NBA Manute Bol managed to change four clubs and gain popularity among the viewers. After graduating from a career in the late 1990s, an athlete devoted himself to charity in favor of his native Sudan.

Gheorghe Mureshan

Rating: 4.8

George Mureshan

Romanian basketball player Gheorghe Muresan shares a place with Manute Ball the highest basketball player in the history of the NBA. His height is 231 centimeters. It is noteworthy that Mureshan’s parents were not very high, and he himself became a giant due to problems with pituitary gland. A unique complexion from childhood predetermined his occupation – it all started with the university team “Cluj”, then followed by participation in the championship as part of the French club “In Orthosis”. In 1993, was selected for draft American Baltimore. Bullets. “In the NBA, George Murashan played very successfully, despite frequent injuries. In addition, the athlete played a major role in the comedy film “My Giant.”

Since 1999, Mureshan has played for the New Jersey Nets club. However a year later, he had to leave the NBA after knee surgery. The topics nonetheless, the basketball player continued his career with Po-Ortez. In 2002, Mureshan returned to the NBA, where he played the season and announced the completion of a sports career. He moved to the USA, where opened his own basketball school.

Sun Minmin

Rating: 4.9

Sun Minming

Chinese Sun Minmin has a height of 236 centimeters and at the moment is the highest professional basketball players. He began to play sports at the age of 15, in 2005 tried to break into the NBA Los Angeles club, but to no avail. Summer 2005 underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor in the area the pituitary gland, after which it fully recovered and continued its sports career. He played in many teams of the American lower leagues also played for Mexican and Japanese for some time clubs. In 2009, he returned to his native China. Playing as a team Beijing Dax, Sun Minmin won the Chinese title in 2012 year. In addition to playing basketball, he also appeared on television and played a cameo in the movie “Rush Hour 3”.

Alexander Sizonenko

Rating: 5.0

Alexander Sizonenko

The tallest basketball player in the world also hit the Book of Records Guinness as the tallest man on the planet in 1990. Was born in Zaporozhye, from an early age stood out abnormal height, due to which underwent surgery on the pituitary gland. Alexander Sizonenko was a true legend of Soviet basketball because of its growth 245 centimeters. He spoke at the position of the center for Leningrad club “Spartak”, then played in the Samara “Builder”. Trainers celebrate his subtle instinct and unique manner of moving around site. Due to his growth, Sizonenko could throw the ball in basket just by raising your hand. In 1989, a basketball player was invited. on the set of the Czechoslovak fantasy film “Brave Tailor”, where he played the role of a giant.

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